1875 Clark County, WI State Census

Index D

This census was contributed by Kenneth Wood.

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Clark County Census Records


Dagen, Wm. LOYAL 3
Daggett, Theodore PINE VALLEY 6
Dahl, Gilbert WARNER 2
Dailey, J.M. COLBY 2
Dailey, Jno. G. COLBY 2
Dalmer, Hiram PINE VALLEY 4
Dalton, Ervin WESTON 1
Daniels, D.C. COLBY 2
Dannow, Ed COLBY 4
Danow, Henry COLBY 4
Darling, Abner PINE VALLEY 9
Darling, Solen MENTOR 4
Darton, A.E. UNITY 1
Darton, Wm BEAVER 1
Davidson, Abram YORK 2
Davis, D.R. YORK 1
Davis, Fred GRANT 1
Davis, H.V. EATON 1
Davis, Hugh YORK 2
Davis, J.B. YORK 1
Davis, Pratt, FREMONT 1
Davis, S.M. Mrs. MENTOR 4
Davis, Solon YORK 1
Davis, Theodore GRANT 1
Daw, William FREMONT 1
Day, A.B. LEVIS 1
Dean, Geo. LOYAL 2
Dean, Jas. PINE VALLEY 9
Deane, Jas. PINE VALLEY 7
Decker, Fred WARNER 2
Decker, Henry WARNER 2
Degnitz, Herman LYNN 1
Degrass, R. LEVIS 2
Deiler, Alex COLBY 2
Demouth, Jacob WESTON 1
Dempsey, Wm. MENTOR 4
Denison, A.B. SHERMAN 1
Derma, Newton MAYVILLE 3
Dewey, Cyrus PINE VALLEY 7
Dewhurst, R. PINE VALLEY 8
Dickerman, J. SHERMAN 2
Dickey, Wm. PINE VALLEY 9
Dickinson, D. PINE VALLEY 7
Diderick, Christian GRANT 3
Dillon, Thomas MAYVILLE 2
Dire, John S. GRANT 1
Ditch, Chas. PINE VALLEY 1
Dolmes, E.A. SHERMAN 2
Doty, W.H. MENTOR 4
Dowce, Wm. GRANT 3
Dowling, Mathew WESTON 1
Downer, Joel YORK 1
Downer, Noble YORK 1
Drake, Fred HEWETT 1
Draper, Horace LOYAL 1
Dresher, Franz GRANT 4
Dresher, Herman GRANT 3
Drinkwine, Larry WARNER 2
Dubea, Joseph COLBY 4
Ducate, Moses PINE VALLEY 3
Dudley, P.S. PINE VALLEY 1
Dudly, H.O. MAYVILLE 1
Dumphrey, Felix HIXON 1
Duncan, J.B. HEWETT 1
Dunnaran, Edward LOYAL 1
Durham, Richard MAYVILLE 2
Durham, S.C. EATON 1
Durham, W.J. UNITY 2
Durtea, Oakes UNITY 1
Dutcher, Horace HEWETT 1
Dutcher, Wm. BEAVER 1
Dutton, Carl YORK 1
Dutton, Geo. W. PINE VALLEY 4
Dwyre, John GRANT 1
Eaker, Chas. PINE VALLEY 3
Early, Wm. MENTOR 4
Eastman, W.D. EATON 1
Eaton, A.S. EATON 1
Eaton, Alice Mrs. EATON 2
Eaton, E.A. EATON 1
Eau Claire Lumber Co Farm HIXON 2
Ebert, Joseph HIXON 1
Echminster, J.S. (Sawmill) COLBY 2
Eddy, Mr. MENTOR 4
Edminster, Frank COLBY 3
Edmonds, Caleb EATON 1
Edmonds, James EATON 1
Egleston, J. YORK 2
Eilert, Ernest MENTOR 4
Elander, John WESTON 3
Ellers, W. COLBY 3
Ellis, Marshall COLBY 3
Ellis, Stillman PERKINS 1
Emerson, Albert MENTOR 4
Emerson, Nancy Mrs. LOYAL 4
Emerson, Simon PINE VALLEY 1
Emme, Jasper M. LOYAL 1
Enlason, J.F. LEVIS 1
Everdetts, Fred PINE VALLEY 2
Everett, Clayton PINE VALLEY 1
Eyrley, H.D. PINE VALLEY 9
Fackley, H. COLBY 1
Faery, Wm. GRANT 2
Fairbrother, A.G. PINE VALLEY 10
Farle, Michael MAYVILLE 2
Farnham, H.B. LEVIS 2
Farning, Anna Mrs. GRANT 1
Feind, Edward COLBY 2
Fenlason, B. LEVIS 1
Fergusen, Jos. W. PINE VALLEY 10
Ferguson, A.A. COLBY 2
Ferguson, H.A. WARNER 1
Ferguson, S.F. PINE VALLEY 10
Fessender, J. LEVIS 2
Fiddler, Wm. MAYVILLE 2
Fiedler, Gottfreid GRANT 4
Field, Isaac PINE VALLEY 10
Fields, N.A. MAYVILLE 2
Fielers, George SHERMAN 2
Fienelson, George MENTOR 5
Fierdon, J.S. PINE VALLEY 6
Finch, Julius COLBY 3
Finegan, Jas. PINE VALLEY 6
Finegan, Patrick PINE VALLEY 6
Fisher, Michael WASHBURN 1
Fitzgerald, Wm. COLBY 4
Fitzmaurice, Thos. MENTOR 5
Fleming, Ira WESTON 3
Flick, M.A. Mrs. MENTOR 5
Flint, G.W. YORK 2
Foger, Albert PINE VALLEY 8
Fogner, Geo. LOYAL 3
Follett, G.I. PINE VALLEY 6
Folsom, Albert HIXON 1
Foot, Chas. PINE VALLEY 3
Foot, James GRANT 3
Forsum, Nettie PINE VALLEY 4
Foster, W.H. COLBY 3
Fothingham, S.A. HIXON 1
Fowler, Oliver MENTOR 5
Fox, John MAYVILLE 1
Fradette, Augustus BEAVER 2
Frairet, Henry WARNER 2
Francis, Peter MENTOR 5
Franham, G.C. PINE VALLEY 8
Frank, Francis PINE VALLEY 3
Frank, Ludwig MENTOR 5
Franklin, John WARNER 1
Frantz, Geo. PINE VALLEY 3
Free, Thos. WESTON 2
French, B.F. PINE VALLEY 2
French, C.D. SHERMAN 1
French, H.B. PINE VALLEY 8
French, Wm. SHERMAN 1
Frike, Ira K. FREMONT 1
Frike, Sidney FREMONT 1
Frothinger, John SHERMAN 2
Fuler, John WASHBURN 1
Fuller, A.J. PINE VALLEY 9
Fuller, G.H. LOYAL 1
Fuller, G.H. UNITY 1
Fuller, G.N. PINE VALLEY 9
Fuller, Henry PINE VALLEY 9
Fuller, Wm. PINE VALLEY 9
Fullman, August COLBY 3
Fullmer, D.J. LOYAL 2
Fullmer, R. UNITY 2
Fults, G.M. HIXON 1
Furlong, Edward HEWETT 1
Furlong, Jas. PINE VALLEY 1
Gaerin, Wm. YORK 1
Gallach, Samuel FREMONT 1
Gallahir, L.W> PINE VALLEY 6
Garber, Gottlieb GRANT 5
Garbisch, John GRANT 2
Garbusch, Gottleib GRANT 4
Garbush, August GRANT 5
Garfield, M.A. PINE VALLEY 2
Garg, John LYNN 2
Garin, Thos. PINE VALLEY 3
Garrett, James UNITY 2
Gates, Curtis EATON 1
Gates, Dan PINE VALLEY 7
Gates, Gilman SHERMAN 2
Gates, Jas. L. PINE VALLEY 5
Gates, Loren WESTON 1
Gates, Lorenzo WESTON 1
Gearing, edward LOYAL 4
Gearing, James LOYAL 4
Gebel, Joseph GRANT 4
Gerard, F. COLBY 1
Gergen, Wm. GRANT 1
Gerhard, Charles GRANT 2
Gerstaeker, W. MENTOR 5
Gerzmehl, Chris GRANT 4
Gerzmehl, Wm. GRANT 4
Getchel, D. SHERMAN 1
Gibson, Joseph HIXON 2
Gill, J. LEVIS 2
Gillett, O. COLBY 1
Gillilend, Geo. MENTOR 5
Glass, L.J. PINE VALLEY 11
Gleason, Geo. MENTOR 5
Glidden, H.H. YORK 1
Gloche, Henry GRANT 2
Glochie, Daniel GRANT 2
Goff, Henry HIXON 1
Goodwin, D. HIXON 2
Gorback, H. MENTOR 5
Gord, Wm. HIXON 1
Gosage, Adam MENTOR 5
Gosline, T. SHERMAN 2
Goss, W.C. LEVIS 1
Gouldheimer, J. PINE VALLEY 2
Graham, C.O. UNITY 1
Graves, Ira S. (sawmill) COLBY 1
Graves, John LOYAL 1
Graves, S.I. LOYAL 1
Gray, Jusha COLBY 3
Gray, Stephen COLBY 2
Gray, Wm. MENTOR 5
Greek, E.W. MENTOR 5
Green, Anson PINE VALLEY 7
Green, Geo. LOYAL 3
Green, Samuel EATON 1
Gregor, James PINE VALLEY 4
Griffith, Lenord SHERMAN 1
Grim, John UNITY 1
Grimes, T. MAYVILLE 1
Grimes, William COLBY 2
Grimm, J.C. LOYAL 1
Grimm, Peter LOYAL 1
Growbase, Wm. MENTOR 5
Growsbeck, G.W. PINE VALLEY 7
Gwin, Mary PINE VALLEY 3





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