Warner Township

First Land Owner Map Index

Transcribed by Allan Wessel.  Email with any additions or corrections.

Section 6 Section 5 Section 4 Section 3 Section 2 Section 1
Reber, Fred Abner, Giles & N.B. Holway Rodolf, Theodore Chase, Charles Woodman, Cyrus Weston, Samuel
King and Brooks Morgan, Thomas L. Whitcomb, Elias K. Woodman, Cyrus Chase, Charles Hackett, Jacob M.
Pounder, Thomas Root, William C. Cargill and Moffet Neville, Martin Mead, Julia A. Woodman, Cyrus
Gile and Holway Ranstead, Marcus Morgan, Thomas L. Mead, Wiliam H. Hackett, Jacob M. Spies, Adam W.
Hackett, Jacob M.   Reynolds, Benjamin W.   Mead, W. H. King, George W.
    Mead, W. H.   Whitcomb, Elias K.  
    Woodman, Cyrus   Weston, Samuel  
        Hacket, Samuel W.  
Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Section 10 Section 11 Section 12
Abner, Giles & Halway Root, William C. Hackett, Jacob M. Eastman, Lorenzo T.S. & Hoseley, David Woodman, Cyrus
A & D Mcmilian Bagley, W. H. Shepperd, Andrew Whitcomb, Elias K. Spies, Adam W. Hayden, Isaac D.
Woodman, Cyrus Huntzicker, George Valentine, John Hixon & Withee Hasley, David Spies, Adam W.
Hanscome, Charles G. Cargill & Moffatt Whitcomb, Elias Hoseley, David Morgan, Thomas L. Whitcomb, Elias K.
Hackett, Jacob M.   Tompkins, Jones Hackett & Ross Hayden, Isaac D. Woodman, Cyrus
    Eastman, Lorenzo Hackett, Jacob M. Whitcomb, Elias K.  
    Rodolf, Theodore Julius, Edward    
      Pounder, Thomas    
Section 18 Section 17 Section 16 Section 15 Section 14 Section 13
Root, W. C. Woodman, Cyrus State of Wisconsin Marr, Dennis W. Woodman, Cyrus Corwith, Henry
Chamberlain, Eli Markham, Moms   Woodman, Cyrus Spies, Adam W.  
Lord, Isaac Watson, William B.   Smith, D. W. Dewhurst, Maria S.  
Gile & Holway     Lavine, F.    
Markham, Moms     Tower, John    
Woodman, Cyrus     Eastman, Lorenzo D.    
Steele, LThomas          
Section 19 Section 20 Section 21 Section 22 Section 23 Section 24
Steele, Thomas Spies, Adam W. Cutter, Nelson Whitcomb, Elias K. Whitcomb, Elias K. M. S. Dewhurst
Cramer, Howard Patter, Charles Velie, Avanor E. Lewis, Emmanuel Mead, William H. Maria S. Dewhurst
Patter, Chares Drinkwine, Larry Eastman, Lorenzo D. Woodman, Cyrus Woodman, Cyrus Miller, Thomas
Watson, William B. Watson, William B. Woodman, Clyrus Glae, George Dewhurst, M. W. Corwith, Henry
  Cutter, Nelson   Munson, Isaac B. Sheppard, Andrew Honeywell, Mary M.
        Valentine, John Corwith, Nathan
          Shepperd, Andrew
          Valentine, John
Section 30 Section 29 Section 28 Section 27 Section 26 Section 25
Hutchinson, William T. Baldwin, Daniel Sharp, John Woodman, Cyrus Chase, Charles C. Shepperd, Andrew
Fales, William E. Lord, Isaac Mckinley, James Weston, Samuel F. Weston, Samuel F. Valentine, John
Eaton, Ralph H Snaford, Ephraium Woodman Cyrus Honeywell, S. C. Woodman, Cyrus Dewhurst, M. S.
Christy, Jacob Sharp, John Eastman, Lorenzo D. Whitcomb, Elias K. Crossett, E. W.  
Morse, John   Clark, Isaac S. Woodman Cyrus Pounder, Thomas  
Lord, Isaac   Anderson, Peter   Pounder, John, and Smith  
Davis, Joseph B.       Shepperd, Andrew  
Baldwin, Daniel       Valentine, John  
Eaton, Ralph          
Section 31 Section 32 Section 33 Section 34 Section 35 Section 36
Rodolf, Charles G. Eaton, Ralph Vanderhoff, Nathan Ostrum, Jerome B. Lambert, Samuel Richelieu, Carl
Mores, John Schwarze, Henry Spies, Adam W. Clark, Moses Woodman, Cyrus Larsen, Anthony
Fales, William E. Homstad, Elias B. Rodolf, Theodore Rodolf, Theodroe Reed, John Larson, Christian
Weed, Enoch, D. W. O'Neil, James Smith, D. W. Whitemore, John Andrew Shepperd Woodman, Cyrus
Eaton, Ralph King, George W. Clark Moses Shepperd, Andrew Valentine, John  
  Vanderhoff, Nathan McKinley, James Valentine, John    
    Woodman, Cyrus Woodman, Cyrus