Churches: 75th Anniversary, Imnanuel & Reformed, Warner Twp., Clark Co., Wisconsin

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----Source: Warner, Wis. Immanuel & Reformed, 75th Anniversary Booklet



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Franz Abel

Frederick Buker

Henry Decker

Rev. C.H. Schoepfle



Dr. Herman Schwarze

Ernest Meier



Otto Reineking

Alfred Schwarze

Emil Noah

William Wehrmann

Gustav Wehrmann

Calvin Franz

Arthur Meinholdt

Oscar Decker

Calvin Mueller

Paul Schwarze

Arthur Awe

August Kippenhan

Otto Fravert

Adolf Franz

Calvin Noah

Arthur Mueller –died in action in Europe




Herbert Humke

Clarence E. Meinhardt

Leon W. Kuester

Herbert A. Kippenhan

Norbert Dill

Alvin O. Wehrmann

Harold H. Kuehn

Henry Beglinger

Leo E. Wehrmann

LeRoy D. Fravert

Lawrence G. Kuester

Elmer A. Schwarze

Arno L. Wehrmann

Norman E. Reineking

Karl J. Mitschka

Kenneth Hium

Everett D. Humke

Emil Franz

Lorris Dusso

Douglas F. Luther

George Kippenhan

Harry Meinhardt

Kenneth Steiger

Frederick Noah

Lt. Herbert Humke-died in action over England and lies buried on Immanuel’s West Cemetery.


Frederick Noah, DuWayne Vollrath, Victor Irvine, Verne Vollrath, Paul Kippenhan



We are including quite a number of pictures of logging operations in this Anniversary Booklet.  As one meets with the older members of the congregation one hears the tales of the logging days.

The pictures of our men busy in the woods, cutting the firewood for Church, school and parsonage, were taken during the year of 1950.  Forty-two men responded to the call to cut the smaller trees and the large treetops so the limbs could be piled up for sawing.  Three power chain saws were kept busy cutting trees and tops which had been trimmed by the woodsmen in the woods belonging to Simon Boedeker, and now the property of his granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Novobilski.  Four teams skidded the tops and trunks to the pile which was being made ready for sawing the wood into 16 and 24 inch lengths.  On the following day came the sawing outfit and a crew of 24 to feed the tree limbs and trunks into the saw and load same on trucks to be hauled and piled at the parsonage and church.  The men enjoy this work; it bids them recall the work of yesteryears.  And cutting 80 cords of wood spell quite a saving for the church treasury; it all helps to pay the budget.

The picture above shows Ed Schwartz, one of the pioneers and a woodsman, 76 years of age when this picture was taken.  He is at the center, talking to Theodore Wessel, standing to the right.  We carried Ed to his last rest some months ago, he dying of a heart attack.

This picture shows Otto Meinhardt and his sons Clarence and Harry.  Clarence, on the right, was the only one of a bomber crew of five to survive, having been shot down in World War II over Egypt.  He spent almost three years in a German prison camp.  Harry, on the left, served with the Marines during the war.

This picture shows the snow conditions in a good Wisconsin winter.

The picture above shows the skidding teams being brought up and the men lining up for the taking of the group picture shown below.


Above is part of the second day’s sawing crew.  Power is furnished by a Model A Ford engine, mounted on a running gear.  The men feed logs into the saw, which are 18 to 20 feet long, the largest butts 16 to 18 inches in diameter.  Six men lift a larger log and feed it into the saw.




1st Row: Albert Miller, George Hintz, Ed Schwarze.


2nd Row: Gottlieb Kuester, Ferdinand Decker, August Schwarze, Theo Humke.


3rd Row: Mesdames Theo Humke, Clara Liebzeit, George Hintz, August Schwarze, Mrs. Koepke, Mrs. Fred Brick.


4th Row: Mesdames Ferdinand Decker, Anna Humke, Ed Schwarze, August Goeke, Albert Miller.


Organizations of Immanuel Church


Immanuel Ladies Aid Society--Photo

The Immanuel Ladies Aid Society was organized June 19th, 1907, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Noah, with the following charter members in attendance: Mesdames William Reineking, Gottlieb Kuester, August Noah, William Toburen, Franz Abel, Herman Reinhardt, Moritz Meinhardt, Henry Meier, Frederick Brick and Otto Decker.  The early purpose of the society was the maintenance of the congregation cemeteries, which objective has been faithfully maintained to the present day.  The firs officers of the society were: President, Mrs. Franz Abel; Vice President, Mrs. William Reineking; Treasurer, Mrs. Gottlieb Kuester; Secretary, Mrs. Moritz Meinhardt.  The society at present numbers 50 members and its officers are: President, Mrs. Phillip Vollrath; Vice President, Mrs. Calvin Franz; Secretary, Mrs. Theo Kippenhan; Treasurer, Mrs. Albert Liebzeit; Ass’t. Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Henry Vollrath.   The Ladies Aid Society continues to assist the congregation in its varied activities.

The Youth Fellowship--Photo

The Youth Fellowship was organized during the ministry of the Rev. J.D. Klingeberger on November 30th , 1947.  Those constituting the organizing Youth Council were: Dale Vollrath, Evelyn Noah, Gary Vollrath, Gladys Kuester, Elmer Humke, Harry Meinhardt, Elvera Reineking and Victor Irvine.   The organization at present lists 35 members and meets monthly for purposes of study, worship, fellowship and recreation.  Present officers of the Youth Fellowship are: President, Dale Vollrath; Secretary, Jeanette Wehrman, and Treasurer, Calvin Awe.

The Young Adult Fellowship--Photo

The Young Adult Fellowship was organized during the ministry of Rev. J.C. Klingeberger, the organizational meeting taking place January 26th, 1948.  Those constituting the organizational council were: Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Toburen, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Reineking, Mr. and Mrs. Lorris Dusso, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Meinhardt and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Liebzeit.  The purposes of the organization are those of Christian service, fellowship, inspiration and entertainment. Present officers of the Young Adult Fellowship are: President, Clarence Meinhardt; Vice President, Phillip Vollrath; Secretary, Mrs. Fred Timmler; and Treasurer, Mrs. Arno Miller.

The Senior Choir--Photo

The Senior Choir supplies the special music for German services which are conducted once each month, for special services and Christmas carols for the shut-ins during the holiday season.  Organist of the Senior Choir is Mrs. Otto Fravert.  Director is Mrs. J.C. Klingeberger.

The Junior Choir--Photo

The Junior Choir was organized by Mrs. J.C. Klingeberger to sing at all the regular and special services of the congregation; during six years of Christian service the Junior Choir has faithfully served upon all occasions at all American services.  Each Christmas season the Junior choir sponsors a Candle Lighting Service.  It has broadcast from Station WDLB at Marshfield, shared in a very beautiful service of organ and choir music at the time of the Organ Dedication, and presented several Easter Cantatas, including "The Seven Last Words of the Cross," by Stainer.  The choir robes were worn for the first time by the Junior Choir on Christmas morning, 1947.  Mrs. Alvin Albert is choir accompanist and Mrs. J.C. Klingeberger is choir director.  The Mesdames Alvin Albert, Otto Fravert and J.C. Klingeberger also serve as congregational organists.  Officers of the choir are Miss Gladys Kuester, President; Mr. Elmer Humke, Secretary-Treasurer.

Immanuel Sunday School--Photo

The history of Immanuel Sunday School is contained in the historical sketch of congregational life forming a part of this booklet.  The Sunday School now has an enrollment of 53 scholars. (Jan. 1st, 1951).  Throughout the late years the following taught in the school, viz. Evelyn Noah, Bernelda Noah, Eldora Reineking and Gladys Kuester.  Upon graduation from high school in 1950, two of the teachers departed to attend Teacher’s College and two left for work in the city.  Their places were taken over by Arvilla Noah, Lila Richmond, Joan Irvine and Shirley Rasmussen.   Joanne Miller is serving as secretary, Ref. J.C. Klingeberger is superintendent and Mrs. J.C. Klingeberger accompanies the singing.  A feature of Sunday School life is the fine singing of the children and the presentation of an annual elaborate Christmas program.  The Sunday School is financially self-supporting, supplying the members with latest lesson helps and very attractive religious periodicals.  It has shared with the Young Adult Fellowship in the purchase of a film strip and slide projector and a large portable screen.  The monies given on birthdays is forwarded to the American Bible Society and contributions are made to the Polio Fund, Red Cross, Missions, World Service, etc.

The Busy Bees--Photo

The Busy Bees Girl’s Society was organized April 28th, 1923, the following being the first to hold office in the organization: Mrs. O. Vriesen, Esther Humke, Irma Vollrath, Lillian Kuester, Alma Meinholdt, Martha Miller, Esther Decker, Lillian Decker, Leona Decker, Irene Humke, Ruth Toburen, Sophie Franz, Ella Abel, Cilla Kippenhan, Edna and Elsie Decker, Minna Wehrmann, Paula Yaniga and Laura and Alma Miller.

In May of the year 1948 the Busy Bees observed the 25th year of the society’s founding with a special service, Miss Louise Kippenhan of Black River Falls Mission delivering the anniversary message.

The society was organized as a sewing and benevolent organization. The present officers are: President, Gladys Kuester; vice President, Eldora Reineking; Secretary-Treasurer, Bernelda Noah; Advisor, Mrs. J.C. Klingeberger.


Mr. and Mrs. John Stacy and all the little Stacys

We are translating this statement concerning John Stacy from history of the Winnebago Indian Mission at Black River Falls, Wisconsin, taken from an article written by the Rev. J. Stucki for the seventy-fifth anniversary book of the Sheboygan classis; "In the year 1885, Pastor J. Hauser, who had founded the Indian Mission in 1878 (four years after the founding of Immanuel Church) resigned and the Rev. J. Stucki, who had been Pastor Hauser’s assistant for one year, became his successor.  The missionary had gradually succeeded in teaching a young man, John Stacy, a sufficient amount of English to permit him to act as interpreter, the young man having been a very diligent attendant at school.  John Stacy interpreted the simple sentences of the Bible and Bible stories, which the Indian children could read, but could not understand; finally John Stacy could also interpret the less difficult sermons to the Indian congregations.  Then, as the missionary learned the Winnebago language, Rev. Stucki and John Stacy cooperated in the translation of passages of Holy Writ in the Winnebago language.  Finally complete services in Winnebago were inaugurated, with Scripture lesson, prayer, hymn and sermon, all of which John Stacy interpreted, sentence for sentence, to the congregation.  So the Word of God went forth among the Winnebago in church and home."

Above are pictures of Mr. and Mrs. John Stacy and the Stacy children, and grandchildren, all of whom are active in the work of Immanuel Church, attending Sunday School, confirmation classes and Summer School and services.  Rev. J.C. Klingeberger confirmed both Clarence and Mona Moneger, grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. John Stacy, and is now instructing Marsh Moneger. Little Skipper Lewis and John Stacy Jr. gave a very fine Christmas recitation at the last Christmas service of Immanuel Sunday School.  John Stacy is a neighbor of ours, living two miles down the road.  This community respects and honors the Stacy family.  We are proud of their fellowship at Immanuel.

When the above picture of John Stacy was taken, he was recovering from an attack of pneumonia; may God continue to grant him and his own the richest of divine blessings.


Membership List of Immanuel Congregation


Wm. Abel

Frank Abel

Miss Elsie Abel

Miss Marcella Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Albert

Mrs. Ary Atneson

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Awe

Miss Lydia Awe

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Awe

Arnold Awe

Calvin Awe

Mr. Henry Beglinger

Mrs. Clara Boedeker

Mrs. Mike Bolf

Arthur Brick

Alvin Brick

Mrs. Fred Brick

F.W. Buker

Mrs. Henry Decker

Mr. Oscar Decker

William Decker

Arno Decker

Mrs. Ferd.  Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Decker

Donald Decker

Bernard Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Lorris Dusso

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ebert

Miss Lois Ebert

Mrs. Erma Fieldhack

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Franz

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Franz

Mrs. Henry Franz

Edwin Franz

Leondo Franz

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fravert

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fravert

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fravert

Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Fravert

Mrs. August Goeke

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Goeke

Gerald Goeke

Harvey Goeke

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Hintz

Mrs. Theo Hium

Mrs. Norman Horn

Mrs. Henry Humke

Mr. and Mrs. Theo Humke

Harold Humke

Mr. and Mrs. Eldore Humke

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Humke

Mr. Irvin Humke

Mr. Evert Humke

Paul Humke

Miss Jeanette Humke

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Irvine

Mr. and Mrs. Quintin Irvine

Jacqualin Irvine

Victor Irvine

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson

Mrs. Alice Killion

Mr. and Mrs. Theo Kippenhan

Paul Kippenhan

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kippenhan

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Kippenhan

Mr. Geo Kippenhan

Miss Cilla Kippenhan

Mrs. J.C. Klingeberger

Mrs. Henry Koepke

Mrs. Hans Kolpanen

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kuehn

Norbert Kuehn

Evan Kuehn

Gottlieb Kuester

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Kuester

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kuester

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kuester

Miss Gladys Kuester

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Liebzeit

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Liebzeit

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Liebzeit

Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Liebzeit

Mrs. Albert Liebzeit

Roger Liebzeit

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Meinhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Meinhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Meinhardt

Harry Meinhardt

Mr. Albert Meinholdt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meinholdt

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Meinholdt

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Meinholdt

Mr. Aug Meinholdt

Myrna Meinholdt

Mr. William Miller

Mrs. Albert Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Arno Miller

Joann Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mitschka

Miss Ruth Moldenhauer

Mr. Ray Moldenhauer

Mrs. Richard Moldenhauer

Mona Monegar

Clarence Monegar

Mr. and Mrs. Chet Nirva

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Novobilski

Mr. Alfred Noah

Mrs. Adolph Noah

Mr. and Mrs. Art Noah

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Noah

Arvilla Noah

Fredrick Noah

Norman Noah

Herbert Noah

Dorothy Noah

Mary Jane Noah

Miss Evelyn Noah

Miss Bernelda Noah

Verlan Noah

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Osburn

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rasmussen

Roy Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Reineking

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Reineking

Miss Eldora Reineking

Miss Selma Reineking

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Richmond

Miss Lila Richmond

Jerald Richmond

Mrs. Ruth Robins

Mrs. Ed Schwarze

Mr. and Mrs. Art Schwarze

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schwarze

Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Schwarze

Mr. and Mrs. August Schwarze

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schwarze

Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Schwarze

Mr. Albert Schwarze

Mr. Alvin Schwarze

Orville Schwarze

Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Steiger

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Steiger

Mrs. Ed Steiger

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Steiger

Mr. Ervin Steiger

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Timmler

Robert Timmler

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Toburen

Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Toburen

Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Toburen

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vollrath

Vern Vollrath

Dale Vollrath

Larry Vollrath

Leanne Vollrath

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vollrath

Miss Elvera Vollrath

Mr. Kenneth Vollrath

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Vollrath

Duwayne Vollrath

Gary Vollrath

William Vollrath

Mr. Oscar Wehrmann

Mr. Otto Wehrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wehrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Art Wehrmann

Mr. Alvin Wehrmann

Mr. Leo Wehrmann

Mr. Arno Wehrmann

Arthur Wehrmann, Jr.

Jeanette Wehrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Wendt

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Wendt

Mr. and Mrs. Theo Wessel

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wessel

Miss Jean Wessel

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zeigler

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