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The photos on this page are courtesy of Jennifer Polnaszek. If you have more information, you may contact her. Also visit her Bermuda Genealogy web site.

Among the surnames you'll find here are Polnaszek (Polniaszek), Strzok, Bogumill, Koscielski, Alger, Manicke, Kinast, and Kobylarczyk.

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Polnaszek Family Tree (PDF file) Clicking the link to the left will download what we think is an accurate family tree for the Polnaszeks of Thorp, Wisconsin. This is a PDF file. You'll need the free Adobe Reader to open it, if you don't have it already.
Two of John Polnaszek's inventions are on this page, a Grain Unloading Device, and a Waving Iron for hair.   Wedding Photo: Peter Polnaszek and Evelyn Koscielski of Thorp, 1928. Peter is the son of Paul Polniaszek.
Paul Polniaszek with grandson Eddie Polnaszek in foreground, on the family farm in town of Withee, c 1922.   Nick Strzok and Jenny (Genevieve) Polnaszek married 1924
Paul and Jadwiga Polniaszek, daughter-in-law Elizabeth (Bogumill), child  Eddie (b1922), son Tom, son Peter, daughter Jenny, and son Frank. c1922   Julia Kobylarczk obituary
Mary Frances Polnaszek & Peter Paul Strzok wedding 1913   Mary Frances Polnaszek and date?
Ida Strzok (daughter of Mary (Polnaszek) & Peter Paul Strzok), married Gerald Carlson c1938   Musicians: Peter P Strzok w/ accordion, John Paul Polnaszek far right, c. 1910's
John Paul Polniaszek (son of Paul P) & Boleslaw (Bella) Balcer (daughter of Antoni Balcer and Francizka Bolen of Poland and  lived in Thorp), wedding 1913 in Thorp   Genevieve (Jenny Polniaszek who married ? Strzok, and a friend
Hay wagon c 1920. Unknown riders.   Kathryn "Dudie" Bogumill and Kathy Ciolkiewicz at the Polnaszek family farm, c 1930's
Elizabeth Bogumill Polnaszek (spouse Thomas, father Jos Bogumill),  c. 1916   George Polnaszek, son of Tom & Eliz (Bogumill) Polnaszek (1924-1977)
The high school basketball team c 1938/1939 at Thorp   a high school team at Thorp (gym class/basketball/volleyball??) c. late 1930's
football practice at Thorp High c1939   Football team at Thorp High c 1939
Jadwiga (Hattie Kabara) Polniaszek, wife of Paul, w/ grandsons Eddie and George Polnaszek on the family farm in the town of Withee c 1924    The Polniaszek (later Polnaszek) family group c 1927. L-R Tom & Elizabeth (Bogumill), Mary (P) Strzok & spouse behind, mother Jadwiga (Kabara) P, Jenny (P) Strzok & spouse behind, Paul Polniaszek (father) in back, Frank P, Peter P. Children include 2 of Tom & Eliz (Ed & George) and 2 of Jenny's or Mary's ( Ida & Harvey?)
Eddie Polnaszek (son of Thomas and grandson of Paul Polnaszek), in 1922 on the family farm in the town of Withee   Elizabeth Bogumill Polnaszek left (daughter of Joseph S Bogumill and wife of Thomas P) and children Eddie and George on the family farm, town of Withee, c. 1925. Don't know who the person on left is.
Eddie and George Polnaszek on the family farm of grandad Paul & Jadwiga (Hattie) Polniaszek, town of Withee, WI   Cyril and Martha Alger marriage
Bernice Strzok (daughter of john and Marianna (Polnaszek) Strzok) married Kinast (date?). She was born between 1894 and 1911.   Lucy Helen Bogumill (daughter of Joseph Strzok) and husband Stanley Joseph Manicke, married 9/8/1915, and children- Stanley, Marjorie Lucy, Paul Richard, Lillian, Daniel Eugene, Jack James, Donna, Beverly Joan, and Sandra.
Peter and Mary Strzok and chilren, date unknown.   Tom and Liz (Bogumill) Polnaszek wedding.
Tom & date (Thomas Polnaszek son of Paul and wife is Elizabeth Bogumill)   Tom and Elizabeth (Liz Bogumill) Polnaszek wedding, 1919.
Tom Polnaszek, about 1918.   Tom Polnaszek deer camp.
Val Bogumill- Valentine Bogumill was a brother to Joseph S Bogumill who settled in Clark County- Valentine never came -this is a census record from out west.   Eddie Polnaszek owned the Cardinal Bowl in Thorp, c 1940s. There is a picture of Cardinal Bowl and one of Eddie at the bar on this page here.
Thomas Polnaszek death certificate.   Thomas Polnaszek Obituary

Mystery Photos

This is a wedding picture that Elizabeth Bogumill Polnaszek had in her pictures- we can't ID it. Can you?   Mystery Solved- August 2, 2007! Click the photo to find out the answer
An old logging picture from Grandpa Tom Polnaszek's collection... we speculate that a family member is in the group but who knows???      

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