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  • Forster Family Photos
    • #0028: Agnes (Harmon), infant Paul, Roy, Vaughn, Lorraine & Phyllis Forster at the Forster farm, Section 28 Thorp Twp, August 1938.
    • #0040: Leonard Gutowski (carrying strap-on skates), Carol Rasmussen, Paul Forster & Glen Rasmussen, February 1947. Forster home in background.
    • #0077: Rear. L-R:Tony Kaminski, Gladys Arneson, Vaughn Forster, Claude Tollefson, Geraldine Anason, Marcella Dahm; Front, L-R: Josephine Kaminsky, Chester Olocki, Colleen Biddle, Elmwood Arneson, Phyllis Tollefson, Galen Biddle, Phyllis Forster, Clara Szatalowicz. Rosie Olocki, Teacher Ida Markowski. Taken in 1938 at Eidsvold State Graded. Note on back says: Lottie, Lorraine S., Calvin and Steven W. not on.
    • #0095: Phyllis Forster, Phyllis Tollefson, Sylverne Peet with Vern Peet's car, 1943-44
    • #0098: Rear, L-R: Mrs. Flora, Clayton Flora, unknown in hat, unknown in hat, Gordon Flora, Galen Biddle Front, L-R: Vonnie Nelson, Colleen Biddle, Sylverne Peet, Laurel Bivans, unkown, Phyllis Forster. (Participants in this one are our best guess. Date in 1940's.)
    • #0100: Sylverne Peet on rock in North Fork River just north of Hwy 29 Bridge.
    • #0120: Clara (Harmon) and Perry Kuhn (Clara was Paul Forster's mother's sister.). They operated a farm which was about 2 miles SSE of Stanley in the Town of Worden through the 1950's.
    • #078: Paul Forster writes: "Attached is a photo of me [Paul Forster] and Richard Navarre taken at Holy Cross Seminary, LaCrosse, WI around 1950. His parents owned a farm in Section 11 for many years. They used to attend the Junction church services. His mother was one of the funniest people I have ever known. When they moved to the farm neither one of them had a clue as to what to do. According to her, they would look out the window to see what the neighbors were doing, and promptly hop to it! Richard used to "hunt Christmas trees". No, really. As we all know, the nicest shaped trees are on the top. So he would take a pocket full of 12 ga. slugs and his trusty shotgun and proceed to bag his tree. Nutty as fruitcakes, the whole bunch of them! Thank goodness there are people like that."
  • Landry Family Home--Landry Family Home in Thorp (Photo courtesy of James W. Sternitzky who received it from Beth Shetter, Sangamon Valley Collection Librarian, Lincoln Library, The Public Library of Springfield, Illinois. 326 S. 7th St. Springfield IL 62701.

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