St. Paulís Evangelical Lutheran Church

Township of Colby, Clark County, Wisconsin

{a/k/a North Green Grove}


Transcribed by Robert Lipprandt

1879ēFiftieth Anniversaryē1929

1879ēSeventy-Five Year Anniversaryē1954

1879ēCentennial Anniversaryē1979

1879ē125th Anniversaryē2004


[50] = 50th Anniversary Book

[75] = 75th Anniversary Book

[100] = Centennial Book

[125] = 125th Anniversary Book


Chronological History of

St. Paulís Lutheran Church Organizations


St. Paul Lutheran Church Altar Guild

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 33

Row One, L to R: Mrs. Earl (Verna) Schmidt - Mrs. Vernon (Jeanette) Sommer - Ms. Beverly Schmidt.

Row Two, L to R: Mrs. Roland (Betty) Rakow - Mrs. Merlin (Lorraine) Obernberger - Mrs. David (Jeanette) Erikson, President - Pastor Rakow, Vice President.

Not Photographed: Mrs. Wilbert (Adeline) Miller.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Altar Guild

125th Anniversary Book, Page 15

The Guild members presently are Verna Schmidt - Beverly Adams - Jean Jankee - Cora Armbrust - Theo Ludwig and Violet Engel, Coordinator.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Bible Study Group

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 17

Row 1: Ms. Beverly Schmidt, Mrs. Adolph (Pearl Wolske), Ms. Pearl Erdman

Row 2: Mrs. Merlin (Lorraine) Obernberger, Mrs. Earl (Verna) Schmidt, Mrs. Otto (Ella) Erdman

Row 3: Mr. Harland Adams and Mr. Richard Hamann


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Choir

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 34

Row One, L to R. Mrs. Earl (Verna) Schmidt - Mrs. Vernon (Jeanette) Sommer - Mrs. Arthur (Erna) Schultz - Ms. Beverly Schmidt.

Row Two, L to R: Mrs. Roland (Betty) Rakow - Mrs. Merlin (Lorraine) Obernberger - Mrs. Gary (Sandra) Sommer - Ms. Nancy Sommer.

Row Three, L to R: Mrs. Harlan Adams - Rev. Roland Rakow.

Organist: Mrs. Duane (Donna) Schmidt


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Choir

125th Anniversary, Page 15

Joan Will was asked by Walter Laabs to serve as organist for St. Paulís after she had move into the area. She became a member of the congregation and served as organist from 1982 to 1993. She then move to Spencer and now serves as an organist at Trinity Lutheran Church in Spencer.

Under Joanís direction a choir was formed of St. Paulís and St. Lukeís members. The choir performed Christmas Cantatas for four seasons along with the choir of Trinity Lutheran Church. Joan also asked for and received funds form the Church board to create a file of music for future use.

Organists: Diana Schuette and Dallas Hamann.


St. Paulís Lutheran Womenís Choir

75th Anniversary Book, Page 9

Top Row, L to R: Bernice Miller - Janice (Winkel) Dassow - Eileen Hardrath - Jeanette Sommer - Pauline Woik, Organist and director.

First Row, L to R: Florence Miller - Erma Schultz - Lucille Grafe - Lucille Sommer.


St. Paulís Lutheran Womenís Sextet

50th Anniversary Book, Page 12

L to R: Mrs. R. Glenzer - Mrs. M. Geotsch - Mrs. T. Sommer - Mrs. Laabs - Mrs. P. Woik - Mrs. F. Glenzer.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Council

50th Anniversary Book, Page 8

Front Row: 1. Herman Singstock, Elder, 2. O. Rahn, Elder, 3.  J. Miller, Elder, 4. H. Meyer, Elder.

Back Row: 5. J. Sheet, Trustee, 6. E. Rahn, Trustee, 7. William F. Tessmer, Trustee, 8. T. Sommer, Treasurer, 9. G. Theilig, Trustee, 10. J. Bachmeier, Secretary

Trustees: J. Sheer, E. Rahn, W. Tesmer, Gr. Theilig

Elders: H. Singstock, O. Rahn, J. Miller, H. Meyer

Treasurer: T. Sommer

Secretary: J. Bochineier


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Council

75th Anniversary Book, Page 7

Top Row, L to R: Henry Dittmeyer, Trustee - Marvin Seefluth, Trustee - Vernon Sommer, Trustee - Vernon Boss Finance Secretary - Hubert Koffarnus, Secretary - William Theilig, Treasurer.

Bottom Row, L to R: Walter Laabs, Elder - Frank Buss, Elder - William Singstock, President - Albert Dekarske, Elder - Herbert Lube, Elder.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Council

100th Anniversary Book (Centennial Book), Page 5

Row One, L to R: Mrs. Harley Hardrath, Trustee - Mr. Rolland Knecht, Financial Secretary - Mrs. Wilbert Miller, President - Mrs. Hubert Koffarnus, Treasurer - Mrs. Richard (Margo) Seefluth, Secretary - Mrs. Richard Hamann, Elder.

Row Two, L to R: Mrs. Vernon Sommer, Trustee - Mrs. Charles Garvey, Trustee - Mrs. Gary Sommer, Elder - Mrs. Merlin Obernberger, Elder - Mr. David Erikson, Elder


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Council

125th Anniversary Book, Page 5

Council Members: Otis Kath, Galen Erdman, David Sommer, Richard Hamann, Delbert Schuette, Lonnie Armbrust, Sue Lindau, Joyce Hamann, Pearl Erdman, Lavonne Schuette.

Council President: Delbert Schuette.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Ladies Aid

50th Anniversary Book, Page 10

First Row, L to R: Mrs. F. Glenzer, Treasurer - Mrs. L. Laabs - Mrs. C. Marquardt, President - Mrs. R. Glenzer, Vice-President - Mrs. John Miller - Mrs. Joe Miller - Mrs. F. Meyer - Mrs. B. Schauer.

Second Row, L to R: Mrs. L. Fink - Mrs. E. Schultz - Mrs. M. Goetsch - Mrs. S. Fakes - Mrs. W. Krueger - Mrs. O. Rahn - Mrs. W. Winkel - Mrs. T. Sommer - Mrs. J. Bachmeier.

Third Row, L to R: Mrs. O. Lipprandt - Mrs. J. Sheer - Mrs. C. Schulte - Mrs. E. Rahn - Mrs. A. Woik - Mrs. H. Meyer - Mrs. B. Schumann - Mrs. M. Krueger.

Fourth Row, L to R: Mrs. B. Lulloff - Mrs. P. Woik, Secretary - Mrs. P. Sommer - Mrs. G. Schultz - Mrs. H. Singstock - Mrs. F. Miller.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Ladies Aid

75th Anniversary Book, Page 8

The Ladies Aid was founded under the guidance of Pastor Behrendt in the year 1914. Throughout the years the society has truly lived up to itís name as an Aid Society in the work of the Congregation and the Kingdom of God. It has sponsored the Sunday School, contributed toward our Lutheran charities, missions, parsonage improvements and other worthy causes too numerous to mention. Just recently the ladies modernized and redecorated the church basement in preparation for our 75th Anniversary. The present membership of the Ladies Aid is thirty-one. Bertha Schumann and Lydia Laabs are the only remaining charter members.

Top Row, L to R: Adeline Miller - Jeanette Sommer - Dorothy Glenzer - Carmen Novak - Lucille Grafe, Secretary - Hilda Wittlinger - Esther Krueger - Eileen Hardrath - Lucille Sommer.

Second Row, L to R: Marion Krueger - Elaine Seefluth - Betty Gosse - Pauline Woik - Etta Mae Ewert - Edna Laabs - Clara Winkel - Bernice Miller - Vila Dekarkse, Treasurer - Hilda Glenzer - Margaret Lube, Vice President.

First Row, L to R: Florence Miller, President - Emma Plutte - Lena Singstock - Elnore Erdman - Irene Theilig - Erma Schultz - Martha Lulloff - Lydia Laabs.


St. Paul Lutheran Church Ladies Aid

St. Paulís Lutheran Women Missionary League

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 26

Row One, L to R: Mrs. Earl (Verna) Schmidt, Secretary - Mrs. Theodore (Bernice) Miller, Treasurer - Mrs. Jerome (Sally) Weiler, Vice President - Mrs. Adolph (Pearl) Wolske, President - Mrs. Arthur (Erma) Schultz.

Row Two, L to R: Mrs. Jim (Vivian) Sowieja - Mrs. Albert (Camen) Novak - Miss Beverly Schmidt - Mrs. Harley (Eileen) Hardrath - Ms. Pearl Erdman - Mrs. Otto (Eleanor) Erdman.

Row Three, L to R: Mrs. Galen (Shirley) Erdman - Mrs. Hubert (Pearl) Koffarnus - Mrs. Roland (Betty) Rakow - Mrs. Charles (Donna) Garvey - Mrs. Darnell (Janice) Schoelzel - Mrs. Esther Makovec.

Not Photographed: Evelyn Boss - Shirley Hoover - Irene Theilig.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Ladies Aid/LWML

125th Anniversary Book, Page 14

Various hosted events since 1980 include three LWML Zone Prayer Services and three Zone Rallies. Mother and Daughter banquets have been held as have Christmas parties for invited neighboring congregation LWML and guests.

Since the 90ís, prayer books have been purchased for the confirmants and Bibles for the third graders. We have donated to Vacation Bible School, Christmas treats for the Sunday School children, the repair fund, the building fund and the church sign.

Throughout the years, mission project have been: Lutheran Counseling and Family Service, LCMS World Relief, Lutheran Hour, Bethesda, Home for the Aged, LAMP, Dakota Boys Ranch, Friends of Concordia, Alaskan Mission Committee, Lutheran Bible Translators, International Student Ministry, Bulgaria Mission, and Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


St. Paul Lutheran Laymenís League

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 32

Membership: Pearl Erdman - Verna Schmidt - Beverly Schmidt - Harlan Adams - Harley and Eileen Hardrath - Vernon and Jeanette Sommer - Wilber Miller - Arthur and Erma Schultz - Rev. and Mrs. Roland Rakow - Pearl Wolske.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Sunday School

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 30

Front Center, L to R: Tapatha Fisher - Tara Fisher.

Row Two, L to R: Matthew Lulloff - Meegan Bertapelle - Kate Seefluth - Michael Bertapelle - Beth Pipkorn - Lori Armbrust - Brian Erikson - Brenda Erikson.

Row Three, L to R: Missy Pipkorn - Russell Weiler - Greg Weiler - Scott Erdman - Darrell Erikson - Tammy Griesbach - Darrell Schoelzel.

Row Four, L to R. Jeffrey Griesbach - Lori Garvey - ShyAnn Obernberger - DeAnn Garvey - Tina Greisbach - Wanda Erikson.

Row Five, L to R. Mark Sommer - Ronnie Armbrust - Michael Lulloff - Darrel Hornick - Randy Erdman - James Erikson.

Not Photographed: Jeffery Seefluth - Tami Barts - Steve Weiler - Ronald Meyer - Darin Meyer - Aron Meyer - Lynn Barts.


St. Paul Lutheran Church Sunday School

125th Anniversary Book, Page 13

(note: no individual names are given)

ďIf you donít know where youíre going, any road will take you there.Ē Our goal at St. Paulís Sunday School is to help all children know that they have a God who loves them so much that He died for them and rose again.

This is more than knowledge of Scripture and what it says; it is wisdom in applying it in living a life as a child of God.

By knowing our destination and with the Holy Spiritsí blessing, we are able to find solutions to problems and evaluate progress of the organization.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Sunday School Teachers

75th Anniversary Book, Page 8

Top Row, L to R: Mrs. A. Kekarske - Mrs. W. Miller - Mrs. W. Grafe - Mrs. D. Sommer, Secretary.

First Row, L to R: Mrs. Alex Winkel - Miss Janice (Winkel) Dassow - Miss S. Hardrath.


St. Paulís Lutheran Sunday Church School Teachers

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 30

Row One, L to R: Mrs. Richard (Joyce) Hamann - Ms. Rita Cherry - Ms. Beverly Schmidt - Mrs. David Erikson.

Row Two, L to R. Mrs. Galen (Shirley) Erdman - Ms. Varonica Strieter - Mrs. Gary (Sandra) Sommer - Mrs. Jerome (Sally) Weiler.

Not Photographed: Karen Sommer


St. Paul Lutheran Church Walther League

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 30

Row One, L to R: Dan Prestien - Todd Sommer - Ryan Seefluth - Cheryl Schuette - Susanne Schuette.

Row Two, L to R: Jim Lulloff - Darrell Schuette - Nancy Sommer - Paul Weiler - Peggy Sommer - Mark Schuette - Cheri Garvey - John Weiler - Rita Cherry.

St. Paul Lutheran Church Walther League

100th Anniversary (Centennial Book), Page 30

Row One, L to R: Suzanne Schuette - Cheryl Schuette - Peggy Sommer - Mrs. Lorraine Obernberger.

Row Two, L to R: Darryl Schuette - Mrs. Alan Estby - Ryan Seefluth - Danny Prestien - Paul Weiler.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church Youth Group

125th Anniversary Book, Page 13

(note: no individual names are given)

The youth group was started by a few of the mothers in 1991. The group stayed together for 10 years. During this time they had as many as ten members and as few as three.

Their time together started out with devotions. They has games, discussion on activities that were coming up, lunch and always ended in prayer.

Activities done as a group were nursing home services with the pastor, circuit events, Noahís Ark, lock ins, basketball tournaments, bake sales, car washes, brat fries, dunk tank, painting and rock picking.

They also served soup for Advent and Lenten services, cookie and candy baking at Christmas, serving Easter breakfast after the sunrise service.

With money the youth made, they attended Camp Luther and servant events. The Servant events attended were in Indiana, Iowa, Colorado and Florida.


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