Clark County, Wisconsin

Property Owners


Property: 1956 Owners (County-wide)
Property: Abbotsford - Denney & Olson Store (1898)
Property: Acker, August Farm
Property: Ayers, Lou L. Home
Property: Bachman Cheese Factory
Property: Bailey's Undertaking (11-Feb-1881)
Property: Barr, A. A. (1887)
Property: Barrett Bros. (1909)
Property: Baumgarten, Blasius and Wife (Grantee)
Property: Beaver Cheese Factory, Beaver Twp., Wis.
Property: Bergstrom, Edward's Farm
Property: Bibby, Thomas J.
Property: Birr, Frederick (Grantee)
Property: Black River Cheese Factory
Property: Bliesner, Marie (Grantee)
Property: Blue Moon Cheese Factory
Property: Blunck, John (Grantee)
Property: Boardman, Ephriam's Cabin
Property: Bogumill, Andrew (Grantee)
Property: Bohnsack, Christ and Wife (Grantee)
Property: Borowick, Peter (Grantee)
Property: Bostwick, Henry (grantee)
Property: Boulton, Wesley F. (Grantor)
Property: Braun Cheese Factory
Property: Braun Cheese Factory Accounts (1916)
Property: Braun, George (Grantee)
Property: Braun, Herman (Grantee)
Property: Braun, John B. (Grantee)
Property: Breseman Cheese Factory
Property: Briggs, Wm. Sawmill (1894)
Property: Brodacki, Mike and Wife (Grantee)
Property: Brotterud, John (Grantee)
Property: Bruchert, August (Grantee)
Property: Bruley Saloon & Blacksmith Shop (1875)
Property: Bublitz, Frank (Grantee)
Property: Budzeynski, James (Grantee)
Property: Bungert, Ora (Grantee)
Property: Burrington, N. N., (1889)
Property: Butterud, John (Grantee)
Property: Bymer Dairy
Property: Caldwell, M. G. (Grantor)
Property: Canfield, R. W. (Grantor)
Property: Carnation Milk Condensary
Property: Chamberlain, Charles (Property - 1901)
Property: Cheese Factory
Property: Cheese Factory #1
Property: Cheese Maker's Manufacturing Co., Riplinger, Wis.
Property: Cherokee – Roselawn Cheese Factory (1930)
Property: Chili Co-op Milk Products
Property: Chili Lumber Business (1892
Property: Christie, Robert's Feed Mill (2003)
Property: Christie, WI Drive-in Theater
Property: Christman, Charles (Grantor)
Property: Churchill, Dr. B.P. (1900)
Property: Cirkel & Sons (1890)
Property: Clark Co., Surveying Land(1842 - 1856)
Property: Clark Co-op Marathon
Property: Clark Co., WI Cheese & Creamery Factories, 1898
Property: Clark Co., WI Creameries & Cheese Factories - 1900
Property: Clark Co., WI Creameries & Cheese Factories - 1910
Property: Clute, CH; Owens, JS, Crocker (1900)
Property: Coburn Lands (1900)
Property: Colby Builders’ and Supply Company (1948)
Property: Colby, Feind homestead
Property: Colby, WI 4th of July Bowery
Property: Colby, WI Galles & Sommer Merchantile
Property: Colby, WI Kraus Bros' Shoes
Property: Colby, WI Main St. Businesses (1950)
Property: Colby, WI Pradt, Walter C.'s Grocery
Property: Cole, James L. (Grantee)
Property: Colton, A. W. (Grantee)
Property: Cook, Alfred (Grantor)
Property: Cornwell, L. M. (26 Aug 1887)
Property: Crandall Store (22 May 1874)
Property: Crocker, Kate (Grantor)
Property: Curtis, WI--Laabs Cheese Factory
Property: Curtiss, Machlett's Hardware (1907)
Property: Curtiss, Oakland Cheese Factory
Property: Curtiss, WI Depot (1915)
Property: Curtiss, WI Depot Station Side Car (1915)
Property: Curtiss, WI--Village Photos
Property: Curtiss--Molitor's Olde Saloon (4 Mar 2005)
Property: Curtiss--Oakland Cheese (1960)
Property: Davis Star (Grantors)
Property: Davis, Rice (Grantor)
Property: Decker, Henry (Auction, 13 SEPT 1902)
Property: Decker, J. L. (Property - 1926)
Property: Deforth, P. , Jr., Blacksmith #2 (1889)
Property: Deforth, P., Jr., Blacksmith #1 (1889)
Property: DeLano, Jos; Parker, Ed (1900)
Property: Dells Dam Cheese Factory
Property: Dewhurst, Pitcher & Pennock Rifles
Property: DeWitt, Terence (Grantee)
Property: Dorchester, A. F. F. Jensen
Property: Dorchester, Aschenbrener & Gipp (1908)
Property: Dorchester, Baker's Garage
Property: Dorchester, Bennett-Daniels Lumber Co.,
Property: Dorchester, Block Hotel
Property: Dorchester, Bowe Barber Shop
Property: Dorchester, Box Car Depot
Property: Dorchester, Buehrens’ Tinshop (1908)
Property: Dorchester - Bursell Undertaking
Property: Dorchester, Businesses
Property: Dorchester, Carl Mertens Livestock Dealer
Property: Dorchester Cheese Co. Inc.
Property: Dorchester Cooperative
Property: Dorchester, Country Charm Beauty Salon
Property: Dorchester Creamery (1906)
Property: Dorchester, Dorchester State Bank (1908)
Property: Dorchester, Equipment MFG. Corp.
Property: Dorchester Furniture Co.
Property: Dorchester, Geiger Plumbing/Heating/Elec
Property: Dorchester, Genrich's Farm Implements
Property: Dorchester, Kronschnabl Liquors
Property: Dorchester, Krueger's Super Market
Property: Dorchester, Leonard Bischoff Welding
Property: Dorchester, Wis. Lot 3 Block 2 (231 South 2nd Street)
Property: Dorchester, Lulloff Brothers Undertaking
Property: Dorchester, Martens Saloon
Property: Dorchester - Martens, Fred - Saloon Photo
Property: Dorchester, Maurina's Shoe Clothing
Property: Dorchester, Meyer's Lumber Co.
Property: Dorchester, Meyer's Manufacturing Corp.
Property: Dorchester, Mildy's Store
Property: Dorchester - Milwaukee Store - Dry Goods & Groceries
Property: Dorchester, Neal Smith Inc.--
Property: Dorchester, Norbert Geiger Trucking
Property: Dorchester Paulson & Stephens Saw Mill (1906)
Property: Dorchester, Paulson & Stephens (1908)
Property: Dorchester, Pinter's Packing Plant
Property: Dorchester Pole Yard, Inc.
Property: Dorchester, Post Office Locations
Property: Dorchester, Radlinger's Chevrolet, Inc.
Property: Dorchester, Saunter Bros. Inc.
Property: Dorchester, Schief Dentistry
Property: Dorchester, Schultz Opera House (1907)
Property: Dorchester, Schwoch Insurance
Property: Dorchester, Sebold Oil Co.
Property: Dorchester, Seipp Insurance(1966 - 1973)
Property: Dorchester Wisconsin – Sorenson Home
Property: Dorchester Speed Wash
Property: Dorchester, Star Cheese Factory (1924)
Property: Dorchester, Star Hotel
Property: Dorchester - Star Hotel (1886 - 1894)
Property: Dorchester, State Bank
Property: Dorchester, Taverns (1874 - 1973)
Property: Dorchester, turn of the century
Property: Dorchester, Undertakers
Property: Dorchester, VanDusen Sawmill
Property: Dorchester, Weix Drug Store
Property: Dorchester's Front Street (1912)
Property: Dorchester--Schmidt, A. F. (1908)
Property: Dukelow, William (Grantee)
Property: East Pleasant Ridge Dairy
Property: Ebert, Jos. (1889)
Property: Edward Prock--Grantee
Property: Eidsvold, Nye Lusk & Hudson (1889)
Property: Eidsvold, Nye Lusk & Hudson (1889)
Property: Eidsvold, Sorenson, Solon P. (1888)
Property: Eidsvold, Thorp, WI--Nye, Lusk & Hudson's Mill
Property: Einfeldt, Ed (30 OCT 1902)
Property: Employees at Owen Lumber Co., Owen, WI
Property: Farmer's Cloverleaf Co-op Cheese & Butter Co
Property: Felker Bros. Manufacturing Company
Property: Feurhelm (27 Oct. 1905)
Property: Feutz Cannonville Cheese Factory
Property: Fire in Washburn (1888)
Property: Foelsh Cheese Factory
Property: Foote, Charles' Home (1878)
Property: Foote, Jim (grantor) 1892
Property: Fradette, Herbert (Grantor)
Property: Frank Artac Appliance Store & Farm
Property: Frantz, George (lease)
Property: Frederickson Cheese Factory
Property: Free & Phillips' Planning Mill (1892)
Property: Fusee, Frank E. Barber (13 May 1887)
Property: Garrison, F. (Grantor)
Property: Garrison, L. O. (1894)
Property: Gates, Robert (Grantor)
Property: Gates, Robert L. (Grantee)
Property: Gerlock, Caroline (Grantor)
Property: Globe Hotel (1888)
Property: Gorman Co-operative Dairy
Property: Granton Train Depot (1908)
Property: Granton, Schilling's Farmers' Store
Property: Granton, WI (27 July 1894)
Property: Granton, WI--Schilling's Farmer's Store
Property: Grant--Pleasant Ridge Creamery (1898)
Property: Greenwood "Crocker" Lots (29-Sep-1900)
Property: Greenwood Black Smith Shop (ca. 1900)
Property: Greenwood Brush Dam (1900-1914)
Property: Greenwood - Cash Meat Market (4 Dec. 1930)
Property: Greenwood Factory (ca. 1910)
Property: Greenwood Farmer's Store (ca. 1900)
Property: Greenwood Farmer's Store (ca. 1900)
Property: Greenwood - John S. Owen Lands
Property: Greenwood Milk Products Co-op
Property: Greenwood Power Dam (1926)
Property: Greenwood Real & Prop Taxpayers(1906)
Property: Greenwood Residence #2 (1900)
Property: Greenwood Residence (ca. 1900)
Property: Greenwood Restaurant (ca. 1900)
Property: Greenwood, WI Creamery (1910)
Property: Greenwood, Arend Transfer (1930)
Property: Greenwood, Bishop's Store
Property: Greenwood, Burch, E. T. (Variety Store)
Property: Greenwood, C. C. Hoehne Hardware
Property: Greenwood, Frank Artac Appl Store/ Farm
Property: Greenwood, Heading & Lumber (1892-1906)
Property: Greenwood, Northside Repair Shop
Property: Greenwood, Schwarze Bros. Machinery
Property: Greenwood, Smith Miller Farm
Property: Greenwood, WI Creamery (1910)
Property: Greenwood, WI--Armstrong Hotel (20 Nov 1875)
Property: Greenwood--Bartlett Home
Property: Greenwood--Foster's Mercantile (1899)
Property: Greenwood--Hoehne Hardware (1900)
Property: Greenwood--Wuethrich Creamery (1904)
Property: Gross, Fred (Grantor)
Property: Grow & Schuster Abstracts (1909)
Property: Gruenke's Dairy
Property: Gubeli Cheese Factory
Property: H. W. Hunt & Sons Ad (1900)
Property: Haaya & Mattson (1928)
Property: Haglund, Swan (Grantee)
Property: Hans Johnson/Peter Toxen 1879
Property: Hansen, Chr.'s Farm Auction (6-Sep-1901)
Property: Hansen, Jeppe (Grantor)
Property: Hanson, C. R. (Grantor)
Property: Haskell, Charles--Grantee (1900)
Property: Hediger Cheese Factory
Property: Hein, John M. (Grantor)
Property: Hemlock Cheese Factory (1922)
Property: Hemlock Hamlet and Withee Farm
Property: Hemphill, W. L. (Grantor)
Property: Hendren--Wildwood Cheese Factory
Property: Highground (27 Dec. 2004)
Property: Hiller, Otto's Cheese Factory
Property: Hillside Co-Op Cheese Factory
Property: Hipkie's Harness Shop (4 Nov 1887)
Property: Holt Cheese Factory
Property: Hotchkiss, Peter (Grantee)
Property: Houghton & Wilding--Partnership Dissolved.
Property: Hrunek, Vacloo (Grantor)
Property: Hubbell, Benjamin (Grantor)
Property: Hubbell, Benjamin to Henry Welsch
Property: Huckstead Cheese Factory
Property: Hull Cheese and Butter (Burned Down – 1906)
Property: Hulls, George (grantee)
Property: Humbird Cheese Factory
Property: Humbird, Kindt transfer (1930)
Property: Humbird - Red & White Store (5 Nov. 1938)
Property: Humbird, WI-First State Bank (1915)
Property: Hutchinson, E. Y. (Grantee)
Property: Hyde, Welcome (Grantee)
Property: Jacob's Dairy
Property: Jakel, Ernst Home
Property: Jaseph, Sol--resumes business 1879
Property: Jasnick, Nicholas (Grantor)
Property: Jessen, Edward (Grantor)
Property: Johnson, Louis Shoe Shop (24 Jun 1887)
Property: Johnson, Louis-Shoemaker (1890)
Property: Johnson, Ludwig's Store
Property: Jones, T. J. Photographer (4 Nov 1887)
Property: Kenneberg Cheese Factory
Property: Kimball, George F. (grantor)
Property: Kippenhan & Borseth (1900)
Property: Knickle, E. H. Motor Cars (1915)
Property: Knoop Cheese Factory
Property: Krueger, Ludwig & Caroline's home
Property: Kurz, Wm.
Property: Laabs Cheese--Abbotsford Factory
Property: Laabs Cheese--Willard Factory
Property: Laabs Dairy Cannot Pay
Property: Lange's Bakery (1908)
Property: Lantz, P.F., Bowen, Edward (1900)
Property: Lee, Frederick A.
Property: Levis Bridge (1893)
Property: Listeman, Kurt/ Paulus, James (1922)
Property: London Stave Co's Factory
Property: Lone Oak Cheese Factory
Property: Lone Pine Cheese Factory
Property: Lord, Cyrus K. (grantee)
Property: Loyal-Marshfield Telephone Co. (2-Feb-1881)
Property: Lukowicz Photography
Property: Lukowicz, Frank's Farm
Property: Luther's Cheese Factory
Property: Lycke, Adolph (Grantor)
Property: Lynn Ukrainian Church (1961)
Property: Mabie, Milo--Barbershop
Property: Marsh, J. C. (Grantor)
Property: Marshall Wells Hardware Store (1954)
Property: Martin Cheese Factory
Property: Mathias Cheese Factory (ca. 1919)
Property: Mauel's Ice Cream
Property: Mayville Cheese Factory
Property: McClure, George C. (Grantor)
Property: McCutcheon, Dr. (22 Jul 1887)
Property: McCutcheon, Dr. W. R. (1909)
Property: McCutcheon, Edith E. (Grantor)
Property: Mead Township Dam Project (1949)
Property: Mears, Hein & Meyer Stave factory
Property: Meek, Lute
Property: Melbinger, John (1889)
Property: Mertens, M. (22 Jul 1887)
Property: Miller, Smith (Memories of his farm)
Property: Monroe's Photograph Gallery (1893)
Property: Moore, John's Auction (1888)
Property: Moore, Thomas (grantor)
Property: Murray, Wm. T. (Grantor)
Property: Nachtwey Cheese Factory (1908)
Property: Neillsville, WI-- Cooney Dux Standard
Property: Neillsville, WI-American Store Dairy
Property: Neillsville, WI--Chevrolet Garage (1928)
Property: Neillsville, WI--Creamery Co. (1893)
Property: Neillsville, WI--Johnson's Clothier (1899)
Property: Neillsville, WI--Keller's Silver Dome Ballroom
Property: Neillsville, WI--Lato's Bar (1940s)
Property: Neillsville, WI--Shedden's Variety Store
Property: Neillsville, Sweet Shop (1935)
Property: Neillsville, WI--The Geo. L. Lloyd Home
Property: Neillsville, WI--Trags Theatre (1928)
Property: Neillsville, WI--VanGorden Fertilizing (1936)
Property: Neillsville, WI--World Fair Pavilion
Property: Neillsville, WI--Zimmerman Transfer (1930)
Property: Neillsville-Tuft's Mansion
Property: Nelson, WI Hans (grantee)
Property: Niedzwiecki, Michael (lease)
Property: North Hendren Co-operative Dairy
Property: Northstar Boot and Shoe Co. (1888)
Property: Nye Lusk & Hudson (1889)
Property: Nye, Lusk & Hudson (1888)
Property: Nye, Lusk & Hudson (1888)
Property: Nye, Lusk & Hudson (1892)
Property: Nye, Lusk &Hudson (1885)
Property: Nye, Lusk Hudson's Store
Property: Nye, Lusk, Hudson (Grantors)
Property: Olson Byron's Saw Mill
Property: Olson Cheese Factory
Property: Olson, Byron's Home
Property: Olson, Fred's Thrashing (1918 - 1920)
Property: Olson, John (Grantor)
Property: Olson, Oluf (1907)
Property: O'Neill House Arrivals (3/31/1904)
Property: O'Neill, Frank R. (Grantee)
Property: Otto, John & Wm. (1900)
Property: Owen Lumber Co., Owen, WI
Property: Owen, John S.--Early Saw Mill
Property: Owen, John S.'s Lumber Co, (1900)
Property: Owen, WI--Canning Co. (circa 1922)
Property: Owen, WI--Clark Co. State Hospital
Property: Owen, WI--Clark Co., Insane Asylum
Property: Owen, WI--Lumber Co. (circa 1920)
Property: Owen, WI--Master Package Corporation (circa 1928)
Property: Owen, WI--Woodland Hotel (circa 1930)
Property: Palmer, Levi (1900)
Property: Parkhill, Lawyer (11 Mar 1887)
Property: Paulson Sawmill of Withee, WI
Property: Paulus, James / Listeman, Kurt (1922)
Property: Phillips, James A.--Real Estate, Ins., & Loans
Property: Pioneer House (24 Jun 1887)
Property: Podobnik, August (grantor)
Property: Powell, E. H. Rebecca (Grantors)
Property: Prien Box Factory Fire (1941)
Property: Ramminger Wagon Shop 1880
Property: Reber Cheese Factories
Property: Reddan House, Neillsville,
Property: Shebelak, Joe (1889)
Property: Thorp, Fire Engine House (1888)
Property: Thorp, Garrison Bros. (1888)
Property: Thorp, Kurtz Hall (1888)
Property: Thorp, Leader Newspaper (1888)
Property: Thorp, Pioneer House (1888)
Property: Thorp, Sargent's Saloon (1888)
Property: Thorp, Sewing Establishment
Property: Thorp - Stave Factory (1888)
Property: York Iron Company (1888)
Property: Thorp Business Advertisements (1889)
Property: Thorp, Deforth, Jr. (1889)
Property: Thorp, Kenhl & Servaty (1889)
Property: Thorp Meat Market (1889)
Property: Thorp, Photograph Gallery (1889)