Board Records of Reseburg Township

Contributed by the Thorp Area Historical Society.

Transcribed by Janet


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Page 1 & 2 (Below); Town Officers from 1894-1911;

The spelling in the transcription of the 1894 (below)  meeting has been preserved from the original record)                                                                                  


Town of Reseburg Clark County


The first annual town meeting of the town of Reseburg was held in the school house at Zimmer's corners and opend the polls at 9 O'clock a.m. on April 3rd 1894 on motions made and carraid the fowlling officers were duley elected as officers for said election


Chairman Inspection Election

Wm. Reseburg

Danial Hinsh

Peter Biddle


Clerks of Election

Ernst Zunker

Wm. Goerbing


One O'Clock p.m. the fowlling resolutions were duly voteted on and carraid: that we raise a mill tax to the amount of seven (7) mills on the dollar, that we raise two hundred & fifty dollars ($250), by a direct tax for incitential fund motion made & carraid that the assessor shall not recieve over the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for the year 1894.  Motion made & carraid to prevent hogs, bulls and horses frome running at large on the highways.  Motion made and carraid that the compensation of superintenand of highway shall not exceed the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) for the ensueng year, carraid that mill tax be paid in labor there being no other buisness before the house ballots were again recieved.  At 5 O'clock p.m. the polls were closed with lawfull closing proclamation.  The fowling is a true and correct statement of the result of said election the whold number votes given for the chairman of supervisors was eighty-four of which Wm. Reseburg recieved one.  The whole number John Zimmer recieved one.  The whole number of votes given for supervisors one hundred and sixty-six.of which Frederick Boelter recieved eight-four, Zecar Barth recieved eighty-one, Bernard Brown recieved one.  The number of votes given for Clerk is eighty-four of wich Herman Holzhausen recieved eighty-three, Ernst Zunkee recieved one.  The whole number of votes given for Treasure were eighty-four of wich John Landry recieved eighty-four.  The whole number votes given for assesor were eighty-four of wich Charles Popy recieved fourty-two, Henry Goff recieved fourty two this being a tie, the inspectors of election had them draw lots as required by law (sec. 806 Revised stateute) upon wich Henry Goff was duly elected.  The whole number of votes given for Justice of the peace is three hundred and thirty-six of wich number John Moore recieved eighty-four.  Julian Hayes recieved eighty-four, Jerry Asseline recieved eighty-four, Wm. Burss recieved eighty-four.  The whole number of votes given for constable is one hundred and sixty-eight of wich Richard Biddle recieved eighty-four, Peter Deforth recieved eighty-four.


County of Clark

Town of Reseburg


We the undersigned inspectors herby certify that is is a correct result in witness where of we set our hand and seal.







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