Greenwood, Wisconsin's

Peace Memorial Souvenir 1937 Booklet

Transcribed by Stan & Janet Schwarze.



Who Was The Real Ernest Durig?


The magnificent fifteen foot high monument to peace predominates the village park in Greenwood, Wisconsin.  It stands before a wall of time worn fieldstones which were gathered from the life sustaining Black River by the sturdy pioneers who fashioned them into a fine municipal center.  It was erected during the "Great Depression" and generously given to the struggling farm community by a sculptor who did not become famous until after he died as a pauper in 1962.  At the time of its unveiling, Oct. 3, 1937 when dollars were short supply, it was valued at $50,000.  In 1965, Life Magazine brought him to the forefront when they ran a multi-page article which declared Ernest Durig as a "Fake who sold forged drawings and paintings."  No mention was made of his incredible gift to the city of Greenwood, Wisconsin.  We would like to know what you think about him.  Was he a Robin hood or a thief?  Please share your opinion with us.


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