Obit: McGinnis, Peter (1833 - 1914)

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----Source: CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) 09/03/1914, Newspaper accounts, cemetery records and research by Lani Bartelt & Marsha Hosfeld

McGinnis, Peter (29 Jun 1833 - 28 Aug 1914)

Peter McGinnis, one of the oldest residents of Clark County, passed away Friday, Aug. 28, 1914, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Kate Welsh, in this city.

He was born in St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. June 29, 1933, and grew up there. When a young man he went to California in the early days of the gold discoveries. He returned to N.Y. State and was married to Julia Welsh in 1855. Later he took another trip to California and returned. In 1869 he moved with his family to La Crosse, where they lived three years and then moved to the town of Sherwood Forest in this county, where he opened up a farm. The country was then a wilderness and Mr. McGinnis and his family underwent all the struggles of pioneer life. He was a man of immense energy and great industry and cleared up his farm and did a good business supplying lumber camps and working at logging. Ten years ago he moved to Neillsville, and before he had got settled in his home here, his wife died. For five years he made his home with his daughters, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Jorgenson, and then came back to Neillsville and lived with his daughter Mrs. Welsh till his death.

He was a man of sterling honesty and uprightness. He spoke fearlessly, no one ever doubting where he stood on any question on which he had opinions. He had seen much of the rougher side of life in the mining camps and lumber camps. He had met and dealt largely with the frontier class of men and knew how to hold his own among them; but all through his life there was a deep religious undertone, and in his later and quieter years this part of his nature came more and more to the surface. Though the infirmities of age bore hard upon him, he met them patiently and prayerfully, accepting with resignation life’s pains and burdens.

To him and his good wife were born twelve children, all of who grew to manhood and womanhood. Only two are deceased, Mrs. John Short and Mrs. Isham. The surviving children are Mrs. Kate Welsh and Mrs. Emery Bruley, Neillsville; P. J. McGinnis, Waukesha; Mrs. Shafer, Merrill; Frank of Portland, Ore.; Agnes of Seattle; Mrs. J.E. Phillips, Milwaukee; Will in Wash.; Lillian in Minneapolis; Mrs. L.C. Jorgenson of Green Bay. Deceased left also 22 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

The funeral was held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church Monday, Rev. A. Dorrenbach officiating.


Neillsville St Mary's Cemetery





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McGinnis, Agnes






Peter & Julia (Welsh) McGinnis


McGinnis, Julia



b. St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.

Peter McGinnis


Patrick & Nancy Welsh


McGinnis, Lillian Etta






Peter & Julia (Welsh) McGinnis


McGinnis, Peter



b. St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.

Julia Welsh




PATRICK J. McGINNIS, Researched by Marsha Hosfeld

----Source: The Clark Republican and Press Date: 9-24-1885

Miss Ella McGinnie, of Nevins, visited friends in the city last week.

Pat McGinnie, familiar known as "Duffie", of Sherwood Forest, was in the city last week.

----Source: 1918 History of Clark Co., Wisconsin

PETER MCGINNIS, a notable pioneer of Clark County, now deceased….

…and then, in 1872, came to Clark County, taking a homestead of 120 acres in Sherwood Forest, the tract being wild and heavily timbered. Building a small log house, he moved into it with his family, he and his wife having then ten children--Jennie, Catharine, Mary, Margaret, Patrick, Louise, Francis, Agnes, Ella and William. Two more children, Lillian and Leah, were later born in the little log house…


1870 United States Federal Census

Name: Patrick Mc Ginnis    Age in 1870: 6    Birth Year: abt 1864   Birthplace: New York

Home in 1870: Farmington, La Crosse, Wisconsin Post Office: Mindoro

Peter Mc Ginnis         36  NY  Farmer

Julia Mc Ginnis          35  NY

Jane Mc Ginnis          14  NY                  << Jennie (Mrs. John Short)

Catherine Mc Ginnis  13  NY                  << Catherine (Mrs. John Welsh)

Mary A Mc Ginnis     10  NY                  << Mary Ann (Mrs. George Henry Isham)

Margarit Mc Ginnis      8  NY                  << Maggie (Mrs. Emery Bruley)

Patrick Mc Ginnis       6  NY                  << married Eva Macomber / McComber

Louisa Mc Ginnis         5  NY                  << Louise (Mrs. George Burnell Shafer)

Frank Mc Ginnis           3  NY                  << attorney, Portland OR

Agnes Mc Ginnis          2  NY                      never married – teacher – Seattle WA

Ella Mc Ginnis        5/12  NY (in January)  << Ella (Mrs. James Phillips)


1880 United States Federal Census

Name: Patrick Mc Gennis   Age: 16   Birth Year: abt 1864   Birthplace: New York

Race: White    Gender: Male    Relation to Head of House: Son    Marital Status: Single

Father's Name: Peter Mc Gennis    Father's Birthplace: New York

Mother's Name: Julia Mc Gennis   Mother's Birthplace: New York

Home in 1880: Sherwood Forest, Clark, Wisconsin

Peter Mc Gennis         46

Julia Mc Gennis          44

Patrick Mc Gennis    16

Louisa B. Mc Gennis  15

Frank E. Mc Gennis   14

Agnes Mc Gennis       12

Ella M. Mc Gennis     10

Willie H. Mc Gennis    8               << WA

Lillie E. Mc Gennis      6               << Lillian Etta – never married – teacher / nurse

Eva L. Mc Gennis        3                << Leah (Mrs. Louis Jorgenson)


1900 United States Federal Census

Name: Peter Maginnis    Age: 32    Birth Date: Nov 1867    Birthplace: New York

Race: White    Gender: Male    Relation to Head of House: Son-in-law

Married   Spouse's Name: Eva Maginnis    Marriage Year: 1892  

Years Married: 8 (4 May 1892, La Crosse Co., WI, “Patsy J. Mcginnis & Eva Macumber”)

Father's Birthplace: New York    Mother's Birthplace: New York

Home in 1900: La Crosse Ward 6, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Head   George W Macumber   54  NY-NY-NJ   Apr 1846   M 12yr    Printer (?)

Wife   Alma Macumber           45  NY-VT-NJ   Jun 1854     M 12yr   1 of 1 child living

Son-in-law   Peter Maginnis    32  NY-NY-NY   Nov 1867   M 8yr    Cashier -Railroad

Daughter      Eva Maginnis      29  NY-NY-NY   Nov 1870   M 8yr    0 children

Nephew        Ralph Sandford  18  NY-NY-NY   May 1882   Single    Shipping Clerk


1905 Wisconsin, State Census

Name: Patrick J Mc Genneis    Census Date: 1 Jun 1905

Birth Location: New York        Marital Status: Married

Gender: Male    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1867    Race: White

Relation: Son-In-Law    Spouse's Name: Eva Mc Genneis

Line: 38    Roll: CSUSAWI1905_16

Locality: La Crosse, Residence County: La Crosse, Wisconsin

Head   Geo W Macumber    62  NY-NY    Painter

Wife    Alma Macumber       52  Canada-VT-NJ

s-in-law   Patrick J Mc Genneis  38  NY-NY   Clerk –R.R.

Dau         Eva Mc Genneis          32  NY-NY-Canada

Gr dau     Lucile A Mcginness      3  WI-NY                     b. 13 Oct 1901, La Crosse Co., WI

Gr son     Earl G Mc Genneis        1  WI-NY                     b.  8 Dec 1903, La Crosse Co., WI


1910 United States Federal Census

Name: Peter A [Mc Ginnis]    Age in 1910: 44   Birth Year: abt 1866   Birthplace: New York

Race: White    Gender: Male    Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)

Marital Status: Married    Spouse's Name: Eva Mary Mc Ginnis

Father's Birthplace: New York    Mother's Birthplace: New York

Home in 1910: Waukesha Ward 4, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Head   Peter A Mc Ginnis      44   NY-NY-NY   M1   17 yrs    Agent –Station N.W. RR

Wife   Eva Mary Mc Ginnis    38   NY-NY-Canada   M1   17 yrs   2 of 2 children living

Dau    Lucille Mc Ginnis        8   WI-WI-WI

Son    Earl Mc Ginnis             6   WI-NY-NY

Mother-in-law   Alma Macomber          56   Canada-VT-NJ   M2  20 yrs   1 of 1 child living

Father-in-law    George W Mccomber   67   NY-NY-NY   M2  20 yrs   Flagman-Railroad

Roomer   Eva M Thayer          28   WI-WI-WI    Teacher –Public School

Roomer   Louisa N Ortt           28   WI-WI-NY   Teacher –Public School

Roomer   John B Wentworth   20   WI-WI-WI   Wire Chief (?) –Telephone Office


1920 United States Federal Census

Name: P J Mc Ginnis    Age: 55   Birth Year: abt 1865   Birthplace: Wisconsin

Race: White   Gender: Male   Relation to Head of House: Head

Marital Status: Married          Spouse's Name: Eva Mcguinis

Father's Birthplace: New York    Mother's Birthplace: New York

Home owned: Own    Able to Read/Write: Yes/Yes

Home in 1920: Waukesha Ward 1, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Head  P J Mcguinis       55  WI-NY-NY    Depot Agent - Railroad

Wife  Eva Mcguinis     46  NY-NY-NY     Clerk-Depot - Railroad

Dau   Lucile Mcguinis 18  WI-WI-NY

Son    Earl Mcguinis     16  WI-WI-NY

Lodger   Helen Lobin        30  SD-USA-USA    Teacher (?)


1930 United States Federal Census

Name: Patrick J Mc Ginnis    Gender: Male   Birth Year: abt 1870   Birthplace: New York

Race: White    Marital Status: Married    Relation to Head of House: Head

Father's Birthplace: New York   Mother's Birthplace: New York

Occupation: Station Agent – C.&N.W. Railroad    Rent/home value: Own 8000

Age at first marriage: Patrick 32, Eva 30

Home in 1930: Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Head  Patrick J Mc Ginnis      60  NY-NY-NY

Wife  Eva Mc Ginnis              58  NY-NY-NY

Son    G Earl Mc Ginnis          26  WI-NY-NY

Lodger  Augusta Klinger        46  Germany   Imm: 1883   Teacher–Public School


1940 United States Federal Census

Name: Pat Mc Ginnes    Respondent: Yes    Age: 73    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1867

Gender: Male    Race: White   Birthplace: New York

Marital Status: Married    Relation to Head of House: Head  

Street: Bethesda Court     House Number: 411    Farm: No

Inferred Residence in 1935: Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin   Resident on farm in 1935: No

Sheet Number: 12B    Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 271

House Owned or Rented: Owned    Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 7000

Attended School or College: No      Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 8th grade

Weeks Worked in 1939: 0     Income: 0     Income Other Sources: Yes

Home in 1940: Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Head        Pat Mc Ginnes      73  NY

Wife        Eva Mc Ginnes     66  NY

Roomer   Irene Hoenig         26  WI

Roomer   Reno Mc Cordia   22  SD

Patrick J McGinnis, Birth: 1864, Death: 1947

    Family links: Spouse: Eva McComber McGinnis (1871 - 1944)

    Inscription: Father, Plot: Section B

Eva McComber McGinnis, Birth: 1871, Death: Sep. 30, 1944

    Family links: Spouse: Patrick J McGinnis (1864 - 1947)

    Inscription: Mother, Plot: Block 8 Section B Row 3 Grave 6

Burial: Saint Joseph Cemetery, Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USA



P. J. McGinnis, 84, Dies in East

   Patrick J. McGinnis, 84, an early Waukesha railroad agent, died in Philadelphia yesterday.  He had been living in the east with his daughter, Mrs. Charles Hawks, Jr., Wynnewood, Pa., formerly of Horicon and Waukesha.

   McGinnis was identified with the Chicago and North Western railway for 49 years previous to his retirement August 1, 1937, and had been the Waukesha station agent for 30 years.  He was succeeded by H. B. Schuppener, the present agent.

   Born Dec. 27, 1863, in St. Lawrence county, N. Y., McGinnis came to Waukesha shortly after the turn of the century.  The Madison division of the C. & N. W. had been constructed in 1881 and gave Waukesha its second railroad.  McGinnis held the local agency for the railroad many years longer than any other assigned to that position.  He was long identified as a Democrat and took an interest in county political issues.

Services Here Wednesday

   Funeral services will be held in Waukesha Wednesday at 9 a.m. in St. Joseph’s church and burial will be in the church cemetery.  The body will arrive in Waukesha tomorrow afternoon and friends may call at the Randle funeral home Tuesday evening.  A Knights of Columbus vigil will be held in the funeral home at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday in conjunction with a parish vigil.

   McGinnis is survived by one son, Earl, of Milwaukee, and his daughter, Mrs. Hawks, and four grandchildren.  Mrs. Eva McGinnis, his wife, died three years ago.  They formerly lived at 411 Bethesda ct.



1850 United States Federal Census

Name: Peter McGinnis    Age: 18   Birth Year: abt 1832   Birthplace: New York

Gender: Male    Family Number: 855

Home in 1850: Madrid, Saint Lawrence, New York

Thomas McGinnis      58  Ireland    Farmer    $660

Catherine McGinnis   50  Ireland

James McGinnis         30  Ireland    Farmer

Peter McGinnis          18  NY

Thomas McGinnis      16  NY          Farmer

Patrick McGinnis        24  Ireland    Farmer

Mary Dargon               20  Ireland


1860 United States Federal Census

Name: Peter Mcgennis   Age in 1860: 26   Birth Year: abt 1834   Birthplace: New York

Gender: Male   Post Office: Waddington   Value of real estate: 450    Farmer

Home in 1860: Waddington, Saint Lawrence, New York

Peter Mcgennis              26  NY

Julia Mcgennis               24  NY

Jane Mcgennis                 4  NY

Catherine Mcgennis         3  NY

Mary Ann Mcgennis   9/12  NY

Thomas Mcgennis        65  Ireland

Julia Mcgraw                70  Ireland


Newspaper Articles, Transcribed by Lani Bartelt,




Oct 28,1880, Neil True Rep - PETER MCGINNIS, living near the town line between Washburn and Sherwood Forest raised a log house last week.




Jan 6,1881 - Shortville, Washburn Twp., Clark Co., Wisconsin

The dance at P. McGinnis' place Saturday night might kept some of the Shortville Christians out till the wee small hours of Sabbath morn. That fellow with the horns was supposed to be the one to blame.



Aug 3,1882, CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.)  - A NEW LODGE - A lodge of the I.O.G.T .(Independent Order of Good Templars - promoters of sobriety) was instituted, at Nevins, in the town of Sherwood Forest, August 1st, by John S. Dore, State Deputy. The new lodge opens with a good membership and numbers among its' members some of who heretofore been among those who were strongly opposed to the temperance work. The following list is a officers elected and installed - W.C.T. - Daniel C Sparks, W.V.T. - Mary LaFlesh, W.Chap - Jas. Phillips, W.R.S.- Henry F. Randall, W.A.S. Mary J Blanchard: W.F.S. - Patrick McGinnis: W.T.- T.J. LaFlesh: W.M. - Richard Crocker: W.D.M. - Geo. Robinson: W.I.G. - Agnes McGinnis: W.O.G. - Willie LaFlesh: R.H.S. - S. Ellis: L.H.S.- Mrs. Lizzy LaFlesh; P.W.C.T.- John Phillips.



CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.)- Oct 12 1886 - P. (Peter) McGinnis, of Sherwood Forest, was a pleasant caller at this office last week. While coming to town and but a short distance from home, he says four wild cats crossed the road a little ahead of him. He reports wolfs and bears very numerous in his section.



CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) - Nov 19 1891 - A pig belonging to P McGinnis who lives in Sherwood Forest came home one day last week with a leg cut off and one of his neighbors had a three year old steer come home with a leg broken, both of which in all probablilities was caused by getting into a bear trap somewhere in the neighborhood.



CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) - Aug 8, 1895 - On account of old age I wish to dispose of my farm in the Town of Sherwood Forest, consisting of 120 acres, with 50 acres cleared of stumps, and the balance suitable for pasturage and hay,crops, a good frame house, with barns and other improvements, four good horses, thirteen head of cattle, fifty sheep and farm implements, reaper, mower, wagons etc. All on reasonable terms Peter McGinnis Nevins, WI.


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