St. Paulís Evangelical Lutheran Church

Township of Colby, Clark County, Wisconsin

{a/k/a North Green Grove}


Transcribed by Robert Lipprandt

1879ēFiftieth Anniversaryē1929

1879ēSeventy-Five Year Anniversaryē1954

1879ēCentennial Anniversaryē1979

1879ē125th Anniversaryē2004


[50] = 50th Anniversary Book

[75] = 75th Anniversary Book

[100] = Centennial Book

[125] = 125th Anniversary Book


Pastors of St. Paulís


Behrendt, Rev.

Biography: Rev. Behrendt of Benton harbor, Michigan accepted the call to come to Green Grove in 1908. He spent his best years here, laboring diligently till circumstances in the Congregation made it necessary for him to accept a call to a Congregation in Alberta, Canada. He deserves great credit and praise for his fourteen years of faithful labor in this Congregation. [50] [page 6] Once again, under the care of his able leadership, the congregation began to grow. In 1922, after fourteen years of faithful labor in this Congreation, Pastor Behrendt accepted a call to Alberta, Canada. [75] [page 5]

Rev. Behrendtís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1908: He accepted the call to Green Grove in 1908 and served here for 14 years. During his pastorate, the new church building was built. [50] [page 6]

1911: Pastor Behrendt was on the new church building committee (1911). [100] [pages 9 & 10]

1914: He founded Ladies Aid in 1914 during his pastorship. [100] [page 26]

Mentioned as cleaning the horse stable and had the best looking garden in the area. [100] [page 25]

Buenger, Rev. E.

Biography: The first resident pastor was Rev. E. Buenger who served form 1903 to 1904. He labored faithfully as the Protocols of the Congregation show, endeavoring to make this group Lutheran in practice as well as in doctrine. For this reason it appears that he was considered in a queer light by certain members and suffered much hatred and persecution because of it. [50] [page 5] During this two year period of Rev. Buenger, ďbad behaviorí was looked upon very gravely. Anyone in this situation has a ten day Ďgrace periodí to come before the church and confess their misdeeds. Also, if on had not gone to communion for a lengthy time, they were required to attend church services first before they were permitted to commune. [75] [page 8]

Rev. E. Buengerís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1902: During his pastorate, the construction of the parsonage was begun but not finished till the fall of 1904 when his successor, Rev. C. Witschonke was called. [50] [page 5] Dimensions of the parsonage was 30í by 30í, wood frame with a brick exterior. [75] [page 8] Prior to the building of the parsonage, he pastors lived with parishioners. [125] [page 6]

Buenger, Rev. Theo.

Biography: Rev. Theo. Buenger, now director of Concordia College, St. Paul, Minnesota, was called to Dorchester and ministered to the needs of the people of Green Grove besides all the mission places and congregations along the Soo railroad as far as Ashland. [50] [page 4]

Dietz, Rev. Paul T.

Biography: Candidate Paul T. Dietz accepted our call to Green Grove in 1950. [100] [page 12]

Rev. Paul T. Dietzís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1951: Abolishment of the ďKlingel BeutelĒ (collection bag) and introduction of the envelope system. [100] [page 12]

1951: Introduced what we know as Vacation Bible School. [100] [page 12]

Erck, Rev. H.

Biography: As the number of settlers increased, Candidate H. Erck was called in 1879 as missionary into the territory of Rev. Schilling. He was stationed in Town Wien, Marathon County and served the whole territory from Auburndale to Ashland, a distance of 163 miles. Services were held in an old log schoolhouse which was later replaced by the so-called ďWoodland Schoolhouse.Ē This later was one of the first frame buildings of the section. Here in this log schoolhouse, St. Paulís Evangelical Lutheran Congregation was organized on the 21st of March, 1879. [50] [page 4] Services were held in an old log schoolhouse, named District No. 3 School, which was later replaced by the ďWoodland Schoolhouse.Ē Justice of the Peace Geo. F. Daley executed the Articles of Incorporation of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of the unalterd Augsburg Confession on July 29, 1979, recorded in Neillsville at 8:00 a.m. [75] [page 6]

Rev. H. Erckís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1879: Second missionary pastor called to help out Rev. Schilling (1879). [50] [page 4]

1879: Name listed as president on the Articles of Incorporation, 1879. [100] [pages 20 & 21]

Fiehler, Rev. J.

Biography: Rev. J. Fiehler served St. Paulís along with the Colby Congregation and other Lutheran groups residing immediately West of Colby. Her served the Congregation in this capacity for seven years. [50] [page 5]

Rev. J. Fiehlerís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1889 - 1897: Served as pastor of St. Paulís. [50] [page 5]

Fink, Rev. Robin O.

Biography: Served as vacany pastor from January of 1976 through May of 1976. His home church is Zion Lutheran Church of Colby. [100] [page 16]

Goetsch, Rev. M. C.

Biography: Rev. M. C. Goetsch accepted the call to Green Grove and was installed in October of 1922. Until this time, the German language was used exclusively in church worship and religious instruction. Without a doubt, Pastor Goetsch spent his best years here, laboring diligently to instill in the hearts of his parishioners a greater love for the Savior and His precious word. [75] [page 6]

Rev. M. C. Goetschís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1923: The last class to receive confirmational instruction in the German language. [75] [page 6]

1924: English services were held once a month. [75] [page 6]

1924: Green Grove Congregation was admitted into the membership of the Missouri Synod. [75] [page 6]

1924: A cement floor was laid in the basement. [75] [page 6]

1940: Abolition of the ďKlingel BeutelĒ system of collections and adoption of an envelope system. [75] [page 6]

1940: Kerosene and gas lamps were replaced by electricity in the church and parsonage. [75] [page 6]

Grafe, Rev. William C.

Biography: St. Paulís call to Candidate William C. Grafe was answered in June of 1953. He left St. Paulís early in 1955 and is not the pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Union Lake, Michigan. [100] [page 12]

Rev. William C. Grafeís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1954: Established the Walther League. [100] [page 28]

Hasenstein, Rev. Steven

Biography: Rev. Hasenstein was installed on July 15, 1973. He is a native of Sheboygan, Wisconsin and entered Concordia Lutheran College at Ann Arbor, Michigan after graduating form Concordia High School in Milwaukee. After completing his Bachelor of Arts program at Concordia Senior College, Fort Wayne, Indiana, he enrolled at the Seminary in St. Louis. Upon graduating from Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis with a Masters in Divinity Degree, Rev. Hasenstein was ordained into the ministry in his home town in 1973, after which time he accepted the office as pastor to St. Paulís and St. Lukeís Churches. [100] [page 16]

Rev. Steven Hasensteinís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1974: Reactivated the Altar Guild. [100] [page 33]

Reactivated ďout-of-doorsĒ picnic and communion service. Guitar music and potluck lunch was served. [100] [page 33]

Organized volunteers from St. Lukeís (Lavonne Schuette) and St. Paulís (Lucille Sommer) for the opening of a used clothing store in Wausau. [125] [page 14, volume 2]

Hoffman, Rev. O.

Biography: Rev. O. Hoffman served as vacancy pastor for a year. His home church is Colby. [75] [page 6] Again served as vacancy pastor in 1952. [100] [page 12]

Hunsicker, Rev. Dr. Paul C.

Biography: Rev. Hunsicker served as vacancy pastor of St. Paulís from October of 2000 through July of 2001 while pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Abbotsford. [125] [page 8] He became sole pastor of St. Paulís in November of 2003. He was born in Wausau, Wisconsin and attended Zion Lutheran School for nine years. He graduated from Wausau Senior High School and attended Concordia College, St. Paul, Minnesota, and received his B.A. from Concordia Senior College, Fort Wayne, Indiana. He then attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri and received his Master of Divinity degree in 1984. In 1994 he receive a Doctor of Ministry degree from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. [125] [page 8]

Rev. Dr. Paul C. Hunsickerís milestone events at St. Paulís.

2000: He served as vacancy pastor from 2000 through 2001. His home church is Christ Lutheran Church, Abbotsford. [125] [page 8]

2003: He became pastor of St. Paulís in November of 2003. [125] [page 8]

2004: Opening message of 125th Celebration. [125] [page 1, volume 1]

2004: Pastor, St. Paulís Evangelical Lutheran Church, pastorís opening message. [125] [page 4, volume 2]

2004: Pastor of St. Paulís from November of 2003 to present. [125] [page 8, volume 2]

Kangus, Rev. Aaron

Biography: Rev. Aaron Kangas was installed as pastor of St. Paulís on August 12, 2001. He had graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary, fort Wayne, Indiana on May 18, 2001. [125] [page 8]

Rev. Aaron Kangusís milestone events at St. Paulís.

Minister at Narthex dedication ceremony. (Marshfield News Herald article, written by Anne Gajewsky).

Krause, Rev. Martin

Biography: Rev. Martin Krause was installed in 1955. He took one year of post graduate work at Concordia Seminary, St., Louis, Missouri before accepting the call to Green Grove parish. [100] [page 13]

Rev. Martin Krauseís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1955: The church council and congregation adopted the motion that all children be at least thirteen years old before being confirmed. [100] [page 13]

1955: Restrooms in the church basement were finished. [100] [page 13]

1956: Conversion from wood furnace to an oil furnace. [100] [page 13]

Kuring, Rev. A.

Biography: Rev. Kuring ministered to the needs of our early members from Colby from 1897 through 1903. [50] [page 5]

1929: Spoke during 50th Anniversary Celebration. [50] [page 5]

Maki, Rev. David

Biography: Vacancy pastor in 1985. His home church is St. Peterís Lutheran Church of Dorchester. [125] [page 8]

Otte, Rev. H. C. F.

Biography: Rev. H. C. F. Otte was called to Dorchester and he then became the next pastor of St. Paulís at Green Grove. He served at Green Grove from 1883 to 1889. [50] [page 4]

Rev. H. C. F. Otteís milestone events at St. Paulís.

During Rev. Otteís pastorate, the ďOld ChurchĒ was erected and was known as the first large frame building in the community and was considered quite an accomplishment. [100] [page 7]

Prodehl, Rev.

Biography: Served as vacancy pastor. [100] [page 13]

Rakow, Pastor Roland

Biography: ďOh Lord, open Thou my lips.Ē This began the pastoral duties of Rev. Roland Rakow at St. Paulís and itís sister church, St. Lukeís after being installed May 16, 1976 by Rev. Henry Simon, President of the North Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Upon graduating in 1962 from Concordia Teachers College in River Forest, Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree, Rev. Rakow accepted a teaching position at Muskegon, Michigan. After four years at Trinity Lutheran School, he accepted a call to Weyaywega, Wisconsin, where he taught at Christ Lutheran School for two years. In 1968 Rev. Rakow entered the Theological Seminary in Springfield, Illinois. After his graduation from there in August of 1971, he received his call to the ministry at St. Paulís Lutheran Church in Beecher, Illinois, where he was pastor until accepting our call here at Green Grove. He arrived here with his wife Betty on May 10, 1976. [100] [pages 16 & 17]

Rev. Roland Rakowís milestone events at St. Paulís.

1979: Opening blessing for Centennial Book. [100] [page 4]

1979: Member of the Lutheran Laymenís League. [100] [page 32]

Sunday morning Bible Study Group under the leadership of Ms. Pearl Erdman [100] [page 17]

President of the Altar Guild. [100] [page 33]

Member of St. Paulís Choir. [100] [page 34]

Centennial Committee, Planning. [100] [page 36]

Rasch, Rev. Arthur

Biography: Rev. Arthur Rasch was called in September of 1965. After completing his ministerial training, this student of Concordia Theological Seminary of St. Louis began his ministry in 1926 as a missionary in India, where he worked for twenty-seven years. Rev. Arthur Rasch, a native of Buffalo, New York, knew well the meaning of Jesusí words, ďif anyone wants to come with me, he must forget himself, carry his cross, and follow me,Ē for such was the missionary life of this man. Although his ministry to Christ brought many blessings as a circuit missionary serving up to thirty congregations, he also knew hardships and heartfelt sadness. For a period of three years, he became separated from his family, and for a period of five years he and his wife, Marie were separated from five of their children whom they had to leave state-side. Three children preceded him in death. Prior to accepting our call, this faithful servant of the Gospel served a parish in Meade, Kansas for four and one-half years, after having spent seven and one-half years of ministry in Freideim, Missouri. [100] [page 14]

Schilling, Rev. W. C.

Biography: The first missionary was Rev. W. C. Schilling, pastor of a congregation in Stevens Point. It was the summer of 1877 when Rev. Schilling held the first services in Green Grove. After walking many miles afoot he slept on the floor of an old attic. There was no stairway to the attic, it is told, and so Rev. Schilling had to get to his bed with the aid of an old salt barrel which happened to stand outside the building. Such were the primitive conditions that existed when this congregation was in itís infancy. [50] [page 3]

Schneider, Rev. DuWayne

Biography: Rev. DuWayne Schneider served Green Grove parish from 1986 through 2000. St. Paulís pasonage is just 22 miles from the farm near Stratford where Pastor Schneider grew up. He enjoyed stating that Green Grove was as close to his home that he could serve without having any relatives in the congregation. Coming to Green Grove allowed him to be close enough to the relatives so that they could visit his mother, for whom he was providing care at the time, without having to put them up for the night. [125] [page 8]

Rev. DuWayne Schneider milestones at St. Paulís.

1994: St. Lukeís congregation building burned during the early hours of Holy Saturday on April 2, 1994. The congregation decided to merge with St. Paulís instead of rebuilding. [125] [page 15, volume 2]

1996: Began the ďStained Glass Window ProjectĒ to slowly replace the eight windows in the Church nave. The first two windows were installed on October 27, 1996. [125] [page 16, volume 2]

Scholz, Rev. Richard J.

Biography: Served as vacancy pastor after Rev. Dietz left. His church is North Spencer. [100] [page 12]

Schutte, Rev. J.

Biography: Vacancy pastor residing in Spencer. [50] [page 4]

Schutz, Rev. Richard J.

Biography: Vacancy pastor. His home church is North Spencer. [125] [page 7, volume 2]

Simon, Rev. Henry

Biography: President of the North Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (1976), installed Rev. Roland Rakow on May 16, 1976.

Sommer, Rev. A. G.

Biography: Son of Mr. & Mrs. William Sommer. The only son of the church to go into the ministry in 1913 and served as a missionary along the Soo Line Railroad between St. Paul and Duluth Minnesota (1913-1918). From 1918-1928 he was pastor of the St. Paulís English Evangelical Lutheran Church at Laurium-Calumet, Michigan. In 1928 he accepted the pastorate of the Rosedale Park Evangelical Lutheran Church in Detroit, Michigan. [50] [page 11]

Sprengler, Rev.

Biography: Served as vacancy pastor. Home church was in Abbotsford. [100] [page 13]

Steyer, Rev. Frank

Biography: He was called on June 6, 1879 and served until 1882. [50] [page 4]

Timmerman, Rev. Howard A.

Biography: In the month of July 1958, Rev. Howard A. Timmerman was installed into our congregation. Pastor Timmerman had served our congregation faithfully and loyally through the year of 1961. In January of 1962 he had earned the privilege to accept a missionary assignment for P.T.R. and was given a peaceful release from St. Paulís. [100] [page 13]

Rev. Howard A. Timmermanís milestones at St. Paulís.

1958: Twenty ďLutherís Small CatechismĒ and ten new hymnals were purchased. [100] [page 13]

1959: Appointed a committee selected from the Ladies Aid to serve for a year on the Altar Guild. [100] [page 33]

1959-60: The Sunday School and Church received a new mimeograph machine. [100] [page 13]

1960: A motion was carried in favor of all male members of the congregation eighteen years of age or older be permitted to vote on all matters concerning the church. [100] [page 13]

1961: By a ballot the motion to install a new furnace was passed. Again, the financial needs of the church were passed onto the families of the parish and with the Lordís guidance, our commitments were met. [100] [page 13]

Urman, Rev.

Biography: Served as vacancy pastor with Rev. Woodruff. [100] [page 14]

Witschonke, Rev. C.

Biography: during the pastorate of Rev. C. Witschonke, the congregation began to flourish as it had never done before. But he was here only three years. In 1908 he accepted a call to the Colby Congregation. Rev. Witschonke returns on this joyous day (50th Anniversary) once more to speak to his former congregation, and St. Paulís takes this opportunity to bid him a hearty welcome to the scene of his former successful labors! [50] [page 6]

Rev. C. Witschonkeís milestone at St. Paulís.

1906: A 12 X 20 chicken house was built into the old barn. [100] [page 9]

1907 A fence was placed around the property. [100] [page 9]

Wohlfeil, Rev. Jerome V.

Biography: Rev. Jerome V. Wohlfeil was installed into our congregation in 1962. During the two years he spent in the North Wisconsin District, he was pastoral advisor for Zone 14 L.L.L. and Circuit Public Relations Representative. Rev. Wohlfiel received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fort Wayne and a Bachelor of Divinity Degree from St. Louis [100] [page 14]


Woodruff, Rev.

Biography: Served as vacancy pastor with Rev. Urman. [100] [page 14]

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