Greenwood, Wis. Early Residents

History: Greenwood, Wis. Early Residents



Surnames: Peterson, Armstrong, Hunt, Carter, Hartson, McIntyre, Thompson, Oelig, Varney, Zetsche, Fahey, Gullord


Early Residents of Greenwood, Clark Co. WI

Contributed by The Greenwood Public Library

Donated by Mrs. Claude (Maude) Carter


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Front Row, L-R: Pete Peterson, Tony Armstrong, Hale Hunt, Illif/Iliss Carter (Mrs. Muricio DePages), Fred Hartson, Avis McIntyre.

Second Row: O. J. Thompson, Mrs. Fred (Margaret) Oelig, Mr. Armstrong, Mrs. Pete Peterson, Mrs. H. W. Hunt, Marian Carter Varney.

Third Row: Claude Jay Carter, Dr. McIntyre, Robtert Zetsche, Mrs. Fred Hartson, Mrs. Claude Carter, Everett Peterson, Jack Fahey, Dale Varney, Don Hunt, P. W. "Will" Gullord.

Back Row: Mr. MacIntyre, Fred Oelig.