1906 King Veteran's Home Report

Farmington, Waupaca, WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.


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No. Death's (Men) Age Mos.  Received From
1 Congdon, Geo. B., Jan. 2, Paymaster U.S.A. 70    
2 Carr, Squire B., Jan. 14, Co. F, 21st Wis. Inf. 70    
3 Kreiner, Michael, Feb. 5, Co. D, 2nd Wis. Cav. 83    
4 Phillips, Hiram J., Feb. 15, Co. F., 29th Wis. Inf. 61    
5 Chapman, Goe. W., Feb. 16, Co. K, 38th Wis. Inf. 60    
6 Whitnack, Samuel, Mar. 14, Co. E., 42nd Wis. Inf 70    
7 Hadley, Horace S., Mar. 14, Co. I, 30th Wis. Inf. 70    
8 Carey, Stephen A., Mar. 25, Co. F, 16th Wis. Inf. 72    
9 Green, John C., April 11, Co. A, 8th Wis. Inf. 75    
10 Horton, Daniel T., April 14, Co. A., 1st Pa. Cav. 83    
11 Dilley, John, April 21, Co. G, 33rd Wis. Inf. 81    
12 Vanderbeck, Theodore, May 25, Co. I, 33rd Wis. Inf. 67    
13 Turnbull, Andrew, June 8, Co. D, 5th Wis. Inf. 79    
14 Cotton, Richard G., June 19, Co. D., 20th Wis. Inf. 82    
15 Furguson, Sunner L., June 17, Co. K, 4th Wis. Cav. 81    
16 Andrews, Richard, June 25, Co. G., 19th Wis. Inf. 74    
17 Sargent, Giles, July 3, Co. G, 42nd Wis. Inf. 78    
18 Nelson, Chas. S., July 3, Co. H, 46th Pa. Inf. 62    
19 Hall Franklin V., July 17, Co. B, 6th, Wis. Inf. 71    
20 Amidon, David, July 30, Co. I, 4th Wis. Cav. 67    
21 Turner, Isaac, Aug. 9, Co. H, 2nd Mo. S. M. 81    
22 Anderson, John, Sept. 2, Co. E, 13th U. S. Inf. 74    
23 Cooper, James C., Sept. 23, Co. B, 13th Ohio Cav. 63    
24 Haha, Frederick, Sept. 26, Co. G, 6th Wis. Inf. 67    
25 Ramsey, Alexander, Oct. 8, Co. I, 20th Wis. Inf. 66    
26 Bryant, James A., Oct. 20, Co. I, 43rd Mass. Inf. 80    
27 Benedict, George W., Nov. 1, 6th Wis. L. A. 62    
28 Robinson, Harmon, Nov. 19, Co. A., 4th Wis. Cav. 66    
29 * Phelps, Harmon B., Nov. 19, Co. A, 4th Wis. Cav. 66    
30 Hammon, James, Dec. 9, Co. A, 14th Wis. Inf. 90    
31 Hall, Chauncey, Dec. 13, 10th Wis. L. A. 68    
32 Rogers, Harold H., Dec. 21, 50th Wis. Inf. 67    
33 McConnell, Wilson, Dec. 28, Co. A, 90th N. Y. Inf. 70    
* Died on Furlough      
Average Age 72.1 years      


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