1888 Wis. G.A.R. Death Roll

Contributed by Ken Wood.


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Clark Co., WI Cemeteries

Dec. 31, 1887 to Dec. 31, 1888

Line No. Name Post No. Location Company Reg. State Date of Death
1 Koehler, Henry E. B. Wolcott 1 Milwaukee K 1st Inf NY Feb. 7, 1888
2 Regan, John N. Robert Chivas 2 Milwaukee D 40th Inf. Wis Oct. 14, 1888
3 Lecher, Herman       D 1st Inf. Wis March 15, 1888
4 Koehle, Louis       B 51st Inf. Wis April 4, 1888
5 Taylor, Wm. H.       C 15th Inf. Mass Sept. 17, 1888
6 Futsche, John       D 17th Inf. Wis Nov. 7, 1888
7 Vetter, Gustav       A 26th Inf. Wis Dec. 26, 1888
8 Jones, C. W. J. F. Sawyer 7 Omro B 3rd Inf. Wis Aug. 21, 1888
9 Young, Azro       I 32nd Inf. Wis April 4, 1888
10 Fox, Charles Veteran 8 Nat. Home C 24th Inf, Ill August 1888
11 Niederhausen, Louis       B 9th Inf. Ill September 1888
12 McKennan, H. Joe Hooker 9 Baraboo Surg. 17th Inf. Wis March 2, 1888
13 Wildhagen, August C, C. Washburn 11 Madison A 52nd Inf. Wis Aug. 11, 1888
14 Otto, Louis J. Richardson 12 Sheboygan Falls Q. M. 9th Inf. Wis Aug. 5, 1888
15 Frederickson, F. Gov. Harvey 17 Racine Steamer Grt. Western   Nov. 26, 1888
16 Vick, George W. B. Cushing 19 Waukesha B 28th Inf. Wis March 1888
17 Bowers, Lucius S.       G 28th Inf. Wis June 10, 1888
18 Griffin, R. R.       G 28th Inf. Wis September 1888
19 Whipple, Ira Garfield 21 Waupaca B 38th Inf. Wis May 14, 1888
20 Jacobs, Milton W.K. Forshey 23 Wyalusing A 31st Inf Wis Oct. 19, 1888
21 Herdman, E. J. Henry Dillon 24 Lone Rock   6th Bat Wis  
22 Southard, Aaron         6th Bat Wis  
23 Lock, H. G. John F. Holmes 26 Jefferson F 29th Inf. Wis March, 22, 1888
24 Garriety, James R.       D 1st Art. Wis June 28, 1888
25 Sturges, Shelton J. B. McPherson 27 Lake Geneva B 24th Inf. Ohio June 21, 1888
26 Brayton, Geo. F. Newton Wilson 28 Kingston B 44th Inf. NY July 13, 1888
27 Waste, Wm. John W. Lynn 30 Sparta I 23rd Inf. Ohio Feb. 3, 1888
28 Long, Eli J. B. Wyman 32 Clintonville L 3rd Cav. Wis Sept. 18, 1888
29 White, John M.       A 1st Cav. Wis Oct. 13, 1888
30 McCarthy, T. M. W. H. Bennett 33 Richland Center H 46th Inf. Wis Feb. 1, 1888
31 Redington, Edward S. C. E. Curtice 34 Whitewater D 28th Inf. Wis Nov. 19, 1888
32 Balsinger, Henry P. W. Plummer 37 Prairie du Chein F 10th Inf. Ohio Aug. 30, 1888
33 Conant, John       Asst. Surg. 45th Inf. Ill Dec. 5, 1888
34 Schenk, Martin Wilson Colwell 38 La Crosse       March 1, 1888
35 Larkin, William T. J. Hungerford 39 Spring Green E 49th Inf. Wis March 20, 1888
36 Norris, Oscar R. B. J. Sweet 40 Stockbridge A 18th Inf. Wis Dec. 10, 1888
37 York, Aseph T. L. Stephen 41 Evansville F 42nd Inf. Wis Feb. 7, 1888
38 York, Almerson       D 13th Inf. Wis Feb. 19, 1888
39 Crossett, Zerah H. H. W. Cressy 42 Tomah H 25th Inf. Wis March 8, 1888
40 Adams, Charles A.       I 4th Cav. Wis April 25, 1888
41 Thatcher, Norman J. R. Shephard 44 Menasha C 10th Inf. Wis July 29, 1888
42 Weld, J. T. Henry Turner 46 New London A 46th Inf. Ill June 23, 1888
43 Jones, Henry Henry Miles 47 Elroy   6th Inf. Wis March 22, 1888
44 Haskins, Wm. L.         9th Lt. Art. Wis  
45 Doolittle, A. B.         18th Inf. Wis  
46 Leuttgrodt, Chas. John Gillispie 50 Kilbourn City   17th Inf. Wis Jan. 7, 1888
47 Howell, A. L. P.       F 1st H. A. Wis May 26, 1888
48 Carpenter, Ichabod W.       H 16th H. A. U. S. July 5, 1888
49 Elliot, Thomas Wm. Wright 51 Excelsior B 49th Inf. Wis Fwb. 13, 1888
50 Wyott, Joseph Chas. Edgerton 57 Warren Mills I 21st Inf. Wis April 12, 1888
51 Lothrop, Wm. G. A. S. Northrop 59 Mauston   10th Lt. Art. Wis April 9, 1888
52 Holden, C. N.       I 2nd Inf. Wis Dec. 7, 1888
53 Colt, Stephen A. D. Hamilton 60 Milton K 13th Inf. Wis Aug. 17, 1888
54 Miller, Jacob E. B. Cornwall 63 Eagle Corners   15th Inf. Ind. Oct. 31, 1888
55 Marshall, Luther T. B. Crawford 65 Westfield E 7TH Inf. Wis June 7, 1888
56 Henry, Joel A. Platteville 66 Platteville F 49th Inf. Wis Oct. 4, 1888
57 Monahan, Cornelius Jas. Comerford 68 Chippewa Falls D 96th Inf. NY  
58 Kibbons, L. V.       F 76th Inf. Ill Sept. 30, 1888
59 Dodge, John D.       K 1st H. A. Wis Nov. 29, 1888
60 Duncan, Samuel       I 48th Inf. NY Dec. 18, 1888
61 McCartney, Geo. W. E. A. Ramsey 74 Oconto A 62nd Inf. Pa. March 12, 1888
62 Brightman, J. H. O. D. Chapman 80 Bell Center C 18th Inf. Wis July 23, 1888
63 McElwee, G. W. W. W. Patton 90 Brodhead C 18th Inf. Pa. Dec. 1, 1888
64 Brewer, L. B. Wm. Moore 92 Black River Falls G 10th Inf. Wis July 25, 1888


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