Warner Township

Clark County, Wisconsin

Warner Township Pioneers

By Sharon Short & the Clark Co., WI History Buffs

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HOMMEL family, Warner township

The "Hummel" and "Hommel" families are entirely separate entities whose surnames were frequently confused in various records. The "mil" instead of "mel" ending appears to only have been used in the 1905 census, and occasionally their were two "l" on the ending, i.e. "Hommell"

Hommel Bible

  Hommel Family Bible Births (Click to Enlarge).

HOMMEL, Etta (2 Mar. 1862 - 20 Dec. 1891); Funeral Card found in the Hommel family photo album.

1880 sec 19 C. H. Hommel (adjoined Steel property, Charlotte nee Steele Hommel?)

HOMMEL, John W. (30 Dec 1852 - 31 Jan 1927)

Jan 31 1927, J. W. Hommel died suddenly at his home on Grand Avenue in Neillsville. Although he had been in poor health for some time, his death came as a shock to the people of this city. Just a year ago he underwent a severe operation at the hospital, but regained considerable strength and was active... up to Saturday night. Mr. Hommel was born on Long Island, N.Y., Dec 30, 1852, and came with his parents when a small boy to La Crosse Co. When he was about 17 years of age he came to Clark Co and worked as a blacksmith at Staffordville for some time. Later he worked at this trade in lumber camps, and established a shop in Neillsville... Soon after the city was incorporated he was appointed City Marshal and for many years held that office, later receiving the title of Chief of Police. He was also Street Commissioner, performing for some time the duties of the two offices. In later years taking particular interest in Schuster Park, for which he constructed a large amount of play apparatus for the children and other valuable conveniences for the public. He early took an interest in military matters and joined the local militia company in the service of the state, March 22, 1882, On May 16, 1887, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant; on Nov. 14, 1887, a First Lieutenant, and received his commission as Captain on May 22, 1891. He kept up the efficiency of the organization and went out as Captain of Co. A. at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War and served throughout the war. During his Puerto Rican service in this war he was appointed Commissioner for the U. S. to take over for our government the barracks, hospitals, and other Spanish property, which was done formally at Cayey Sept. 25, 1898. Capt. Hommel received special recognition while in Puerto Rico, being presented with a sword by the mayor

HOMMEL, Lulu (22 Feb 1878 - 14 Feb 1915)

Lulu Hommel died at the city hospital, St. Paul, Feb 14, 1915, death resulting from tuberculosis, complicated with other diseases... Her father, Maj. J.W. Hommel, went to St. Paul and was with her before she died. Lulu Marie Hommel was born in Neillsville, Clark Co, Feb 22, 1878 and spent all her girlhood days here... she took a business course, and became bookkeeper at the furniture factory, where she worked for several years. Later she kept books in N.D., traveled for some time as a saleslady for a drug firm, and for some time past was bookkeeper in a millinery store at St. Paul. Besides her father and stepmother, she leaves one sister, Mrs. V.C. (Nina/Mina) Woelffer of this city and a brother Placido, who is a medical student in Chicago. The funeral was held at the Woelffer home.

HOMMEL, John W.  marriage 19 May 1872
Married, at the parsonage in Neillsville, Clark Co, John W. Hommel to Miss Lottie J. Steele, both of Eaton, Clark County, Wis.

Jan 24 1895: Last Sunday evening while Mr. and Mrs. Hommel were making a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Luethe, Mrs. Hommel was taken with some heart trouble and was unable to be removed to her home. Source: The Clark Republican and Press Date

August 1902: J. W. Hommel has rented the Ring & Youmans building on Fifth Street. He is fitting it up for a bowling alley. An addition of 20 feet is being built at the rear of the building. There will be three lanes and it will be run in first-class shape.

HOMMEL, Charlotte J. "Lottie" nee Steele (25 Dec 1854 - 28 June 1903)

Charlotte J. Hommel, wife of J.W. Hommel, died at their home in this city (Neillsville) June 28, 1903. For several years her health had been very poor and for the past month it was apparent that she was rapidly growing worse in spite of all that medical skill and the best of care could do for her. Deceased was born at Plymouth, Sheboygan Co, Wis., Dec 25 1854, being the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Steele. At the age of fifteen (1869) she came with her parents to Clark Co, the family settling in the town of Warner, where they resided many years. May 19, 1872, she was married to J.W. Hommel and has lived in Neillsville ever since. She leaves her husband, two grown up daughters and adopted son, her father, three brothers, Thomas S., Will and Arthur, and six sisters, Mrs. R. A. (Hine or Catherine ?) Burss, Mrs. George (Mary) Smith, Mrs. C. (Ida) Richeau, Mrs. Wm. (Louise) Seely, Mrs. B. R. (Elizabeth) Rusch and Mrs. H. (Alice Maude) Aucutt. During her long illness she has been the object of the tenderest care on the part of husband and daughters, and Placido, the little boy who returned from Puerto Rico with Maj. Hommel and was adopted into the family, gave her the affection of a son. The funeral was held from the family home.

HOMMEL, John W.  marriage  13 Sep 1905

A military wedding took place on Wednesday night unknown to many United Spanish War veteran who were in the city to attend the national encampment. Maj. J.W. Hommel, Neillsville, Clark Co, and Mrs. Ida Carnegie, Portage, arrived in the city and were married at the Grand Av. Congregational Church. The bride was the widow of Maj. George Carnegie, an officer of the Third regiment, Wis. National Guard, who died nine years ago. Major Hommel also was an officer of the Third regiment and saw service in the Puerto Rico campaign. He was a widower with two daughters.... (Milwaukee Free Press)

HOMMEL, Ida May nee Allen (8 Sept. 1865 - 19 Oct. 1940)

Mrs. Ida May Allen Hommel was born at Rio, Wis., Sept. 8, 1865, and passed away in her home on October 19, 1940, following a lingering illness, the last few months during which she was cared for by Mrs. Ted Gall. She was united in marriage to George C. Carnegie on June 15, 1881. They made their home in Portage, Wis. One son, Harry, who passed away in 1903, was born to this union. Mr. Carnegie passed away at Nashville, Tenn. Her marriage to John W. Hommel took place in Milwaukee on September 6, 1905. Since that date the departed made her home in Neillsville. This union was broken by the death of Mr. Hommel Jan. 31, 1927....

Seattle, Wash, Sept. 28, 1938

Mr. Kin Andrews Colby, Wis.

Dear Friend Kin:--Mr. A. J. Beardsley forwarded your letter to me, referring to Ed Hommel of Ironwood, Wis. He got his wires crossed somehow, and got the right man in the wrong place. I will never disown good old Greenwood, and would give my right eye to go down old Black river with an old fashioned log drive along with you and the rest of the old boys, a pretty good bunch of old slough bears, if I do say it myself...Well, I am the last of the original Hommel family. I was 74 years old last June and am still going some. I am working for the Pioneer Transportation Co., and the Pioneer Sand and Gravel Co. Have been working for them 19 years. Have been watchman for the last 9 years, watching boats, tug boats, scows, building materials, gravel, bunkers, concrete mixing and Plant. They let me be my own boss. This will be my last job and they know they can depend on me, so they give me a good deal of letting alone. Edd Hommel 3508 Meridian Ave., Seattle, Wash.

HOMSTED family, Warner township

1875 census: Homestead, E. B.; 6 male, 1 female

1880 sec 32 residence E. B. Homsted (1893 = F. Wehrman property)

No "Homestead" or "Homstad" only "Homsted".  Possibly Evelyn nee Furguson, wife of August Homsted. Family lived in Dorchester. Also tried Huckstead but that family lived in Pleasant Ridge.

HONEYWELL family, Warner township

1860 Weston township census Honeywell, Stephen C. Head M W 39 6 born living Canada Farmer 800 800

1875 Warner township census: Honeywell, John; 2 male, 1 female

1875 Eaton census: Honeywell, S.C. 2 male 3 female; Honeywell, O.S. 1 male 1 female

Honeywell, Ira 1 male 3 female; Honeywell, J.A. 2 male 2 female

1895 Eaton township census: Honeywell Hannah, Mrs. 1 male 2 female

1880 Warner sec 24 no residence M. A. Honeywell

1893 Warner sec 24 no residence M. M. Honeywell (1906 = Geo F Harlow)

"...Stephen Case Honeywell, who was an outstanding character of the early days, had married Charlotte Andrews in Canada. They had four children, Mary, (who named Greenwood), Hannah, John and Priscilla. In April 1870, Mrs. Honeywell died and at her request was buried on the hill near Black River now the cemetery. Mr. Honeywell later married Mary Odgers, an aunt of Isadore Shields. They had two children, Allie and Sid. They moved to, Minnesota, taking up a homestead where the second Mrs. Honeywell died and Case was again married (c1880) to Mrs. Fanny Warner. They came to Greenwood for their honeymoon. Case (b. c1820) now was about sixty years old, and a crowd of the younger generation, seeking fun, got together to give him a charivari.

Case started to leave town, thinking to escape the crowd, but they followed, banging their saws, cowbells, shotguns, etc. On reaching Chet Olson's dam on Rock Creek, Case sat on a log to rest. It was a fine, moonlight night and the merry-makers followed him to Loyal and back, reaching home at broad daylight and receiving nothing for their night's entertainment. Case was very fond of leeks and every spring would go to the home of John Cox for a feast of them, Mrs. Cox, a niece of his first wife, frying them for him. One time he went to Neillsville the day after a feast and was told that if he ever came there again so perfumed they would lock him in jail....." The Hub of Clark County (1853 - 1934)

"...Honeywell early settler came in 1856. First house built in Greenwood by S. Case Honeywell 1858. In 1865 Greenwood named by May Honeywell. In 1871 Honeywell first blacksmith. Stephen Case Honeywell was the outstanding character. First marriage among settler? John Honeywell and Rachel Hodges 1871. First death Mrs. Charlotte (C.S.) 1871 Mrs. C.S. Honeywell - mother of settler Otto Behrens...." (No relationship between the Honeywell and Behrens families found, Otto Behrens' mother was Sophia Behrens Roseman.) Memories of Theresa Funk (1888-1985)

 "...The first marriage among these early settlers was that of John Honeywell and Rachel Hodges in the fall of 1871. The first death was that of Mrs. Charlotte Honeywell (Mrs. S. C.) in 1870...." The Hub of Clark Co. 1853-1934 chapter 11

Clark Co. Marriages, pre-1907

Honeywell, J. A. and Hodges, Rachel 3 Oct. 1871 page 47 vol 1

Honeywell, Ira and Honeywell, Hannah 24 March 1874 page 71 vol 1

Honeywell, Chas H. and Stewerwald, William (Wilhelmina) M. 28 Aug. 1881 page168 vol 1

HONEYWELL, Charles marriage  28 Aug 1881

Married, at the M.E. Parsonage, Greenwood, Clark Co, Wis. Aug. 28, 1881, by Rev. C.C. Swartz, Mr. Chas. Honeywell to Miss Wilhemina M. Stewerwald, all of Eaton, Wis.

"...William Cornick, Christ Vates, Christ Wollenberg, a Mr. Moss, first jeweler, Len Eastman, Mike O'Connell, Phillip and Paul Rosmnan, Hastings Baird, Mr. Gosnold, Edward Mitchell, who had seven wives; the three Miller brothers, Charley, Tom and Ed., who married the three Honeywell sisters; the Hewetts, McKinzies, Bill Pounder, Bill Abbott, Dr. G. L. Buland, the second doctor; E. T. Burch, H. H. Hartson, Fritz Gaaretz and Pete Klein. Alfred Dingley came in 1881...." The Hub of Clark Co. 1853-1934 chapter 11

"...Case Honeywell had a mill on Gile Creek, 3 -miles north of Greenwood (Gile Creek traverses Warner sec 23 and sec 22 where it empties into Black River). The Coleman Lumber Company, Gibson, Schofield, Withee, Miller Bros., The Island Lumber Company, Washburn, and many others had camps along the river; not to mention the "Owl Lumber Company", which worked nights and -operated on any "long forty." It is estimated that 2,500 men were employed on Black River during the height of the season...In 1861, which was the first year of the Civil War, Stephen C. Honeywell located on the present site of Greenwood, cleared a good farm, making it the headquarters of his lumbering business. He carried on his lumber business extensively and was one of the most successful operators of that early period..." January 18, 1963 Greenwood Gleaner Bustling Lumbering Community

"...The first merchant here was S. C. Honeywell who kept a small stock of goods in his home--the log house built by C. W. Carpenter. Later he and his son John moved their merchandise into a house across the road about where the Catholic parsonage now stands, later called the Tom Syth building. In 1870 "Chandler and Brown" of Black River Falls rented Honeywell's store for one year and then built and moved into a building on the lot where the Picus store now is...." The Hub of Clark County (1853 - 1934)

March 17, 1882: J. A. Honeywell, who has been to Spencer in business for the last two years is now moving back to his old home in Greenwood. Neillsville Times Greenwood

May 1882: A. S. Eaton has bought the residence and farm of J. A. Honeywell, in Greenwood, for the consideration of $3,500. Sometime during this season, he will subdivide a portion of the land into lots to be placed upon the market.

Mar 30, 1882: Mrs. Bowerman (sister of Stephen Case Honeywell, both children of Ira Honeywell) who has been very sick, is reported convalescent. Mrs. C (Charlotte, wife of Stephen Case Honeywell) Honeywell is rapidly recovering from a severe attack of congestion of the lungs.


June 2, 1882: Mrs. Smith Honeywell, from Dak. is in Greenwood for a visit. She has today sold her house and lot here to P. M. Stevens, our village harness maker. Neillsville Times


July 24, 1884: Mr. Shehan has sold his pleasant home in town to Mr. Charles Honeywell, and has moved to his farm north of Greenwood. Miss P. A. Honeywell from Spencer, is in town visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Thomas (Olivia Honeywell) Miller is very sick. The Clark Republican and Press GREENWOOD

January 1898: Charlie Honeywell drove his horses and a cutter, carrying a jolly load of people, to Withee on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart, James Bryden, L. Sperbeck, G. W. Bishop, F. Taylor and F. M. Carter, all of Greenwood and Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Jones of Black River Falls, accompanied Honeywell to participate in a surprise party for Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Royer. They helped Royers celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Clark Co Press

 "...As far as we are able to ascertain the charter members of the first church or society were: Case and Charlotte Honeywell, John and Mary Honeywell, Stephen Andrews, Hattie Andrews, Caleb and Jane Edmonds, Charles and Mrs. Carpenter, John and Mrs. Hannah (nee Honeywell) Bowerman, Miss Lydia Bowerman, and Lorinda Andrews..." HISTORY OF GRACE M. E. CHURCH; Greenwood, Clark Co., WI

"... There was already one grave on the land when it was bought for a cemetery, that of Mrs. Charlotte Honeywell who died April 4, 1870. She expressed the wish to be buried on the knoll near Black River and her relatives carried out her wish...." History of the Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood cemetery: Charlotte B. Honeywell 3-10-1820/4-4-1870, parents Job & Hannah nee Baker Andrews, m. 12-29-1844 to Stephen Case Honeywell; John Honeywell March 1811/11-2-1877, m. 1836 Catherine nee Halstead; Enoch Honeywell, d. 1878, no birthdate or parents listed; Rachel Honeywell 6-28-1850/1-27-1879, parents Wlm & Margaret Hodges, m. 1871 John A. Honeywell; Catherine Honeywell June 1816/9-13-1889, parents = Halstead, m. 1836 John Honeywell; Hannah Bowerman 11-26-1807/4-28-1891, parents Ira & Polly nee Andrews Honeywell, m. 8-3-1846 John Bowerman; Olivia Miller 3-22-1842/4-11-1895, parents John & Catherine Halstead Honeywell, m. Thomas Miller (no date); Mary Miller 11-19-1839/2 Jan 1906, parents John & Catherine Halstead Honeywell, m. 3-11-1862 Edward Miller; Hannah Honeywell 2-19-1844/2-4-1937, parents John & Catherine nee Halstead Honeywell, never married; Katie Honeywell, no dates or parents listed; Raymond Honeywell, infant, no dates or parents listed.

HONEYWELL, Rachel nee Hodges (1850 - 27 Jan 1879)

Died, at Greenwood, Jan. 27, 1879, Rachel, wife of John A. Honeywell, aged 28 years. He is left with three little children to mourn her loss.

HONEYWELL, Hannah (19 Feb 1844 -4 Dec 1937)

Funeral services were held for Miss Hannah Honeywell, 93-year old Greenwood, Clark Co pioneer, (who died Nov 2, 1937 per one obit) who passed away December 4, 1937 (per another obit, also the cemetery date), at the John Arends home as a result of old age complications. The rites were held at the Schiller funeral home. Burial took place in the Greenwood Cemetery. Miss Honeywell was born Feb. 19, 1844, near Ottowa, Canada. In 1871 she moved with her parents (John and Catherine Halstead Honeywell) to Pennsylvania, and later to Greenwood. Thirty-nine years ago she with her niece, Miss Rose Miller, and nephew, Ross Miller moved to Appleton. On February 16, 1935, Rose passed away and Miss Honeywell accompanied the body to Greenwood for burial and has since been making her home with Mr. and Mrs. John Arends. Miss Honeywell was the last surviving member of her immediate family and is survived only by a number of nephews and nieces residing in the west. While in Greenwood Miss Honeywell did dressmaking. On account of illness her nephew, Ross Miller, of Pierce, South Dakota, was unable to attend the funeral. (Combined obits) 

Miller, Almira Elizabeth nee HONEYWELL (6 Nov 1858 - Nov 1918)
Born Nov. 6, 1858 in Renfrew Canada and migrated to Warren, PA at age 18 eventually settling on a farm a mile north of Greenwood, Clark Co., WI. After marrying John Charles Miller, they relocated in Seattle, WA in 1899 and she died there during Nov. 1918. They have six children: Olive T., Maud M., Lynn H., Gertrude, Bessie B., and Smith. Mr. Miller held the office of Town Treasurer five years, and was also Director of the School Board one term.

Miller, Mary nee HONEYWELL (19 Nov 1839 - 2 Jan 1906)

Mrs. Mary Miller was committed to its last early resting place in the Greenwood Cemetery after a funeral service at Grace M. E. church. The body arrived from the west accompanied by H. J. and Hannah Miller, the son and daughter, and was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Bowen. Mary Honeywell was the eldest of three sisters who married three brothers, these being Edward, Thomas and J. C. Miller, respectively, and of these three couples only J. C. Miller and his wife, who was Bessie Honeywell, are left.

The girls were daughters of "uncle" John and "aunt" Kate Honeywell, one of the pioneer families of Clark Co now long since deceased. Mary Honeywell was born in Ottawa, Canada, Nov 19, 1839. She was married to Edward Miller at Renfrew, Canada in 1862 and in 1869 the family moved to Pennsylvania, where they lived until 1876 when they moved to Clark Co. It was three years later that her husband, who was engaged with his brother Thomas in the sawmill business, was scalded to death by escaping steam from the boiler. She was the mother of four children, three of whom-- Mrs. A. R. Grant of Audubon, Iowa; Hannah and H. J. Miller--are living. Thomas, the fourth child, died in Colorado in 1896, whence the mother had removed on account of his health, two years before. Following this affliction she moved west to live with her two children there. The cause of Mrs. Miller's death was paralysis, she suffering her first stroke Dec. 22 and a second one on the evening of January 2nd, this causing her death. Clark County Press, Thursday, January 18, 1906

JOHN BOWERMAN, of section 2, Eaton Township, Clark Co, was born in Prince Edward County, Ontario, near Pictou, at the head of the Bay of Quinte, May 12, 1823, the son of Cornelius and Martha (Morgan) Bowerman, both natives of Canada... He came from Canada to Jackson Co in 1855, where he worked in a saw-mill and at various other employments for one year. He then came to this county and settled seven and a half miles east of Neillsville, in what is now Grant Township, Clark Co... He came to his present farm in the fall of 1866, where he at once went to work in the thick forest, and now owns forty acres of cleared land, and a life-interest in forty acres more. He has a fine house, a large barn, and all the other necessary buildings. Mr. Bowerman was married in August 1847, to Hannah Honeywell, a native of Ottawa, Canada, and daughter of Ira Honeywell. They have had eight children, four of whom are still living, viz: Rufus I., Sarah E., Melissa J. and Martha M. Sarah married Moody Chandler, of this city, and has five children Eva, Irvin, Nettie, Ira and John. Melissa J. married David Warner, of Warner Township, this county, and has four children, Leland, Myrtle, Clinton and Irvin. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bowerman are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

1860-Wisconsin Federal census; Clark-PineValley-page 13-July 11, 1860

Bowerman, John, 40, male, farmer, born in Canada (spouse Hannah)
Bowerman, Rufus, male, age 11, born in Canada
Bowerman, Ira, male, age 9, born in Canada

Mrs. Ed Parker was Martha Mae Bowerman, daughter of John Bowerman, one of the early settlers of Greenwood. Her mother, John Bowerman's wife, was Hanna Honeywell, sister to Stephen Case Honeywell who founded Greenwood. In the early 1900's she left Clark County and moved to Perkinstown in Taylor County, and later to the city of Medford... This obit is for my great grandmother which, curiously, lists her as a "Chandler". Her maiden name was Bowerman, as she was the daughter of John Bowerman and Hanna Honeywell, who were some of the first residents of Greenwood. Hanna Honeywell was Stephen Case Honeywell's sister... The Chandler family was related by marriage to Martha Mae Bowerman - Caleb Woodrow Chandler was married to Sarah Eliza Bowerman, Mae's sister. A reasonable mistake, I suppose, since they had been away from Greenwood and living in Taylor County for some time prior to her death.

WM. R. TUTTLE, farmer, Chelsea was born in Oswego Co., NY, Nov. 23, 1848. In 1869 he went to Sheboygan Co., and soon after to the mines in Michigan, where he worked at the trade of carpenter he then went to Green Bay, Wis., and began lumbering. In 1874 he came to Taylor Co., first to Chelsea, then to Westboro, and finally to Medford. In 1876 he married Mrs. Honeywell in 1877 returned to Chelsea and took a homestead of 40 acres and bought 40 in town of Westboro, and also house and lot in Chelsea. He works at the carpenter's trade and lumbering in connection with farming he belongs to the Temple of Honor. 1881 HISTORY OF NORTHERN WI

 HORN family, Warner township [Photo Album]

1895 census, head of family: Frank Horn 4 male, 2 female

Oct 1 1900 - June 7 1901 students at Braun Settlement school: Tillie, Gustave, Oscar, Dora and Arthur Horn.

1905 #10 Horn, Frank Head W M 59 M Germany Germany Farmer 12 O M F  Louisa Wife W F 30 M Germany Germany House Keeper Willie Son W M 27 S Wisconsin Germany Farm Laborer 12 Otto Son W M 25 S Wisconsin Germany Farm Laborer 12  Frank Son W M 21 S Wisconsin Germany Farm Laborer 12  Martha Daughter W F 6 S Wisconsin Germany

1880 sec 5 no residence Frank Horn; 1893 sec 5 residence F. Horn

1906 sec 5 residence, Frank Horn; also parcel as Wm Horn, no residence

March 16, 1900: August Miller who has been working for Robert Horn and Theo. Wilck, returned to his home at Green Grove Monday. Miss Laura Horn accompanied by August Miller(her better half) was seen an our streets Sunday. Frank Horn 'has been hauling lumber for his house. Source: Greenwood Gleaner

HORN, Frank (15 Sep 1845 - 14 April 1917)

Horn was born Sept. 15, 1845, at Saxony, Germany and died April 14, 1917 at Greenwood, age of 71 years, 7 months. When he was five years old he crossed the ocean with his parents and settled at Sheboygan, Wis. On May 7, 1876 he was married to Louise Braun. To this union were born seven children, five of who are still living, two having died in infancy. In 1878 they move to Clark Co. and have made their home ever since in Braun Settlement. He had been gradually failing in health for many years. He was a faithful member of the German Reformed Church of Braun Settlement. He leaves to mourn his loss a devoted wife, three sons, Will, Otto and Frank, all of Greenwood, and two daughters, Mrs. Bertha Karsten of Curtiss and Martha, who is still at home. He also leaves four sisters and three brothers. One brother, Robert, died last October. The funeral was held at the home and he was laid to rest in the Braun Settlement Cemetery. Those who came from a distance to attend the funeral were Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Hammer of Wrightstown, Wis., Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Kenkoske of Chicago, Ill., Mr. Gus Horn of Rhinelander, Wis, Mr. Charles Horn of Oelwin, Iowa and Miss Minnie Horn of Minneapolis, Minn.

HORN, Louisa nee Braun (24 Dec 1854 - 22 Jan 1952)

Funeral services for Mrs. Louisa Horn, 97, pioneer resident of this vicinity, who died January 22, 1952, at her home, were held at Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church. The and burial was made in the Braun Settlement cemetery. Mrs. Horn, nee Louisa Braun, was born Dec. 24, 1854, in West Prussia, Germany. She came to the United States 79 years ago with her parents, settling in Sheboygan Co. Her marriage to Frank Horn took place there May 7, 1876. In 1878, two years after their marriage, they came to Clark Co, settling on a farm 8 1/2 miles Northeast of Greenwood in what is known as Braun Settlement, named after them. Mr. Horn died April 15, 1917. Two years later Mrs. Horn moved to Greenwood, residing here since that time. She is survived by two sons, Frank, Tacoma, Wash. and William, at home two daughters, Mrs. Bertha Karsten, Abbotsford and Miss Martha Horn, at home. Two sons, four brothers, and two sisters preceded her in death.

October 29, 1925: "A number of relatives and friends had a farewell party on Miss Martha Horn at her home in this city Sunday evening. Miss Horn will leave soon for Washington where she will spend a year visiting relatives and friends." Greenwood Gleaner

January 6, 1927: "Miss Martha Horn, who has been spending the past year or so in the State of Washington, has returned to Greenwood." Greenwood Gleaner

HORN, Martha (17 Aug 1898 - 2 Oct 1966)

Miss Martha Horn, 68, Greenwood died Oct. 2, 1966 at the Memorial Hospital in Neillsville, where she had been a patient since Aug. 2. She had been in ill health the past years.

Services were conducted at the Zion United Church of Christ in Greenwood, and burial was made in the Forest Hill Braun Settlement Cemetery. Miss Horn was born Aug. 17, 1898, in the Town of Warner, and received her education in the Braun Settlement School. In 1919, she came to Greenwood and was a dressmaker until 1937. In later years she had been employed at Eddy's Tog Shop. Her only survivor is a brother, Frank Horn, Tacoma, Wash. She was preceded in death by her father, Frank Horn, April 1917 her mother, Mrs. Louisa Horn, Jan. 1952 two brothers and a sister.

HUBBARD family, Warner township

1875 census: Hubbard, G. W.; 11 male, 2 female

Hubbard, Gilbert W. (c1874 - Oct. 1949)

Bert (Adelbert) Hubbard left, October 26th, to attend the funeral of his brother, G. W. Hubbard at Suring, Wis. Mr. Hubbard is well known in this vicinity as he grew to manhood on the home place south of Unity. He lived in North Dakota and Eastern Wisconsin, had visited relatives and friends in Unity and Spencer many times, and they will hear of his passing with regret. MARATHON COUNTY REGISTER

Transcriber Note: Mr. Hubbard's first name and estimated year of birth (on the obit, born Aug 1873 per cenus) is from the 1900 Federal Census for Unity, Clark Co, Wis (page 342, line 384)

Hubbad, Williamson head w m Sept. 1833 66 m 35 New York Connecticut New York Farmer 11 y y y o m f 170 384 385 Emilia C. wife w f July 1843 56 m 35 5 5 New York New York New York y y y 385 386 Gilbert W. son w m Aug. 1873 26 s Wisconsin New York New York Farm Laborer 0 y y y 386 387 Adelbert E. son w m April 1879 21 s Wisconsin New York New York Farm Laborer 0 y y y 387 388 Maud M. daug w f Nov. 1883 16 s Wisconsin New York New York House work y y y 388 389 Borra, Fred servant w m Dec. 1874 25 s Wisconsin Germany

The G. W. Hubbard of the 1875 census and the Gilbert W. Hubbad of the 1900 census and the 1949 obit obviously is not the same person.  More than likely the G.W. Hubbard of the 1875 census was closely related to the Williamson Hubbad of the 1900 census, and Williamson named one of his sons after this relative. Adelbert "Bert" Hubbard of the obit is listed on the 1926 Worden township map.

HUBBELL family, Warner township

1875 census: Hubbell, Nehermiah; 1 male, 1 female

Marriages, pre-1907: Uchinniah Hubbell to Julia Edmonds 6 Dec 1874, V1, page 77

Greenwood cemetery: Nehimiah a.k.a. Edwin? Hubbell, b. 1844, d. 26 Mar 1880; wife Julia Edmonds Hubble, b. 1853, d. 1880; son Robert L. Hubbell, b. 1879, d. 1880; son Ivan G. Hubbell, b. 1877, d. 29 April 1878 (tombstone = 1879), Walter Hubbell (obit) [none on the pre-1907 birth or death index.]

HUBBELL, Walter E. (26 Nov 1875 - 7 Mar 1937)

Walter E. Hubble was born November 26, 1875 on a farm near Greenwood, the son of Nehemiah and Julia Edmunds Hubble. Both parents died (parents and brother Robert all died in 1880) when he was about five years old. He attended school in and near Greenwood. He attended the Greenwood Methodist Sunday School and Church. On June 28, 1915 Mr. Hubble was united in marriage to Josephine Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Hubble lived on a farm south of Greenwood about three and one half years, then moved into the city of Greenwood in November 1919. In 1920 they built their home here and have resided here ever since. The deceased was a member of the City Council and has served before in this capacity. He was a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge for nearly 30 years. For about four and one half years he served as janitor at the M.E. Church starting the first flowers and planting the vines. Mr. Hubble has been ailing for about a year, though having occasional spells of sickness for the last 15 years. He passed away Mar 7, at the Marshfield Hospital, following an operation. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church, following a brief service at the home. Burial was made in the Greenwood Cemetery.

 HUBBELL, Josephine Amelia nee Johnson (16 Feb 1880 - 15 July 1967)

Mrs. Josephine Amelia Hubble, 87, Neillsville, died of complications July 22, 1967, at the Neillsville Memorial Hospital. Services were conducted at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Greenwood. Burial was made in the Greenwood Cemetery. The former Josephine Johnson was born (parents were Simon and Mary nee Peterson Johnson) Feb. 16, 1880, in the Town of Warner, and was married there June 28, 1916, to Walter Hubble, who preceded her in death in 1937.

After their marriage, the couple farmed south of Greenwood until 1919, when they moved to the city of Greenwood. Since November 1963, Mrs. Hubble had resided at the Memorial Home in Neillsville. Survivors are a sister, Mrs. Sigward (Olga) Johnson, Loyal a brother, Leonard Johnson, Greenwood and an aunt, Ingabor Hogue, Walnut Creek, Calif.

Francis M. Harlow of section 33, Warner Township, was born in Hastings County, Upper Canada, July 10, 1833, the son of Hezekiah and Julia A. (Weese) Harlow. The father was the son of John Harlow, a ship carpenter by trade, who came from England when a young man the mother was a daughter of John Weese, of German ancestry... In the fall of 1874 he settled on his present farm of forty acres, thirty-two of which he has since cleared. He erected a fine frame house, which was burned February 9, 1882, and nearly everything was consumed, with no insurance... Mr. Harlow was married December 5, 1855, to Miriam Hubbell, a daughter of Barce and Candace (Guernsey) Hubbell, the former a native of Upper Canada and the latter of Connecticut. Mrs. Harlow's uncle, Nehemiah Hubbell, is eighty-two years of age (b. c1818), and still lives on the place where he was born, in Hastings County, Upper Canada, and is very wealthy.... "Biographical History of Clark & Jackson Counties, WI," 1891

Nehemiah Hubbell 1844-1880 of Warner township son of or related to Nehemiah Hubbell b. c 1818 of Canada?  Also see "Lindsay family, Warner township"

HUMKE family, Warner township

1895 census, head of family: Henry Humke 4 male, 5 female

1905 #45 Humpke, Henry Head W M 51 Wisconsin Germany Farmer 12 O F Anna Wife W F 46 M Wisconsin Germany House Keeper Arthur Son W M 17 S Wisconsin Wisconsin Farm Laborer 8 George Son W M 15 S Wisconsin Wisconsin Farm Laborer 8 Alma Daughter W F 12 S Wisconsin Wisconsin  Edward Son W M 2 S Wisconsin Wisconsin

1880 sec 29 no residence Hy Humke; sec 33 no residence H. Humke

1893 sec 28 no residence H. H. (Humke?) sec 29 residence H. Humke

1906 sec 14 no residence Henry Humke; sec 29 residence Henry Humke

Henry Simon HUMKE, of section 29, Warner Township, Clark Co, was born in Hermann Township, Sheboygan Co, Wisc, April 27, 1855, the son of Conrad Humke, a native of Detmold, Prussia, but now of Sheboygan Co. He (the father) came to the United States in 1842, and first lived in or near Buffalo, New York, and then removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he chopped wood on the Ohio River several years. He subsequently came to Wisconsin, settling in Sheboygan Co. Our subject's mother (Amelia/Caroline nee Reineking) was born in Prussia, and was first married to a Mr. Buker (see bios of Frederick Buker, Sr and Amelia Buker Bruengger), but is now living at Franklin, Sheboygan Co, Wisc. She is the mother of eleven children, six of whom still survive. Henry S. Humke was reared on a farm and received his education in the common schools of his native county. He has worked in the pineries eight winters, and during that time was engaged in farming and also drove logs during the springs and summers. He came to this county in 1878 and settled on his present farm of 120 acres, forty of which is cleared. When he first came to this place it was covered with timber, with not even a shanty on it, and the first year he lived in a small log house.

Mr. Humke was married November 18, 1879, to Anna Kippenhan, who was born in Washington Co, Wisc, August 5, 1859, the daughter of Adam and Helen (Richter) Kippenhan the former a native of Baden, Germany, came to the United States in 1852 the latter was born in Baden also, and died August 19, 1890. Mr. and Mrs. Humke have had six children: Theodore, Helen, Meda, Ella, Arthur and George. The father has been a member of the Side Board for two years, and is now serving as Town Treasurer. Religiously he is a member of the Reformed Immanuel Church, and politically a Republican. "History of Clark & Jackson Co, WI," 1891

HUMKE Golden Wedding 18 Nov 1929

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humke celebrated their half century of married life -- all of which time has been spent in the town of Warner. Henry Humke and Miss Anna Kippenhan were married at Kohlsville, Washington Co Wis Nov 18, 1979. Two days after the wedding they set out for Clark Co having shipped their hosehold goods by train to Colby, where they loaded their belongings on top two wagons and proceeded west through the wilderness to the town of Warner. Mr. Humke, who had previously spent several years in the lumber camps in the locality, had bought three eighties of land, had cleared 5 acres of land and built a log house and barn, so he was in a measure prepared, not only to meet the difficulties but also to take advantage of the opportunities in a new country. Later Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kippenhan, Mrs. Henry Humke's parents, came up from Kohlsville and made their home for a time on one of the Henry Humke eighties, later moving further west and settling in the western part of the Town of Warner...Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Humke, seven of who are living; Theodore; Helen, Mrs. Paul Rossman of Pierce, Idaho; Meda, Mrs. Ferd. Decker; Ella, Mrs. Ed Schwarze, Arthur and George, all of whom with the exception of Mrs. Rossman, live in the town of Warner; and Alma, Mrs. Wm. Steiger of Greenwood. Edward was killed at the age of 19 by lightning. Those from a distance, in attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Humke, Sheboygan; Dr. Ed Humke and sisters, Misses Esther and Ida Humke, Sturgeon Bay; Mr. and Mrs. Will Huber, Sheboygan; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Arpke and daughter Marian of Franklin; Mr. and Mrs. John Kippenhan, Appleton and Miss Cilla Kippenhan, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schweinler and Miss Esther Humke, Neillsville. Excerpt From Kippenhan Collection - Jean Sommers, Des Moines, IA

HUMKE, Henry Simon (27 April 1855 - 12 June 1935)

Henry S. Humke was born at Franklin, Sheboygan Co, Wis April 27, 1855. In 1874, he, together with several other young men from Sheboygan Co, founded the West Side Reformed Church and built the first church, a log structure. In 1877 he procured the land and began clearing the farm on which he has lived ever since, steadfastly refusing to retire and move to town. In 1879 he built a hewed log house and in Nov of the same year he was married to Miss Anna Kippenhan of Kohlsville, Washington Co, Wis and immediately moved to his farm. Mr. Humke served his Township as Supervisor, Chairman and Treasurer. At the time the Town of Warner consisted of the territory now comprising the Towns of Warner, Mead and Butler. In 1910 when the present church and parsonage were built Mr. Humke was an Elder of the church and also a member of the building committee. He was called to his final reward June 12 1935. Mr. Humke leaves to mourn his loss his wife, three sons Theodore, Arthur, and George, four daughters Meta (Mrs. Fred Decker) Ella, (Mrs. Ed. Schwarze son of John and Catherine Zeisel Schwarze), Alma (Mrs. Wm. Steiger) all of Greenwood, Wis., Lena (Mrs. Paul R. Rossman), Lewiston, Idaho. One son Edward preceded him in death in 1916 at the age of 19 years. Funeral services were held from the West Side Reformed church. Interment was made in the church cemetery. Pall bearers were six grandsons George, Herbert and Harold Humke, Theodore and Walter Schwarze and Elmer Stieger.

Among those from away who attended the funeral were Atty. and Mrs. Herb S. Humke, Sheboygan, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Humke and Dr. Ed Humke Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Arpke, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arpke and Miss Bertha Sieker, Franklin, Wis, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stork, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bartell and John Kippenhan Sr., Hilda and Roland Kippenhan of Appleton, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schweinler, Mosinee, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Werneke, Mr. and Frs. Fred Reineking, Plymouth, Wis., and Anthony Wenzel, Neillsville, WIs.

HUMKE, Anna nee Kippenhan (6 Aug 1859 - 16 Sept 1956)

Funeral services were held for Mrs. Henry Humke, 97 year old pioneer, who died Sept. 16, 1956, at the family homestead, 4 miles northwest of Greenwood, where she had resided for the past 77 years. The services were at the West Side Evangelical and Reformed Church. Burial was in the parish cemetery. The former Anna Kippenhan was born in Kohlsville, Washington Co Aug 6, 1859, and was married Nov 18, 1879 at Kewaskum. She and Mr. Humke, who died in 1936 (1935 per obit) at the age of 81, arrived in Clark Co in 1879. Their son, George, who now operates the farm which they began and where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1929. Survivvors include four daughters and three sons, Mrs. Meda Decker, Mrs. Ella Schwarze and Mrs. William (Alma) Steiger, Greenwood, Mrs. Helena Rossman, Spokane, Washington, Theodore, Arthur and George, Greenwood. One son, Edward, preceded her in death.

HUMKE, Edward Alfred (3 Sept 1897 - 5 Oct 1916)

Oct. 1916: "A report has reached here about a young man, named Humpke, who was killed by lightning. Living three-and-a-half miles northwest of Greenwood, the young man was struck by lightning during a morning shower of rain. He and his father were putting the cows in the barn for milking when the bolt came. The father was stunned, but the son was killed. Young Humpke was 20 years old."  (Son of Henry and Anna Kippenhan Humke)

HUMKE, Arthur Theodore marriage Oct 1913

On Thursday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Noah, of the West Side, occurred the marriage of their only daughter Laura L. to Mr. Arthur T. Humke. The bride was attended by the Misses Ella Humke and Hilda Kippenhan and the groom by Messrs. George Humke and Alfred Noah. They will make their home on the groom's farm.


HUMKE, Laura Louise nee Noah (26 Oct 1888 - 18 Sept 1971)

Mrs. Arthur (Laura) Humke, 82, of Greenwood died Sept 18, 1971, in her sleep at her home. Funeral services were held at the Immanuel United Church of Christ. Burial was made in the West Side cemetery. Mrs. Humke, the former Laura Louise Noah, was born Oct 26, 1888, in the town of Mead, She was married there Oct 2, 1912, to Arthur T. (Theodore) Humke (born 29 April 1888, son of Henry and Anna Kippenhan Humke), who preceded here in death May 31, 1960. After their marriage they operated a farm on Route 3, Greenwood, and she had since resided there. Survivors include two sons, Eldore and Elmer, both of Greenwood two daughters, Mrs. Norman (Bernelda) Liebzeit, and Mrs. John (Loriena) Lindner, both of Greenwood. She was preceded in death by a brother, Alfred Noah.

HUMKE, George Heinrich (31 July 1890 - 4 Oct 1987)

Funeral services were held at Immanuel United Church of Christ, Greenwood for George Humke, 97. Humke died Oct 4, 1987 (Oct 18 1987 per cemetery records) at Neillsville Memorial Home, where he had been a resident since 1984. Burial was in the Westside Cemetery. Pallbearers were grandchildren Dennis Humke, Frank Horn, Kurt Humke, Todd Humke, Ray Toburen and Bill Toburen. George Humke was born July 31, 1890 (Aug 1 1890 per cemetery records) in the town of Warner to Henry and Anna (Kippenhan) Humke. On Nov. 8, 1916, he and Lelah Sheets were married in the town of Warner. He was employed as a cheesemaker and later ran the family farm. He and his wife farmed in the town of Warner until 1964, when they moved to the city of Greenwood. His wife died Jan 17, 1973. On Aug 30, 1985, he married Borghild Thiel at the Neillsville Memorial Home. She survives. Mr. Humke was a member of Immanuel United Church of Christ and served on the consistory. He had served as a supervisor and chairman of the town of Warner and was a director for Clark Electric Cooperative for 12 years. Survivors include his wife Borghild, four sons, George Jr. of Sterling, Ill., Irvin and Paul of Greenwood, and Harvey of Sister Bay three daughters, Mrs. Delmar (Ruth) Toburen, Greenwood Mrs. Bob (Verona) Jackson, Sparta and Mrs. Glenn (Jeanette) Horn, Thorp. He was predeceased by his first wife, three brothers and four sisters.


Elelah Humke

Painting of Lelah (Sheets) Humke.

HUMKE, Lela nee Sheets (18 April 1896 - 23 Jan 1973)

Mrs. George Humke, 76, of Greenwood, died Jan. 23 1973 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield. Funeral services were conducted at the Immanuel United Church of Christ in Greenwood. Burial was made in the West Side cemetery at Greenwood. The former Lelah Sheets was born on a farm near Columbus Grove, Ohio, April 18, 1896. She came to the Greenwood area with her parents at the age of 4 years, and graduated from the Greenwood High School with the class of 1913. She taught school before her marriage Nov 8, 1916, at the Immanuel United Church of Christ at Greenwood, to George Humke, who survives her. After their marriage they farmed on the Humke homestead in the town of Warner until 1964, when they purchased a house in the city of Greenwood. The Humkes were honored on the golden anniversary of their wedding in November of 1966. Other survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Delmar (Ruth) Toburen, Greenwood; Mrs. Robert (Verona) Jackson, Sparta and Mrs. Glenn (Jeanette) Horn, Thorp; four sons, Irvin and Paul, both of Greenwood Harvey, Green Bay and George Humke Jr., Sterling, Ill. and a sister, Mrs. Evangeline Diaz, Enid Okla. She was preceded in death by two sisters.

HUMKE, George E.  (25 Dec 1917 - 21 Feb 1995)

George E. Humke, 77, Sterling, Ill., formerly of Greenwood, died Feb. 21, 1995, at Coventry Village, Sterling, Ill. A mass of Christian burial was held at St. Mary's
Parish Center, Sterling. Rev. Carlos Hoffner, M.S., officiated. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery, Sterling. George E. Humke was born on Dec. 25, 1917, in Greenwood, to George and Lelah (nee Sheets) Humke. He married Valerie Ann Etta on Nov. 22, 1943, in Kansas City, Missouri. She preceded him in death in Jan. 1994. He was a personnel manager for R. B. W., Rock Falls, Ill., retiring in 1976. Survivors included two brothers, Irvin and Paul Humke, both of Greenwood three sisters, Ruth Toburen, Greenwood Verona Jackson, Sparta and Jeanette Horn, Thorp. He was preceded in death by his wife his parents and one brother, Harvey.

HUMKE, Harvey Henry (12 Oct 1928 - 22 April 1991)

Harvey Henry Humke, 62, Sister Bay, died at his home April 19, 1991, following a long illness. Services were held at First Baptist Church, Sister Bay. Harvey Henry Humke was born Oct 12, 1928, in Greenwood, to George and Lelah (nee Sheets) Humke. He graduated from the UW-Eau Claire with a B.S. degree in education the UW-Madison with a masters degree in supervision and curriculum and completed course in school management, administration and philosophies of education. He married Betty Kenyon Nov 26, 1947 at Greenwood. He was an elementary teacher, junior high principal and acting superintendent of schools in his 30 years with the Green Bay School System. Prior to Green Bay, he was an elementary teacher in Augusta. Future Farmers of America programs were made possible by Humke's efforts. From 1983 to 1987 he served as vice president at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War as a sergeant with the 101st Airborne Division. Survivors include his wife Betty daughters, Julie Diltz, Sister Bay; and Jean, St. Paul, Minn.; two grandsons, Carson and Cory Diltz, and one granddaughter, Ellen Diltz three sisters, Ruth Toburen, Greenwood; Verona Jackson, Sparta; and Jeanette Horn, Thorp; three brothers, George Humke, Sterling, Ill.; Irvin Humke, Greenwood; and Paul Humke, Greenwood.

HUMKE, Ella marriage 7 Dec 1904

A happy wedding ceremony Dec 7th, 1904, was solemnized by Rev. J. Schmalz, by which Edwin Schwarze, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Schwarze, and Miss Ella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humke, were made husband and wife. The wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents and was witnessed by the immediate relatives and a few intimate friends of the contracting parties. The bride was attended by Miss Clara Schwarze, sister of the groom. Adolph Schwarze, cousin of the groom, was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Schwarze went to housekeeping at once at the groom's newly furnished home opposite Otto Decker's place, near Beyer's hall. They take with them the best wishes of a host of friends who have known them all their lives.

Rossman, Paul (2 JUN 1873 - 9 MAY 1943)

A telegram was received here by relatives informing them of the death of Paul Rossman of Idaho on, May 9, 1943. Mr. Rossman, who was the son-in-law of Mrs. Henry Humke, Greenwood (Clark Co., Wis.), had been in poor health for some time. He and his wife, the former Helena Humke, had spent several months with relatives here the past winter. Mr. Rossman at one time operated the Farmer Store here, the family leaving Greenwood for Idaho about 14 years ago. Surviving are his wife, a son, Arthur Rossman, Seattle, Wash.; and a daughter, Mrs. Jessie Honeywell, Oregon

1905 #42 Humpke,Theodore Head W M 25 Wisconsin Farmer 10 O F Adeline Wife W 24 M Wisconsin Switzerland House Keeper  Ester Daughter W F 9/12 S Wisconsin Wis/Switzerland

1906 sec 18 residence T. Humke; sec 29 residence Theo. Humke

1956 Clark Co. directory: Hunike, Eldore (son of Arthur and Laura Noah Humke) Greenwood Warner sec 21; Hunike, Laura Greenwood Warner sec 21;Humke, George Greenwood Warner sec 29

HUMKE, Adeline Anna nee Fischer (29 Jan 1880 - 19 Mar 1953)

Funeral services for Mrs. Theodore Humke, 73, who died March 29, 1953, in St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield, were held at West Side Evangelical and Reformed Church. Burial was made in the West Side Cemetery. Mrs. Humke, the former Adeline Fischer, was born Jan. 29, 1880, in La Crosse, where she received her education. Her marriage to Theodore (Heinrich) Humke (born 2 Nov 1880, died 27 April 1972, son of Henry and Anna Kippenhan Humke) took place March 31, 1903, at La Crosse. After their marriage they settled on a farm northwest of Greenwood. Survivors include her husband, five daughters, Mrs. P. H. (Esther) Franzmeier, New Albin, Iowa; Mrs. Francis (Irene) Schweinler, Mosinee; Mrs. Fred (Rose) Timmler, Greenwood; Mrs. Louis (Cora) Slock, Eau Claire and Mrs. Willard (Vera) Stafford, Milwaukee; two sons, Harold, Nekoosa, and Everett, La Crosse and a sister, Mrs. Jack Steiger, La Crosse. A daughter (Irma Alma Humke b. 3 June 1906, d. 29 Dec 1906), and a son, Lt. Herbert Humke, who was killed in action during World War II, and a brother preceded her in death.

HUMKE, Harold (22 Nov. 1917 - 27 March 2007)

Harold Humke, 89, of Nekoosa, died March 27, 2007, at his home. A memorial service was held at the Nekoosa United Church of Christ. Burial of the cremains took place in Greenwood. Harold was born Nov 22, 1917, in Greenwood to Theodore and Adeline (Fischer) Humke and grew up on the family farm. He was a graduate of Greenwood High School. He married Eunice Payne on May 29, 1949, in Neillsville. Harold worked as a cheesemaker, received a teaching certificate from Stevens Point Teacher's College, and taught at a rural school in Braun Settlement before returning to Stevens Point to complete his degree. Harold received his bachelor's degree from Wisconsin State University-Stevens Point and a master's degree in school administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Harold and Eunice moved to Nekoosa in 1950, where he taught and was a school principal at Nekoosa Elementary School until his retirement in May 1983. He was very surprised and deeply honored to have Nekoosa Elementary School renamed to Humke Elementary School at the time of his retirement. He was an active member of the United Church of Christ in Nekoosa and sang in the church choir for many years. He was a charter member (1951) of the Nekoosa Lions Club and was active in the club until the time of his death. Harold was a past recipient of the Melvin Jones Award. He enjoyed playing cards at Friday Morning Men's Club and his many crossword puzzle books at home. Harold is survived by his wife, Eunice; two daughters, Susan (Terry) Gant of Neenah, and Mary (Joel) Tenpas of Wisconsin Rapids; one son, Mark Humke of Rosemont, Minn.; one brother, Everett (Mary) Humke of Rochester, Minn.; seven granddaughters, Karie (Jason) Zeinert, and Jessica Gant, both of Neenah, Jamie Gant of Waupaca, Dana Tenpas of Madison, Allison Tenpas of Stevens Point, and Ellie and Hannah Humke of Rosemont, Minn.; four great-grandchildren, Lily, Maya, Jack and Parker; and his good friend, Bruce Winters. He was preceded in death by his parents; his sisters, Esther Franzmeier, Irma Humke, Irene Schweinler, Rosa Timmler, Cora Slock, and Vera Stafford; and brother, Herbert Humke. Memorials may be designated to HIPO (Humke Involved Parents Organization), Nekoosa Lions Club Scholarship Fund or the Nekoosa United Church of Christ.

HUMKE, Herbert marriage 26 Feb 1944

Word was received here (Greenwood) last week by Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Humke of the marriage of their son, Lt. Herbert H. Humke, to Miss Lillian Kaupert, which took place at Montgomery, Ala. On Saturday, Feb. 26, 1944. Lt. Humke recently enjoyed a furlough here enroute to Indiana to Maxwell Field, Ala. (Follow on in 4/13/1944 Mosinee, Wis. Times) Miss Lillian Kaput, daughter of Mrs. Mary Kaput, became the wife of Lt. Herbert Humke of Greenwood Feb. 26 in a pretty evening ceremony performed at the Post Chapel at Maxwell Field, Alabama. Major Potterton, post chaplain at Maxwell Field, performed the ceremony.  A wedding dinner was served at the officers club following the ceremony.

HUMKE, Herbert Henry (7 Dec 1915 - 20 Sept 1944)

Lieut. Herbert Humke has been killed in action in the European theatre, according to word received by his wife. He was 26 years of age, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Humke of the Greenwood community. Herbert Henry Humke was born Dec 7, 1915 on his parent's farm in the Town of Warner. He attended school in the Decker District and from there he went to Greenwood High School from which he graduated with the class of 1934. He then went to work for his brother-in-law, Francis Schweinler, in a printing office in Mosinee. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force on April 29, 1941. He was stationed at Chanute Field, Ill., until Nov 21, at which time he was graduated as an Airplane Mechanic to Lieutenants course. He received further training at Barksdale Field, La.; Columbus, Miss and took up Link Flying later becoming an instructor in that branch, and then took a course in blind flying at Seymour, Ind where he graduated on February 9,1944 and received his Silver Wings. He was then sent to Maxwell Field, Ala and to Boise, Idaho where he remained until he went to England on Aug 1, 1944 and was killed while on a bombing mission on September 20, 1944. He was married to Lillian Kauput at Montgomery, Ala. February 26, 1944. They then went to St. Louis, Mo. and Lincoln Neb. for short stays and then to Boise, Idaho, to complete he flying practice in the U.S.A. She survives him, residing at Mosinee. Others surviving are the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Humke, his grandmother, Mrs. Henry Humke and the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. P.H. (Esther) Franzmeier of New Alban, Ia.; Mrs. Francis (Irene) Schweinler, Mosinee; Mrs. Fred (Rose) Timmler, Greenwood; Mrs. Louis (Cora) Slock, Eau Claire; Mrs. Willard (Vera) Stafford, Milwaukee; Harold at home, Everett S 3-c with the U.S. navy, overseas; A memorial service was held on October 22, 1944 at the West Side Reformed Church, with which the Humke family is connected, and of which the Rev. P.H. Franzmeier, a brother-in-law was pastor. (Three Obits and Duane Horn notes combined)

Schweinler, Irene nee HUMKE (19 Oct 1907 - 16 Feb 1998)

Schweinler, Irene Humke, of Arden Hills died on February 16, 1998 after a courageous battle with cancer. She is preceded in death by infant twin daughters and her husband, Brig. Gen. Francis Schweinler. She was born in Greenwood, WI Oct 19, 1907 and was a primary and secondary teacher in Clark Co WI. She wrote a weekly newspaper column for the Mosinee Times and was an active volunteer with numerous organizations, including the Presbyterian Home of Arden Hills. She was a member of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Shoreview. She is survived by brothers, Everett Humke and wife, Mary, Rochester, MN and Harold Humke and wife, Eunice, Nekoosa, WI; children, William Schweinler and wife, Bonita, Lebanon, NH; Carmen Schweinler Briscoe and husband, Keith, Leawood, Kansas; Luann Schweinler Woeltge and husband, Terry, Shoreview, MN and daughter-in-law, Mildred Lauer Schweinler, Tonga; grandchildren, Kristina Schweinler, Kurt Schweinler, Kevin Schweinler, Kim Gravenslund, Susan Tideman, Ruth Woeltge and D.J. Woeltge. A memorial service was held at the PRESBYTERIAN HOME CHAPEL, Arden Hills with a private burial at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. St. Paul Pioneer Press Note: Irene and her husband and her husband, Brig. Gen. Francis Schweinler were married August 15, 1928 

Timmler, Rose nee HUMKEE (26 Oct 1909 - 9 Sept 1989)

Rose Timmler, a teacher for 31 years in Loyal and Greenwood schools, died Sept. 9, 1989, at Memorial Nursing Home, Neillsville, after a long illness. She was 79. She was born Oct 26, 1909, to Theodore and Adeline Humke in the Town of Warner. She married Fred Timmler on May 17, 1933, in the Town of Warner and they owned and operated a farm in the area before moving to Loyal in 1968. A 1928 graduate of Greenwood High School, Mrs. Timmler graduated from Clark Co Normal School in 1929 and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in 1955. She began her teaching career at North Willard School and later taught at Worchel, Hemlock, Poppy, and Braun Settlement Schools. She taught in the Greenwood School District for three years following consolidation of district schools and taught first grade for eight years at Loyal Elementary School before retiring in 1976. Survivors include her husband two sons, Robert of Milwaukee and Irving of Greenwood a daughter, Loraine Lindner of Loyal, two sisters, Irene Schweinler of Madison, and Cora Slock of Eau Claire; two brothers, Harold Humke of Nekoosa and Everett Humke of Rochester, Minn. She was preceded in death by her parents, two sisters, Esther Franzmeier and Vera Stafford and a brother, Herbert Humke. Funeral services were held at Immanuel United Church of Christ. Burial was in West Side Cemetery. Frederick Timmler, 89, Loyal, died Aug. 27, 1994, at St. Joseph's Hospital House of the Dove, Marshfield. Funeral services were held at Immanuel United Church of Christ, Greenwood, Clark Co. Burial was in Westside Cemetery. Frederick R. Timmler was born on July 24, 1905, in Neillsville, to Edwin and Clara (nee Dettmann) Timmler. He farmed with his parents for 10 years befored marrying Rose Humke on May 17, 1933, at Immanuel United Church of Christ. They farmed in the Willard and Greenwood area until 1968, when they moved to Loyal. He remained involved in farming by helping out family members and was a janitor at his church for many years. An active member of his church, Mr. Timmler served on the Church board and was a charter member of the Adult Fellowship. In addition, he was a member of the Greenwood Credit Union's Board of Directors, and was a member of the Farm Bureau and Loyal Senior Citizens. Survivors include three children: Robert (Sylvia) Timmler, Milwaukee Loraine (Tom) Lindner, Loyal and Irving (Lois) Timmler, Greenwood. He was preceded in death by his wife, who died in Sep 1989 his parents, one brother, Edwin Timmler and two sisters, Agnes Timmler and Henrietta Counsel.

Franzmeier, Esther Rose nee HUMKEE (3 Sept 1904 - Dec 1956)

Mrs. Franzmeier, 52, the former Rose Humke, who has been residing in Norwood, Minn., died following a sudden seizure Dec. 10 at a Wacoma, Minn. hospital. The body was brought here (Greenwood) for funeral services in the West Side Evangelical and Reformed Church, where Mrs. Franzmeier served as organist and as an officer of the Ladies Aid for several years. Burial was made in the parish cemetery. Mrs. Franzmeier was born in the town of Warner in Clark Co Sep 3, 1904 and attended local schools. She was employed at the Indian School at Neillsville, before her marriage Jan. 22, 1931, to the Rev. Mr. Franzmeier, then pastor of the local West Side Church. They resided here for 12 years after their marriage, moving to New Aldin, Iowa in 1943 and to their present home in 1953.

Besides her husband, she leaves two sons, Richard and Donald, both of Minneapolis her father, Theodore Humke, Greenwood four sisters, Mrs. Francis (Irene) Schweinler, Mosinee, Mrs. Fred . (the rest of my copy was cut off)

Stafford, Vera nee HUMKE  (5 May 1914 - 3 April 1980)

Mrs. Willard (Vera) Stafford, 65, died in a Milwaukee hospital April 3, 1980. Services were held at Memorial Methodist Church. Vera was born in Greenwood to the late Theodore and Adeline Humke on May 5, 1914. She graduated from Greenwood High School and the teacher's college, Eau Claire, Wis. She taught several years in Clark Co schools. In Aug. 1936, she was married to Willard Stafford at Greenwood. After their marriage they moved to Milwaukee where they have made their home since. She and her husband both worked for Sears Company for many years. Vera is survived by her husband and one son, Ronald and wife Donna. Also surviving are three sisters, Mrs. Francis (Irene) Schweinler of Sun Prairie, Mrs. Fred (Rose) Timmler of Loyal and Cora Slock of Eau Claire and by two brothers, Harold Humke of Nekoosa and Everett Humke, Rochester, Minn. She was preceded in death by one sister and one brother.

HUMMEL family, Warner township

The "Hummel" and "Hommel" families are entirely separate entities whose surnames were frequently confused in various records. The "mil" instead of "mel" ending appears to only have been used in the 1905 census, and occasionally their were two "l" on the ending, i.e. "Hummell"

1885 Special Vet's census: R. S. Hommell; Private; Co. G; Reg't 10 Wisc

1895 census, head of family: Rudolph Hommel 3 male, 3 female

1895 census, head of family: Wm Hummel 3 male, 1 female

1905 #65 Hummil, Warren Head W M 32 Wisconsin Switzerland Farm Laborer 12 Rental  Eda Wife W F 37 M Wisconsin Indiana House Keeper  Myrtle Daughter W F 2 S Wisconsin Wisconsin Oscar Brother W M 29 W Wisconsin Switzerland Day Laborer 11 Zelma Niece W F 4 S Wisconsin Wisconsin  Ruick, Leroy Brother in law W M 17 S Wisconsin Indiana Day Laborer 12

No "Ruick" or "Buick" families found on CC records (R and B often difficult to decipher on old records)

1893 sec 26 no residence W. Hummel  (William)  

1906 sec 26 no residence R. Hummel  (Rudolph, son of William) 1915 =  Mrs E. Matthews property

(Note that the Baker and Hummel 26 properties adjoined each other in 1893)

1893 sec 22 residence R. Hummel   (1906 = Wagner property) 


RUDOLPH S. HUMMEL, of section 22, Warner Township was born in the village of Dorf, Brugg Co, Switzerland, Dec 25 1837. His mother died when he was small, and his father brought the family to the United States in 1850, locating in Cleveland, Ohio, where the latter died in 1852. Rudolph remained one year with his stepmother, and then began life for himself. He came to Waukesha, Wis in 1855, and thence to Clark Co the next spring, where he remained at Levi's Tavern until the fall of the same year. He next went to Alma Center, Jackson Co, thence to Hixon, same county, in 1859, and then to Black River Falls in the fall of 1860, where he enlisted in the Union army in Sept 1861, in Company G, Sixteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He served until Feb 1863, when he was discharged for disability, having received a gunshot wound in his left arm. He participated in the battles of Perryville, Bowling Green, Murfreesborough, Bridgeport, Tennessee, Bear Creek, Stevenson and others.

In the fall of 1864 he re-enlisted in Company G, Fifth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and served until the close of the war. During this enlistment he was in the battles of Hatcher's Run, Petersburg, Sailor's Creek and others. His wound has never healed, and he now draws a pension. After the war Mr. Hummel returned to Black River Falls and drove a team for D. J. Spaulding several years, and in 1872 came to this county, where he homesteaded eighty acres in Beaver Township. He settled on his present farm in 1882, which was then covered with heavy timber. He was married April 20, 1863, to Louisa H. Schermerhorn, who was born in Erie County, New York, the daughter of William Schermerhorn. They have five children, three of whom are now living William G., Warren I. (born c1873 per 1905 census) and Oscar A. (born c1876 per 1905 census) One son, Albertus J., died Feb 19,1890 (Albert, born 8 Mar 1886 buried Greenwood Cemetery), at the age twenty-three years, and one daughter, Myrtle, died October 21, 1886, aged seven years (this Myrtle born c1879); William married Almeda Baker, and resides in this county. Mr. Hummel has an adopted daughter, Laura L. 1891 History

May 8, 1884: R. S. Hummel and wife, of the town of Warner, were in the city on Saturday, to meet Mrs. B. Berg, of Hixton, Jackson Co., a sister of Mr. Hummel and Mother of Philip Berg, a merchant of this place, who is now visiting with them.  Greenwood Newspaper

William, son of Rudolph Hummel, born 29 Jan 1864, died 29 Aug 1898 after an illess of 48 hours, is buried in the Greenwood cemetery. William married Almeda "Medie" Baker on 22 May 1887. Their children were Louisa "Lulu" born c1892 and Rudolph born c 1894. It is not known what happened to Almeda Baker Hummel, but the children were living with their aunt, Cora nee May Baker in 1905. (The Hummel grandparents had moved to Oregon by 1906) Almeda Baker Hummel was probably the sister of Walter Scott Baker who married Cora May, thus making her the aunt by marriage of Lulu and Rudolph Hummel. (Unable to connect Walter and Almeda Baker to the other Baker families of Clark Co.)

1905 #73 Baker, Cora Head W F 29 Widow Wisconsin Ill/Mich Farmer 8 Rental Hummil, Lulu Niece W F 13 S Wisconsin Wisconsin Hummil, Rudolph Nephew W m 11 S Wisconsin Wisconsin

April 19, 1906: "Mrs. Cora Baker leaves for Black River Falls Saturday morning, accompanied by Lula and Rudolph Hummel. After a short visit with relatives and friends Lula and Rudolph will go on to Niantic, Conn., where they are going to visit their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Beckwith, and after a short visit Mrs. Baker will return to Greenwood."

The children probably did not return from their 1906 visit to Niantic, Conn as no further mention of them is found in CC records. Nothing further found on Cora nee May Baker, she probably moved to Black River Falls soon after her 1906 visit there. (Unable to connect Cora to the other May families of Clark Co.)

"Lents, Oregon, May 15th, 1906

Mr. J. E. Noyes, Sir: ... We are living eight miles from Portland near a town called Lents where rent is not so high as in the city. It is a fine country out here. We are about one and a half miles from where Delano lives. All his boys but one are near him and all doing fine and the girl, Estella, is married and lives in Portland. Now good bye and change my address to Lents, Oregon, R. F. D. No. 1. Yours truly, -- R. S. Hummel." Greenwood Newspaper

"Both Rudolph and Louisa are buried at Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon. I always knew my great great grandparents were buried at Lents, Oregon, and when I found the cemetery. I discovered the grave of Louisa Hepsia, who died January 1, 1912, at Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery, Grave#1, Lot 36. Rudolph Samuel died 6-29-1919 and is buried at Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery, Grave#2, Lot 36 located in Southeast 82nd Avenue and Holgate Blvd, Portland, Oregon. Their sons Oscar A. Hummel died 1-21-1963 and Ira Warren Hummel died 1-2-1945. Oscar is also buried at Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery, but Ira is buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Portland, which is not too far from the Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery.

I do not know whatever happened to the adopted daughter Laura L. It appears that after Rudolph's son, William G. Hummel, died he moved to Portland, Oregon to be with his remaining two children. It is also possible his sons moved there with him. Ira's (Warren Ira) daughter Myrtle was born in 1902 in Iowa (Wisconsin per 1905 census), so they might of all moved to Oregon at the same time. Who knows how they all resided in Portland, Oregon, but they did." Bio by Patricia Gunnels 

HUNTZICKER family, Warner township

See Root family, Warner township





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