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Anna (Lindeman) Johnson's parents immigrated from Prussia in 1869.  Fifteen years later, she was born on the family farm west of Dorchester, WI, that her father had cleared from cut-over timberland. Anna attended Hilltop Grade School; and as an adult, served as Secretary of the School Board. After marrying her neighbor and sweetheart, Johnnie Johnson, in October 1903, she gave birth to six children. Anna died in 1973 at the age of 89. Throughout her lifetime, she was an avid "clipper and saver"and compiled several scrapbooks from articles about people she knew.  These scrapbooks were the foundation for this information.

Linda J. Mertens. (Granddaughter)


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This information is also available in hard copy at the Dorchester, WI Library which is a supporter and member of this Wisconsin Valley Library System.




Carl Anderson1 December 14, 1906 Sweden April 1961--54 yrs.
Agnes Marcott
(Married December 7, 1941, Evanston, Ill)

Nels (17)
Victor (16)
Kenneth (14)
Diane (12)

Moved from Evanston to Dorchester about 1951.
1Came to America at age 18.



Emil F. Anderson June 30, 1875 Ohio March 20, 1965--89 yrs.
Christine Brusten May 24, 1873 Wausau, WI October 1962--89 yrs.
(Married July 22, 1902)

Arthur Brusten1 July 4, 1894 Town of Holton May 1973--78 yrs.
(Married Ida Bolz Lindow, November 23, 1939, Waukon, IA)

Howard2 October 11, 1912 Town of Greenwood April 1971--58 yrs.
(Married Lois Hadenfeldt, February 5, 1944, Junction City, KS)
Morris August 19, 1916 Town of Greenwood--69 yrs.
(Married Evelyn Schuenemann, June 1, 1942, Wyoming)
Kathy, Connie

1Step-son to Emil Anderson; Preceded in death by two infant daughters.
2Comitted Suicide. He had been missing since April 8, 1971; his body was found May 1, 1971.
In the Norwegian Lutheran Church records there is "Brusturn."



Mathias (Marriedatt) Bach October 15, 1967
Hedwig Kronfuss1 March 23, 1896 Medford, WI September 1, 1984--88 yrs.
(Married June 6, 1922, Stetsonville)

Viola E.
(Married George Lewandowski, October 24, 1942, Stetsonville)
Karen, Glen, Leon, Bruce, Mark, David

Lillian Marie March 6, 1923 Tn of Little Black August 9, 1994--71 yrs.
(Married Edward Staab, February 26, 1946, Stetsonville)
Phyllis, Diane, Aaron, Joyce, Kenneth, Rosemary, Gerard, Daniel, Jeffrey, Gregory, Mark, Patrice, Joseph, Dennis
(Married Marlene Weix)

(Married Francis Hohl)

(Married Harold Lauby)

1Elementary school teacher.



Joseph H. Bauernfeind, Sr.
Helen Eichinger

Joseph (Sonny), Jr. July 31, 1913 Medford November 1981--68 yrs.
(Married Isabell Schmidt, May 31, 1945, Dixon, IL)
Joseph, Thomas, Bonnie, Mary, Janis, Clare

(Married Robert Ringling1, October 23, 1940)
(Married Robert Bonseigneau)

(Married Paul Iaccino)






1Associated with Ringling Brothers - Barnum and Bailey Circus.



Henry F. Beisner 1884
Genevieve Ploof1



M. Graydon June 15, 1917 Town of Mayville April 18, 1993--75 yrs.
(Married Sylvia Boser, September 13, 1941, Milwaukee)
Rosemary, Donna, Susan, Patricia, Cecelia, Jeanette, Jennine, Nancy
(Married Dorothy Bower)
(Married Mildred Boxrucker2)
Judy, Jane, Myrna, Mary Ellen, Ronald, Lori

(Married Ted Peissig)

1Mrs. Henry Beisner was leader of the Martha Washington Canning Club; Laurine Johnson was president. She was killed when a tornado destroyed their barn.
2Mildred's parents were Mr. and Mrs. J. Boxrucker. (Jacob?)



William H. Beisner 1887 February 4, 1964
Alvina Lindau December 27, 1899 August 3, 1978
(Married September 27, 1922)

Edith February 12, 1920 Town of Mayville January 26, 1987--66 yrs.
(Married Marvin Plockelman, May 21, 1941, Dorchester)
Sharon, Janice, Victor, Beverly

(Married Lowell Maxam)
Monica, Marlene, Harvey, Sandy, Dawn, Mark, Tina, Laurie, Faith



William C. Beisner, Sr. March 7, 1849 Hanover, Germany September 30, 1933--84 yrs.
Charlotte Dake1 June 28, 1867 Hanover, Germany 19403--73 yrs.
(Married November 11, 18832, Dorchester)

Henry F. 1884
(Married Genevieve Ploof)

William H., Jr. 1887 February 4, 1964
(Married Alvina Lindau, September 27, 1922)

Richard E.

Eric Gustave5 June 1, 1893 Town of Mayville August 9, 1959--66 yrs.
(Married Eda Olson May 22, 1918, Abbotsford)

Fred W.6 October 5, 1897 Town of Mayville June 28, 1981--83 yrs.
(Married Evelyn Mueller, November 21, 1923, Colby)

Arthur W. 1902

Herman7 October 9, 1904 Town of Mayville July 13, 1976--71 yrs.
(Married Beatrice Gipp, March 28, 1932, Dorchester4 )

Albert 1909
(Married Leona Bartz, May 22, 1945)

Eleven children; two boys and one girl preceded Mrs. Beisner in death.

1Came to Town of Mayville in 1880, settling on farm 3 miles southwest of village (purchased from D.O. Miltimore).
2Marriage took place at the old log school house in District 7.
3Was the last surviving charter member of St. Peter's Lutheran Church. Charlotte was survived by a sister, Mrs. Gust Laack, Abbotsford.
4Cynthia Dake was an attendant;
5At age 16, Eric began working as a cheesemaker. At one time he owned and operated what was (in 1959) the Cloverdale Cheese Factory in the Town of Holton. For 20 years he owned and operated the Mayville Cheese Factory which he bought from Anton Nachtwey May 1, 1926 and sold July 15, 1946, to a New Jersey dairy concern. Eric and Eda moved to village in 1944. No children.
6Farmed in Town of Mayville more than 50 years. No children.
7Herman worked as cheesemaker for Mayville Cheese Factory 1925 - 46. No children.



Bernard Blazer October 11, 1895 Richland County February 17, 1960--64 yrs.
Mary Miller1
(Married November 7, 1926, Withee)


(Married Donald Bussard)

1Sister of Hanford Miller, Sr.



Gustave Adolph (G.A.) Bobbe February 14, 1870 Amherst September 16, 1953--83 yrs.
Ellen J. Amundson October 21, 1947 78
(Married April 14, 1898, Amherst)

Isla (Forbes, ND)
(Married Carl Simmons)

Maude (Dorchester)
(Married M.S. Sorenson)

William (Sheboygan)

Elsie (Sheboygan)
(Married Darrell A. Garnett)

Family came to Dorchester September 13, 1911, where Mr. Bobbe built a grist mill (feed mill) which he operated along with a potato warehouse for 14 years. Moved to Sheboygan in 1925. He was a member of the Village Board of Trustees many years.



Anton Boxrucker May 17, 1886 Medford November 2, 1961--75 yrs.
Ella Wolf
(Married December 29, 1908, Dorchester)

Albert (Curtiss)

Walter (Owen)
M. Ann Nelson, July 30, 1946)

Hattie (Dorchester)
(Married Joe Hennlich, June 1930)

Martha (Owen)
(Married Peissig)

Selma (Taylor)
(Married Ole Gilbertson)

Marie (Oakwood)
(Married Chester Decker)

Alice (Kentucky)
(Married Virgil Brock)


Albert Ernest Braun1 June 16, 1867 Moratz, Prussia August 14, 1944--77 yrs.
Bertha Marie Wilke April 6, 1870 Zowen, Pommern July 27, 1949--79 yrs.
(Married October 22, 1889, Germany) Germany

Emma (Dorchester)
(Married William Schroeder)
Alvina (Marriederrill)
(Married Otto Henkelmann)
Carl (Dorchester) November 10, 1975--78 yrs.
Rosa (Elgin, IL)
(Married Oscar Peissig)
Fred (Hartford)
Mary (Wittenberg)
(Married Karl Burke)
Martha (Owen)
(Married Ed Hofmann)
Henry (Paw Paw, IL)
Albert (Veteran of WWI) 1923

1Parents were Ernest and Wilhelmine Miller Braun.
Couple came to America March 17, 1892, settling in Hurley, WI; later moved to Watertown; moved to farm near Dorchester in 1895;
Twelve children; three children died in infancy.


Edwin Conrad Broeske1 October 3, 1903 Town of Mayville October 17, 1934--31 yrs.
Lillian Startz
(Married November 18, 1922)
(Married Leslie A. Staab, November 14)

Eugene (Dorchester)
(Married Florence
Lucille (Marriedilwaukee) Class of 1943
(Married Paul Opetz, February 1, 1946?)
Richard (Dick)2 September 1, 1927 Town of Mayville May 26, 1956--28 yrs.
Marion (Marriedilwaukee)
(Married Jack Bascombe)
Delores (Dorchester)
(Married Francis Weber)
Elaine (Stetsonville)
(Married Donald Bockin)
Ruth (Stevens Point)
(Married Norman Wilke)
Edwin? (Marriedilwaukee)
Norman Staab half-brother

1Sister is Mrs. Lloyd (Ruth) Carlson.
2Died of injuries received in a traffic accident north of Medford when the care he was driving collided with another. Lester Neunfeldt was killed also. Peter Lapp and Bruce Jensen were injured. Had been employed for past six or seven years by Henry Mertens & Son, local dealers in cattle.
After the death of Edwin, Lillian married Leslie Staab; Norman is their son.



Gottfried Richard (G.R.)1 February 7, 1874 Germany July 2, 1959--85 yrs.
Pauline Flentie March 24, 1876 Arlington Heights, 1941--64 yrs.
(Married May 14, 1896, Arlington Heights, IL) IL

Edwin October 3, 1903 Town of Mayville October 17, 1934--31 yrs.
(Married Lillian Startz, November 18, 1922)

(Married Lloyd Carlson, June 20, 1933, Dorchester)
Arlene, Lyle, Carole

Elroy (Colby)

(Married Ole Hanson)

1Came to America at age 7 with parents, settling in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Family moved to Dorchester area in 1898? (1901?). Two years later, moved to farm in Town of Mayville (Clyde Broeske farm in 1959).


Barney Burns November 12, 1936
(Married May 12, 1903
Elizabeth (Hoffman) Bunke November 24, 1881 Berlin, Germany May 1, 1966--84 yrs.
Carl Bunke September 21, 1951
(Married August 19, 1937)

Apparently "Lizzie" Bunke had no children.


FATHER (James?) December 8, 1895
MOTHER (survived Henry)

Henry E. Oasis April 5, 1998 or 1904--30 yrs.
Waushara County
Dunn W. Private in Co. F, Second Regiment Infantry; stationed at Fort Keogh, Montana at the time of Henry's death.
(Married Locke) 1893
She and her five children drowned while trying to escape the great fire at Phillips in 1893.

The family came to Dorchester in 1875; Henry took over undertaking business after his father's death in 1895.


Anton J. Carlson1 July 5, 1890 Sweden 1979-80--89 yrs.
Theresa Plier March 8, 1892 Kimberly December 30, 1950 58
(Married August 30, 1911, Wausau)

Lloyd Ralph January 30, 1912 Spencer May 15, 1994--82 yrs.
(Married Ruth Broeske, June 20, 1933, Dorchester)
Arlene (Rankl), Lyle, Carole (Herman)

Lawrence (Curtiss)

Raymond (Illinois)


(Married Edwyn Rowland)
(Married D. Wilber Sommers)
(Married Harold Dahlens)

(Married Lloyd Burch)

1Came to U.S. at age 7 (1899), settling in Town of Mayville. Mr. Carlson worked as a train car inspector for the Soo Line Railroad until 1929.
Moved to farm in Town of Mayville, 1 mile north of village, in 1929.


William T. Copeland November 10, 1901 Dorchester, WI February 28, 1991--89 yrs.
Jessie Ireland November 9, 1904 Abbotsford, WI January 18, 1987--82 yrs.
(Married October 22, 1920, Abbotsford)

(Married David Semm)
(Married Tom Schiro)
(Married Donald Nowak)
(Married Wayne Kayhart)
(Married Ed St. Germanine)
(Married Dave Rosenthal)
William, Jr.
Milton, Merle, Joyce and Katherine died before their mother.
18 children total.



John Daellenbach
Bertha Woempner January 1, 1882 Dorchester--66 yrs.

(Married Lucille Lindau)


(Married Herman Haach)

Brothers of Bertha were Fred and Charles Woempner.



Ray Dake, Sr.5 March 5, 1886 Phillips August 11, 1943 57
Amelia (Marriedollie) Habeck November 24, 1889 Town of Mayville May 31, 1978--88 yrs.
(Married October 30, 1912, Two Rivers)

Cynthia Mildred2 August 27, 1913 Town of Mayville October 2, 1995--82 yrs.
(Married Willard Geary, November 4, 1938)
Lynn (Marriedaki), Sue (Christman)
Melvin L.3 September 25, 1915 Dorchester

Lester E. February 19, 1919
(Married Merle
Wayne October 14, 1920
(Married Mary
Ray R., Jr. August 221, 19223 Dorchester December 9, 1985--63 yrs.
(Married Delores Bremer4, November 9, 1952)
Duane, Nancy, Karen, Denise
(Married Marjorie Hattendorf, December 28, 1972)
Delbert June 1, 1925
(Married Gloria
Moved onto Ray's parents' farm in 1917.
Purchased farm west of Dorchester on County Trunk A in 1922.
1Grandmas' birthday book has 25.
2Graduated from Dorchester High School in 1931; graduated from Central State Teacher's College, Stevens Point, Class of 1932; taught Hilltop School 1934-35;
3Lives in Steven Point; ordained Lutheran minister; graduated high school 1933;
4Died February 24, 1972.
5Moved to Town of Mayville early in his youth; Mr. Dake was road patrolman on County Trunk A until 1941 when he broke his arm.
Ray Sr.'s sister was Mrs. Albert (Hattie) Johnson.
Who was Henry Dake (from Krakenberger ledger)?



George Decker April 3, 1922
Clara Elizabeth Stroota September 8, 1885 Town of Holton January 20, 1972--86 yrs.
(Married November 22, 1910, Colby)

Adelbert (Eau Claire) November 8, 1913 Poniatowski
(Married Arlene Fritsche, November 6, 1934, Waukegan, IL)
Myron (Marriedike) (Marriedilwaukee)

Bernard (Oconomowoc)
(Married Dorothy Hessl, November 1940)
Roselind (Roz)
(Married Didier)

Margaret (Illinois)
(Married Fred Thuriwell)

Dolores (Marriedilwaukee)
(Married Erwin Zylka)

One son preceded Clara in death.
In 1918 the family moved to a farm on the west edge of Dorchester. In 1928 Mrs. Decker and family moved into house in village (south 2nd Street).



John Peter Decker March 18, 1846 December 5, 1915
Margaret Elizabeth Thomas February 5, 1846 January 23, 1938
(Married 1871)

Nick April 4, 1872 April 12, 1936
(Married Emma Ulmen, 1894)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" February 23, 1874 January 20, 1947--72 yrs.
(Married Wm. Schumacher)
Peter, Nick, etc.
Mary January 20, 1876 July 31, 1968
(Married Philip Ulmen, 1894)

Peter G. November 14, 1877 November 30, 1957
(Married Clara Ness)

William September 23, 1881 July 3, 1953
(Married Theresa Gregorious, April 9, 1907)

George W. June 30, 1883 April 3, 1922
(Married Clara Stroota, November 22, 1910, Colby)
Adelbert, Myron, Bernard, Roselind, Margaret, Dolores

Theodore January 16, 1887 Mackville, WI February 12, 1944--57 yrs.
(Married Josephine Britten, February 4, 1909)
Urban, Marie, Hildegaard, Veronica, Leona, Sylvester, Cyril, Lucile, Exilda



Krezence Heigl

Theresa November 18, 1902 Tn of Little Black
(Married Irving Goessl, November 10, 1921, Milwaukee)
Marcella, Mercedes, Sr. Celine, Theodore, Peter, Herbert, Ethel, Patricia
(Married Forsland)

(Married Pinter)

(Married Habermeyer)

(Married Art Geiger, November 10, 1936, Stetsonville)

(Married Joe Gabriel)






Theodore Decker January 16, 1887 Mackville, WI February 12, 1944--57 yrs.
Josephine Britten June 16, 1889 Black Creek, WI December 10, 1951--62 yrs.
(Married February 4, 1909)

Urban April 20, 19___ Mackville, WI
(Married Dorothy Ackerman)
Marie December 5, 1912(?) Mackville, WI (deceased)
(Married Clarence Ellenbecker)
Hildegaard Town of Mayville (in infancy)

Veronica April 12, 1915 Town of Mayville
(Married Alvar Carlborn, February 4, 1944, Milwaukee)
Leona February 24, 1917 Town of Mayville
(Married Gerald Donahoe)
Sylvester October 3, 1921(?) Town of Mayville (deceased)
(Married Kathleen LaDue [sp.?])
Cyril April 24, 1924 Town of Mayville
(Married Adeline Stoiber, October 16, 1944)
Lucile June 16, 1926 Town of Mayville
(Married James Fries)
Exilda October 5, 1928 Town of Mayville (deceased)
(Married Stanley Seimenski)

The Theodore Decker's moved to Dorchester about 1913.



Joseph Dessl March 16, 1892 Darboy, WI1 October 14, 1968--76 yrs.
Sophie N. Stoiber August 11, 1893 Darboy, WI1 March 22, 1991--97 yrs.
(Married May 22, 1917, Dorchester)

Frank January 6, 1920 Dorchester, WI January 20, 1988--68 yrs.
(Married Mary Plymesser, Nov. 6, 1976, Rhinelander)

Marie Dorothy
(Married Joseph M. Weber, about 1939)
Pauline, Jeanne, John, Kathy, etc.

Delores Emma 1930
(Married Francis J. Sebold, September 4, 19___) About 1951; says dance was held in "new Memorial Hall."

Sophie attended Hilltop School. She was 16 years old when Grandma Lindeman died; she remembered being at the funeral.
1Darboy is near Appleton, WI.


Fred August Distelhorst July 25, 1860 Hanover, Germany January 13, 1947--86 yrs.
Philippine Amelia Boeger April 24, 1865 Sheboygan Falls May 23, 1948--83 yrs.
(Married October 28, 1882, Sheboygan County)

Walter (Louisville, KY)
Albert (Chicago)
Rose Helen (Wauwatosa)
(Married G.E. Etscheid)
Carl (Marriedilwaukee)
Fred (Marriedadison)

Fred Sr. came to U.S. in 1866 with parents, settling in Sheboygan County; worked in Chicago a few years when it was rebuilding from great fire.
From 1947 obituary: Mr. and Mrs. Distelhorst came to this community in December 1886, where he operated a creamery and general store on the west edge of the village, near the location of the present George Putnam residence. The creamery later was developed into the first cheese factory in this area.
In 1892 he built a two-story brick structure, which later burned, on the corner where the Neal Smith ski factory now stands (1947). He operated a store at that location until 1908 when he sold the building to the Gipp family and George Sprague took over the store.

The Distelhorst family then moved to the farm (later owned by Henry Mertens and Son) on the north edge of the village. They sold the farm to Eric Beisner in 1927, who in turn sold the place, except the residence, to Mertens. The farm was a wooded tract at the time Mr. Distelhorst purchased it, and he and his family cleared it and erected the buildings.

During the years that he was developing the farm, Mr. Distelhorst worked as a carpenter and building contractor. He built the structure which now houses the Paulson Garage, which at that time was used as a school building. He also constructed the present village hall and the Peace Evangelical and Reformed church edifice in the village and numerous farmstead buildings in the surrounding community.

From Mrs. Distelhorst's obituary: Couple lived on the Hiram Schmidt farm, where Fred Distelhorst was foreman, until December 1886 when they moved to Dorchester. Fred Distelhorst started the Dorchester Creamery on the site of Laabs' Cheese Factory. At the same time, he opened a general store on Main Street. In 1892 the store was moved to the corner where Kraut's Funeral Home was later located. January 1, 1908 he sold the store and moved for a farm (occupied by Herman Holtz in 1942).



Steven Drinka
Agnes April 3, 1907 Czechoslovakia December 29, 1979--72 yrs.
(Married February 1926, Czechoslovakia)

John June 22, 1928 Illinois April 7, 1992 63
(Married Norma R. Murphy1, May 26, 1951)
Michael, James, Donald, Richard, Susan, Sandra, Katherine, Margaret, Mildred, Robert, Gerald

(Married John Greiner, June 23, 1954)

(Married Daniel Paul)

Mary Ann
(Married Veryl Morrison)

Steve and Agnes came to America in 1927, settling in North Chicago; moved to Dorchester area in 1945 to farm 3 miles northwest of village. Agnes, Theresa and Mary Ann moved to village in 1958.
1Norma died February 18, 1968.



Arthur Dunow1 1894-95 Town of Hoard March 2, 1965--70 yrs.

Anita October 11, 1922
(Married Arthur Schultz, August 1, 19__, Medford)

Rosella February 1927 January 19, 1929--2 yrs.

1Died in Delavan. Member of St. Paul's German Lutheran Church in Curtiss.
Rosella Dunow died of double pneumonia just under the age of two. Ruth Johnson (11), Dorothy Schultz, Laureen Klocke and Leona Schultz were pallbearers.


Fred Dunow
Bertha H. Ruckfort December 5, 1853 Germany 1941--88 yrs.
(Married February 22, 1877, Milwaukee)

Anna Martha January 28, 1887 Town of Mayville August 25, 1948--61 yrs.
(Married Charles G. Woempner, April 19, 1906)
Leonora, Arnold, Henry, Ervin
Arthur (Art) About 1895 Town of Hoard March 2, 1965--70 yrs.
4 miles northwest of Curtiss
(Married Dowd)
Reinhart Before 1948
Eva Before 1948
One more child.

Family moved to Town of Mayville in 1912. Bertha is buried in Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery in Curtiss.
Other names: Della Dunow, b. January 24, 1900;



Frank Engel 1866 Luxemburg 1951
Charlotte Decker1 February 5, 1875 Belgium January 9, 1962--86 yrs.
(Married November 5, 1894, Appleton)

Rose September 4, 1898 Town of Mayville
(Married Ervin Plockelman)
(Married Frank Plockelman, 1933)
Anna 1904
(Married Elroy Gutenberger)
Nicholas October 11, 1905 Town of Mayville
(Married Grace Snyder4, February 15, 1926)
Katherine 1907 1944 - 1962
Margaret 1909
(Married Melvin Williams)
George 1914
Evelyn (Marriedilwaukee)
(Married William Beyer
Mike (Marriedilwaukee)
August2 March 11, 1960--57 yrs.
(Married Olivia
LeRoy October 4, 1921 Town of Mayville December 8, 1974--53 yrs.
(Married Edith "Tootsie" Amo3, June 14, 1944, Medford)
1Came to America with her mother, brothers and sisters at the age of 12, settling in Appleton.
Shortly after their marriage (1901?) Mr. and Mrs. Engel moved to the farm in the town of Mayville which they farmed until it was taken over by their son LeRoy in July 1944.
2Worked as a plumber in Milwaukee; killed in car accident which also took the life of his son-in-law.
3Sister is Mrs. Lawrence Etten.
4Grace Snyder had been the teacher at Hilltop School from Fall 1922 to Spring 1924.



Henry Erlei
Alta Patterson1 December 3, 1895 Nasonville August 17, 1977--81 yrs.
(Married June 13, 1917, Thorp)

Margarget A.
(Married Mark Olson, January 14, 1953, Green Bay)

Leon H. June 4, 1920 Abbotsbord January 28, 1991--70 yrs.

1Lived in Dorchester 1924-70. Village librarian many years and operated a photography studio in her home.




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