Blomquist School, Church School

Foster Twp., Clark Co., WI

(Later known as "The Church School)






The 2007 photos above of the Blomquist/Church School/ Hunting Cabin were provided by Ron Hribar.


There is an atmosphere about a one-room country school that never will be duplicated in its larger consolidated parts.  A case in point is the Church School, in North Foster, Clark County, built in 1907, which today is the only "little red schoolhouse" remaining in Clark County.  It derived its name from its proximity to the nearby home of George Church.  Idle for some years as a center of education, it is now owned by a group of hunters living at Delton, Wisconsin.  Greenwood area residents appearing in the picture are Harold Stabnow and Erwin Leach.


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Source: Marshfield News Herald  May 4, 1967 Page 8


Notes & Memories

1.  Rev. Svanoe spent Sunday in Tioga and vicinity.  He preached in Norwegian at the Blomquist School north of Tioga.  He will hold services on Jan. 5, in Norwegian at the school and in English at the hotel in Tioga.  Source: Clark Co. Press, January 1908.


2.  It was never in operation as a school or church  in my recollection.  Probably when I was about 12 we rescued some puppies from under it!  Hopefully their mom came back for them.

I think it was a hunting shack for awhile.  Submitted by: Dolly (Urbanz) Qualls.


3.  The windows appear to have been modified recently.  The county has terminated the lease with "The Church School Gang" and I'm not certain what will happen now.  I suspect the building will be demolished.  Submitted by: Ron Hribar.


4.  There have been 1,000 rainbow and brook trout, planted in the waters of Hay Creek, between County Trunk I and the old Church School, Conservation Warden John Gibbons revealed this week.  Source: Clark Co. Press, August 1955 & August 3, 2005 "The Good Old Days".


5. Josephine Helen Ticer was born March 13, 1914, to Joseph and Helen (nee Szoljar) Ticer, in Lincoln, Ill. As a young child she moved to the Tioga area with her family and attended the church school.  Source: Obituary for Josephine Helen (Ticer) Artac; Wednesday, July 23, 2003 edition of the Tribune - Record - Gleaner, transcribed by Kipp Kippenhan.