THE WM. A. OLSON, COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, Inc.

Greenwood Festivals, Inc. a non-profit corporation has reorganized, changed itís name and purpose. Effectively immediately, the new organization will be called The Dr. Wm. A. Olson Community Foundation, Inc. This community foundation will continue to be a tax-exempt, non-profit group, organized under IRS rules 501 c 3, which makes contributions from eligible donors tax-deductible.( Those donors who can itemized deductions.)


Funds collected from interested persons, mostly those who live within or have roots in the Greenwood School District (including Willard), will be invested and the interest income will be used for community benefits to schools, churches, city, township, and county projects.


Since reorganizing and including the Greenwood Lions club, it brings the number of board members back to nine. The Greenwood Rotary Club had three of its members on the board until they disbanded, a number of years ago.

The board of directors is comprised of three selected people from the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, namely Pat Lindner, Ron Kowitz and Bruce Sautebin; Wallis-Hinker Post 238 American Legion, Burton Jolivette Harry Johnson and Dick Adler; and the Greenwood Lions Club, Arnie Kappus, Alan Dallman and Dr. Gary Janssen. Officers of the Fund are,  Ron Kowitz, President , Allan Dallman, Vice-President, Bruce Sautebin Secretary and Harry Johnson, Treasurer. Dick Adler will continue to serve as Business coordinator and manage the business affairs for the board.. Only tax exempt organizations will be recipients and no contributions will be given to individuals nor will any per diem be paid to the board of directors of the foundation


The Greenwood Festivals Inc. was organized in the 1960ís to oversee the annual Greenwood Dairy Days event. About 1975 a not-for-profit corporation was needed to apply for a National Rural Health Services Grant to begin a medical clinic because of the retirement of Dr. Wm. A. Olson.

Greenwood Festivals was tapped for this endeavor and no longer operated the dairy days festival. Greenwood Dairy Days Inc. was then organized to run the event which has been since operated under the auspices of the City of Greenwood.


Following receipt of the grant, Greenwood Festivals operated the Greenwood Clinic. About 1980 the operation of the clinic was taken over by the Marshfield Clinic and it entered into a lease-purchase agreement for the building from the Festivals group. After a ten year lease expired and all the bills paid there was about $25,000 left over which was then invested. No funds were solicited from the public since the end of the medical facility project.


Over the years many projects were funded by the group, such as: the Infrared camera, and other emergency equipment used by the Greenwood Area Fire Department, half of the new bleachers at Greenwood High School - W.A. Olson football field, helped with a new sound system in the High School Cafatorium and more recently assisted with the purchase of three portable defibrillators also at the school.

Approximately $49,000 in donations have been made to the area with a current Asset Balance of nearly $38,000. Over the past years, a number of people have suggested to change the name and promote the fund publicly. It was felt that the school district alone would have many projects as well as local governmental units.

The Greenwood and Willard area has produced an outstanding number of very successful people, many of whom have moved away. Some of the people return to enjoy the area and retire here. This fund creates an opportunity for individuals to show their appreciation and make a contribution to the area where they got their start. What a great way to express thanks to the area by making a tax deductible donation that will keep on giving to the communities we live in.

The board thought it very appropriate that the foundation be re-named not only to honor his memory for the tireless years of service to the Greenwood and Willard areas, but also that the new clinic project was located in the original building donated by Dr. Olson.

Any one desiring more information or has an interest in donating to The Dr. Wm. A. Olson Community Foundation, Inc. may contact Dick Adler (715-267-6459) or mail him at P.O. Box 41, Greenwood, WI. 54437-0041 or send e-mail inquiries to dcadler@tds.net.