Scrapbook Gleanings of Dorchester

Mayville Township, Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Linda J. Mertens.






Henry Fechhelm March 29, 1882 Dodge County April 27, 1943--61 yrs.
Mary Yonker (sp?) February 12, 1884 Marshfield, WI May 1968--84 yrs.
(Married February 17, 1909, Marshfield)

Joseph (Unity)
(Married Margaret Hartung)

Helen J. (Loyal)
(Married Philip Schekelman)

Verna (Chicago)
(Married Clarence Peterson)

Mr. Fechhelm was engaged in carpenter work in Marshfield until 1921 when the couple moved to a farm near Dorchester. For a period of eight years he was employed as a Clark County road patrolman, moving to a farm in Hull Township in 1930.

Brothers and sisters of Henry: Mrs. John Kohn (Fond du Lac), Alec (Nekoosa), Roman (Marriedilwaukee), Norbert (Colby), Frederick (Marriedayville).


Dr. F.P. Foley October 28, 1872 Montello October 25, 1954--85 yrs.
Marquette County
Katherine Victory September 12, 1879 Berlin, WI May 26, 1957--77 yrs.
(Married September 13, 1905, Berlin, WI)

Dr. Clifford J. Wautoma, Red Granite (dentist)
Constance (Connie)* Manitowoc (teacher)
Katherine (Kathryn?) Monica2 March 13, 1908 Neshkoro 1936-37--28 yrs.
Frances Mary Husband in military
(Married Kenneth Cramsie, April 4, 1942)
Madeline Claire1 1910± January 26, 1967--56 yrs.
(Married Dr. Herman Nebel, 1939)
Claire* New Orleans (nurse)
Keith Foley Tomah (hospital technician)
(Married Virginia Bielmann, September 19, 1942)
Terrance East St. Louis, Ill (air conditioning technician)
Kenneth Salt Lake City (Marriededical student in 1950)

September 17, 1909, Dr. Foley purchased the practice of Dr. H. M. Nedry and moved to Dorchester.
Clifford and Constance are twins.
1Died after open heart surgery; had lived in East St. Louis; survived by her husband and six children.
2Killed in car accident in St. Louis, MO.
* Did not marry.
"Dr. Foley Day" was celebrated in Dorchester May 27, 1950.


Anna Fritsch (Marriedother)

Sarah1 September 12, 1882 Brillion July 23, 1970--87 yrs.
(Married Joseph Kronschnabl, January 7, 1903)
Mary June 9, 1887 Brillion June 5, 1958--71 yrs.
(Married Hans Sorenson2)
Anton (Tony)
George April 22, 1880 Town of Maple October 19, 1954--74 yrs.
(Married Rose Nienhaus6, October 14, 1902 Grove, Manitowoc County
East Wrightstown)
Theresa (Marriedrs. Robert Scidmore), Arthur, George, Jr. (7 daughters, 5 sons total)
John February 18, 1878 Brillion May 12, 1954--76 yrs.
(Married Anna Younker7, October 28, 1902, Dorchester)
Andrew3 19225
(Married Gertrude Froland4)
2 other sons; 1 other daughter;

1Mother of Mildy, Ceal, etc.
2Owned meat market along with brother Andrew; Family later moved to Mt. Morris, MI; nine children.
3The youngest child.
4Gertrude Froland was Grandpa Ole's great-niece, grand-daughter of "Grandma" Froland; after Andrew died, Gertrude married William Malchow.
5Died a week after Roz Didier's father died; they were very good friends.
6Rose was born March 28, 1881 in East Wrightstown; she died December 1953, age 72; couple moved to Dorchester area about 1922.
7Anna was born in Dorchester July 27, 1884 and died February 17, 1972, age 87. Sons: Myron, Lawrence, Theodore, James, Robert, Emery; daughter: Mrs. George (Lucille) Plockelman.


Andrew Fritsch 1922
Gertrude (Gertie) Froland November 27, 1891 Dorchester February 13, 1970--78 yrs.
(Married 1912)
(Married William (Bill) Malchow, January 28, 1928, Dorchester)

Herbert Fritsch
Vernon1 Fritsch 1912-13 June 28, 1975--62 yrs.
Jeanette Fritsch July 19, 1915 Dorchester December 4, 1991--76 yrs.
Audrey B. Fritsch2 July 29, 1917
(Married Harold Stevens3, December 30, 1935)

Herbert Malchow (Step-brother to Herbert, Vernon, Jeanette and Audrey)
(Married Jeannette Boe, August 31, 1947)

Roger Malchow July 19
(Half-brother to Herbert, Vernon, Jeanette and Audrey)
1When Dad was ill with Alzheimer's, he often asked about Vernon. Vernon retired from 20 years service with the Army March 31, 1959 (Marriedaster Sergeant).
2Graduated high school 1935.
3Harold is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Stevens.
Andrew Fritsch leased the Lindeman farm from 1910-15 after Grandma Lindeman died.
Gertrude Froland was Grandpa Ole's great-niece, grand-daughter of "Grandma" Froland; after Andrew died, Gertrude married William Malchow.



Herman E. Fritsche1 April 2, 1891 Tn of Little Black August 13, 1982--91 yrs.
Veronica Lang 1951
(Married April 28, 1914)
Bertha Klocke April 14, 1978
(Married November 1953)



(Married Ben Yunek)

2 other daughters

1Herman began working in logging camps at age 14. He farmed in the Town of Mayville many years and moved to Dorchester upon retirement.



Henry O. Froland1 July 17, 1868 Winchester November 2, 1951--83 yrs.
Annette (Nettie) Kayhart January 21, 1869 Chilton September 27, 1954--85 yrs.
(Married March 14, 1891, Dorchester)

Gertrude (Gertie) November 27, 1891 Dorchester February 13, 1970--78 yrs.
(Married Andrew Fritsch2, 1912)
Herbert, Vernon, Jeanette, Audrey
(Married William Malchow3, January 28, 1928)
Alice Harriet March 11, 1894 July 9, 1919--25 yrs.

(Hiram) Wesley5 October , 1895
(Married Ruth Pope before 1919)
Blanche4 June 24, 1901
(Married Arnold Brecklin6)
Ruth, Myrtle, Carleton, Arnold, Jr.
1Grandpa Ole's nephew.
Nettie Kayhart came to Dorchester in 1872 with her parents who homesteaded 160 acres a mile and a half southeast of the village.
2Died in 1922.
3Born December 6; died August 13, 1965. Had a son, Herbert, from his first marriage.
4Graduated from Dorchester Public School in 1916 (?).
5Moved to Mundelein, Illinois, in 1926; retired from 25 years with volunteer Fire Department there in September 1967; moved to Florida in 1967.
6Born April 20, 1899; died January 5, 1950, age 49.
Henry and Nettie operated a farm 3½ miles west of Dorchester from 1891 to 1917; then moved to farm on north edge of village. In 1928 Henry Froland retired from farming and started a small trucking business. He was also Town Constable and custodian of the public schools. Frolands celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 1951.



Ole O. Froland September 3, 1840 Telemarken, Norway January 25, 19061--65 yrs.
Anna Olson2 January 19, 1838 Telemarken, Norway December 17, 19213--83 yrs.
(Married December 28, 1865, Norway)

Henry Olaus O. July 17, 1868 Winchester November 2, 1951--83 yrs.
(Married Annette Kayhart, March 14, 1891, Dorchester)
Gertrude, Alice, Wesley, Blanche

Copies of the Norwegian Lutheran Church records in the Dorchester Library have the spelling Fröyland. They have "Anne" instead of Anna.
1Drowned in a water tank.
2Grandpa Ole's sister. "Grandma-Go-Fishing"
3Died from stomach cancer.
Immigrated in 1867 to Winchester, WI (near Appleton). Moved to Dorchester in 1873*, settling on farm 2 miles northeast of village (homesteaded?);
Had one child only.
Both Ole and Anna are buried in the Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery.
*From note found in Grandma Johnson's scrap book.



Edward J. (Foxy) Fuchsgruber May 7, 1887 DePere September 6, 1971--84 yrs.
Isabelle Schmitt1 March 13, 1968
(Married July 11, 1918)

Gretchen Louise (Kimberly)
(Married Arthur P. Seidel)

Ruth Ann (Kimberly)

Dawn (Kimberly) February 21, 1973--45 yrs.

1Father owned the Star Hotel at time she was married.
Ed came to Dorchester with his mother August 9, 1911 and opened a furniture store and undertaking parlor known as "Mrs. L. Fuchsgruber & Son," located in a two-story building (on lot where Norm's Bar was in 1971.) In 1926 he established an exclusively undertaking business in the Froland Building (southwest corner of 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street). In 1929 he moved to the Front Street location where he operated his business until selling it to James Maurina August 1, 1962.


Anton Gabriel
Pauline Trencek1 May 2, 1872 Germany June 17, 1934--62 yrs.
(Married June 5, 1892, Germany)

Mary (Marriedarie?)
(Married Joe Younker)
Joe, Leo, Rita
Anna August 15, 1895 Delmanherst, Ger. November 18, 1986--91 yrs.
(Married Frank Stoiber, May 22, 1917, Dorchester)
Alvin, Clarence, Adeline
Emma 1898-99 November 14, 1971--73 yrs.
(Married John Stoiber, June 16, 1925, Colby)
Dorothy, Robert, Gerald (died in infancy), Agnes
(Married Herman Baumer, June 2, 1948)
Rose (Chicago)
Agnes (Chicago)
Nick (Marriedissoula, MT)
Frank (Ely, MN)
Tony (Marriedilwaukee)
August (Dorchester)
Joseph (Ft. Atkinson)

13 children total
1Parents were Peter and Mary Trencek.
The Gabriels came to U.S. in 1903 settling first in East Chicago. Lived in Curtiss and Colby areas, moving to Dorchester about 1927.



Johannes G. February 14, 1857 After 1920
Aslaug J. Torgrimsdatter May 20, 1856 May 1926
(Married August 21, 1884, Telemarken)

Gilbert4 September 19, 1884 Norway April 10, 1958--73 yrs.
(Married Mrs. Clara Staab3, Waukegan; divorced)

Thomas (Tommy) October 13, 1886 Norway May 1969 82
(Married Viola Thornton, September 25, 1934)
Ollie Warren1 December 12, 1888 Town of Mayville June 5, 1938--49 yrs.
(Married Sylvia E. Schafer5, January 22, 1918)
Maxine (Hug), Walter
(Married Hilda Parbs, September 16, 1930, Galena, IL)
Shirley (Unruh)10, Rita9, Donald (b. July 2, 1935)

Anna Helen6 July 3, 1890 Town of Mayville March 23, 1939--48 yrs.
(Married Edward Pazdernik, May 20, 1913, Rhinelander)
June (Nordling), Kenneth, Alice (Weith) (Reimer), Donald, Ruth (Salaida)
John "Jack"2 September 13, 1892 Town of Mayville April 6, 1970--77 yrs.
(Married Vivian Tiedeman7)
Robert, Marion (Bacon)
Andrew October 24, 1894 Town of Mayville October 23, 1965--70 yrs.
(Married Laura Thompson, 1915: divorced)
Thelma (Olson), Lenore (Halverson)
(Married Marie )
Parents, Thomas and Gilbert came to America in 1888 and lived half mile west of Dorchester until buying farm three miles west. After his parents died, Gilbert operated the farm (where Otto Thums lived).
1Ollie Garvue was a WWI veteran and a member of the Masons. He was a fireman for the Soo Line Railroad for 25 years. Ollie and Sylvia moved to Abbotsford in 1920.
2Ernest Johnson's godfather; resided in Marshfield until 1940, then lived in Milwaukee, and later in Minneapolis; retired (accountant) in 1968 and moved to Monroe; his wife preceded him in death. Member of the Masonic Lodge and the American Legion. Daughter: Mrs. Burton (Marriedarian) Bacon, Monroe; Son: Robert K. Garvue, Tallahassee, Fla.
3Had been married to John Staab's brother, Valentine, who was killed in a gravel pit cave-in.
4Moved to Minneapolis about 1944; employed by Minneapolis-Honeywell; suffered a stroke in 1949 and never fully recovered; from then on he lived with Andrew. At the time of Gilbert's death, Tommy, Gilbert and Andrew all lived in Minneapolis area.
5Sylvia Schafer was born in Dorchester July 21, 1893. She was a telephone operator for many years. The family moved to Abbotsford in 1920. When she died from heart problems September 13, 1924, age 31, Wilma Maxine was 5 (born 1920) and Walter John 3 (born 1921). Ollie later moved to Marshfield. Remarried in 1930 to Hilda Parbs.
6Anna Pazdernik was a telephone operator in Dorchester for some time. She died from burns received when a stove she was lighting with kerosene in her farm home three miles south of Rhinelander exploded, igniting her clothing and setting the house afire.
7Vivian died May 10, 1947, age 51, in Milwaukee.
In 1935 Tom Garvue lived in Mobridge, S. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Garvue and family lived in Dorchester, and Ollie Garvue family lived in Marshfield.
Gilbert was living Dorchester in 1937 and in Minneapolis in 1946.
Mrs. Hilda Garvue lived in Marshfield. Her daughter was Mrs. Ernest Unruh; her son was Donald (about Rita's age) (became a Lutheran minister). Donald Garvue graduated from seminary in 1964. Married Faye Berry August 10, 1963. They adopted two boys.
8Pronounced Guvroe; other spellings are "Gauvrud" and "Gauverud."
9Died when 10 weeks old (September 1933);
10Shirley was born in 1931. She married Ernest Unruh.


Frank Geiger, Sr. July 1, 1879 Sherwood September 15, 1947--67 yrs.
Calumet County
Anna Metz1 February 23, 1968--85 yrs.
(Married October 22, 1901, Dorchester)

Mike September 20, 1903 February 23, 1983--79 yrs.
(Married Amelia Lang, September 13, 1927)
(Married Elizabeth Paulus, January 29, 1955, Dorchester)
Frank, Jr. Abbotsford
Elsie May 15, 1910 March 11, 1953--42 yrs.
(Married William Pupp, September 2, 1931)
Mae (Married Henry Patrie) Marshfield
Anna (Married Anton Wittmann) Marshfield
Joseph Wausau
Frances (Married Herman Gebhard) Marshfield
Lucy (Married Victor Carpenter) Spencer
Helen (Married Richard Pacourek) Marshfield
Aloysious Wausau
Agnes (Married George Pupp) Stratford
Henry2 Milwaukee
Henrietta2 (Married Walter Weis) Marshfield
Antony Marshfield
Ethel (Married Edward Pupp) Edgar
Leo Loyal
Benedict Died in infancy
Frank's brothers: Joseph (Dorchester), William, John, Henry; Frank's sister: Mrs. Ed Meyer (Dorchester). Three sisters and one brother preceded him in death.
The couple settled on a farm 1½ miles west of Dorchester immediately after their marriage and resided there until September 1944 when they moved to the village. They had 17 children.
1Sister of Mrs. John Staab.



Joseph Geiger1
Minnie Wittman
(Married May 19, 1908, Darboy (near Appleton))

(Married Lawrence Heindl, September 10, 1945-46)

Isabel February 7, 1904 Town of Mayville February 5, 1994--84 yrs.
(Married Henry Kauer, June 18, 1929, Dorchester)
Arthur2 1917±
(Married Rose Decker, November 10, 1936, Stetsonville)
Rita, Tom, Jim, Gary

Clarence December 30, 1913 Dorchester February 1, 1986--72 yrs.
(Married Lucy Keller, May 18, 1937, Dorchester)
Janice, Dale, Richard, Donald
Sylvester J. October 25, 1923 Town of Mayville December 4, 1991--68 yrs.
(Married Zelda Marie Marvin, June 3, 1945 (1946?))
June, Sharon, Sandy, Donna, Edward, Kenneth

1Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geiger.
2Farmed in Little Black 35 years before moving to village
A few days after their wedding, the Geigers left for Dorchester by horse and buggy, making the trip in three days. Settled on a farm 3¼ miles northeast? of Dorchester.


Mike Geiger
Amelia Lang1 October 29, 1902 Marshfield 1948-49--46 yrs.
(Married September 13, 1927)
Age at mother's death
Norbert 20
(Married Geraldine Beyer, August 6, 19___2) Bought Mrs. John Lang residence in Dorchester.
Margaret 19
(Married Donald Peissig
Paul 16
Therese 13
David 10
Mark 8
Jane 7
Cyril 5

1Amelia's father: Ben Lang; her mother died November 9, 1944.
Amelia's brothers: John and Joseph (Marriedarshfield), Frank (Marriedilladore);
Amelia's sisters: Mrs. William J. Murphy and Mrs. Roman Schaefer (Marriedarshfield), Mrs. Oscar Ledden (Auburndale);
2Norbert and Geraldine bought Mrs. John Lang's residence in Dorchester.



Gustav Herman (Gust) Genrich June 15, 1862 Germany October 30, 1935--73 yrs.
Mathilda Augusta Peters March 23, 1872 Oshkosh September 25--80 yrs.
(Married December 22, 1888, Wausau)

Olga September 23, 1891 Ironwood, MI December 12, 1981--90 yrs.


Lawrence "Casey" (Marriedilwaukee)

Lloyd (Marriedilwaukee)

Otto (Dorchester)
(Married Emma Theresa Andre, September 23, 1923, Milwaukee)
Donald, Randall
Hugo Arthur January 22, 1896 Dorchester October 23, 1980--84 yrs.

Henry Albert June 1, 1898 Dorchester July 19, 1993--95 yrs.
(Married Maria Feddick, May 20, 1924, Stetsonville)
Blanche (Chapman), Beverly (Fenske), Doris (Carpenter)
Elmer (Dorchester) January 4, 1977 73

Louis Before 1935

Gustav came to America in 1880 and worked in the iron mines near Ironwood, Michigan. Came to Dorchester in 1894. Gustav had a blacksmith shop and farm implement business in Dorchester. He retired about 1933. Otto and Henry owned and operated Genrich Implement 1935 - 55.



Frederick Georgas
Fredericka Schultz December 23, 1849 Germany 1937--87 yrs.
(Married November 10, 1872, Howard's Grove near Sheboygan)



Martin Mertz1

Albert Mertz1

Fredericka came to America at age 1 (1851) settling in Howard's Grove near Sheboygan. She and her husband came to Dorchester in 1879 settling on a farm 2½ miles west of the village. Moved to town in 1913. She is a charter member of St. Peter's Lutheran Church.
1Nephews raised by Mrs. Georgas.


Henry Gipp June 9, 1874 Miland, IN November 21, 1945--71 yrs.
Alma Marquardt August 19, 1877 Bonduel, WI June 11, 1956--78 yrs.
(Married March 16, 1898, Bonduel)

Hilda December 15, 1898 June 7, 1972--73 yrs.
(Married John J. Smith)
Walter5 February 1900 Bondual, WI September 28, 1971--71 yrs.

George August 28, 1901 Bondual, WI February 20, 1975--73 yrs.
(Married Gladys Edwards, June 19272)
Janet4, Georgene, Jack, James6, Nancy

Beatrice Anna Lena1 October 18, 1908 Town of Mayville October 27, 1989--81 yrs.
(Married Herman W. Beisner3, March 28, 1932, Dorchester)

David (Punk) November 12, 1912 Town of Mayville October 1, 1991--78 yrs.
(Married Esther Tohm, November 14, 1940)
1Graduated from Medford Normal School; Taught elementary schools in rural Colby for a number of years; Dorchester librarian for many years.
2Beatrice Gipp and Edith Johnson were bridemaids.
3Cynthia Dake was bridesmaid. Herman was a cheesemaker at Mayville Cheese Factory. Herman was born October 9, 1904 and died July 13, 1976, age 71.
4Janet was born April 30, 1929; died April 1936, age 7, of scarlet fever.
5Had garage in North Dakota with Albert Lindeman.
6James drowned in 1947, age 16.
The farm where Gipps live had orginally belonged to Charles Habeck's. David's uncle, Edward, had the farm next (1907?); Edward sold the farm to Henry Gipp (Punk's father) in 1909.
George, Gladys and family moved from Dorchester to Melrose about 1943.



David (Punk) Gipp November 12, 1912 Dorchester October 1, 1991--78 yrs.
Esther Tohm December 22, 1913 Gardena, ND
(Married November 14, 1940)

Quenton June 14, 1941

Elaine November 6, 1943 August 22, 1945--2 yrs.

Clifton November 29, 1946
(Married Susan

Don January 28, 1950

Keith March 21, 1954



John Goessl November 26, 1858 Cooperstown, WI June 12, 1941--82 yrs.
Anna Lange1 Austria April 8, 1931
(Married July 7, 1884, Dorchester)

Irving November 19, 1885 Town of Hoard September 6, 1976-90 yrs.
(Married Mary Stoiber, September 22, 1910)
Clarence (Marriededford)
Orlando (Marriededford)
Frank September 13, 1911 February 10, 1914--3 yrs.
(Married Theresa Decker, November 10, 1921, Milwaukee)
Herbert Irving (Curtiss)
(Married Jean Walkama, June 12, 1945, Owen)
Mercedes (Stetsonville)
(Married John Kapfhamer)
Marcella (Arizona)
(Married John Nuernberger)
(Married Ray Deeters)
Peter (Curtiss)
Theodore (Marriedarshfield)
Ethel (Tomahawk)
(Married Roy Gutenberger)
Sr. Celine (Doris) (Rhinelander)

1Anna was a sister of Mrs. Charles Meyer.
John and Anna moved to farm east (west?) of E in 1884. Some of the pioneers who helped open the locality around Curtiss for agricultural purposes.



Frank Gonnering
Mrs. Gonnering

Clarence E.1 June 11, 1905 Port Washington May 3, 1972--66 yrs.
(Married Mathilda Mary "Tillie" Heindl)

Clara1 June 11, 1905 Port Washington December 3, 1959
(Married Joseph Buza, about 1949)
Alfred March 24, 1907 Port Washington January 11, 1954--46 yrs.
(Married April 1940)

3 other boys; 4 other girls.

Gonnering family moved to Dorchester area in 1916.
1Clarence and Clara were twins.



Henry Gruny March 10, 1905 Medford
Irmal Gowey2 December 18, 1908 Richland, IA
(Married August 26, 1930, Medford1)

(Married Norman Lindau, July 24, 1954, Medford)

(Married Lawrence Jacobi, September 30, 1961)

1Miss Regina Sauer (Marriedrs. Ed Werner) and her brother, Felix, were attendants.
2Moved to Taylor County at age 8.
3Graduated from Dorchester High School in 1951.
In 1941, moved to farm northwest of Dorchester. Moved to Dorchester in 1946 (sold farm to Donald Carlson), operating Hank's Bar there until 1951. Then moved back to Medford.



Edwin Guth1 July 2, 1891 Kewauskum March 25, 1973--81 yrs.
Louise M. Meyer December 23, 1888 Town of Mayville January 14, 1980--91 yrs.
(Married May 29, 1915, Dorchester)

(Married Frances Sauer, June 4, 1945)
Donna, Lloyd,

Verna April 21, 1922 Town of Mayville
(Married Frank Gumz, February 5, 1940, Wausau)
Darlene, Roger, Gerald, Douglas, Charlotte, Gloria

1In 1904 Edwin moved with parents to Clintonville and later to Marshfield. Moved to farm in Town of Mayville in 1912. Edwin served 13 years on Hilltop School board.
After marriage, couple farmed in Town of Mayville until 1946 when they moved to Hortonville. In 1957 they returned to the Dorchester area, moving to the village of Dorchester in 1971.


Fred Gutwasser1 1854 October 17, 1929
Bertha Hamfmeister March 6, 1853 Kirchhaym, WI September 14, 1951--98 yrs.
(Married February 28, 1876, Kirchhaym, WI)

Anna Eau Claire
(Married Charles Hahn)
Tusnelda Hahn
(Married R. W. Gutnecht, July 1929)
Arthur2 December 19, 1881 Macawam, WI September 17, 19
Leonard, Velma, (also had step-children)
(Married Erickson)
(Married Max Vircks, April 5, 1934)
Amanda* 1941
(Married John Schefsick, July 1917)

1Came to Dorchester in 1883; was in the hardware and implement business all his life.
2Moved to Chippewa Falls in 1914. Survived by son, Leonard, daughter, Mrs. Velma Carrol.

*Might be from a different Gutwasser family.
Two daughters and three sons preceded Mrs. Gutwasser in death. Total: 4 daughters, 3 sons.




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