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Twp. 28 North, Range 3 West

First Families Map of Sherwood Twp., Clark Co., Wisconsin







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Alfuth (Mortgagor 1904); Alfuth (Mortgagor 1905); Alfuth/Ciecora Records; Alfuth, Mrs. John (1891 - 1909);

Allen, Sylvester, (First Owner's Map)

Anderson, Ida, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Asseline, Delia (Marriage - 1899)

Autio, Silvan & Silvia, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Balcom, Henry, (First Owner's Map)

Barron, John, (First Owner's Map)

Barth, Amelia, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Angelina F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Betty G., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Cesar, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Conrad W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Gertrude , (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Gertrude E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, John A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Barth, Leonard (1925-2001)

Barth, Leonard C., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, Antonia L. A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, Bertha L., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, John F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, Mary A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, Otto F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, Son, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Beckman, Susan, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Best, Louisa, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Betzold, Mrs. George (1841 - 1913)

Betzold, Mrs. George, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Andrew J., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Carl Richard, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Daughter of Dennis (Birth - 1926); Biddle, Daughter of Randy (Birth - 1977); Biddle, Ervan (Clip - 1927); Biddle, George Sr. (1826 - 1906); Biddle, Ida M. (Marriage - 1908); Biddle, Peter (Clip - 1927); Biddle, Peter (Clip - Mar 1903); Biddle, Sarah (Marriage - 1909);

Biddle, Dennis, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Elizabeth, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Frank, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, George, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, John G., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Julia, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Laura S., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Olga, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Peter, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Raymond D., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Richard, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Biddle, Wanda E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boardman, Ephraim A. (1837 - 1914)

Bobb, Aline, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Bobb, Almeda, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Bobb, Arthur, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Bobb, Infant Daughter, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Bobb, Irene, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Bobb, Jeanette, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Bobb, Kenneth, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boelter, Clara, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boelter, Fred, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boelter, Friederike, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boelter, Gotthilf, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boelter, Walter, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Boinske, Michael Jr. (1882 - 1902)

Bonk, Dorothy (1902? - 1924)

Booher, Samuel, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Borck, Alma (Marriage - 1912);

Bossi, Henry, (First Owner's Map)

Braford, Charles, (First Owner's Map)

Braun, Frederick (1857-1939)

Breed, Jason d, (First Owner's Map)

Briggs, Carrie J. (Marriage - 1895); Buss, Minnie (Marriage - 1904);

Briggs, Gordon, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Briggs, Myron, (First Owner's Map)

Brink, Catharine, (First Owner's Map)

Brown, Arvilla (1838 - 1911); Brown, B. J. (Clip - Oct 1901)

Burden, George, (First Owner's Map)

Burke, George (Clip - 1901);

Burkhardt, Christopher (1837? - 1903)

Burrington, Albert Sr., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Burrington, Albert, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Burrington, Rosa, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Burss, Carrie (Marriage - 1907)

Burss, Charles E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Burss, Louisa H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Buss, Albert F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Buss, Harold F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Buss, Ida S., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Buss, Mrs. Fred (1842 - 1905); Buss, Wilhelm J. (1837 - 1915)

Butler, Nancy M., (First Owner's Map)

Butterfield, Bernice (1912 - 1913)

Butterfield, Bertha E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Butterfield, Claud L., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Butterfield, Claudia Bernice, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Butterfield, Hattie B., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Butterfield, Lester R., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Butterfield, Lloyd, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Butterfield, Lois Berdina, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Button, Jonas K., (First Owner's Map)

Carmichael, Thomas, (First Owner's Map)

Carpenter, Rhoda (1836 - 1909)

Casalez, Eleanor D., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Cecicoria (Mortgaror-1895)

Chapman, Anna (Marriage - 1896);

Chapman, Nelson C., (First Owner's Map)

Clark, John B., (First Owner's Map)

Clark, Lincoln, (First Owner's Map)

Cliff, J. J., (First Owner's Map)

Coates, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Coates, Richard (? - 1906)

Coates, Richard, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, Amelia, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, Anna E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, Clarissa E. (1847 - 1910)

Colby, Corliss T., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, Eliza, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, Guy, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, Jesse E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Colby, William, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Condon, Margaret (1837 - 1905)

Cornwall, Eliza, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Cornwall, L. B., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Cornwall, Mary, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Cornwall, Orta A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Courter, Arthur, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Courter, Bessie M. (Marriage - 1906);

Courter, Dora, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Courter, Edith A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Courter, George W. Jr., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Courter, George W. Sr., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Courter, Rolland, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Craig, Samuel, (First Owner's Map)

Creswell, John, (First Owner's Map)

Dahm, Alfred W. (1935 2003)

Dahm, Alfred W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Dahm, Bernice L., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Dahm, Walter E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Daines, Douglass, (First Owner's Map)

Daniel Reinhold O., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Daniel, Charlie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Daniel, Christina, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Daniel, Ernest, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Daniel, Ida E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Daniel, Robert, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Darge, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Darge, Edward O. (1884 - 1902); Darge, William (1854 - 1908)

Darge, Edward, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Darge, Otto E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Darge, Ruth, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Darge, William, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Davis, marshal, (First Owner's Map)

De Moss, Raymond Lee, (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Augusta A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Henry J., (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Irene G. R., (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Irene M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Mary, (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Myron, (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, Phillip, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Deforth, Rosa (Marriage - 1900);

DeForth, Rosa I., (Sylvan Cemetery)

DeForth, William D., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Detke, Albertina, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Dewey, Olive, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Dodd, David, (First Owner's Map)

Downs, B. B., (First Owner's Map)

Dudansky, Leora M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Dudansky, William H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Dwight, Jeremaih W., (First Owner's Map)

Eggleston, Moses, (First Owner's Map)

Eppers, Maude (1901 - 1989)

Fish, Robert, (First Owner's Map)

Flannegan, Phichea, (First Owner's Map)

Flint, Warren, (First Owner's Map)

Fowler, Elizabeth, (First Owner's Map)

Frankowick, Mrs. George (1877 - 1911)

Frese, Bernard J., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Frese, Ellery B., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Frese, Henry, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Frese, Rose, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Frothingham, Samuel A., (First Owner's Map)

Glashoff, Effie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Glashoff, Mrs. Frederick (1884 - 1911)

Glashoff, Veronica, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gleaser, Clara (Marriage - 1902; Gorsegner, Eda (Marriage - 1913);

Goerbing, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Goerbing, Bruno, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Goerbing, Erna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Goerbing, Frederica (1859? - 1907); Goerbing, William (1864? - 1904)

Goerbing, Friederike, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Goerbing, Ida, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Goerbing, Kurt, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Goerbing, Wilhelm, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gorsegner, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gorsegner, Christian, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gorsegner, Ella E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gorsegner, Gustav A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gorsegner, Mary, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Gorsegner, Mrs. Chris (1866 - 1914)

Granger, Francis, (First Owner's Map)

Granger, Samuel, (First Owner's Map)

Graves, David p, (First Owner's Map)

Gray, Reuben h, (First Owner's Map)

Grinsel, James, (First Owner's Map)

Hammond, Eleazar S., (First Owner's Map)

Hansen, Alice I. (1896 - 1945)

Hansen, Clara, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hansmann, August, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hansmann, Emma, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hansmann, Minnie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harding, Joseph, (First Owner's Map)

Hardy, Anna M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hardy, Charles, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hardy, Gilbert R., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hardy, Lawrence, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hardy, Sarah, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Fred , (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Fred B., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Henry, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Infant Daughter, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Julia, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Martha, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Harper, Nettie (Marriage - 1908);

Harper, Willie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hayes, Nettie (Marriage - 1905);

Hedler, Margaret (Marriage - 1913);

Heidemann, Lyman (1915 2002)

Herron, John D., (First Owner's Map)

Hezold, Annie F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hinsch, Daniel S. (1834 - 1908)

Hodnett, Aaron, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hodnett, Amanda, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hodnett, Arthur, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hodnett, Earl, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hodnett, Henry, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Horton, E. lL. (First Owner's Map)

Howrey, Julia L., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Hubner, Frederick, (First Owner's Map)

Inslee, Virgil T., (First Owner's Map)

Isler, Barbara (Marriage - 1907)

Jackson, Joseph b, (First Owner's Map)

Jacobs, Margaret, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Jacobs, Matilda, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Jacobs, William , (Sylvan Cemetery)

Jacobs, William Jr., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Johnson, Oscar E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Kasten, David, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Kelley, william, (First Owner's Map)

Kimball, James M., (First Owner's Map)

Klaar, Almeda, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Klaar, Robert K., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Klaar, Walter F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Koch, Edna (Marriage - 1913)

Kocherer, Edward, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Kollmansberger, Leslie / 9 Jul 1986

Kondell, Meta, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Krause, Florence, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Landry, John (Biography & Photo)

Lane, John, (First Owner's Map)

Lane, Milla, (First Owner's Map)

Lanphear, Elisha (1823 - 1894)

Lathrop, William H., (First Owner's Map)

Lee, Ruth, (First Owner's Map)

Lemley, Zadie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Lord, Cyrus K., (First Owner's Map)

Lucken, Jacob E., (First Owner's Map)

Lussenden, Isabelle, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mabie, George, (First Owner's Map)

Marshall, Helena M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Marshall, John P., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Marshall, Percy J., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Marston, Stephen, (First Owner's Map)

Martini, Chris, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Martini, Emily, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Martini, Olga, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Arthur L., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Clara, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Dorothy I., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Elmer, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Emira M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Harold, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Hazel Mae, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Infant Daughter, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Joyce M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Lois C., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Philip C., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Philip, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Phillip V. "Fred", (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mattes, Sylvin H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Mavity, Jesse, (First Owner's Map)

Maxwell, James, (First Owner's Map)

Mcgraw, John, (First Owner's Map)

Meyer, Arthur W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Meyer, Elroy E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Meyer, Elsie (Marriage - 1911)

Meyer, Emil W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Meyer, G. Alice, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Meyer, George, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Meyer, Minnie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Miller, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Miller, Frank, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Miller, John, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Moore, John, (First Owner's Map)

Morse, William, (First Owner's Map)

Moslowski, Andrew (1888 - 1913)

Nelson, Christian, (First Owner's Map)

Nichols, Emma (Marriage - 1904)

Noble, David, (First Owner's Map)

North western lumber company, (First Owner's Map)

Ohlemotz, Amelia, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Olson, Daughter (1889? - 1893); Olson, Son of Carl (1915 - 1915);

Olson, Henry A., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Alene, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, August (1854 - 1906)

Pagel, August J., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Bertha, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Caroline, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Ferdinand, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Infant son, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Louis J., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Martin W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Mary, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Mary, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel, Nettie M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel?, Charley, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pagel?, Willie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Parke, Hannah, (First Owner's Map)

Parker, Amanda (1865 - 1897)

Pederson, Matthias, (First Owner's Map)

Peterson, Mrs. Howard (1882 - 1912)

Poppe, Eduart, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Poppe, Elizabeth, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Poppe, Emielge, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Poppe, Ernest R., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Poppe, Ernestine, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Poppe, Etta B. (Marriage - 1919); Poppe, Gottlieb (1825 - 1914); Poppe, Louisa (1841 - 1907)

Poppe, Louise, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Prentice, Stephen, (First Owner's Map)

Pribbenow, Augusta, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pribbenow, Charlotte, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pribbenow, Gottliebe, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pribbenow, Herman, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pribbenow, Minna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Pribbenow, Mrs. Herman (? - 1924)

Putnam, Henry c, (First Owner's Map)

Raether, Martha (1891? - 1915)

Ramberg, Edwin, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Ramberg, Jennie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Randall, Isabel L., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Randall, Simon, (First Owner's Map)

Reseburg, Louis, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Richards, calvin d, (First Owner's Map)

Roeseler, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Roeseler, Carl W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Roeseler, Friederich W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Roeseler, Herman W., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Roeseler, William E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Rogers, Elizabeth, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Roix, Effie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Roix, Wellington, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Rose, Charles, (First Owner's Map)

Rose, J. C., (First Owner's Map)

Rusch, Albert (1852? - 1906); Rusch, Mrs. Albert (1856 - 1897)

Rusch, Albert, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Rusch, Edward F., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Rusch, Elsie, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Rusch, Wilhelmina, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Rusch, William, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Russell, Eleazer, (First Owner's Map)

Rust, William A., (First Owner's Map)

Sachs, Carl R. , (Sylvan Cemetery)

Sachs, Walter, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Sachs, Wilhelmine P., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Sar-ho-ye, (First Owner's Map)

Schmidt, Willamina (1881 - 1908)

Schwartz, Elsie (Marriage - 1920)

Scofield, John, (First Owner's Map)

Seely, Margaret M., (First Owner's Map)

Sherwood, Eugene W., (First Owner's Map)

Smith, Carrie (Marriage - 1907)

Smith, William, (First Owner's Map)

Snow, William, (First Owner's Map)

Stafford, Mussey, (First Owner's Map)

Stevens, Samuel, (First Owner's Map)

Strzeszynski, Mary (Marriage - 1913)

Switalski, Mary (Marriage - 1912)

Telford, George, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Telford, Mrs. George (1844 - 1912)

Thiel, Ida (Marriage - 1899)

Thielke, Clara (Marriage - 1909)

Thielke, George, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Thielke, Herman, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Thlas-hiht-cha, (First Owner's Map)

Thlas-hiht-cha, (First Owner's Map)

Thomas, Augustus, (First Owner's Map)

Thomas, Bathsheba, (First Owner's Map)

Thorp, Joseph G., (First Owner's Map)

Torode, Daniel H., (First Owner's Map)

Torode, Peter R., (First Owner's Map)

Torode, Philander, (First Owner's Map)

Verkuilen, John Sr. (1841 - 1903)

Vetterkind, Ada M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Carl M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Charles, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Elmer Allen, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Elmer, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Elsie (Marriage - 1924)

Vetterkind, Harold, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Ida, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Johanna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Louise, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Vetterkind, Mae G., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wagner, Frances (Marriage - 1908)

Warner, Lucinda (Marriage - 1900)

Webb, Joseph, (First Owner's Map)

Webster and Clark Mfg. Company, (First Owner's Map)

Webster, Francis B., (First Owner's Map)

Welzien, Aurelia (Marriage - 1911)

Welzien, Emil, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Welzien, Grace, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Welzien, Grandma, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Welzien, Henry, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Welzien, Leora, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Welzien, Mary, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, Alice (Marriage - 1909)

Wendt, Anna, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, Charles H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, Emma E., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, Henry, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, Lila, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, Otto H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wendt, William, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Weston, Samuel F., (First Owner's Map)

White, Lawrence, (Sylvan Cemetery)

White, Vivian, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Whittlesey, Elisha, (First Owner's Map)

Williams, Alven H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Williams, Bessie M., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Williams, Clara, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Williams, Dewey, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Williams, Eva May, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Williams, Rollin H., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Wilson, Mary Ida, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Woodward, Marry N., (First Owner's Map)

Woodworth, John, (First Owner's Map)

Wright, Mrs. (1837? - 1912)

Wyatt, Maria E. (1816 - 1909)

Zimmer, Bertha, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Zimmer, Carolina (1841 - 1895); Zimmer, John Sr. (1828 - 1896)

Zimmer, Caroline, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Zimmer, Johannes, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Zimmer, John, (Sylvan Cemetery)

Zimmer, Robert C., (Sylvan Cemetery)

Zukowski, Estelle (1904 - 1989); Zurakowski, Ethel






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