Scrapbook Gleanings of Dorchester

Mayville Township, Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Linda J. Mertens.






Emil A. Laabs

Lulu Lehman

Elvera Elizabeth July 15, 1918 Curtiss December 6, 1991--73 yrs.
(Married Albert A. Schultz, October 14, 1941, Dorchester)
Albert, Leroy

(Married H.C. Klessig)

Norbert 1970
(Married Myrna
(Married Robert Gustafson, June 11, 1955)
(Married Richard Hurth, June 1, 1960)

Fern 1989
(Married Kasper)



Amanda May 7, 1893 Town of Mayville June 19, 1972-79 yrs.
(Married Albert Lindau, December 16, 1914, Dorchester)

Alma (Abbotsford)
(Married Stock)

Rose Charlotte
(Married Max Hoffman, Jr., June 4, 1919, Dorchester)

(Married Tennis)

Mrs. Harry Mandel

(Married Clarence Hebert)

Arnold (Abbotsford)

One other son and one other daughter.



Frank Joseph Lang December 17, 1899 February 7, 1960

________________ Tamborino1 1904 Minnesota 1938--34 yrs.
(Married 1928, Dorchester)

Nora Myrtle Winchell2 February 18, 1915
(Married July 3, 1939)

Nancy September 3, 1940
(Married Milton Eugene Ramminger, January 7, 1959, Stetsonville)
James June 14, 1959
Michael May 1, 1961
Joyce May 29, 1962
Pamela November 10, 1963
Joseph May 20, 1967
David December 31, 1970

Shirley July 26, 1943
(Married Dale Robert Majerus, July 25, 1964)
Robert May 22, 1965
Donna June 30, 1966

1Died from TB?
2After the death of Frank Lang, Nora married David Motelet January 28, 1961; David was born February 19, 1916 and died January 1991. He had two children from a previous marriage.



John B. Lang July 21, 1874 Cooperstown July 6, 1946--71 yrs.

Anna Hagen October 12, 1877 - 1977
(Married May 1, 1899, Dorchester)

(Married Emil Pudleiner)
Allen, Marian

(Married Paul Pudleiner)

John came to this community in 1891 at age 17. For several years he worked in logging camps during winters and on farms in the summers. After marriage, the couple settled on a farm 4 miles northwest of Dorchester. They moved into the village in 1940.

John was preceded in death by 3 brothers and 5 sisters.



Mary Lange November 25, 1857 Schoenfelt September , 1924--66 yrs.
(Married Charles Meyer, 1879, Manitowoc) Austria

Mrs. Charles Krohne Wauwautosa

Mrs. Jos. Kreinik Green Bay

A.D. Lange Virginia, MN

Pete Lange Harrison, ID

Joe Lange Dorchester

John Lange Dorchester Is he the same person as John Lang?

Anna Lange Austria April 8, 1931
(Married John Goessl, July 7, 1884, Dorchester)



John J. Lansworth November 10, 1842 Racine County

Susan Moirland

Ida J. July 17, 1866 Primrose February 15, 1950--83 yrs.
(Married Ernest Sorenson, 1886)

Mrs. C.B. Stanley (Clintonville)

Mrs. A. Fryk (Ogema)

Mrs. C.E. Oden (Minneapolis)

2 other children

John Lansworth was a Civil War veteran. Came to Dorchester area to homestead in 1872. In 1879 he was Treasurer for the Town of Mayville. Member of the Baptist Church and belonged to Sons of Temperance.

See Sorenson.



Johann (John) Lapp September 25, 1833 Alsace-Lorraine May 19, 1891--57 yrs.

Fredricka (Freda) Gloss November 3, 1834 Germany September 5, 1915--81 yrs.

Jacob October 10, 1858 New York State, June 11, 1924--65 yrs.
(Married Bertha Klocke, November 15, 1884)
Edith, Wallace, Lydia, Vera, Verna

Helena (Lena)1 August 8, 1860 March 10, 1918--57 yrs.
(Married John Meyer, September 8, 1882)
Anne, Elsie, Luisa, Albert, Charles, Herman, Harvey, Rosalia, Emil, Edward
Albert Lapp February 7, 1867 Plymouth, WI April 1, 1939--72 yrs.
(Married Emma Weber) Sheboygan County
Sylvia, Goldy, Charles, Raymon, Cecelia

Herman November 9, 1877 Plymouth, WI May 8, 1952--74 yrs.
(Married Mathilda Johnson2)
Norma, Harry (died April 5, 1966, age 54)

(Married Anna )

(Married )
Donald, George, Velda

Rudolph (Rudy)
(Married Elizabeth Cherboch sp.?)

1Lena and John Meyer lived on the farm which was later Donald Carlson's. Their son, Herman, had the farm after them.
2Mathilda died December 25, 1969, age 83.



Albert Lapp1 February 7, 1867 Sheboygan County April 1, 1939--72 yrs.

Emma Weber2 August 17, 1874 Kiel, WI June 15, 1961--86 yrs.
Manitowac County

Sylvia July 14, 1895 Town of Mayville September 24, 1912--17 yrs.

Goldy January 20, 1898 Town of Mayville February 15, 1994--96 yrs.
(Married Peter Schumacher, November 22, 1916)
Melvin, Verna, Agnes, Celia, Robert, Marlene

Charles October 5, 1901 Town of Mayville July 5, 1988--86 yrs.
(Married Mathilda Stasek, April 22, 1931)
Charlene, John, Doris, Helen, James

Raymon December 7, 1907 Town of Mayville
(Married Minnie Scheel, March, 1931)
Eugene, Peter (Married Kathleen Tomczyk)

Cecelia (Aunt Lute) August 5, 1913 Town of Mayville
(Married Warren Lewis)

1Moved to Town of Mayville when 16 years old (1882-83).

2Also spelled Webber.



Jacob Lapp October 10, 1858 New York State June 11, 19243--65 yrs.

Bertha Klocke 1864 19433 78-79
(Married November 15, 1884)

Edith June 5, 1885 Town of Mayville March 11, 1953--68 yrs.
(Married John V. Sturner, April 5, 1903, Curtiss)
Gladys 1905 19263 20-21
Waunetta 1906 19223 15-16

Wallace 1888 Town of Mayville 1935--47 yrs.
(Married Clara Skerbeck5)
Wallace Jr., George, Frank, Burt J., Donald B., Richard Allan

Lydia November 6, 1895 Town of Mayville July 10, 1930--34 yrs.
(Married Emil Sturner2)
Clyde John, Audrey Arva, Phyllis Mae

Verna1 March 8, 1905 Town of Mayville June 30, 1953--47 yrs.
(Married Fred Rasman, 1940, Dorchester)

Vera1 March 8, 1905 Town of Mayville October 11, 1971--66 yrs.
(Married Marzell [M.J.] Weix4, November 18, 1935, Dorchester)
(No children)

The Jacob Lapp family lived near Curtiss (where Klemetson farm was later) and also in Dorchester in house located across the street to the south from the Fire Hall.
Edith and John Sturner owned and operated a feed warehouse 1903-15.
2Emil Sturner was born November 21, 1892 and died March 11, 1961, age 69.
3Buried at Pine Hill Cemetery, Curtiss, WI (north Hwy E).
4Marzell Weix died March 2, 1973, age 71.
5See Frank Skerbeck, Jr.



Dennis Laughlin August 9, 1853 Utica, NY October 31, 1918-- yrs.65

Margaret Coniff December 18, 1855 Beloit, WI July 4, 1912--56 yrs.
(Married 1886?)
(Married Sophia Parrson1,(1915) September 6, 1865 Sweden September 5, 1946 80

Amanda2 June 17, 1880 Custer, WI3 1955--75 yrs.
(Married Herman Kronschnabl, April 29, 1902 (post master)

Mina April 3, 1885 Custer, WI December 27, 1952--67 yrs.
(Married Andrew Marks, November 28, 1905, Dorchester)

Stanley May 7, 1887 Custer, WI April 16, 1948--70 yrs.
(Married Arlene Lindeman, March 13, 1912, Minneapolis)

Ruth September 28, 1892 Custer, WI 1953--61 yrs.
(Married Sullivan)
(Married Scheel)

Jane (Jenny) (Madison)
(Married John Donhard)

Dr. John T. Laughlin

Daniel (Australia)

Edward (Boston)

Stanley came to Dorchester at age 13 (1891).
The Dennis Laughlin farm was where Heindl's and Clarence Gonnerings were later.
1Sophia had been married prior to her marriage to Dennis. Her first husband, John Sullivan, Died in 1914. She moved from Montana to Marshfield in 1919.
2Amanda, Herman and family moved to Crandon in 1925 where Herman was editor of the Forest Republican.
3Custer is near Steven Point.
4Also spelled "Loughlin."



Mr. LeClaire

Mrs. LeClaire

(Married Gilbert Marlowe)
Louis G. May 12, 1891 Dorchester October 27, 1935--44 yrs.
(Married Alvina Malchow, February 26, 1919)
(One son died in infancy)



Gilbert LeClaire


Julius 1917
(Married Dena Fountain1, July 3, 1876, Fond du Lac)
George, Art2, Edward, Wilfred, Edith (Kramer), Olive3 (Lord), Lelah, Alice

1Born July 3, 1856 in St. Jeon, Canada; died March 23, 1946, age 89.
2Graduated 8th grade in 1901.
3Worked at the Co-op Store in Dorchester.



(Frank) Peter Leonhard December 22, 1885 Marshfield, WI July 24, 1973--87 yrs.

Mary Tepolt March 21, 1889 Stetsonville, WI February 8, 1962--72 yrs.
(Married October 31, 1911, Hibbing, MN) (January ?)

Gertrude M.
(Married Norbert E. Rhodes)
Mary Elizabeth July 29

(Petie Joe? June 4, 1942, From Grandma's birthday book)

Linus G.2 July 22, 1917 Hibbing, MN January 1, 1943? 25 yrs.

1Correct spelling.
2Killed in North Africa in WWII; Master Sergeant; graduated from McKinney High School (Marshfield?) in 1935.

Bought farm from Henry O. Froland in 1917.

Mary's mother, Mrs. Frances Tepolt, lived with Leonhards beginning about 1916. She was born in Austria August 15, 1851 and married Stephen Tepolt in 1879. Came to America in 1884 and settled on farm near Medford. Mr. Tepolt died about 1914, age 88.
Lived on hill west of Johnson farm, north side of road.
Bought farm in 1917 from Henry O. Froland.

Leonhard's had a daughter born February 27, 1929.

Lived in Dorchester 1918-21; moved to Marshfield.



Albert Lindau April 23, 1891 Dorchester January 14, 1977--85 yrs.

Amanda Laack May 7, 1893 Town of Mayville June 19, 1972--79 yrs.
(Married December 16, 1914, Dorchester)

Vernetta March 28, 1915 February 9, 1923--7 yrs.

Lucille January 29, 1917
(Married Emil Daellenbach, October 18, 1934, Waukegan, IL)

Norman1 January 25, 1919 Dorchester March 4, 1980--61 yrs.
(Married Marleen Gruny, July 24, 1954)
Lori, Dean

Arletta M. April 23, 1924
(Married Robert Goldamer, June 6, 1945)

Alvin2 "Huns" January 27, 1929 Town of Mayville January 21, 1989--59 yrs.
(Married Shirley Allram, June 1954)

Melvin2 January 27, 1929 Town of Mayville
(Married Donna Baumgart, December 1952)

Eugene April 11, 1926
(Married Etola Schaefer)

One other daughter.
After marriage Albert and Amanda farmed in Town of Mayville until 1968 when they moved to Dorchester.
1Leader of Norm Lindau and His Band 1955-72.


Fred Henry Gustave Lindau,Jr1 October 6, 1864 Saxon, Germany November 30, 1945--82 yrs.

Anna Schroeder2 September 11, 1871 Wauwatosa, WI September 26, 1959--88 yrs.
(Married 1890)

Albert April 23, 1891 Dorchester January 14, 1977--85 yrs.
(Married Amanda Laack, December 16, 1914, Dorchester)
Lucille, Norman, Gene, Arlis, Alvin, Melvin

Henry September 1, 1892 February 3, 1979--86 yrs.

Arnold3 October 26, 1915
(Married Irene Chojnacki, September 6, 1947)
Todd, Thomas

Mary (Marie?) June 29, 1894 Dorchester June 14, 1977? 82 yrs.
(Married Carl Habeck, January 8, 1919)
Arthur, Helen, Lavern, Mildred

Alvina December 27, 1899 August 3, 1978--78 yrs.
(Married William Beisner, September 27, 1927)
Edith, Hildegaard

Fred October 18, 1896 December 9, 1973
(Married Lucy Smith, July 25, 1917)

Doris April 21, 1903 Dorchester August 17, 1985--82 yrs.
(Married Henry Gosse, Sr., June 8, 1921)
Victor, Henry Jr. "Sam," Delila, Ione

George July 10, 1905 Dorchester October 2, 1983--78 yrs.
(Married Irene Plockelman, September 24, 1930, Dorchester)
David, Dennis, Robert, Thomas, Waunita, Shirley

Olga August 3, 1908
(Married Clifford Eggett, June 16, 1932)

Amanda September 7, 1911
(Married Buford Moore, September 17, 1929)

William April 1910 September 2, 1933--23 yrs.

1Came to Dorchester area about 1880-81, settling in Jerkwater.
2Moved with family in 1878-79 (age 7) to Schroeder farm 1 miles north of Dorchester.

3Bought farm three miles west and one mile south of Dorchester in 1916.
Fred and Anna moved to Dorchester in 1892, living in the house later occupied by Henry Erlei's; in 1925 they moved west of Dorchester.



Fred Ludwig December 27, 1906 Town of Little Black March 19, 1984--77 yrs.

Margaret Marie Hurth1 May 15, 1910 Elk Mound February 24, 1990--79 yrs.
(Married June 20, 1928, Stetsonville)


(Married Pat Kranz)
(Married Darrel Hermanns)


(Married Melvin Brandner)

(Married Richard Seidel)
(Married Robert Imler)

(Married Reinhard Raasch)
(Married Alfred Meier)



(Married David Bruesewitz)

1Sister to George Hurth, Dorchester.
Had 12 children.



Lewis April 28, 1893 Dorchester--77 yrs.
(Married Amelia Moder, June 14, 1916, Dorchester)

(Married Bruno Muehler)

(Married Plockelman)

11 other children



Henry W. Malchow, Sr.1 September 18, 1854 Port Washington October 9, 1933--79 yrs.

Amelia Wilke 1923
(Married 1881, Milwaukee)

(Married A.J. Sprague)

Louise "Lizzie"
(Married Seth Barker)

Emma (Dorchester) March 20, 1888
(Married Fred Werner, September 26, 1906)

Mary (Dorchester)
(Married Henry Rau)
(Married Hugo Zenker)

Alvina Katherine September 14, 1898 Dorchester, WI May 24, 1993--94 yrs.
(Married Louis G. Marlow)

Henry, Jr.


Fred Paul2 October 31, 1891 Dorchester 1977--85 yrs.
(Did not marry)

William (Dorchester) December 6, August 13, 1965
(Married Gertrude (Froland) Fritsch, January 28, 1928)

1Came to Dorchester in 1880, age 25-26, settling on a farm mile north of the village. The greater part of Clark County was at that time in forest.
2Fred worked on the railroad section crew in his early years and later at the Paulson saw mill. He worked as a cattle-buyer in Park Falls 1941-61.



Henry Marcott 1882 Stetsonville 1937-38--55 yrs.

Melvina Premeau 1915
(Married 1903)

Daisy Packard December 23, 1884 Town of Holway 1954--69 yrs.
(Married 1917)

Children of Henry and Melvina:

(Married D.E. Morrison)


Wilfred February 13, 1987--75 yrs.


(Married Martin Raskic)

Children of Henry and Daisy:


(Married Lee Nelson)

(Married Evelyn Georg, 1949?)



Carl Marquardt2

Albertina Schliebe 1881
(Married date?, Bustar, Germany)
Children of Carl and Albertina:

(Married Amalia Busch)

(Married Julius Greenwald)

(Married Mathilde Busch)
Elnora (Werhand)

Alma August 19, 18793 Bonduel, WI June 11, 1956--78 yrs.
(Married Henry Gipp, March 16, 1898, Bonduel, WI)
Hilda, Walter, George, Beatrice, David
(Married Katie Wedgewood)
(Married Anna Klebesahl)
After the death of Albertina, Carl married Emilie Kaepsel.

Children of Carl and Emilie:
(Married Charles Langer)

Otto (Did not marry)

Clara1 May 1, 1885 Town of Washington January 26, 1946--60 yrs.
(Married Valentine Staab, December 21, 1908) Shawano County
Jacob, Leslie, Donald, Milton
(Married Gilbert Garvue; divorced)

1Grew up in Bonduel.
2Came to America in 1872 through Port of New York from Regenwalde, Pommern, Germany. Carl brought with him his son, William (2), his wife, Albertina, his mother, Louisa Korth (Kath? Koth?) (his father, William, died in Tarnow, Germany), his in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. William Schliebe. Carl's in-laws went back to Germany.
3Possibly 1877.



(Married Albert Sauter)

(Married Dorothy Heidtke?)



Herman Marquardt

Clara Helen Bloom February 20, 1866 Weyauwega September 25, 1941--75 yrs.
(Married March 22, 1887)


(Married Herman Konschah)

Herman and Clara came to Dorchester in 1902.



Fred J. Martens 1871 1927

Mabel Barker1 July 27, 1874 Dorchester October 2, 1946--72 yrs.
(Married January 13, 1904)

Gladys April 14, 1904 Dorchester February 2, 1981--76 yrs.
(Married Pat McCarron3, November 1925)
Neil (Colby)
(Married Janis Jier?)

(Married Paul Rutzky, June 8, 1931)

Harold J. 1912 1979

Lloyd "Fritz" November 13, 1909 Dorchester 1973--63 yrs.
(Did not marry)

Jane (Colby) May 7, 1916 1986
(Married Guy D'Orazio, September 2, 1935, Chippewa Falls)

1Daughter of Rufus and Jan Barker; born in Dorhester; moved to Chicago in 1943; died from injuries in an automobile accident. Paul Rutzky, 54, died also. Margaret was in the accident also but survived;

2Were married May 27, 19___, in Chicago in a double wedding ceremony.
3Died February 25, 1965.
(From tombstones: Mother Sophia 1836-1911; Father Johann 1838-1911)




Edmnund Mehner


Ernest, Sr. August 3, 1901 Dorchester May 7, 1988--85 yrs.
(Married Laura Hurth, January 6, 1930)
Ernest Jr., Bruce, Rachel

Erma (Arizona)
(Married Murphy)

5 other sons; 3 other daughters.

Was Laura Hurth a sister to George?

Move into alphbetical position.


Fred Meyer

Sophia Carson

John June 6, 1857 Manitowoc Co. December 12?, 1934--77 yrs.
(Married Helen Lapp, September 8, 1883)

Fred (DePere)

Robert (Clarkston, Washington)

Mary (DePere)
(Married Falck)

Stena (DePere)
(Married Ferguson)

Elizabeth (Wausau)
(Married Fuchsgruber)



Charles Meyer May , 1919

Mary Lange November 25, 1857 Schoenfelt September , 1924--66 yrs.
(Married 1879, Manitowoc) Austria

Couple came to Dorchester in 1879 and homesteaded the farm northwest of village later owned by Ed Guth. Moved to Alabama in 1905.

Brothers and sister of Mary Lange:

Mrs. Charles Krohne Wauwautosa

Mrs. Jos. Kreinik Green Bay

A.D. Lange Virginia, MN

Pete Lange Harrison, ID

Joe Lange Dorchester

John Lange Dorchester

Mrs. John (Anna) Goessl Dorchester (Parents of Irving)



Edward Meyer1 November 4, 1885 Town of Mayville December 9, 1970--85 yrs.

Anna Geiger May 28, 1958
(Married )

Raymond January 11, 1911 Dorchester
(Married Harriet Wesle, November 8, 1941, Medford)
Jim, Jeff, Mary (Married Gerald Gonnering), Sharon, JoAnne



Alvin March 5, 1975--55 yrs.
(Married Violet Gumz)
Judy, Don, Larry, Dale, ?

(Married Marilyn Jensen)

(Married Verna Jensen)

Leona April 2, 1912 Dorchester September 3, 1990--78 yrs.
(Married Alphonse Diers, September 7, 1936)

Sr. Evelyn, O.S.M.
(Married Gerald Martin)

Couple farmed in Town of Mayville until 1954 when they retired and moved to Dorchester.
1Edward went to Hilltop School; must have been one year ahead of, or possibly in the same class with, Anna Lindeman.



Herman Meyer September 15, 1893 Dorchester November 25, 1955--72 yrs.
26?, 1965?
Frieda Tessmer
(Married December 28, 1920, Dorchester)

(Married Jack Smiley)

(Married Melvin Krueger)

(Married Kenneth Kanneberg)

Herman, Jr.



John Meyer1 June 6, 1857 Manitowoc December 12?, 1934--77 yrs.

Helen Lapp August 8, 1860 March 10, 1917--57 yrs.
(Married September 8, 1883) (1882?) 1918?

Edward November 4, 1885 Town of Mayville 1970--85 yrs.
(Married Anna Geiger)

Anna (Dale)
(Married Elmer (Edward?) Hawk)

Elsie (Dale)
(Married Harvey Blue)

Elizabeth? (Louise?) (Luisa?) December 23, 1888 Town of Mayville January 14, 1980--91 yrs.
(Married Edwin Guth, May 29, 1915, Dorchester)

Albert H. August 24, 1890 Town of Mayville 1952-53, 62 yrs.
(Married Minnie Lessman, April 3, 1916)
Dorothy, Margaret, Robert, Jean
Charles 1892
(Did not marry)
Herman September 15, 1894 Town of Mayville November 26, 1965--71 yrs.
(Married Freida Tessmer)

Harvey 1896 Town of Mayville 1968
(Did not marry)
Rosalia "Rose" December 7, 1899 Town of Mayville April 3, 1978--77 yrs.
(Married Gust Tessmer, May 24, 1923)

Anna (Dale)
(Married Elmer (Edward?) Hawk)

Elsie (Dale)
(Married Harvey Blue)
Emil July 4, 1902 Town of Mayville August 17, 1993--91 yrs.
(Did not marry)

1In 1878 John came to Dorchester and purchased a farm 3 miles west and 1 mile north of village. Member of school board about 10 years.
In 1910 Albert Meyer bought an 80-acre tract of land 2 miles northwest of Dorchester; in 1914 he bought an improved farm from his brother.



John A. October 6, 1849 Canada
(Married Mary Cushing, December 1880.

Bradley G.1 December 21, 1852 Canada

Dan O.2

Mary E.3

1Attended commercial school in New York. In 1878? he became Dorchester's first postmaster. The first post office was located in Miltimore's General Store. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and a Notary Public.

2Sold property to Charlotte Dake's parents in 1880. Built one of the first businesses in Dorchester, a merchantile store, in 1874. Sold business in 1878 to brothers John and Brad. In that year they were doing a $25,000 yearly business.

3First teacher in the "old" Hilltop School.



William R. "Bill" Munroe1 June 2, 1872 Marquette County March 23, 1967--94 yrs.

Winifred Dodge July 27, 1965
(Married June 27, 1897, Cadott)

Harold Grandview, Wash.
(Married Margaret Manthe, December 16, ______, Dubuque, IA)

1 When 10 years old, moved to Cadott with family where his father published the old Cadott Record. Learned printing trade and before moving to Dorchester he published the Stanley Sentinel and Cadott Blade. Depot agent and operator for the Wisocnsin Central Railway in Dorchester for 46 years; Retired as depot agent in 1954, at age 82, and in October, 1957 moved to California. Had built their house in Dorchester in 1912; sold it to Oscar Violands when they moved. (Mrs. Violand was the former Helen Kaage.)



Frank Nagel1 1864 Germany May 13, 1943--79 yrs.

Lena Fink 1912
(Married August 18, 1908, Colby)

Henry (Milwaukee)

Mrs. Floyd Roth (Illinois)

Vilas (St. Paul)

One daughter died in infancy.

1Moved to Dorchester in 1890 where he lived until moving to Milwaukee in 1938; was owner of a barber shop in Dorchester for many years, later selling insurance. He was Village President and Village Clerk. He was also a Notary Public. His wife died four years after their marriage.

Frank's brother was Charles Nagel, Pittsville.

Donald Tessmer was a pallbearer for Frank Nagel's funeral.



William Neuenfeldt

Mrs. Neuenfeldt

Elvera Milwaukee
(Married Glen Moltzer)

Verna Medford
(Married Earl Schmidt, April 23, 19___)

Violet Owen
(Married Ray Wagner)

Raymond2 About 1925 July 1961--36 yrs.
(Married Jocile Sulik)

Dorothy Marshfield
(Married Clifford Stevens)

Howard Greenwood
(Married Wilma Hoffman, September 25, 1953)

Lester Erwin1 February 18, 1933 Greenwood May 19, 1956--23 yrs.

Larry Dorchester
(Married Arlene Graffunder, June 12, (1954?)) She died April 20, 1995.
LeRoy Dorchester

1 Moved to Town of Mayville in 1937 at age 4; Worked for Henry Mertens & Son; Killed in two-car collision north of Medford; others injured were Bruce Jensen and Peter Lapp. Richard Broeske, driver, died of injuries.

2 Killed when brakes of a tractor-trailer rig he was driving failed and the vehicle overturned as he attempted a sharp turn, crushing him beneath near Grand Portage, Minn. Had been living in Superior.



Walter Nicks

Grace Lehmann

Mildred Irene February 1, 1907 Kanaranzi, MN March 8, 1984--77 yrs.
(Married Clarence Geary, October 6, 1924, Curtiss)

Walter1 September 14, 1908 What Cheer, IA jULY 15, 1984--75 yrs.
(Married Elnora Burtard, September 14, 1931)
Walter Jr., Roger

(Married Clarence Stephens) Relative to Ira?

(Married Charles Telin)


1Farmed in Town of Mayville 1945-71.



Gustav (Gus) Nixdorf Before Maria

Maria Droese November 26, 1883 Loganville July 16, 1943--61 yrs.
(Married June 28, 1905, Loganville)

Arthur (Waukesha)

Walter Frederick August 19, 1910 Town of Mayville September 23, 1971--61 yrs.
(Married Lorna Mae Colby, February 28, 1946, (1948?) Iowa) 19?

Two children died in infancy.

Aurelia (Mrs. Conrad Michel) (adopted daughter of Nixdorfs)

Gus and Maria came to Dorchester in the first year of their marriage.

Their son, Walter, operated the family farm after the death of his father.



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