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Surnames: Anderson, Baird, Bast, Bond, Braun, Bryden, Burch, Casler, Christie, Crawford, Drummond, Edson, Einfeldt, Ewert, Fahey, Firneau, Gemmeke, Grashorn, Hare, Hayden, Heagle, Hendrickson, Henry, Hesler, Hogue, Huckstadt, Hummel, Jenkins, Jesseasu, Johnson, Krampe, Kropp, Kuester, Landry, Langley, Larson, McKenna, Messerschmidt, Mier, Miller, Moore, Morgan, Myers, Nelson, Neuman, Odemark, Plantigo / Plantiko, Popelka, Randels, Reinke, Rhoedtke, Roeber, Rogers, Richeleu, Salzwedel, Schwamb, Seawert, Shelfrott, Servaty, Schroeder, Scheuermann, Shoemaker, Sischo, Sloniker, Smith, Stevens, Swenson, Thompson, Tubbs, Vine, Voigt, Vollrath, Wagner, Wiard, Wood, Varney


----Sources: Wikipedia, Personal Collections of Steve Roberts, Ellen Johnson, Tim Plunkett & Virgina Elmhorst


Greenwood, Wisconsin Post Card Collection



Greenwood, WI, Bandstand,(3 Aug 1908); O. M. to E. Messerschmidt, Fall Creek, Wis.
Greenwood, WI, Baptist Church (1913)
Greenwood, WI, Birdseye View (ca1910); Back: Thompson, D. F., Kent, IL; Research Details
Greenwood, WI, Cemetery (28 Jun 1911, 7AM); Phyllis Steele To: T. S. Steel, Thorp, WI
Greenwood, WI, Child & Horse before a woodpile (after 1911); Contact us if you can identify this youngster.
Greenwood, WI, Dam after the 1911 Flood Mamie to W. E. Palms
Greenwood, WI, Farmers & Merchants Bank (1Dec 1913); from Bast, Lila German Town, WI to Emma Bast
Greenwood, WI, From David G. Lintner to Mrs. Almira Casler, Fort Plain, NY (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, From Marion to F. B. Hesler, Glenbeulah, Wisc. (1910); Marion Hesler's grandmother, Rosalia Hesler
Greenwood, WI, From: Louise, written in Greenwood, (Aug. 22, 1912), To: Mrs. Thilda Huckstadt, S. Bowman Ave., Danville, Ill. R.F.D. 6
Greenwood, WI, Grashorn Farm, 9 Oct 1912 sent by Carl Grashorn to Aug. Rhoedtke, Chilton, Wis.
Greenwood, WI, Greenwood Dairy (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, Haying, 10 Jul 1942: Norbert & Lena Kuester To Roland E. Reinke
Greenwood, WI, High School Construction
Greenwood, WI, Home for the Aged (1974); Hatfield, Mary & Geo. to Lil Moore
Greenwood, WI, Log Cabin Farm Home (unk date)--Hand Colored by E. C. Kropp, Milwaukee, WI
Greenwood, WI, Logs of Fame, R. L. to Emil Nelson (1913) **Includes a 1913 photo of Conrad, MT
Greenwood, WI, M.E. Church & Parsonage; Pearl Francis to Cora Myers (20-27 Aug 1914)
Greenwood, WI, M.E. Church; Jim & Elsie to Anna Blecha (17 Sep 1909)
Greenwood, WI, McKenna to Adolph (1903?); Features the interior of "The Big Store"
Greenwood, WI, Miss Lila Bast to Emma Bast; 1Dec 1913
Greenwood, WI, Oluf Hansen to Alma (28 Jan 1909, 7 am)
Greenwood, WI, Parade (1 Nov 1908); from R. L. K. to Edith Crawford
Greenwood, WI, Pararde (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, Peace Monument Dedication (1937)
Greenwood, WI Pioneer Home (1913)
*From H. B. to Frank Wood
Greenwood, WI, REA Building (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, Sheep Herd (1933) from Laralle; To: Mr. Donald Miller, Greenwood Route 4
Greenwood, WI, Sweet Heart Cartoon (1910) from Ross Sloniker to his cousin, Bernice Sloniker; Bio for Ross Sloniker
Greenwood, WI, to Roeber, Mrs. Mat (1915)
Greenwood, WI,  Postcard from Helen (24 Jun 1912) To: Mr. Chas. Popelka, 1623 High Street, Racine, Wisconsin
Greenwood, WI, "All Gone But the Key" (1910-19??); Taken by Carl Lincoln Shoemaker
Greenwood, WI, 3 Children fishing at Pikis Point, Leave Lake (27 Jul 1910)
Greenwood, WI, Alvida Swenson, teacher of Clarence Hendrickson (29 Apr 1910); Bio of Alvida Swenson Vine
Greenwood, WI, Anderson?, Freedy, to Leslie Bond (Sep 1909)
Greenwood, WI, Archie Haralson & Unk to M. Hendrickson, plus unsent of Unknown Haralson
Greenwood, WI, Autopiano, owner unk (ca. 1915), Bio: Einfeldt, Ed
Greenwood, WI, Baptist Church (1913)
*Oscar to Howard Morgan
Greenwood, WI, Baby; Mrs. Fred Schwarze
Greenwood, WI, Bryden Alfalfa Patch-3rd cutting (before 1915), owner, John Bryden, Greenwood, Wis., Photographer: Carl Lincoln Shoemaker
Greenwood, WI, Businessmen (ca 1910); Stevens, Hogue, Hoehne & Others
Greenwood, WI, Catholic Church; (unk date-unmailed)
Greenwood, WI, Catholic Church; Baird, Lao from Baird, Goldie (unk date); Greenwood, Wis. Catholic Church; Goldie Baird
Greenwood, WI, Catholic Grade School
Greenwood, WI, Catholic Sisters' Home (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, Creamery (1911) Salzwedel, Alma to William Jr., 6219 Union Ave., Wausau, Wis.
Greenwood, WI, Cyclone, Withee Farm (1918)
Greenwood, WI, Deer Hunters (1907)
Greenwood, WI, Depot View #1; Willie to Mrs. (Hannah) Andrew Anderson (1915)
Greenwood, WI, Depot View (1920) #2; Mary Palthers to Ellenora Altenberger, Steven's Point, WI**Includes 1920 view of Main St., Stevens Point, WI
Greenwood, WI, Einfeldt, Ed; "Millking Time"
Greenwood, WI, Ethel Hogue To Maud Varney, Abbottsford, Wis. (10 AM, 10 Aug 1908); Greenwood, WI, Historic Homes
Greenwood, WI, Evangelical Lutheran Church & Pasonage--Rev. Kitzerow (1923)Greenwood, WI, Mead Lake
Greenwood, WI, F & N. E. Depot; Sister, to Emma Werle, Loyal, WI (1910)
Greenwood, WI, Farm & Cattle; sent from S & W. D. to Elizabeth / Gust Voigt, R#2, Spencer, WI (8 Sep 1914);  Obit: Voigt, Elizabeth; Obit: Voigt, Gust
Greenwood, WI, Farm Home, (Jun 5 1907, stamped at 7 AM) To: Crawford, Edith of 152 Hamilton Ave., Paterson, NJ, From R. K.
Greenwood, WI, First High School constructed in 1881. Signed by Edna Burch
Greenwood, WI, Fred Haralson to Matilda Hendrickson
Greenwood, WI, from Mead, Angus to Carl Chandler, Blanchardville, WI (9 Apr 1908, 7 am); Bio: Mead, Angus Lindsay 1875–1952
Greenwood, WI, from Rudolph Humel to Lula Hummel (1 July 1910); same card sent to Altha Shelfrott, Niantic CT.
Greenwood, WI, From Vera 12 Jun 1914; ***Possible connections: Vera Johnson (b.1902), Vera Firneau, Vera A Drummond, Vera I Randles
Greenwood, WI, Grade School
Greenwood, WI, Greenwood Athletes (1914);
Greenwood, WI, Group of Thirty-five, possibly students  (1910-199?); Taken by Carl Lincoln Shoemaker
Greenwood, WI, Haralson, Harold "Harry" Barn (1911); Haralson Biography
Greenwood, WI, Hay Creek/Rock Dam
Greenwood, WI, Hemlock Bridge & Dam (1914)
Greenwood, WI, Hendrickson, Helen to Malthilda Larson Hendrickson (Ruth & Irine)
Greenwood, WI, High School (1913); M. C. To Alice Schwamb, Tioga, WI; Bio: Alice Schwamb
Greenwood, WI, High School (1914); Greenwood, Wis. High School (History - 1960); Dorothea Friedhoff-teacher?
Greenwood, WI, High School (1914); Mrs. B. Tyman, Loyal, WI, To: Mrs. John Pirce, Mich Ave., N. Fond du Lac, Wis. Nov. 1914
Greenwood, WI, High School / with the Grade School Bell & Bunny Hare
Greenwood, WI, High School Addition (3 Nov 1960)
Greenwood, WI, Immanuel Church; Henry to Lena Vollrath (1911); Obit: Vollrath, Henry
Greenwood, WI, John Wagner to J. Jesseasu? Mil. Wis. (Nov, 1914)
Greenwood, WI, Johnson, Delmond Warren (1921-1949)
Greenwood, WI, Johnson, P.M. Home (unk date); To: Dagmar Olsen
Greenwood, WI, Kenneth A. Odemark (1916); Parents: Adolph Odemark & Lora / Laura  O. Larson
Greenwood, WI, M. E. Church (Dec 1913)--Ella Bast to Mother
Greenwood, WI, M. E. Church (Unk dates)
Greenwood, WI, M. E. Church (Unk dates); From Marion
Greenwood, WI, M. E. Church; Early Interior view (Unk date)
Greenwood, WI, M. E. Church; From: M. M. B (2 Apr 1907); To: Emma Werle, @G. W. Calley.
Greenwood, WI, Mathilda Hendrickson to Ollie Hendrickson (3 May 1909)
Greenwood, WI, Methodist Church; to P.W. Gullord from Edward (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#1 in a collection of Greenwood cards *Contact us if you can make identifications
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#2 in a collection of Greenwood cards
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#3 in a collection of Greenwood cards
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#4 in a collection of Greenwood cards; *Contact us if you can identify child
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#5 in a collection of Greenwood cards
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#6 Large Family in a collection of Greenwood cards
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#7 Large Family in a collection of Greenwood cards
Greenwood, WI, Mystery Card#8 Group (unk date)*Contact us if you can identify these people
Greenwood, WI, Old Mill (1910), Emelia Scheuermann to Anna Mier
Greenwood, WI, Pine Trees End of logging (4Nov 1903), To; Mrs. Matilda Hogue, Greenwood, Wis., From her daughter, Nelly
Greenwood, WI, Popple River Dam (1913); Minnie Eggett to Ida Thompson, Lake Mills, Wis., Mentions Hattie Andrews Shanks
Greenwood, WI, Power Dam 1907 & 1929 *Betty Hayden to Clarisa A. Hayden Tubbs
Greenwood, WI, Power Dam and Light House sent from Kit to Myrtle Rogers in Oak Point, MT (1910)
Greenwood, WI, Richeleu Family Celebratiion ( June 29, 1911). Bio: Richeleu, Christina (1836 - 1914)
Greenwood, WI, River Scenes #1 (Mixed dates)
Greenwood, WI, River Scenes #2 (Mixed dates)
Greenwood, WI, River Scenes #3 (Mixed dates)
Greenwood, WI, Rural Scene (unk date)
Greenwood, WI, School Cartoon (Feb 1915), from Setonia (Braun) to Mr. H. P. Landry, 142 E. Ontario St., Chicago, IL
Greenwood, WI, Schroeder, Minnie's note (1907) To: Louisa Ewert, Lena Vollrath at Weast Restaurant
Greenwood, WI, Servaty, Julie (1870 - 1912); Obit
Greenwood, WI, Stevens, Peter Magnus  (1851 - 1915); Obit
Greenwood, WI, Street Scenes#1
Greenwood, WI, Street Scenes#2
Greenwood, WI, Street Scenes#3
Greenwood, WI, Sustad, Mahlon Carl (29 Mar 1914--9 Oct 1970)
Greenwood, WI, To Chas. Foster, Guernsey, Iowa (1910); Bio: Foster, Charles Henry
Greenwood, WI, Tornado (1907), Charles Farm
*George Gemmeke to Mina Gemmeke Smyth
Greenwood, WI, Tornado (1907); G. F. Z. to Nina Belle Smith, Three Lakes, WI
Greenwood, WI, Tornado (1907); sent  (1914) from Lillian to Miss Rena Wiard, Aberdeen SD % Crocher Flats
Greenwood, WI, Tornado Aftermath; Cyclone & Tornado Facts (1903)
Greenwood, WI, Tornado, Otto Messerschmidt to Ed. Messerschmidt, Fall Creek, WI, 8 Aug 1903; %Rev. Otto Neuman
Greenwood, WI, Unknown Cousin *Contact us if you can identify this cousin
Greenwood, WI, White St. Residence; Clara to "Pa" William Benjamin Edson (1909); Historic Photo; Obit: Bishop, Ella (aunt of Clara)
Greenwood, WI, White St. Residences (Wooden Sidewalks)
Greenwood, WI. Rock Creek; Abe to Edith Crawford (1908); Crawford, Edith
Greenwood, WI; Dam construction; Ruth to Alma Heagle / Mrs. Will Heagle, Gilman, Wis. (1914); BioM: Ruth Heagle
Greenwood, WI; Power & Light House; Kit to Myrtle  Rogers (1910)
Greenwood, WI; Power House; Setonia to Mrs. Howard Landry (1916), Chicago, IL (1916)
Greenwood, WI-Unk classroom in a collection of Greenwood, WI, Postcards *Contact us if you can identify these students
Greenwood, WI-Unk group in a collection of Greenwood, WI, Postcards
Owen WI Tornado (1924)
Owen, WI, Friday the 13th Tornado #2 (1930)
Owen, WI, Friday the 13th Tornado, 8:45 pm (1930)
Owen, WI, Tornado, Plantigo Farm Devastation (1924), Bio of George & Marie Plantigo
Withee, WI Tornado (North side)
Bio: Fahey / Christie/ Syth, "Kit"
Bio: Rogers, Willard & Myrtle Sischo
Central Clark County Tornado (unk date)
Central Clark County, WI, Tornado1
Central Clark County, WI, Tornado2



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