Memories of Clark County, Wisconsin

Compiled by Judy Hansen


I'm sorry to say this project has become inactive because Judy Hansen has passed on and we no longer have a volunteer to continue it.



Many of us regret not listening more carefully to, and then recording, the wonderful treasure of information that our parents, grandparents and others, gave us when they reminisced about what life was like in early Clark County, Wisconsin. Sadly, many of these people are no longer with us, their voices have been stilled and many of their stories lost.


This is a collection of memories and/or history, in a sort of reunion or internet village, of people of a wide range of ages and geographic locations who once lived, or have/had immediate family who live/lived in Clark County. Our conversations are very much like those that occur when people gather, one memory/thought leading to another. We have attempted to preserve the language of a conversation with editing only where it eases reading. This is an ongoing project, so there will be new things added frequently.


We hope you and future generations will enjoy this trip down Clark County’s memory lane and will visit often to see what’s new!


Among the many contributors are: Gina Bower, Elaine (Wood) Greene-Jensen, Shari (Volovsek) Hahn, Judy (Marden) Hansen, Duane Horn, Marilyn Horn, Dolores (Mohr) Kenyon, Diane (Volovsek) Klinke, Steve Leavey, Robert Lipprandt, George Plautz, Darlene Poppe, Dolly Qualls, Jean (Wessel) Rolstad, Ethan Scearce, Janet Schwarze, Stan Schwarze, Mary (Artac) Urban, and Allan Wire.


We are eager for any comments and/or pictures that can be posted on this site.


Bicentennial Memories

Bicentennial Memories


Cheese Factories & Dairy Products


Personal Memories of Cheese Factories

Personal Memories of Dairy Products & Oleo

Clark Co., WI Dairy Businesses


Churches and Sunday Schools


Personal Memories


Farm Life


Farmers Hauling Milk (1940)

Milk Strikes

Silo Filling-Putting Corn Into the Silo;

Housekeeping--Laundry Chores

Preparing Casings for Sausage