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----Source: Lani Bartelt, Photo contributions by Carol Awe

Surnames: Awe, Bastian, Bormann, Mueller, Wieting


The Awe Family 



Johann Awe was b 16 March 1836 in Mecklenburg, Germany and died 15 Feb. 1916 New Holstein, Calumet Co, WI. He married Sofe Wieting in Germany.


She was b 24 Nov. 1828 in Sukow, Germany and d 19 Feb 1899 in New Holstein, WI. Both are buried at the New Holstein Cemetery, New Holstein, WI.




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Sophie is listed as "Sophie, age 27"and apparently not yet married to Johann age 28,whose last name was transcribed as "AUHL" and the Wieting family’s surname was transcribed as "WITTING".


According to the book  "Germans to America" Johann 

& Sophie and her parents and siblings arrived on the ship

Humboldt which sailed from Hamburg, Germany arriving in New York on 20 Dec 1854.



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Caroline (Bastian) Wieting was only 53 when arriving in the U.S. in 1865 and appears to be much older that that in this photo. She died in New Holstein, WI in 1880 at age 79.


Lani's note/Feb 2006


If Sophie/Sofe and Johann were not yet married when they arrived in America they must have married shortly thereafter as their first child was born in Feb of 1856.  Earlier documents I had found online such as obituaries stated they were married in Germany.


Johann & Sofe Awe lived in Lockport, NY. For twelve years where the first five of their seven children were born. Sofe’s parents lived in Wolcottsville   NY during that same time then lived briefly in Roberts, Ford Co. Il. before settling in New Holstein Co. WI. in the early 1860’s. Johann & Sofie also moved to New Holstein in 1865,after which their last two children were born. When grown, five of their children would move west to Clark Co. WI to farm and raise their families and the two youngest stayed in the New Holstein area.


East central and central WI. lands were   similar to the land the AWE family had left in Mecklenburg Province (northeastern Germany) and they were quite fertile for farming and raising dairy cattle. Apparently Johann was at least moderately successful at farming and by their

appearance in the photograph above they appeared to have had a pretty good life.


They had the following children:


1. Johann Joachim   Awe b 16 Feb 1856 Lockport NY d 11 June 1935 Sunnyvale   CA.


2. Frederick Awe b 12 Jan. 1858 Lockport NY d May 1906 Owen, WI.


3. Karoline "Lena" Awe b 17 Dec 1859 Lockport NY d 5 May 1934

Curtiss, WI.


4. Sophia Awe b 20 Jan 1862 in Lockport NY  d April 1937 Genoa NV.


5. Henry Friedrich Johannes Awe b 15 Jan 1867 Lockport NY.

  d 1 Feb 1936 Clark Co. WI


6. Joachim Johann Friedrich Awe b 15 Jan 1867 Charlestown Twp.

Calumet Co WI d 21 Sept. 1932 New Holstein, WI.


7. Marie Awe b. 25 Feb 1869 Charlestown Twp. Calumet Co, WI

D 17 Oct. 1909   New Holstein, WI. m Frank H Mueller b 13 July 1869 d 22 May 1958 New Holstein, WI.


Johann Awe

(1st Child of Johann and Sofe Awe)


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Johann Awe married Johanna Bormann 13 May 1889 in Rantoul

Twp, WI She was born 24 July 1860 in WI and d 3 Nov. 1960 in

Sunnyvale CA. Both are buried at Alta Mesa Memorial Park, in

Palo Alto   CA. 

More Family Photos

Johann & Johanna had the following children:


1. Alma Awe b 1881 or 82 died in infancy


2. Edwin Bernard Awe b 24 Feb 1883 Longwood WI

Died 22 Feb 2959 Owen, WI m Frieda Bertha Schulte on 27

March 1907 b 28 Mar 1886 d 17 Dec 1959 WI


3. Henry Otto Awe b 3 Jan 1885 Longwood WI d 11 Feb

1973 Owen, WI m Rose Ann Brecker 28 May 1910 b 31 March

1891 Owen WI d 13 Jan 1977 Owen WI


                   4. Fredrick Martin Awe b 5 Jan 1888 Longwood WI. d 2 Mar

                   1938 Longwood WI


                   5. Gertha Ann Awe b 18 Aug 1897, Longwood, WI. d 11 Oct 1992

                   Sunnyvale, CA.m John Elton Stowell 25 Sept1918 b 20 July

                   1900 Sunnyvale CA. d 23 May 1984 Sunnyvale CA.                 


6. Emily Mary Alvina Awe b 30 April 1903 Longwood, WI m Ralph N Lake 24     Dec 1922 b 1893 Gardnerville, NV d about

1930 San Francisco, CA


 Emily married a second time to William Franklin Youngblood

23 April 1935 He was b 16 Sept 1900 Indian Territory OK

d 29 Mar 1964 Richmond CA

Emily d 7 Oct 2002 Sunnyvale, CA (Santa Clara)


Frederick Awe

(2nd Child of Johann & Sofe Awe)









Photo taken in 1906 of Emma (Borman) Awe with her children shortly after the

death of Frederick Awe.

Pictured front row left to right:

Bertha Sofe Awe (Domer),Emma (Borman) Awe,Hilda Awe (Bochnlein),and Anna

Awe (Gullickson)

Pictured back row left to right:

Josephine "Phina" Ann Sopia Awe (Schulte),Mary Awes(Schroeder),Herman Awe,

Alvina Sophie Awe (Schulte),and Johann "John" Awe 






Johanna Borman Awe (wife of Johann Awe) with her sister Emma Borman Awe(wife

of Johann's brother, Frederick Awe)

Snapshot taken in 1953 of the surviving children of Frederick and Emma Awe
Front L to R: Bertha Sofe Awe (Domer),and Hilda Awe (Bohnlein)
Back L to R: Johann "John"August Awe,Alvina Sophie Awe (Schulte),Josephine
"Phina" Ann Sophie Awe (Schulte),Anna Awe (Gullickson) and Herman Awe




Frederick Awe was a highly respected citizen in Clark Co. WI when he died on 24 May 1906 from a ruptured blood vessel in

his head. He left a wife and several children to mourn his passing as well as other family and friends. There were thirty-five teams

of horses following the hearse to the cemetery at Green Grove, WI


Karoline Awe

(Third Child of Johann & sofe Awe)


              Karoline Awe
  (3rd child of Johann and Sofe Awe) 
(see 2 C Pics pdf file attached)   
Front row L to R: Karoline Awe Gisch,Emma Caroline Gisch
(Olson),Lydia Maria Gisch (Ankney),and Christian Fredrick
Back row L to R: Minnie Gisch (Andrews),Ernest Henry
Wilhelm Gisch,Johann Christian Fredrick Gisch,and Louise
Johanna Gisch (Arnett)
photo taken at Schubert's Photo Studio,Kiel & Chilton,WI



Her husband Fred Gisch is listed in the 75th and 100th Anniversary Books of Curtiss WI as follows:


                     Gisch, Fred   [75] [page 41] Pioneer settler North and West of Curtiss.

                   [100]  [page 24] Same information as 75th Anniversary booklet.



(4th child of Johann and Sofe Awe)


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Front Row L to R:

Clara Jackson, Sophia Awe Calbaum,Rudolph

Edward Calbaum,Henry Calbaum,and Otto Adolph Calbaum

Back Row L to R:

Ernest L.Calbaum,Emma Calbaum (Young),and Herman Henry


Photo taken summer of 1908 (Clara born 5/14/1907)


 Sophia Awe was born January 20,1862 in Lockport, NY. and died April 1937 in Genoa NV.

She married HENRY CALBAUM September 06, 1883. He was born September 27,1854 in Germany and died August 1931 in Carson City NV.


Children of SOPHIA and HENRY CALBAUM are:

1.        LOUISA JOHANNA CALBAUM b April 28,1885, Longwood, WI; d August 1952,NV m GUSTAVE DECKER, 1906 d NV.

2.        WILHELMINA "MINNIE" CALBAUM b January 29,1888 Longwood, WI; d October 29,1956 Marshfield WI; m. MARIUS RASMUSSEN, August 10,1910 b December 11,1880 Denmark; d December 27,1979,Waukesha, WI.

3.        EMMA FREDRICKA CALBAUM b October 28,1893,Longwood, WI; d May 12,1973 Carson City, NV. m WALTER SETH YOUNG January 14,1924 b September 27,1894,Ohio d October 29,1977, Weimer, CA.

4.        HERMAN HENRY CALBAUM b September 11,1895,Longwood, WI d January 17,1978,King, WI. m ISOLENE ARMINDA CARRUTHERS May 03,1922 b June 05,1899,West Lima, WI d August 19,1980,King WI.

5.        ERNEST L.CALBAUM b August 27,1898 WI. d About 1930 NV.

6.        OTTO ADOLPH CALBAUM b November 26,1900 WI; d February 01,1974; m SYLVIA NETEA VAN GORDER, September 26,1928; b October 12,1908; d July 11,1950

                      Marriage Notes OTTO CALBAUM and SYLVIA VAN GOURDER

                      married (2nd) Maude Poppe b 7/03/1905 d 1/26/1997


7.        RUDOLPH EDWARD CALBAUM b June 01,1903 Withee, WI; d March 14,1990 Hartford, WI m ALMA LOUISE ROSAMUND HACKBARTH Feb 04,1928; b February 7,1903 Milwaukee, WI; d June 29,1956 Milwaukee, WI.




Adopted daughter; no other information available



Henry Awe

(Fifth Child of Johann & Sofe Awe)



Henry Friedrich Johannes Awe was born in Locksport New York, on Jan 5,1864 and was the son of John & Sophie Awe.                                                                                                            
 In 1866 he came to New Holstein, WI with his parents where he was confirmed in the Lutheran Church there. He practiced his trade, carpentry, in Calumet Co before his marriage.
 On Aug 29, 1886 in New Holstein, WI.   He was married to Charlotte Fredericka Loos, daughter of John and Jakobine  (Kuhn) Loos, born on Nov 26,1865 in the Town of Rhine, Sheboygan Co, WI
Since several of his closest kin were living in Clark Co, WI. in November of 1886  the young couple came to Clark County and settled on a farm in the town of Green Grove, WI, which Henry Awe had purchased the year before.
It was the NW 1/4 of Sec.31 town   28,Rt 1,West from the Wisconsin Central RR Co, and they soon cut down 5 acres of woods on the NW corner of his 40 acres. They built a log house, and a temporary stable (which was replaced with a *timber frame

barn in 1890.



*The above photo was taken on a Clark County, Wisconsin area farm in 1910.  Several neighboring farmers joined in the “barn raising” task after the first floor of mortar and stone was completed.  The loft framework of beams was put in place to be followed by several roofing rafters, which were raised and set up in place by men pulling the ropes that were attached to the rafters.  They helped one another in such tasks, donating their time and efforts, being good neighbors by doing a favor that was returned in one way or another.


To this marriage was born six children, William born 19 Jun 1887,Emma born 1 Jan 1889, Lydia born 7 Oct 1890, Martha born 5 Jul 1893,Arthur b 20 Jul 1895, and Elizabeth, born 21 May, 1901

A sawmill was built in the early 1890's,it was sold, and another built in 1904-05 (which still stands. In 1904 a barn was raised and extended. The brick veneer dwelling was built in 1887 and enlarged in 1912. An additional 200 acres was purchased, and an additional 80 acres acquired in 1915. In 1923,the farm was divided with part being taken over by son, William, and part taken over by son, Arthur, the present owner.
Their home was a Christian one and they were members first, of Peace Reformed Church in the town of Longwood and later, in 1898, when it united with Immanuel Reformed Church of the West Side. In   Jan 1926 he was elected to the office of Elder and held that office all his life. He also was a director of the Farmers Merchants Bank
Charlotte Fredericke Awe died in 1929.About five years before her death she had suffered a stroke but had recovered partially. Then in March 1926 she again was prostrated and from that time she was an invalid, but attended services at her church whenever possible. She was taken very sick about a week before her death and she died on Jan 31,1929 at the age of 63 years, 2 months, and 5 days.                         
It was said she was a devoted wife and mother, a kind neighbor, and had a kind personality. At the time of her death she was survived by her husband, all her   children, twelve grandchildren, a brother, Rev Wm Loos of Duluth, Mn, three sisters, Mrs. Jacob Bast, Mrs. Christopher Bast, both of Rockfield, Wisconsin and, Mrs. Jacobine Loos of Milwaukee, WI They are both buried in the West United Church of Christ West Cemetery, Warner Twp., Clark Co, WI.          
Henry Awe was ill for some time before his death on Feb 1,1936 at age of 72 years and 26 days. He had just celebrated his birthday on Jan 5th of that year, with all his children at the home of his son, William.  
At the time of his death he was survived by:                                                   

his children William/Wilhelm, Arthur ,Emma, Lydia, Martha and Elizabeth:  one sister, Mrs. Sophie Calbaum of Nevada, and thirteen grandchildren.
Pallbearers were: William Awe & Arthur Awe (sons), Theodore Kippenham, Henry Voiglander (son in laws) and George Burmeister (nephew)

William Awe b June 19,1887 Green Grove, WI farmed all his life on the family farm
 He married Louise Voightlander, on Dec 13,1923. 
At the time of his death on 25 Jun 1957 he was survived by Louise: sons, Calvin of Milwaukee, and Arnold, at home, his brother, Arthur and his four sisters Lydia of Owen; Mrs. Emma Burmeister, Withee; Mrs. Martha Kippenhan (Ted) of Owen; and Mrs. Elizabeth Voighlandler  (Henry) of Curtiss WI

The Hoeper and Kraut Funeral Home handled the arrangements.            
Arthur Heinrich Awe died Dec 25,1989 

His wife, Lynda Stock Awe's obituary reads as follows:
Mrs. Lynda Ave, 92,formerly of Greenwood, Clark Co, died Wednesday, July 24,1991 at Colonial Living Center, Colby Wisconsin.                                                                                                                .

Services were held at Immanuel United Church of Christ in Greenwood, WI and she was buried in Westside Cemetery. Pallbearers were Henry Awe, Michael Awe, 
 Douglas Awe, Jeffrey Awe, Thomas Awe, and James Serocki Jr.                          
Lnyda Stock Awe was b 3 Aug 1898 in Manitowoc County, WI to August & Wilhelmina (Goeke) Stock. She received her education at Manitowoc schools.
   She married Arthur Awe on March 28,1944 in Decorah, Iowa. After their marriage they farmed in the town of Green Grove until 1972 when they retired and moved to Greenwood.                                                                                                    
 She entered the Colonial Living Center April 22,1985. She was a member of the United Church of Christ
 She was survived at the time of her death by: son, Henry Awe, of Owen; and six grandchildren. Lynda died July 24,1991. Her husband, her parents, two brothers, and fours sisters preceded her in death.                                           
 Rinaka Funeral Home handled the arrangements.



Joachim (Joseph) Johann Friedrich Awe

(6th child of Johann and Sofe Awe)


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Marie "Mary" Awe

(7th Child of Johann and Sofe Awe)


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Carol Awe


My many thanks to Carol Awe for all her family information gathered for many years with many family members and all the pictures she contributed to this biography Without her help this biography would not be half as complete! If more information is needed on individual family descendants.


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Obit: Awe, Lynda (1898-1991)

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