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Surveying Clark County (1842-1856)

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TOWNSHIP: Green Grove Forest, Clark County, Wisconsin


Clark County, WI Internet Library Map Collection

County Map (shows all the townships)

1880 Green Grove Plat Map *In 1880, Green Grove was the west half of Colby Township.

1893 Green Grove Plat Map--by C. S. Stockwell; Neillsville, WI (Contributed by Alice Braun). **transcriber needed.

1905-06 Plat Map [North] [South]; 1905-06 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription; contributed by Helen Vater Blaha.1905 Map--by George. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago, IL (Contributed by Greenwood Public Library).

1915 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription; contributed by Helen Vater Blaha; 1915 Green Grove Plat Map--a very rare map contributed by the Thorp Area Historical Society.

1920 Green Grove Plat Map; origin unknown.

1920ish Green Grove Plat Map; origin unknown.

1926 Green Grove Twp. Property Owners; contributed by Helen Vater Blaha; 1926 Green Grove Plat Map--Standard Map Co., Chicago, IL (Contributed by Paulette Strey).

***Maps after 1926 Can't be displayed because of Copyright restrictions.

Bright Hand Drawn Map--Created by Halbert “Bud” Hardrath.

1934 Hand Drawn Map--Created by Halbert “Bud” Hardrath.

1938 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription--Standard Map Co, Chicago, IL *Can't be displayed because of Copyright restrictions and the date of this map is uncertain but it has been determined to be after 1936, but before 1940. (Contributed by Helen Vater Blaha).

Mid to late 1940's--Transcribed by Robert Lipprandt. *Note: The majority of the below mentioned land owners are listed by their first initials only. Very few have the full given names listed. Surname spellings are not guaranteed to be correct.

1956 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription, contributed by Helen Vater Blaha1956 Green Grove Township Property Owners--by Rockford Map Publishers *The actual map can't be displayed because of Copyright restrictions.

1960 Hand Drawn Map--Created by Herman Hardrath, Jr. and contributed by Halbert “Bud” Hardrath.

*1964 Green Grove Township Property Owners--by Rockford Map Publishers (Contributed by Alice Braun)

1973 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription, contributed by Helen Vater Blaha.  GREEN GROVE    T. 28N. - R. 1 W; ATLAS & PLAT BOOK of CLARK COUNTY, WISCONSIN, 1973, published by Rockford Map Pulbishers, Inc.  4525 Forest View Ave. Rockford, Illinois 61108.

1981 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription, contributed by Helen Vater Blaha.  GREEN GROVE    T. 28N. - R. 1 W; ATLAS & PLAT BOOK of CLARK COUNTY, WISCONSIN, 1981, published by Rockford Map Pulbishers, Inc.  4525 Forest View Ave. Rockford, Illinois 61108.

1986 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription, contributed by Helen Vater Blaha.  Transcribed from HISTORICAL ATLAS CLARK COUNTY WISCONSIN compiled and published in 1986 by Agri-Land Atlas Co., P. O. Box 5787, Rochester, MN 55903

1994 Green Grove Plat Map Transcription, 13th edition, published by Rockford Map Publishers, 4525 Forest View Avenue, P. O. Box 6126, Rockford, Illinois 61125, contributed by Helen Vater Blaha.

**Note: If your relative is listed in a particular section for a specific year, you can view that vicinity on the 1893 map. These sections locations have not changed since the township was first platted.


Section 1

1905--Otto Janke, John Janke, H. Wachsmuth, Wm. Neuman, Alb. Pribbernow, Art Neuman, C. Foeks, Rich Kateman, J. Karson, J. Mahlstedt (?), Jack Narka (?)

1915--(Upper right corner of map missing), W. Wendt, R Kateman, Otto Janke, H. Nehau (?), , E. & C. Wachsmuth, Chas. Fuekes (Fakes?), A. Pribbernow, A. Toun (?)

1926--Jno. Steinfort, Wallace Healy, Art Tonn, Mrs. C. Pribbenow, O. M. Todd, Mrs. Selma Fakes, Oscar J. Kateman, Wm. Aldinger

1938--A. F., Cleveland State Bank, Art Tonn, Theodore Frane, Chas. Fakes, est., Lena Ebert, Oscar Katemann, A. C., A. L. Smart, T. M. Todd, Carolina Pribbenow

Mid to late 1940's--Aschbrock, H. & E., Frane, T., Katemann, O., Koffernus, H. & P., Krause, S. & E., Krause, S., Utke, L. & N., Wittlinger, H., 2 unreadable, possibly C. & A. P. and J. P.

1956--Solomon & Emma Krause, LeRoy Utke, E.R., Oscar Kademan, Llloyd Haemer, Chas. Latz, Hubert & Pearl Koffarnus, Theo. Frane

1973-- Solomon & Emma Krause, Hubert & Pearl Kaffarnus, Lyoyd & Emma Haemer, David & Orine Kademan, H & M Kademan

1981--Neil & Janet Krause, Hubert & Pearl Koffarnus, Isaac & Mabel Martin, C. & B. Peissig, D. & O. Kademan, Chester Przybylski, H.& M. Kademan, D. K. (David Kademan), SM. TRS. (Todd Scidmore, Robert Scidmore, Rodney & Inge Hawks, Wilford & L. Marcott, Arlen Utke, Bev Utke, Hal Utke)

1986--Neil & Janet Krause, Hubert & Pearl Koffarnus, David Kademan, Clyde & Beverly Peissig, John & Kelly Fritz, Raymond & Lorraine Neustedt, Harvey & Marie Kademan, Rodney Hawks, Harold Utke, Arlene & Elizabeth Utke, Wilfred Marcott, Jeffrey Dodge, Joseph Taylor, State of Wiconsin, Utke Bros. Building & Lumber Co., Claude Peissig, Arlen Utke

1994--Neil G. & Janet Krause, Harvey & Mary Hoover, Hubert & Pearl Koffarnus, Raymond G. & Karen O. Copeland, Ronald A. & Eloise M. Frohling, Rich C. & Margo Seefluth, P. & M. Oberhoffer, I. Neuenfeldt, T. Neuenfeldt, Rod & Inge Hawks, Arlen Utke, Bev. Utke, Eliz. J. Utke, Hal Utke, Wilford Marcott, LaVerna Marcott, Jeffery Dodge, Jos. Taylor, Ruth Taylor, H. K. Christensen, Sr., Ricky Dix, Eloise M. Frohling, Ronald A. Frohling

Section 2

1905--Jos. Kraut, H. Wachsmuth, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co., F.Buss, Thos. Lowe.

1915--Mrs. J. Kraut, E. & C Wachsmuth, F. Buss, Frank Buss, Emil Mathias, Ernest Woik, Glenzer Bros., O. Kateman, Chas. Fuekes (Fakes?)

1926--Herman Buss, Frank Buss, Rudolph Kopp, Mrs. Mary Kraut, Mrs. Selma Fakes, Emil Mathias, Ernest Woik, Rich Glenzer, Mrs. S. Mills

1938--Josef Kraut, Rudopph Kopp, Frank Kraut, Frank Buss, Emil Mathias, Ernest Woik, Rich Glenzer, Minn. Kateman, Chas. Fakes est.

Mid to late 1940's--Boemer, L. & E., Buss, O., Glenzer, H., Kopp, Rudolph, Kraut, F. & E., Kraut, I., Matthias, Emil, Woik, Ernest.

1956--Bertha Kraut, Lloyd Haemer, Erma Neuman, Franklin Kraut, Emil Matthias, Ralph Woik

1973--Franklin & Elsie Kraut, Herbert Neuman, Carl & Judith Haemer, Lloyd & Emma Haemer, Ralph & Elsie Woik, Carrie Matthias.

1981--Carl & Judith Haemer, Roger & Judith Hill, Myron & Ruth Buss, Kenneth & Donna Engel, Isaac & Mabel Martin, R.S. (Rich and M. Seefluth)

1986--Carl & Judith Haemer, Roger & Judith Hill, Myron & Ruth Buss, Kenneth H. & Sandra Engel, John & Kelly Fritz, Richard Seefluth

1994--Albert H. Buss, Carl D. & Judith L. Haemer, Myron & Ruth Buss, Kenneth H. Engel, Harvey & Mary Hoover, Rich C. Seefluth, Margo Seefluth

Section 3

1905--Withee est., Alb. Buss, J. S. Owen Lumber Co., Wm. Buss

1915--T. M. Todd, Albert Buss, Christ Daniels, Otto Woltz, Carl Beck, G. Noyes, Wm. Buss, Jno. Peters

1926--Herman Buss, Albert Buss, Wm. Buss, Geo. Noyes, Christ Danielson, Albert Utke, C. E. Beck, Jno. Pethers, Bee Hive School

1938--Frank Kraut, Elizabeth Buss, Christ Danielson, Albert Utka (Utke?), C. E. Beck, Bee Hive School, Chas Conrad, Alice Lamb, Ida Buss, Geo. Noyes

Mid to late 1940's--Beck, C. E., Beck, C. & M., Bee Hive School, Buss, E., Buss, F., Hingiss, W.,Koplitz, H. & E., Nauhaus (sp?), H. & K.

1956--Henry Neuhaus, Eliz. Buss, Henry Buss,  Dan Anderson, Harold Koplitz, Ray Wagner

1973--Henry & Gertrude Buss, Ray Wagner, Albert H. Buss

1981--Henry & Gertrude Buss, Ray Wagner, Albert H. Buss

1986--Henry W. & Gertrude Buss, Albert H. Buss

1994--Albert H. Buss, Henry W. & Gertrude H. Buss

Section 4

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., H. H. Co., T. O. Withee, Ramsay Land Co.

1915--T. P. Gustafson, F. Machie__(?), N. H. Withee, C. H. Withee, S. Myllaire, Chas. Peterson, G. A. Oakberg, C. Rasmussen, Jno. Peters

1926--C. Goneau Hayes, Frank Gustafson, H. Loedhe, C. Loedhe, Clark County Insane Asylum, G. Loedhe, Mattson Andelin (Antelini), T. D. Driscoll, Gust Oskberg (Oakberg?), M. E. Sawyer, Adolph Anderson

1938--Federal Land Bank, Frank Gustafson, H. Loehde, C. Loehde, G. Loehde, Clark County Insane Asylum, Frank Antelini, Tim Driscoll, C. W. Taylor, Farm-Sales Mtg. Co., Adolph Anderson

Mid to late 1940's--Antelin, F., Behringer, G., Bushnell, M., Clark County, Driscoll, T., Gustafson, A. & C., Hingiss, W. & C., Juntunen, F. & C.

1956--Wm. Hingess, Abner Gustafson, Clark County, Cornelius Driscoll, Frank Juntunen, Geo. Behringer, Edw. Voge

1973--Arnold & Jean Bakke, Bern. & Pearl Orsbrun, Cornelius & Mary Driscoll, Gordon & Erno Swenson, Edw. & Dor. Voge, Clark County

1981--Albert H. Buss, Bernard & Pearl Orsburn, Clark County, Cornelius & Mary Driscoll, Edward & Dor. Voge, Gordon & Erno Swenson, Anna Lindgren, Gary Lindgren, etal

1986--Albert H. Buss, Bernard & Pearl Orsburn, Clark County, Edward & Dorothy Voge, Myron & Ruth Buss, Mary Ann Driscoll, Gordon & Erma Swenson, John Kohn, Edwin Porath, Gary Lindgren

1994--Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Joseph & Phyliss Retzer, Albert H. Buss, Gordon & Erna Swenson, Myron & Ruth Buss, Edward & Dor. Voge, John Kohn, Anna Lindgren Porath, Thos. Kopp

Section 5

1905--H. H. Co., H. N. Withee, J. S. Owen Lumber Co., W. D. Hoard

1915--N. H. Withee, C. A. Johnston, W. Osenberg, M. Maxwell, John Burkholtz, W. D. Hoard

1926--Clark County Insane Asylum, W. D. Hoard, A. T. Gates, John Nienni

1938--Clark County Insane Asylum, Harvey Weddig, Chas. W. Taylor, W. D. Hoard

Mid to late 1940's--Clark County, Devine, M., Taylor, J., Wesneski, N.

1956--Clark County, Geo. Devine, John Taylor, John Wesneski

1973--Clark County, Martha Devine, Lester & Beverly Kallberg, Mae Wesneski

1981--Clark County, Bernard Auburg, Lester & Beverly Kallberg, Leona Devine, etal.

1986--Clark County, Devine & Roohr, Lester & Beverly Kallberg, Carl Christenson, Kenneth Slusser

1994--Clark County, Robert J. Merriman Sr., Carl Kallberg, Leona & Michael Devine & June Roohr, Rich Schuman, Cheri Schuman

Section 6

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., H. D. Hoard, N. P. Andreasen

1915--N. Anderson, S. Nielson Sjostrom & Lind, C. R. Powers, Jas. Devine, J. Bishop, (upper left corner of map missing)

1926--Chas. Rippi, E. C. Powers, James Devine, C. S. Welker, M. Sjorsfrom (?), E. Lina (?), F. F. Cutter, F. W. Wood, Peter Riber, Joseph

1938--Nes. Fillppula, C. S. Welker, E. C. Powers, James Devine, Peter Riber, F. D. Wood, H. Sjostrum

Mid to late 1940's--Devine, M., Lee, S. & C., Finnila, A. & V., La Vigne, A. & L., Norwalk, M. & A., Powers, E., Riber, R., Welker, O., Wood, F., 1 unreadable (Krant or Kraut?), B.

1956--Henry Wydeven,Orville Welk, Albert Ehlert, Martin Norwalk, Carl Lee, A.C. Lavigne, Morris Devine, Ben. Krom, Fred Wood, Peter Riber  

1973-- Martha Devine, Richard & Harriet Laube, May Mrotek, Tauno Ranta, Warren & Cecelia Lewis, David & Lorraine Smith, R. Wagner, Orville Welker, H. L. Stock, State of Wisconsin

1981--H. L. Stock, Orville Welker, R. W., Lynn Strickland, Kenn. & Carol Klafke, Conrad Beranek,  ?.M., John Nikolay, State of Wisconsin,
Martha Devine, etal, Richard & Harriet Laube, May Mrotek, Don Beranek, Robert Beranek, Craig Carlson, H. Carlson, Art Finnila, W. Finnila, Rich Morse

1986--Herbert & Dolores Stock, State of Wisconsin D.N.R., Devine & Roohr, Richard & Harriet Laube, Lynn & Holly Strickland, Ken & Carol Klafke, Joan M. Walker, Raymond Wagner, Thomas Meckley, Arthur Finnila, Daniel Bobbe, Donald Beranek, Craig Carlson, Robert Beranek, Richard Morse

1994--Michael Devine & June Roohr, State of Wisconsin DNR, Lynn & Holly Strickland, Terry & Kathy Laube, Richard & Harrient Laube, Joan M. Wilken, Herb & Delores Stock, Art & Vieno Finnila, Dan Bobbe, Mavis Bobbe, Donald Beranek, Conrad Beranek, Robert Beranek, Craig Carlson, Dwane Broberg, Ja. Devine, Art & Vieno Finnila, Thos. Meckley, Jennifer Meckley, Ray Wagner, Violet Wagner

Section 7

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co.

1915--A. J. Gilman, J. E. Dandokin, W. Goveia, Gus Sillanpaa, F. Mieczkowski, A. Kleinheinz

1926--A. L. Gilman, Mrs. F. Mishkowski, Dairy Belt Land Co., Wm. Sutter, H. E. Reisner, Gust Sillampaa

1938--A. L. Gilman, Alexandra Mieczkowski, C. B. Rasmussen, Wm. Sutter, Gust Sillampaa. J. E. Reisner

Mid to late 1940's--Bjerke, N. & E., Havelin, W. & H., Piper, E. & A., Porath, N. & J., Seufzer, J. & M., Sillampaa, G.

1956--Walfred Havelin, Joseph & Mary Seufzer, Carl Sillampaa, Norman Porath, Nathaniel Bjerke

1973--Peter & Rozella Rizzi, Martin & Lorena Carlson, William & Wanda Lingenfelter, Carl & Beverly Sillampaa, Arthur C. Johnson

1981--Leslie & Carol Kollmansberger, Eloranta Farms, Inc., Carl & Beverly Sillampaa, Robert W. Johnson, Mavis Jones

1986--Time Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n., Eloranta Farms Inc., Carl & Beverly Sillampaa, Robert W. Johnson, Mavis Jones

1994--Dennis E. Witt, Eloranta Farms Inc., Robert W. Johnson, Wayne & Joan Eloranta, Dor. Voge, Edw. Voge

Section 8

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., T. O. Withee, Ramsay Land Co., M. Erdman, G. Erdman

1915--Wm. Kangas, L. Eckland, E. B. Williams, R. W. & Alice Cummings, Chas. Sandquist, G. Lindgren, Tri State Land. Co., T. M. Todd

1926--C. B. Miljars(?), Mrs. L. Eckland, Henry Thess, T. M. Todd, P. J. Riley, A. F. Robertson, Gus Lindgren, Rial (?) Cummings, F. Boehm

1938--Alb. Newman, Henry Thess, A. C. Lavine, Jos. Switalski, Cecile Williams, P. J. Riley, A. Robertson, G.(Gus) Lindgren

Mid to late 1940's--Baumgartner, L. & E., Eloranta, E., Eloranta, G., La Vigne, A. & E., Lindgren, A., Lindgren, Gus, Reily, P. J., Reily, R., Switalski, J., Thess, Henry.

1956--Henry Thess, Melvin Mech, Laura Lavine, Axel Lindgren, etal, A. G. Lindgren, Pat Riley, Geo. Oswald Eloranta, Geo. Eloranta

1973--Plautz Bros., Edw. & Irene Lehnen, American Can Company, Herb Thess, George O. Eloranta, Geo. & Lola Eloranta, Pat Riley, A. G. Lindgren, Axel & Roxie Lindgren

1981--Eloranta Farms, Inc., Roland Misfeldt, Consolidated Papers, Inc.,  Ken & Caroline Jorgenson, Herbert Thess, Axel & Roxie Lindgren, A. G. Lingren, Thos. & Judith Riley, Charles Kangas, A. Kangas, Wes Marshall

1986--Eloranta Farms Inc., Roland Misfeldt, Ken N. & Caroline Jorgenson, Consolidated Papers Inc., Herbert H. Thess, Roxie Lindgren,
Thomas & Judith Riley, Wesley Marshall, Charles Kangas

1994--Consolidated Papers Inc., Jas. & Delores Hatlestad, Jeffrey & Sheila R. Hurlebaus,  Herbert H. Hess, Eloranta Farms Inc., George & Dennis Eloranta, Gregory P. & Cynthia D. Rohland, Charles Kangas, Andrea Lee Kangas, Wesley Marshall, Town of Green Grove

Section 9

Ramsay Land Co., J. S. Owen, J. L. Gates. C. L. Co., M. Spaulding, W. Etchepp (?)

1915--J. M. Janke, Chas. Sandquist, A. Swanson, G. W. Kallberg, Alex. Kosky, L. Spirup, M. J. Spaulding, S. E. Johnson

1926--Frank Johnson, Robt. Switarsky, Alex. Koski, Sven (?) Peterson, M. J. Spaulding, Robert Watson, A. Swanson, Gust Kalberg

1938--Harry Kopp, Swan Peterson Alex. Koski, Frank Johnson, Frank Buehm, Walter Peterson. A. Swanson, Gust Kalberg, Rob. L. Watson, Theodore Miller

Mid to late 1940's--Bjorn, E. & R., Burtard, E., Clark County, Gustafson, H. & E., Johnson, W. & E., Kallberg, G. & J., Kallberg, L., Lindgren, V. & E., Peterson, R. & E., Peterson, W., State of Wisconsin

1956--Edw. Bjorn, Ella Burtard, Hilmer Gustafson, Rob’t Blunk, A. B. Switalski, Walt. Johnson, Lester Kallberg, Clark County, Bufford Foster Roy Peterson, Jennie Kallberg

1973--Edw. & Irene Lehnen, Edw. & Dor. Voge, Alice Gustofson, Ella Burtard, Buford, Jr. & Genevieve Foster, State of Wis. (DNR),  A. B.
Switalski, Walter & Violet Johnson, Beverly & Lester Kallberg

1981--Sylvia Dobner, Alice Gustafson, Ella Burtard, Buford, Jr. & Genevieve Foster, State of Wisconsin (DNR), Violet Johnson, Lester &
Beverly Kallberg, Ken Ball, P. Ball, Dennis Dwyer, B. Dwyer, Eric Illgen, L. Illgen, Greg Karlberg, R. Karlberg, Adolph Lavorata, A. Lavorata, Paul Olszewski, N. Olszewski, Ken Portell, L. Portell, Charles Pizzitola, M. Pizzitola

1986--Sylvia Dobner, Alice Gustafson, Elda Burtard, Buford Jr. & Genevieve Foster, State of Wisconsin D.N.R., Lester & Beverly Kallberg,
Violet Johnson, Gregory Kallberg, Gary Kallberg, Dennis Dwyer, Kenneth Portell, Charles Pizzitola, James Carpenter, Eric Illgen, A. G. & A. P. Lavorata, Clark County, Paul Olszewski

1994--Kenneth J. Burtard, Alice E. Gustafson, Elda Burtard, Buford & Genevieve Foster, Carl Kallberg, Violet Johnson, State of Wisconsin D.N.R., Greg Kallberg, Bev Kallberg, Lester Kallberg, Rhonda Kallberg, Dennis Dwyer, Barb Dwyer, Ken Portell, Lamon Portell, Jas. Carpenter, Carol Carpenter, Eric J. Illgen, L. J. Illgen, A. G. Lavatora, A. P. Lavatora, Paul Olszewski, Nona Olszewski, Clark County

Section 10

1905--Ch. Hatt, C. L. Co., J. S. Owen Lumber Co., T. Lowe, Emil Lipprandt

1915--School, Julia, Konik, Paul Baenowski, J. E. Bjorn, E. Lipprandt, O. Lipprandt, A. Woik, G. Sisco, Howel Williams, M. J. McNally

1926--John Konik, Paul Buranosky, Joe Bjorn, W. Vankusky, Oscar Lipprandt, Frank Ebertsch, H. Williams, J. Bachmeier, Geo. Sisco

1938--Oscar Lipprandt, Joe Bjorn, Paul Burnovsky, John Konik, Frank Ebertsch, H. Williams, Geo. Sisco, J. Bachmeier

Mid to late 1940's--Arneson, S. & E., Bachmeir, J., Bjorn, Joe, Grube, H. & V. Lipprandt, Oscar, Lulloff, B. & E., Thess, O. & F., Wankusky, W. & E., Williams, M.

1956--Oscar Lipprandt, Helen & Victor Grube, Theo. Sommer, Wm. Wankusky,  Edw. Bjorn, Bernard Lulloff, Olive & Fred Thess, Silas Arneson

1973--Olive & Fred Thess, Bernard & Martha Lulloff, Helen & Victor Grube, Silas & Ella Arneson, Lavern & Pearl Nosbisch, Myron & Lorraine Ewert, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Peter & Sharon Brockhaus

1981--Victor Grube, James & Audrey Lulloff, Olive & Fred Thess, Buford, Jr. & Genevieve Foster, Wilmer Paul, Lavern & Pearl Nosbisch, Myron & Lorraine Ewert, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Harold Brockhaus, E. Arneson, Peter Brockhaus, S. Brockhaus, Victor Handle, T. Handle.

1986--Olive L. Thess, James B. Lulloff, Richard J. Grube, David H. Fredrick, Buford Jr. & Genevieve Foster, Ronald & Frances Lindgren, Lavern & Pearl Nosbusch, Myron & Lorraine Ewert, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Peter & Sharon Brockhaus, Victor Handel, Robert DeCaire, Elery Adams, Silas Arneson, Dennis Kruck

1994--Byron Lampi, James Bernard Lulloff, Richard J. Grube, David H. & Mary Fredrick Buford & Genevieve Foster, Daniel J. & Kristine A. Nosbisch, Myron & Lorraine Ewert, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Peter J. Brockhaus, Carol Decaire, Robert Decaire, Heidi Bjork, Ricky Bjork, Ronald E. Bjork, Shirley Bjork, Dennis Druck, Pat Kruck, Eliz. Utke

Section 11

1905--Emil Lipprandt, Aug. Lulloff, Ramsey Land Company, H. S. Reed, Joe Miller, E. Laabs

1915--Fisher Bros., Emil Lipprandt, H. Lipprandt, Frend Glenzer, J. Sisco, G. Miller, J. Miller, Mrs. E. Laabs

1926--Fischer Bros., R. Lipprandt, Herm. Lipprandt, Walter Laabs, A. Hanne, Fred Dix, Isaac Sisco, Herb Glenzer

1938--Paul Woik, Oscar Fischer, Geo. Fischer, Walter Fischer, R. Lipprandt, Herm Lipprandt, Walter Laabs, A. Hanne, Fred Dix, Isaac Sisco, Hub. Glenzer

Mid to late 1940's--Dix, Fred, Glenzer, H., Laabs, A. & E., Laabs, Walter, Lipprandt, H., Lipprandt, W., Meyers, H. & L. Jr., Winkel, A. & C., Woik, P. & P.

1956--Paul Woik, Herbert Meyers, Albert Laabs, Walter Lipprandt, Hubert Glenzer, Fred Dix, Alex. Winkel, Walt. Laabs

1973--Ralph & Elsie Woik, Alfred & Harriet Laabs, Herbert & Lenore Meyers, Paul & Pauline Woik, Hubert Glenzer, Albert & Alvina Laabs, H. K. Christensen, Walter Laabs

1981--H. K. Christensen, Herbert & Lenore Meyers, Alfred & Harriet Laabs, Kenneth & Donna Engel, Hubert & Jean Glenzer, Albert & Alvina Laabs, Bruce Woggon, etal, James & Pauline Schiferl, Walter & Edna Laabs, Ray Barts, A. Barts.

1986--Kenneth H. & Sandra Engel, Alfred & Harriet Laabs, Herbert & Lenore Meyers, H. K. Christensen, Hubert Jr. Glenzer, Waggon & Kennedy, James & Pauline Shiferl, Douglas L. Zimmer, Raymond Barts, David Sommer, Rick Phillips

1994--Kenneth H. Engel, Alfred & Harriet Laabs, Herbert Meyers, Jr., H. K. Christensen, Jr. Tr., Richard S. & Nancy Jean Glenzer, Bruce Woggan & Pamela Kennedy, James M. & Pauline Shiferl, D. & J. Welsh, Doanld A. Welsh, D. & W. Sommer, Arlene Barts, Ray Barts

Section 12

1905--Carl Buss, Wm. Buss, School, Carl Krueger, J. & P. Glenzer, Fred Miller, F. Marquardt, F. Glenzer, Wm. Zazzenhaus

1915--Fred Miller, Wm. Buss, Woodland School, Emil Buss, C. Krueger, F. Marquardt, F. Glenzer, J. Kops, J. & R. Glenzer

1926--Fred Miller, Wm. Buss, Adolph Fricke, Richard Glenzer, Mrs. C. Krueger, Alb. Marquardt, F. Glenzer, J. Kobs, Woodland School

1938--Fred J. Miller, Frank T. Buss, Woodland School, Adolph Fricke, F. Lulloff, Richard Glenzer, Alb. Marquardt, Emma Glenzer, M. Mullins

Mid to late 1940's--Buss, F., Conway, F., Glenzer, E., Laabs Cheese Factory, Lulloff, F. & E., Miller, F., Peterson, F., Peterson, H. & L., Schuh, H. & V., Sommer, D. & L., Warncke, L. & E., Woodland School

1956--H. K. Christensen, F. Mueller, Frank Buss, Marvin Seefluth, Donald Sommer, Fred Lulloff, Henry Schuh, Emma Glenzer, Louis Warncke

1973--Will & Marie Collins, David & Orine Kademan, Edw., Sr. & Inez Suder, H. K. Christensen, Fred Lulloff, etal, Donald & Lucille Sommer, Henry J. Schuh, Roland & Elsie Hake

1981--H. K. Christensen, Edward Suder, Sr., David & Orine Kademan, Ronald & Shirley Bjork, Fred Lulloff, Donald & Lucille Sommer, Robert & Judith Schuh, Roland & Elsie Hake, Gordon & Ruth Armbrust, Ray Copeland, Robert Gosse, S. Gosse, Mavis Jones, David Partel, D. Partel, Edwin Stumpner.

1986--Ronald & Shirley Bjork, David Kademan, H. K. Christensen, Jeffrey & Shawn Williams, Lucille Sommer, Robert & Judith Schuh, Roland & Elsie Hake, Gordon & Ruth Armburst, Edward Suder, Edwin Stumpner, Robert Gosse, Raymond Copeland, David Paitel, Mavis Jones

1994--Ronald E. & Shirley Bjork, Raymond G. & Karen O. Copeland, Edward Suder, Sr., H. K. Christensen, Jr. Tr., Jerome J. & Martha Hofforth, Lucille W. Sommer, Judith Schuh, Roland & Elsie Hake, Harvery Z. & Rebecca Fox, Edwin Stumpner, Robert Gosse, Sharwin Gosse, Kelly Nosko, Carol Nosko, Robert Sowinski, Susan Sowinski

Section 13

1905--Wm. Schreiber, Wm. Sommer, Joe Miller, H. Meyers, H. Klemm, A. Hake, John Scheel, L. Lulloff, F. Wiegman, J. C. Karsten Jr.

1915--H. Meyers, J. Miller, H. Klem, T. Sommer, Adolph Hake, J. Karsten, J. Schier, L. (Louis) Lulloff, R.(Rich) Wiegman

1926--Theo. Sommers, Art Sommers, Wm. Winkel, Frank Gerken, Fred Schreiber, Mrs. Adolph Hake, Louis Lulloff, Rich Wiegman (?)

1938--Wm. Winkel, Art Sommers, Theo. Sommer, A. F. Kobs, Adolph Hake, Joachim Karsten, Jno. Scheer, Louis Lulloff, Rich Wiegman

Mid to late 1940's--Augustine, A. & E., Hake, E., Kahemer (sp? maybe Kademan?), L. & B., Kobs, N., Meyers, H., Miller, J., Sommers, Theo., Wentzel, E. & N., Zuber, S. & R.

1956--Herbert Meyers, etal, Melvin Gosse, Henry Schuh, Vernon Sommer, Norman Kobs, Walter Hake, Albert Augustine, Leonard Kademan, Stanley Zuber, Earl Wentzel

1973--Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Henry J. Schuh, Roland & Elsie Hake, Herb & Lenore Meyers, Norman H. Kobs, Albert & Amanda Augustine, Michael & Shirley Miller, Stanley & Rose Zuber

1981--Willard & Pat. Meyers, Robert Shuh, D. S., Henry J. Schuh, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Norman H. Kobs, H. K. Christensen, Roland W. & Elsie Hake, Isaac & Fern Martin, Rose Zuber, Norm Augustine, Don Seidel, B. Seidel, Ken Stumpner, T. Stumpner

1986--Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Robert & Judith Schuh, Robert Schuh, Willard & Pat Meyers, Norman R. Kobs, Roland W. & Elsie Hake, H. K. Christensen, Isaac & Fern Martin, Rose Zuber, Donald Seidel, Norman Augustine, Henry Stumpner

1994--Judith Schuh, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Norman A. Kobs, Willard & Pat Meyers, Roland W. & Elsie Hake, H. K. Christensen, Jr. Tr., Isaac D. & Fern M. Martin, Rose Zuber, Ken Stumpner, Thea Stumpner, Don Esselman, Debra Esselman, Felicia I. Mock, Ken Stumpner, Thea Stumpner

Section 14

1905--Geo. Burroughs, W. Schenek, Fr. Marquardt, Carl Krueger, Aug. Woik, W. Devney

1915--F. Schaner, F. Schreiber, F. Stecker, Fred Marquardt, Carl Krueger, Aug. Woik, S. Zolliff

1926--Fred Glenzer, Fred Krueger, Anton Woik, Chas. Carnahan, Mrs. F. R. Schauer, Mrs.C. Krueger, Mrs. Aug. Woik, Carl Lund, Chas. Krueger

1938--Mrs. F. R. Schauer, C. F. Carnahan, H. F. Janke, B. Schauer, Joe Karsten, Joachim Karsten, Anton Woik, Alvin Woik, H. Wittlinger, Carl Lund

Mid to late 1940's--Carnahan, C., Carnahan, C. & E., Decker, A. & M., Hardrath, R. & D., Jagodzinski, D. & P., Koffernus, W. & L., Steffes, N. & I., Woik, F. & I.

1956--Wm. Koffarnus, C. F. Carnehan, Ernest Voik, Nick Steffes, Arlyn Decker, Sigman Bartosiak

1973--C. K. Carnahan, William & Leona Koffarnus, Ralph & Elsie Woik, H. K. Christensen, Robert Steffes, Herbert & Margaret Lube, Marlyn & Karen Sommer

1981--John & Karen Boss, Wilfred & Vida Carnahan, Kenneth & Donna Engel, H. K. Christensen, Robert Steffes, Marlyn & Karen Sommer, Herbert & Margaret Lube, Rich Hamann, J. Hamann, Jas. Sowleja, V. Sowleja

1986--Wilfred & Vida Carnahan, John & Karen Buss, Kenneth Engel, H. K. Christensen, Robert & Merle Steffes, Marlyn & Karen Sommer, Herbert & Margaret Lube, Robert DeCairo, Richard Hamann, Michael Tomkowziak

1994--Wilfred L. & Vida Carnahan, Kenneth H. Engle, Denis, David, & Mary Fredrick, John A. & Karen A. Boss,  H. K. Christensen, Jr., Robert P. Steffes, Marlyn & Karen Sommer, Margaret Lube, Carol Decaire, Robert B. DeCaire, Sdteven M. & Debra F. Peterson, Kathleen Tomczak, Michael Tomczak, John A. Boss,Karen A. Boss, Rich & Joyce Hamann Fam. Liv. Tr., Jas. Anthony Sowiega

Section 15

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., M. Spaulding, Ch. Hall, Wi. R. R., L. L. Urheim

1915--H. D. Bennett, M. J. McNally, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co., H. Koski, M. Lampe (Lampi), Wis. Central R.R. Co., J. C. Harris, G. Marquardt

1926--Daniel Morris, Chas. Marquardt, Ervin Koener (Kocner ?), M. J. Spaulding, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co., Chas. Wickstrom, Math. Lampi,  C.
Middlefort (?), Roy Pethers

1938--Herbert Fredrick, H. O. Lipprandt, Jno. Pethers, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co., U. A. Phillips, State Bank of Owen, Math. Lampi, J. S. Keator,
Chas. Marquardt, Fred Biehler

Mid to late 1940's--Fredrick, H. & M., J. Owen Lumber Company, Knowlton, A. & F., Laabs, L., Lampi, M. & F., Lampi, M. & J., Lipprandt, H., Lulloff, F. & E.

1956--Dan Fredrick, Herbert Fredrick, Vernon Sommer, Lulu Laabs, Matt. Lampi, Janette Lampi, Art. Thieme

1973-- Daniel & Shirley Frederick, Vernon Sommer, John & Victoria Sela, George & Sue Shattuck, Arnold Thieme, Arnold & Darlene Thieme, Leo & Yevonnie Plantico

1981--Daniel & Shirley Frederick, Vernon Sommer, Arnold Thieme, John & Victoria Sela, Mark & Bonnie Myler, David & Eva Hurst, Arnold G. & Darlene Thieme

1986--John & Victoria Sila, Vernon & Jeanette Sommer, Donald & Shirley Frederick, Klein & Myler, Steven & Debra Peterson, Arnold J. Thieme

1994--John & Victoria Sila, David & Wanda Sommer, Daniel H. & Shirley Frederick, Arnold G. Thieme, Robert D. DeCaire, etal, Steven M. & Debra F. Peterson, Mark Klein, Scott A. Seidel,  Clark County

Section 16

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co.

1915--J. S. Owen Lbr. Co., Jno. Aysto, W. Iho, O. Kopesto (Kopisto?), H. B. Johnson, H. Pakela, J. Lahtinen, J.. Wiljanen, H. Salminen

1926--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., Jno. Wiljanen, Math. Nienni, Math. Lampi, Newman Bros., Otto Kapisto

1938--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., Math. Lampi, E. Niemi, U. (Uuno) Kolpanen, Newman Bros.

Mid to late 1940's--Anderson, G. & L. Jr., Bakke, N., Braithwait, D., Bruun (sp?), Dr., J. Owen Lumber Company, Lampi, M. & J., Newman, W., Peterson S. & A., Township of Green Grove.

1956--Town of Green Grove, Swan Peterson, Ross Braithwait, Michael Lampi, Douglas Braithwait, Gust Anderson, Walter Neuman

1973--Green Grove Township, Frank & Marg. Bartha, Terry J. Tadda, Don & Elaine Miller, William F. Schley, Dennis F. Lulloff, Ross & Maude Braithwait, Leo & Yevonnie Plantico

1981--Green Grove Township, Art. Peterson, Terry J. Tadda, Ross & Maude Braithwait, J. & W. Mateja, Leo & YeVonnie Plantico, W. H., David & Eva Hurst, William F. Schley, Patrick Parlin, William Handle, J. Handle, Art Paul

1986--Terry J. & Sally Tadda, Art. A Peterson, Green Grove Township, Ross & Maude Braithwait, Patrick A. Parlin, John W. Mateja, Steven & Debra Peterson, Leo Plantico, Arthur Paul, William Handel

1994--Terry J. & Sally F. Tada, Art A. Petersen, Green Grove Township, Ronald & Madelyne Thums, Leo E. & Y. M. Plantico, James B. Lulloff, Steven M. & Debra F. Peterson, Wm. F. Schley, Patrick A. Parlin, Bern Orsburn, Doug L. Zimmer

Section 17

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., H. A. Bright

1915--G. Fugina, J. P. Peterson, Frank Otrin, H. A. Bright, A. Hervatin, F. Prepeluh

1926--J. (Jonas) Eloranta, G. Anderson, Ella Nielsen Fugina, Jennie Ohmen, Jack Kopack, Frank Otrin, Anton Harvatin, Frank Prepeluh, Niho (Niilo?) Lehtola

1938--Adolph Haavesto, G. Anderson, Hilja Eloranta, Joe Neimi, Jos. Pucel, Frank Prepeluh, Frank Otrin, Anton Harvatin

Mid to late 1940's--Anderson, C. & E., Eloranta, H., Niemi, O., Ortin, Frank, Pabich, F. & M., Prepeluh, Frank, Riley, R.

1956--James Riley, Geo. Eloranta, Edwin Porath, Frank Otrin, John Prepeluh, Frank Pabich

1973--Richard & Shirley Peterson, George & Lola Eloranta, Frank Otrin, etal, John Prepeluh, John & Lucille Greschner

1981--Eloranta Farms, Inc., Rich & Shirley Peterson, Frank Otrin, etal, John & Lucille Greschner, Thomas Greschner, George Eloranta, Lola Eloranta, William Johnson

1986--Eloranta Farms Inc., Roland & Marilyn Keilman, Fred F. Ortin, etal, John & Lucille Greschner, Thomas J. Greschner, William J. Johnson

1994--Eloranta Farms Inc., Roland & Marilyn Keilman, Steve P. Zimmer, Mary E. Greschner, T. Greschner, Thomas J. & Cheri Greschner, George O. & Lola Jean Eloranta  

Section 18

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., H. A. Bright

1915--A. Kleinheinz, W. E. Rigg, C. Rochford, H. A. Bright, Carl Laube, F. Clupper

1926--Ed Ettner, James Flynn, Carl Churkey, Karl Laube Jr., H. J. Bright, Jno. Webling (Wepling), Gus Holopainen, Gust Sillampaa, Niho Lehtola

1938--Gust Sillampaa, John Weppliek, Christ (Gust) Holopainen, G. Holopainen, Alfred Porath, James Flynn, Chas. Churkey, Karl Laube Jr. David Churkey, H. Schwarze

Mid to late 1940's--Churkey, C., Churkey, D. & S., Holopamen, A. & E., Laube H. & M., Niemi, O., Ortwig, C., Porath, J., Sillampaa, G. & H., Schwarze, H. & M., 1 unreadable, (Jnowappling - sp?).  

1956--Carl Sillampaa, Edwin Porath, David Churkey, Harvey Schwarze, Arnie Holopainen, Henry Laube, David Churkey, Carl Oertwig, Norman Porath

1973--George O. Eloranta, Richard & Shirley Peterson, Edward & Patricia Dowden, William L. & Wanda Lingenfelter, Charles & Ilene
Pribbernow, Shirley Brecht, Harold & Fern Laube, Martha Schwarze

1981--Carl & Beverly Sillampaa, Edward & Patricia Dowden, Ruth & Steve Simons, Charles and Ilene Pribbernow, Harold & Fern Laube, Duane & Dawn Pribbernow, Casey Aichele, Dennis Hanson, Albert Oertwig, Anna Oertwig

1986--Ruth & Steve Simons, Edward & Patricia Dowden, Carl & Beverly Sillampaa, Charles & Ilene Pribbernow, Harold H. & Fern Laube, Duane & Dawn Pribbernow, Dennis Hanson, Anna Oertwig, Casey Alchele

1994--Eloranta Farms Inc., Edward & Patricia Dowden, Ruth E. & Steve N. Simons, Charles & Ilene Pribbernow, Duane & Dawn Pribbernow, Elon Z. & Lizzie H. Martin, Town of Green Grove, Dennis Hanson, Albert Oertwig, Anna Oertwig

Section 19

1905--T. O. Withee, J. S. Owen, H. A. Bright, Bright School.

1915--Wm. Dietrich, J. G. Haire, W. D. Ehmonn, Kovatch, Bright School, H. A. Bright

1926--Math. Salo, Jas. Haire, Wm. Dietrich, North Bright School, Mrs. Edna West, South Bright School

1938--North Bright School, Wm. Dietrich, Jas. Haire, Math Salo, Jerne Kovatch, South Bright School, H. J. Bright, Mrs. Edna West

Mid to late 1940's--Federal Land Bank, Fischer, E. & E., Kovatch, Y., Laube, P. North Bright School, Okonski, H., Salo, E., South Bright School.  

1956--Harry Okonski, Phillip Laube, Edwin Salo, Mary Kovatch, Elwood Fischer

1973--Duane Pribbernow, Donald L. Okonski, Mike & Elsie Kovatch,
Elwood & Esther Fischer

1981--Donald L. Okonski, Duane & Dawn Pribbernow, Mike & Elsie Kovatch, Elwood & Esther Fischer, Robert DeCaire, C. DeCaire, Walt Klay, P. Klay

1986--Duane & Dawn Pribbernow, Donald O'Konski, Mike & Elsie Kovatch, Elwood & Esther Fischer, Walter Klay, Steve O'Konski, Steven Gerard

1994--Duane & Dawn Pribbernow, Donald Okonski, Elwood Fischer, Elsie Kovatch, Johnny J. Barker, Deborah Gerard, Walt Klay, Phyliss Klay, Steve & Renae O’Konski

Section 20

H. A. Bright

1915--Wm. Dietrich, H. A. Bright, A. Luosa, J. Jerina, K. Ranta, M. Kovak (Novak?), K. Ranta

1926--Wm. Dietrich. L. E. Bright, Herm. Hardrath, John Jerina, Chas. Ranta, Math. Novack

1938--Wm. Dietrich, Ben Jablonski, Math Novak, John Jerina, Louis Hardrath, Bright (F. & N. E. railroad stop), Esther Fischer

Mid to late 1940's--Dietrich, M., Diedrich, N., Fischer, E., Fischer, E. & E., Novack, Math., Raatz, O., Schley, D. & H.

1956--Norma Dietrich, Manford Dietrich, Esther Fischer, Elwood Fischer, Don Schley, Otto Raatz, Math. Novak

1973--Clarence & Elizabeth Olson, Esther Fischer, Elwood & Esther Fischer, William F. Schley, Paul & Helen Quast

1981--Elizabeth Olson, Esther Fischer, Elwood & Esther Fischer, William F. Schley, Frank & Mary Makovec, Alf Firek, C. Firek

1986--Elizabeth Olson, Esther Fischer, Elwood & Esther Fischer, William & Nancy Schley, Joseph & Emily Makovec

1994--Elizabeth Olson, Elwood Fischer, Elwood & Esther Fischer, William F. Schley, Emily Makovec, Jas. K. Apfelbeck, Gail M. Apfelbeck, Alf Firek, Cath. Firek

Section 21

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co.,, H. A. Bright

1915--H. E. Braun, H. Hunt, True D. Coe, H. B. Hubbard, H. A. Bright

1926--Henry E. Brown, Homer Hunt, Sechler Marsh, Frank Sluga, Math. Novack, Dr. T. D. Coe, Louis Kroin (Krom)

1938--Homer Hunt, Harris Trust & Savings Bank Trust, Frank Sluga, M. Novak, Louis Krom

Mid to late 1940's--Christianson, H., Ewert, A., Kolpanen, V. & N., Novack, A. & E., Novack, Math., Raatz, O., Scheel, W., Schley, D. & H., Sluga, A.

1956--Arthur Ewert, Don Schley, Anna Jesenovec Otto Raatz, Math. Novak, Albert Novak, Uuno Kolpanen, Henry Scheel, H. K. Christensen

1973--Milford D. Ewert, William F. Schley, Anna Jesenovec, Albert & Carmen Novak, Uuno & Norma Kolpanen, Henry & Myrtle Scheel, L.P.L  H. K. Christensen

1981--William F. Schley, Anna Jessenovec, etal, Milford D. Ewert, Milford & Shirley Ewert, Uuno & Norma Kolpanen, Sandra Bertapelle, L.P.L., Henry & Myrtle Scheel, Don Schley, H. Schley

1986--William & Nancy Scheley, Milford & Shirley Ewert, Anna Jesenovec, etal, Uno & Norma Kolpanen, Gary & Sandra Sommer, Lawrence & Sandra Fritz, Donald Schley, Lakeland Pipeline Co.

1994--William F. Schley, Anna Jesenovec, etal, Miilford & Shirley Ewert, Anna Jesenovec, etal, F. C. L., Milford D. Ewert, Bonita J. Jensen, Gary V. & Sandra Sommer, Lawrence & Sandra Fritz, Jerry Lindgren, Lola Lindgren, Hazel Ellen Schley

Section 22

1905--H. A. Bright, J. S. Owen Lumber Co., John Augustein, L. L. Urheim

1915--Mrs. Chr. Midelfort, H. A. Bright, J. W. Augustien, J. Augustien

1926--Paul Jagodzinski, Sechler Marsh, John W. Augustin

1938--Paul Jagodzinski, B. Bjorn, Gay Sechler, Wm. Marsh, John W. Augustin

Mid to late 1940's--Augustine, John, Bjorn, S. & E., Christiansen, H., Jagodzinski, P.

1956--Harry Dumler, Sylvester Bjorn, John Angustien, H. K. Christensen

1973--Uno & Mary Phillips, Harry & Janet Dmler, Peter & Eliz. Saltis, H. K. Christensen

1981--Max Langfeldt, Harry & Janet Dumler, H. K. Christensen, Peter & Elizabeth Saltis, John Kudingo, J. Kudingo

1986--Frances Langfeldt, Harry & Janet Dumler, H. K. Christensen, Mary Ann Pipkorn, Green Grove Township

1994--Max Langfeldt Family Trust, Janet Dumler, Mary Ann Pipkorn, H. K. Christensen, Jr., Tr.

Section 23

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., Wm. Devney, John Scheer, Chas. Hall, C. Schoenwetter, Chas. Elstrom, Aug Lange, Mrs. L. Johnson, H. A. Bright

1915--S. Zolliff, A. Krueger, Matt Ronka, R. Weigmann, Mrs. J. Ohman, A. Lange, Jno. Ohman, H. A. Bright, J. Miller Jr.

1926--Math. Ronka, Carl Krueger, Hugo Krueger, Wm. Krueger, E. E. Edwards, Jno. Miller, Aug. Lange, Mrs. J. (?) Johnson, R. Scheel, Joacim Miller

1938--Hugo Krueger, Albert Krueger, Hall Land Co., Wm. Krueger, Halver Becken, E. E. Edwards, Emma Lange, F. Mews, R. Scheel, Joachim Miller

Mid to late 1940's--Edwards. L., Hardrath, R. & D., Kline, D. & S., Krueger, G., Krueger, Hugo, Lange, J., Miller, J. & T., Miller, W. & E., Scheel, R. & L.

1956--Hugo Krueger, Arlyn Decker, Julius Lange, Clark County, H. K. Christensen, Walt Miller, Wilbert Miller, Roland Scheel, Henry Rosin

1973-- James & Sandra Brannan, Marlyn and Karen Sommer, Richard & Barbara Soback, Clark County, Emil & Viola Untiedt, Arnold & Pat. Jagodzinski, W. H., Roland Scheel, Theodore Miller

1981--Douglas & Patricia Liepke, Marlyn & Karen Sommer, Earl & Karen Lackey, Clark County, Greg & Phyllis Untiedt, Arnold & Pat. Jagodzinski, N. & H. Scheel, Leander Schaefer, M. Schaefer, Ralph Will, A. Will

1986--Doug & Patricia Liepke, Marlyn & Karen Sommer, Farmers & Merchants Bank, James & Sharon Laru, Clark County, Greg & Phyllis Untiedt, Arnold R. Jagodzinski, Nels & Harold Scheel, Adeline Miller, Allan Kaatz, Ralph Will

1994--J. & H.H., Doug R. Liepke, Marvin & Karen Sommer, Joseph H. & Ruth Taylor, N. Jr. & N. Searer, Adeline O. Miller, Nels & Harold Sheel, Arnold R. Jagodzinski, Wm. Orin & Alice & Caroline Colby, Arnold & Patricia Jagodzinski, Clark County, Greg & Phylis Untiedt, Jas. R. & Sharon Laru, Williams Bros. Pipeline, Town of Green Grove, John & Heidi Heil, Allen Kaatz, Rae Jean Kaatz, Arlene Will, Ralph Will

Section 24

1905--John Scheer, J. Miller, Joachim Miller, Jr., School, L. Lulloff, F. Wiegman, Otto Bahn, Theo. Schaffer, Town Hall, Er. Johnson

1915--R. Wiegmann, L. Lulloff, J. Miller Jr., J. Schier, J. Miller, Sr., Jno. F. Miller O. Bahn, F. Johnson, T. Schaffer, Atwood School

1926--Jno. Sheer, Joachim Miller, M. Becker, Louis Lulloff, Rich Wiegman, Mrs. Anna Bahn, John Miller, Fred Johnson, Theo. Schaffer, Atwood School

1938--Rich Wiegman, Louis Lulloff, A. Ewert, Joachim Miller, Atwood School, Jno. Scheer, H. Becken, John F. Miller, A Bahn, Fred Johnson Bernhard Newman

Mid to late 1940's--Atwood School, Ewert, A., Kahemer (sp? maybe Kademan), L. & B., Kline, D. & S., Miller, T., Miller, W. & A., Stowe, R. & C., Wenzel, E. & N., Zuber, S. & R.

1956--Stanley Zuber, Leonard Kademan, Wilbert Miller, Earl Wentzel, Art Ewert, Harold Block, Theo. Miller, R. S. Stone, Herbert Lube

1973--Wilbert & Adeline Miller, Theodore Miller, Michael & Shirley Miller, Stanley & Rose Zuber, Ettamay Ewert, H. K. Christensen, Glen Stowe, Herbert & Marg. Lube

1981--Wilbert & Adeline Miller, Harold K. Christensen, Isaac & Fern Martin, Rose Zuber, Myron & Lorraine Ewert, Norman & Jacqueline Searer, Earl & Karen Lackey, Ron Thums, M. Thums, Emil Untiedt, C. Untiedt, George Vines, D. Vines

1986--Gary & Leslie Stang, Isaac & Fern Martin, Rose Zuber, Myron &
Lorraine Ewert, Harold K. Christensen, James & Robert Tow, Norman Searer,
Wayne Schultz, Ronald Thums, Emil Untiedt

1994--Gary R. & Leslie Stang, Isaac D. & Fern Martin, Rose Zuber, Myron & Lorraine Ewert, Harold K. Christensen, Jr., Gregory & Phylis Untiedt, Town of Green Grove, Wayne & Loretta Schultz, Madelyne Thums, Ron Thums, Carol Untiedt, Emil Untiedt, Jr.

Section 25

1905--C. H. Hatt, Er. Johnson, T. O. Withee, J. Stewart, Wi. Central R. R., J. S. Owen, C. Cornelius, Ernest Rahn, Alb. Riemer

1915--E. Rahn, F. Johnson, Jno. Untiedt, J. H. Brocker, L. Ward & F. J. Wood, H. F. Lindley, A. Riemer, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co., Wis R.R. Co.

1926--John Untiedt, Fred Johnson, Ernest Rahn, Oscar Johnson, Albert
Riemer, F. J. Wood, Harry Untiedt

1938--Ernest Rahn, Fred Johnson, John Untiedt, Harry Untiedt, Oscar
Johnson, Walter MIller, H. Untiedt, John Untiedt, Albert Riemer

Mid to late 1940's--Mid to late 1940's--Johnson, O. Oscar, Lube, H. & M., Miller, W., Unteidt, E. & V., Unteidt, Harry, Untiedt, H. & V., Stowe, R. & C., Will, R. & E.

1956--Herbert Lube, R. S. Stone, Emil Untiedt, Harry Untiedt, Walter Miller, Ralph Will

1973--Herbert & Marg. Lube, Glen Stowe, Emil & Viola Untiedt, Harry & Viola Untiedt, Ralph & Arlene Will, Douglas E. Erickson

1981--Greg & Phyllis Untiedt,  Earl & Karen Lackey, Norman & Jacqueline Searer, Emil & Carol Untiedt, Ralph & Arlene Will, Jas Zuiker,
M. Zuiker

1986--Greg & Phyllis Untiedt, James & Robert Tow, Norman Searer, Emil W. Jr. & Carol Untiedt, Ralph & Arlene Will, Emil Untiedt, Martin Holum

1994--Gregory & Phylis Untiedt, S. Untiedt, etal, Emil W., Jr. & Carol Untiedt, Ralph & Arlene Will, Daniel D. & Ronda L.Gutenberger, Keith Untiedt, Tammy Untiedt 

Section 26

1905--Wm. Jiskowsky, Mrs. L. Johnson, J. S. Owen, Aug. Long, Wm. Raatz, Albert Raatz, C. L. Coleman, Aug. Horner, Thos. Love

1915--Jno. Untiedt, W. Raatz, A. Raatz, Jno. Ohman, Wm Jiskowski, August Harner (Horner?), T. Love

1926--John Untiedt, Gay Sechler, Wm. Cammers, Mrs. J. Johnson, Wm.
Jischkowski, Wm. Raatz, Alb. Raatz, Aug. Lange, Ed. Voge Est.

1938--John Untiedt, Martha Raatz, Lewis Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Mathilda Jischkowski, Albert Molle, E. Lange, Wm. Cammers, Hilda
Wittlinger, Albert Raatz

Mid to late 1940's--Decker, C. & M., Hardrath, H. & E., Lange, J., Molle, A., Molle, A. & R., Raatz, Alb., Raatz, M., Scheer, J., Schuette, E. & R., Untiedt, E. & V., Untiedt, H.

1956--Emil Untiedt, Edw. Raatz, Julius Lange, Chester Decker, Elmer Schuette, A. Leonard, Orland Scheer, Sophia Cline, Harry Untiedt, Alb’t Mole, Alfred Molle

1973--Stan. & Rose Zuber, Emil & Viola Untiedt, Rob't & Merle Steffes, Allen B. Pember, Max & Louise Searer, Elmer & Ruth Schutte, Arnold & Pat. Jagodzinski, Keith & Lorraine Stern, Leroy Sloth

1981--Arnold & Pat. Jagodzinski, D. F., Merlin & Lorraine Obernberger, Greg & Phyllis Untiedt, Robert & Merle Steffes, Elmer & Ruth
Schuette, Bert & Joyce Roberts, Leroy Sloth, Gary & Penny Searer, Rose Zuber, Don Finck, P. Finck

1986--Arnold & Patricia Jagodinski, F. H. A., LeRoy Sloth, Elmer & Ruth Schuette, Merlin & Lorraine Obernberger, Greg & Phyllis Untiedt,
Robert & Merle Steffes, Rose Zuber, Gary & Penny Searer, Donald Flink

1994--Arnold R. & Patricia Jagodzinski, Wm. Orin & Alice & Caroline Colby, William & Jennifer Schuette, John B. & Laura Gardner, Leroy & Dorothy Sloth, Merlin & Lorraine Obernberger, Gregory & Phylis Untiedt, Robert Steffes, Gary A. & Penny J. Searer, , Rose E. Zuber, Rodney DeCaire, Kathleen DeCaire

Section 27

1905--T. Selves, Chas. Elstrom, E. Gilbert CLOVER DALE, N. Brenaman, C. Richlow, J. S. Owen

1915--Tri State Land Co., Dairy Belt Land Co., C. Recheleu, L. Newman, Edwin Awe, A. (H. ?) Hardrath, A. D. Welch, C. Brenaman

1926--Elmer Elstrom, James Vanderhey, A. A. Molle, Edwin Awe, Anton Stupka, Rollie Lyons, Martin Stupka

1938--Elmer Elstrom, Edwin Awe, Jos. Bukacek, C. Marquardt, etal, Northwest Mutual Life Ins. Co., James VanDeHey, A. A. Molle

Mid to late 1940's--Awe, Edwin, Elstrom, E. & O., Hardrath, H. & E., Hardrath, L. & L., Federal Farm Management Corp., Molle, A. & E., N. W. Mutual Life Insurance Company

1956--Edwin Awe, Jens Miller, Herman Hardrath, Alfred Molle, Bernard, Wis. Dev. Corp., Louis Hardrath, and small tracts in Atwood

1973--Peter & Katie Chudyk, Harold & Dorthaleen Hardrath, H. K. Christensen, Bernard Wis. Farm Develpment Corp., Charles & Kay Jarvis, Keith & Lorraine Stern

1981--Peter & Katie Chudyk, Ron Wurl, H. K. Christensen, Charles & Kay Jarvis, Harold & Dorthaleen Hardrath, Bert & Joyce Roberts, Calvin Schulz, A. Schulz, Edna Sonderegger

1986--H. K. Christensen, Emil W. Untiedt, Harold & Dorthaleen Hardrath, Dean & Joyce Jarvis, Charles & Kay Jarvis, F. H. A., Calvin
Schulz, Clara Newman, Edna Sawnderregger, Peter & Katie Chudyk

1994--H. K. Christensen, Jr., Tr.,  Harold K. Christensen, Sr. Marital Trust,  A. Jagodzinski, Dean R. & Joyce A. Jarvis, Harold E. & Dorthaleen Hardrath,  John B.& Laura Gardner, Town of Green Grove, Klara Neumann,  Arlene Schulz, Calvin Schulz, Lovey Ann Wagner

Section 28

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., N. Brenaman, Fred Prens

1915--A. D. Welch, Edward Jerry, R. C. Clark, F. L. Smart, J. F. Schaffer, J. Kraus, C. Brenaman

1926--Albert Raatz, Herm. Raech, Martin Stupka, Edward Jerry, A. T. Olson, Frank L. Smart, Jno. Schaffer, G. C. Radley

1938--Albert Raatz, Mike Kovatch, Jno. M. Makovec, Jno. Schaffer, G. Radley, Carl Elstrom, Fred Wilke, C. Marquardt, etal

Mid to late 1940's--Dumler, H. & C., Elstrom, E., Hardrath, L. & L., Haavisto, E., Kovatch, M. & E., Makovec, J., Makovec, J. & E., Raeck, F. & M., Scheel, L. & C.

1956--Mike Kovatch, Eino Haavisto, Fred Raeck, Louis Hardrath, Linwood Harris, Peter Chudyk, John Makovec, Jos. Makovec, Alden Hardrath

1973--Mike & Elsie Kovatch, Eino Haavisto, Esther M. Makovic, Peter & Katie Chudyk, Charles & Kay Jarvis, Joe & Emily Makovic, Jerome & Sally Weiler

1981--Esther M. Makovic, Aaron & Mary Zimmerman, Milford & Shirley Ewert, Joe & Emily Makovic,  Jerome & Sally Weiler, Ronald A. Wurl, Charles & Kay Jarvis, Harvery & Ella Zimmerman

1986--Esther M. Makovec, Aaron R. & Mary Zimmerman, Milford & Shirley Ewert, Joe & Emily Makovec, Wurl Bros. Farms, Harvey & Ella Zimmerman, Charles & Kay Jarvis, Jerome & Sally Weiller

1994--Esther M. Makovec, Aaron R. & Mary L. Zimmerman, Milford & Shirley Ewert, Harvery S. & Ella Zimmerman, Wurl Bros. Farms, Joseph Makovec, Dean R. & Joyce A. Jarvis, Jerome & Sally Weiler

Section 29

1905--H. A. Bright, N. C. Foster, Bright P.O., J. S. Owen Lumber Co., Mike Swidalski, C.H. Hall, F. Swidalski, Fred Prens

1915--F. McKovec (Makovec?), J. Jerina, N. C. Foster, H. A. Bright, S. Ruotsala, R. Touier, H. O. Awe, F. Switalski, J. Kraus, A. W. Ehleb

1926--Frank Makovec, A. W. Ehleb, Henry O. Awe, G. S. Radley, Carl Schroeder, Sam Rustsala (Ruostala), Rich Tawfau, Herman Hardrath

1938--Frank Makovec, Henry O. Awe, G. S. Radley, Carl Schroeder, Jno. Miller, Victor Maki, Herman Hardath

Mid to late 1940's--Hardrath, H. & E., Kovatch, C.

1956--Frank Makovic, Cecil Alexander, Harlan Hardrath, Frank Makovic, Jr., Chas. Kovatch, Sam Borowksi

1973--Joe & Emily Makovic, Cecil & Evelyn Alexander, Harlan & Eileen Hardrath, Frank, Jr. & Mary Makovic, Charles & Sophie Kovatch, Herbert & Virginia Zimmerman

1981--Joe & Emily Makovic, Ronald & Sandra Cook, Erwin & Dorothy Holbrook, Herbert & Virginia Zimmerman, Harlan & Eileen Hardrath, Eloranta Farms, Inc., E. Alexander, Louis Hardrath

1986--Robert & Carla Tiling, Federal Land Bank, Joe & Emily Makovec, Eloranta Farms Inc., Harlan & Eileen Hardrath, Herbert & Virginia
Zimmerman, Janice L., Louis Hardrath, Dennis Swenson

1994--Benuel S. & Mary Lapp, Herbert P. & Virginia Zimmerman, Richard G., Sr. & Linda K. Bicker, Kim L. & Marilyn Frderickson, Eloranta Farms, Inc., Harlan & Eileen Hardrath, Darlene Douhitt, Deana L. Parker, Cecile & Evelyn Alexander

Section 30

1905--H. A. Bright, T. O. Withee, John Henrickson, Fred Awe, A. L. Mortimer, Dan Smith, John Hynek

1915--H. A. Bright, A. Modic, L. J. Bodwin (?), Mrs. Fred Awe, A. Trentely, D. Smith, W. Hynek, C. A. Witt

1926--Robert Smith, H. & J. Bright, Greenwood State Bank, H. Watson, Floyd Alexander, Dan Smith, Herman Awe, Hugo Behringer

Mid to late 1940's--Awe, H. & L., Churkey, M. & E., Jablonic, T. & E., Kovatch, Y., Modic, A., Roix, H. & V., Smith, R., Wilkins, R. & M.

1956--Thos. Jablonic, Melvin Churkey, John Kovatch, Marvin Churkey, Herbert Roix, Walt. Dresdow, Arnold Bare, Herman Awe

1973-- Thomas & Irma Jablonic, Marvin & Edith Churkey, Clarence, Arthur, & Ernest Dumke, Orlando & Judith Ackerman, Arnold & Lydia Awe, James C. & Lorraine Olson, Marvin Churkey

1981--Marvin Churkey, Wayne & Peggy Turnquist, Arnold & Lydia Awe, Orlando & Judith Ackerman, Clarence & Arthur Dumke, Marvin & Edith Churkey, Irma Jablonic, Ron Lindgren, F. Lindgren

1986--Donald O"Konski, Wayne & Peggy Turnquist, Delores Dumke, Edith Churkey, Irma Jablonic, Orlando & Judith Ackerman, Ronald Lindgren, Jerry Nelson

1994--Donald L. O’Konski, Moses H. & Katie M. Byler, Richard G., Sr. & Linda K. Bicker, Delores Dumke, Gerald C. & Vernada A. Downey, Allen L. & Shirley Baehr, Joe A. & Susie Byler, Ron Lindgren, Frances Lindgren, Hy Lee Scheel

Section 31

1905--A. L. Mortimer, Henry Awe, J. S. Owen

1915--Henry Awe, C. A. Witt, L. Knudson, H. (Hugo) Sandstrom, Geo. Rheinhart, C. Stenman

1926--Henry Awe, Wm. Awe, Louis Knutson, Hugo Sandstrom, Geo. Rheinhart, C. L. Stenman, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co.

1938--Art Awe, Henry Awe, Geo. Wm. Awe, Lydia Awe, Walter Voigtlander, H. (Hugo) Sandstrom, J. S. Owen Lbr. Co, Geo. Reinhardt, C. Stenman

Mid to late 1940's--Awe, A., Awe, G., Awe, L., Awe, W., Awe, W. & L., Eloranta, E. & E., Reinhard, E. & M., Steinman, C., Steinman, M.

1956--Art. Awe, Lydia Awe, William Awe, Geo. Awe, Edwin Eloranta, Edw. Rheinhart, Mathilda Stenman, C. Stenman

1973--Arthur Awe, Arnold G. & Lydia Awe, Edwin & Elma Eloranta, George & Marion Reinhart, William & Gladys Englebretson

1981--Arthur Awe, Arnold & Lydia Awe, George & Marion Reinhart, Edwin & Elma Eloranta, William J. & Gladys Englebretson

1986--Arthur H. Awe, Arnold & Lydia Awe, Edwin & Elma Eloranta, George & Marion Reinhart, William & Gladys Englebretson

1994--Henry A. & Mary L. Awe, Richard & Susan Eloranta, Carl A. & Clare L. Wauer, Edwin & Elma Eloranta, Edward & Catherine Schindler, William J. & Gladys L. Engelbretson

Section 32

1905--C. H. Hatt, J. S. Owen

1915--Soli Maki, Emil Balberg, O. Weskewoski (Neskewoski?), G. J. Hill, M. Anderson, G. Swanson, H. Swanson, C. Hangberg, John Nimra (Nirva?)

1926--Chas. Maki, Claus Hegberg, Herm. Swanson, G. A. Swanson, Louis Scheel, Otto Westermak, Matt R. Niemi, John Nirra

1938--Soli Maki, Roland Scheel, Mrs. Alma Tewes, etal, Matt P. Niemi, John Nirva, Wm. Nirva, G. S. Radley

Mid to late 1940's--Englebretson, W. & G., Karpinski, E. & V., Maki, W. T., Maki, Wil. T., Niemi, Matt R., Scheel, R., Schindler, E. & K.

1956--Vincent Gasecki, Roland Scheel, Herman Awe, Wm. Awe, Ed. & Kath. Schindler, Wm. Englebretson

1973--Orlando & Judith Ackerman, Arnold G. & Lydia Awe, Vincent & Lillian Gasecki, Henry & Patricia Stieman, Alphonse & Delores Kieffer, William & Gladys Englebretson

1981--Orlando & Judith Ackerman, Arnold G. & Lydia Awe, Alphonse &
Delores Kieffer, William J. & Gladys Englebretson, Henry & Patricia Stieman, Vincent & Lillian Gasecki, Robert DeCaire, C. DeCaire

1986--Orlando & Judith Ackerman, Arnold & Lydia Awe, Henry & Patricia Stieman, Vincent & Lillan Gasecki, Alphonse & Delores Kieffer,
William & Gladys Englebretson, Mark Krug

1994--Orlando G. & Judith A. Ackerman, Carl A. & Clare L. Wauer, Henry & Patricia Stiemann, Vincent & Lillian Gasecki, Wayne L. & June D. Roohr, William J. & Gladys L. Englebretson, Wendy A. Olson

Section 33

1905--A. Hardrath, J. S. Owen Lumber Co., John Hynek, C. H. Hatt, Frank Mierke, H. Hardrath, Gust Burkawitz, Christ Anger, F. Raeck

1915--W. Hynek, J. F. Schaffer, Chas. Horner, Ed. Horner, M Guskey (?), Wm Hardrath, F. Raeck, A. Molle

1926--Lon Ingersoll, John Schaffer, Ed. Horner, Wm. Hardrath, Jno. Rohr, Henry Hardrath, Fred Raeck

1938--Robert Kollmansberger, John F. Schaffer, Ed. E. Horner, Wm. Hardrath, Jno. Rohr, Henry Hardrath, Fred. C. Raeck

Mid to late 1940's--Awe, H. & R., Hardrath, A. & E., Hardrath, H. & M., Hardrath, L. & L., Horner, E. & M., Horner, M., Krause, H. & M., Raeck, Her., Rohr, J. & F.

1956--Louis Hardrath, Linwood Harris, Henry Awe,  Alden Hardrath, Chas. Witt, Harlan Raeck, LaVern Lenz, Ed. Horner

1973--Wm. & Norma Mahl, Louis Hardrath, H. K. Christensen, Jerome P. & Sally Weiler, Iver & Leora Sloth, Emil & Margaret Horner, Herschel & Colleen Teter

1981--Jerome & Sally Weiler, Lawrence & Sandra Fritz, Peter & Katie Chudyk, Iver & Leora Sloth, Henry & Patricia Stieman

1986--Jerome & Sally Weiler, Lawrence & Sandra Fritz, Peter & Katie Chudyk, Iver & Leora Sloth, Henry & Patricia Stieman, Hershel Teter

1994--Jerome P. & Sally L. Weiler, Henry & Patricia Stiemann, Lawrence & Sandra Fritz, F.C.L.,Peter & Katie Chudyk Irrev. F.E.S. Tr., Harold K. Christensen, Sr. Marital Trust, John T. Stiemann, Frank Chudyk, Thos. & Donna Odeen, Leora R. Sloth

Section 34

1905--J. S. Owen Lumber Co., Wm. Mierke, Ad. Molle, Louis Molle, School, F. Raeck, A. Molle, Fred Reus, School, F. Mierke

1915--Henry Molle, Fred Preis, Hardrath Bros., T. W. Price, R. C. Clark, A. Molle, D. Mandel, F. Raeck,

1926--Fred Becker, Adolph Molle, Elmwood School, Aug. Price, Fred Price, Herman Hardrath, Mrs. O. Mandel (?), Fred Raeck

1938--Elmwood School, F. Becker, Mary Klemm, B. Mandel, Fred C. Raeck, Herm. Hardrath, Adolph Molle, Aug. Price, Fred W. Price

Mid to late 1940's--Alexander, W. & E., Dumler, H. & C., Elmwood School, Haavisto, E., Hardrath, Herm., Molle, A. & R., Price, A. & E., Price, Fred., Raeck, H. & R.

1956--Eino Haavisto, Alfred Molle, Aug Price, Sr., Peter Chudyk, Walter Alexander, Harlan Raeck, Harold Hardrath, Fred Price

1973-- Peter & Katie Chudyk, Eino & Doris Haavisto, Keith & Lorraine Stern, Ernest Price,  Herschel & Colleen Teter, Harold & Dorthaleen
Hardrath, Ernest F. Price

1981--Bert & Joyce Roberts, Ronald A. Wurl, H. K. Christensen, Henry & Patricia Stieman, Glen & Cindy Hardrath, Ernest Price, Ernest F. Price

1986--Wurl Bros. Farms, F. H. A., Ernest Price, Glen Hardrath, LeRoy Sloth, Henry & Patricia Stieman, Mary Belding, Theodore Miller, Carolyn Miller

1994--Ronald & Alvin Wurl Wurl Bros. Farms, John B. & Laura Gardner, Wurl Bros. Farms,Ernest Price, Leroy & Dorothy Sloth, John T. Stiemann, Glen & Hope Hardrath, Kathy Fitzl

Section 35

1905--J. S. Owen, H. Hardrath, Gust Kiessig, Fred Molle, H. Molle

1915--Fred Molle, H. Hardrath, W. B. Scheel, Henry Molle

1926--Fred Molle, Henry Molle, Wm Scheel, Albert Hardrath

1938--Fred Molle, Albert Hardrath, Wm Scheel, Min Molle

Mid to late 1940's--Molle, A. & L., Molle, E. & D., Molle, H. & L., Scheel, L. & K., Schuette, E. & R.

1956--Henry Molle, Ernest Molle, Fredrick Lulloff, Elmer Schuette, Albert Klemke

1973-- Fredrick & Elizabeth Lulloff, Elmer & Ruth Schuette, Albert & Frieda Klemke, Ernest & Dorothy Molle, Angelo & Shirley Accurso

1981--Fredrick & Elizabeth Lulloff, Elmer & Ruth Schuette, James Blaha, Harlan and Margaret Witt, Darnell & Joyce Schoelzel, Karen Niedzwiecki

1986--Frederick & Elizabeth Lulloff, Harlan & Margaret Witt, Darnell & Janice Schoelzel, Karen Niedzwieski, James Blaha, Elmer & Ruth Schuette, Judith L. Radloff, Bernard Wilke, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

1994--Fredrick N. & Elizabeth Lulloff, William & Jennifer Schuette, James Blaha, Randy A. & Kay M. Rinehart, Darnell H. & Janice M. Schoelzel, Karen N. Niedzwiecki, Gail Hein, Wm. Hein

Section 36

1905--H. Hardrath, J. S. Owen, T. O. Withee, Aug. Conrad1915--Jno. Untiedt, H. & F. Nichoff, D. M. Williams, M. Roeber, Aug. Conrad

1926--Colby State Bank, Albert Augustine, Conrad Fischer, Math. Rober 

1938--Colby State Bank, Susanna Neu, Math Rober, The Old Line Life Ins. Co.

Mid to late 1940's--Augustine, A. & E., Roeber, M. & L., Nikolai, T., Untiedt, E. & V.

1956--L. C. Christensen, Ray Pipkorn, Jos. Nikolai, Emil Untiedt

1973--Carol Untiedt, H. K. Christensen, Ray & Dorothy Pipkorn, Joseph & Helen Nikolai

1981--Carol Untiedt, H. K. Christensen, Jr., etal, Joseph & Helen Nikolai, Eugene Pipkorn

1986--Carol J. Untiedt, H. K. Christensen, Eugene Pipkorn, Jerome & Terri Nickolai

1994--Carol J. Untiedt, H. K. Christensen, Jr., etal, Joseph W. and Helen W. Nikolai, Raymond & Theresa M. Sobeck




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