Clark County Press, Neillsville, WI

 November 11, 1993, Page 32

 Transcribed by Dolores (Mohr) Kenyon.

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Good Old Days    


By Dee Zimmerman


Each year, Veteran’s Day, November 11, brings back various memories for many of us.  Headlines of the October 31, 1940, Clark County Press were: “America Launches First Peace Time Draft.”  A little more than a year later, it was wartime after the Pearl Harbor bombing.


Upon announcing the Peace Time Draft, President Roosevelt referred to the “tragic circumstances in lands across the sea which have forced upon our nation the need to take measures for total defense.”


Roosevelt further stated, “You will be members of an army which first came together to achieve independence and to establish certain fundamental rights for all men.  Ever since that first muster, our democratic army has existed for one purpose only: ‘The defense of our freedom’.”


The first 200 persons in the draft of Clark County, with their order numbers are listed below.  The order numbers indicated the order they were to be called in Clark County.  Registrations numbers had also been designated with each name at that time.



No.       Name         Town


   1 Frank J. Gurklis, Thorp

   2 Herbert L. Asplin, Willard

   3 James H. Cross, Spencer

   4 R. A. Baldeschwiler, Thorp

   5 Les V. Handke, Granton

   6 F. R. Perko, Greenwood

   7 A. E. Danielson, Greenwood

   8 Free J. Boon, Greenwood

   9 Harvey E. Roehl, Granton

 10 Cecil L. Tormey, Withee

 11 J. E. Baughman, Greenwood

 12 F. I. Przybyski, Thorp (Przybylski?)

 13 R., F. Rakovec, Greenwood

 14 L. H. Letellier, Neillsville

 15 Richard W. Owens, Chili

 16 W. A. Schlinsog, Granton

 17 Alva A. Clumpner, Loyal

 18 M. G. Feverstein, Neillsville (Feuerstein?)

 19 Ed L. Bowman, Loyal

 20 Walter O. Miller, Thorp     

 21 S. Franckiewicz, Withee

 22 G. H. Hebert, Riplinger

 23 Emery H. Peissig, Curtiss

 24 William A. Wolfe, Thorp

 25 Anthony Shober, Loyal

 26 J. L. Sloniker, Greenwood

 27 Walter Zank, Neillsville

 28 H. G. Mortimer, Granton

 29 Vern C. Bender, Granton

 30 H. A. Selz, Humbird

 31 C. W. Stephens, Colby

 32 Edwin Ricksford, Stanley

 33 L. L. Henke, Riplinger

 34 A. L. Schultz, Neillsville

 35 J. C. Vincent, Neillsville

 36 A. P. Weyer, Loyal

 37 R. M. Loos, Greenwood

 38 Mike L. Milewski, Thorp

 39 Ray E. Tyler, Granton

 40 L. L. Landgraf, Neillsville

 41 Leland L. Hedler, Thorp

 42 O. L. Matthies, Owen

 43 S. L. Burzinski, Thorp

 44 E. S. Narchki, Thorp

 45 R. R. Collins, Neillsville

 46 A. E. Tews, Neillsville

 47 A. E. Norson, Greenwood

 48 J. P. Wenner, Neillsville

 49 Joel Skoog, Abbotsford

 50 Leonard Bohman, Stanley

 51 L. G. Klemetson, Curtiss

 52 A. V. Holt, Greenwood

 53 H. J. Leonhard, Unity

 54 R. A. Knaach, Owen

 55 W. F. Holtz, Neillsville

 56 H. G. Anderson, Owen

 57 F. F. Thiel, Greenwood

 58 M. F. Kalsow, Neillsville

 59 J. F. Holewinski, Thorp

 60 Wm. C. Kangas, Withee

 61 Vince S. Ruzich, Willard

 62 T. J. Thompson, Owen

 63 Stanley Bogdan, Stanley

 64 R. F. Schultz, Neillsville

 65 Al J. Schultz, Neillsville

 66 Reid L. Gibbs, Thorp

 67 G. A. Bredlau, Greenwood

 68 Elmer Laakso, Owen

 69 Ray E. Purgett, Withee

 70 Celen F. Gotter, Loyal

 71 L. K. Irish, Neillsville

 72 V. G. Archambo, Abbotsford

 73 C. E. Meinhardt, Greenwood

 74 D. L. Drescher, Neillsville

 75 W. H. Leskinen, Greenwood

 76 A. J. Ohlinger, Colby

 77 H. E. Harding, Colby

 78 A. A. Durst, Neillsville

 79 C. T. Soderberg, Stanley

 80 Herbert Puschek, Chili

 81 M. J. Reinhart, Granton

 82 J. S. Kernz, Neillsville

 83 A. P. Jensen, Owen

 84 E. M. Borntrager, Owen

 85 Clyde A. Haemer, Owen

 86 F. A. Seefeldt, Loyal

 87 H. R. Johnson, Stanley

 88 B. T. Evenson, Stanley

 89 John J. Hendriks, Thorp

 90 R. C. Kobs, Curtiss

 91 H. D. Phillips, Loyal

 92 G. A. Wolf, Thorp

 93 J. P. Mesneski, Curtiss

 94 J. W. Krontved, Neillsville (Korntved?)

 95 C. D. Karl, Neillsville

 96 Charles Perko, Willard

 97 R. P. Wieland, Unity

 98 Oscar M. Fricke, Loyal

 99 E. C. Hofmann, Dorchester

100 A. O. Simole, Unity

101 J. E. Matkovich, Owen

102 W. H. Lens, Greenwood

103 M. L. Collier, Owen

104 Uno M. Bakke, Withee

105 A. E. Edblom, Unity

106 E. D. Herrick, Willard

107 O. E. DeMert, Neillsville

108 L. H. Lindow, Chili

109 H. J. Adams, Owen

110 S. J. Gurklis, Thorp

111 J. J. Neumann, Greenwood

112 T. J. Ketterl, Dorchester

113 John Malnar, Willard

114 C. I. Anklam, Humbird

115 W. P. Theis, Curtiss

116 F. B. Langreck, Neillsville

117 C. N. Gangler, Neillsville

118 R. G. Jackson, Neillsville

119 L. E. Smiley, Curtiss

120 W. H. Gaulke, Chili

121 L. M. Kellberg, Owen

122 E. S. Adams, Neillsville

123 K. D. Dissmore, Dorchester

124 L. M. Johnson, Greenwood

125 M. F. Langfeldt, Loyal

126 John Francel, Willard

127 F. Brandach, Jr., Thorp

128 H. H. Fenner, Loyal

129 V. L. Gugla, Stanley

130 O. F. Goessl, Curtiss

131 M. W. Darling, Humbird

132 V. Emberson, Greenwood

133 D. C. Mathewson, Owen

134 A. F. Debevc, Willard

135 C. E. Oens, Granton

136 C. E. Shaw, Neillsville

137 Jerome F. Bertz, Loyal

138 P. Bogdonovich, Willard

139 H. A. Grap, Willard

140 O. A. Dyre, Greenwood

141 G. M. Boullion, Humbird

142 A. K. Hubert, Owen

143 Ed R. Braatz, Neillsville

144 Benhart J. Hill, Withee

145 Daniel H. Wolter, Spencer

146 Leland E. Reich, Granton

147 Elmore C. Dehne, Colby

148 Lyle Earl Hill, Colby

149 Warren H. Lewis, Curtiss

150 Harold V. Hart, Humbird

151 Julius I. Gilbert, Spencer

152 Mike Skripinski, Stanley

153 F. Richmond, Neillsville

154 E. M. Anderson, Withee

155 E. A. Kauffman, Granton

156 F. L. Bender, Granton

157 W. R. Spencer, Neillsville

158 J. A. Roidt, Greenwood

159 Bernard G. Tieman, Thorp

160 Fred A Toltzman, loyal

161 Walter W. Bania, Stanley

162 Ray F. Brown, Thorp

163 M. E. Augustine, Colby

164 A. C. Anderson, Stanley

165 F. E. Klueckman, Neillsville

166 Jas. Topinka, Neillsville

167 Kermit A. Falk, Humbird

168 Edwin O. Gaulke, Chili

169 Myron L. Bangle, Owen

170 E. T. Galenski, Thorp

171 Clinton O. Albert, Withee

172 John Strange, Curtiss

173 J. N. Haas, Neillsville

174 E. A. Oestreich, Loyal

175 Donald Hebert, Spencer

176 Mike W. Knupa, Thorp

177 C. J. Ready, Stanley

178 L. J. Kluchesky, Neillsville

179 V. C. Dank, Greenwood

180 Peter E. Zager, Willard

181 L. E. Drescher, Neillsville

182 H. A. Schultz, Loyal

183 Frank Zupanc, Willard

184 Jens J. Jensen, Withee

185 Melvin C. Duvall, Colby

186 L. A. Dickinson, Withee

187 Emil S. Kaleta, Thorp

188 (missing the name)

189 (missing the name)

190 Herbert A. Lube, Colby

191 Herbert L. Roix, Thorp

192 H. F. Schmidt, Greenwood

193 John F. Stancer, Willard

194 K. D. Wood, Willard

195 Rob’t B. Schaefer, Granton

196 Bruce F. Beilfuss, Abbotsford

197 Rudolph Thiel, Greenwood

198 Earl E. Plaman, Greenwood

199 J. A. Whittemore, Withee

200. A. O. Thompson, Curtiss


Our country’s servicemen and women traveled to the foreign shores of different countries during World War II.  Various stories have been told about their experiences overseas, having befriended those in need in the war-torn land.


On a Christmas Eve, in Germany, a temporary cease-fire was called, because it was Christmas Eve.  The American soldiers sat in their foxholes, at one point of the battleground, and began singing Christmas carols.  Soon, they could hear German soldiers joining in singing along with the same carols, only in the German language.  For a short time, there was a common bond in their lives, a neutral time from the fighting, worshiping God in the humble setting.


The Philippine Islands had been occupied by the Japanese military.  American forces, through a series of invasions, freed the occupied islands liberating the Philippine people.  These people, such as the ones in the following letter, shared by Wm. Joyce, had suffered great losses.  To these people, the coming of the Americans was their greatest salvation.  Americans meant freedom.


Simplicia Hingco and her brother Pentong, were residents of the City of Darvis, Carmenn, Cebu Philippines, whose parents were thought to be dead, lost family and friends, and they were greatly appreciative to the American forces for the return of their freedom.  Simplicia and Pentong would act as guides, offering any help they could to the American soldiers.  Through this friendships were struck.


Nov. 15/1945


Dear Joyce:


I am so glad to receive from you those comforting letters, with which helps me a great lot vanish my lonesomeness.  It was indeed a great delight to answer your letter at this day of celebration, the day which to every Filipino seems a gem, for this same day is our Commonwealth Anniversary.  Moreover it help me too, to remember of tendering my humble acknowledgement to you all, our most benevolent benefactor.  For if you had been later, this day could have not been celebrated, nobody would have appreciated giving thanks to our unselfish redeemer.


I wish you will be home like our friend “Keller” to y our own home which you can call this is my own home sweet home.  It would be well to be eternally among your relatives.


Pentong is getting along fine doing job to solace him from the sorrows of those friends who departed to soon.


Lastly, extend my best regards to our friends.


Your friend,

Simplicia Hingco





Frank Stanley, on the right, who served during the Spanish-American War as a member of Company A, third Regiment.  Frank, a Neillsville native, died in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1898


Getting a haircut while out in the desert, by a good buddy or a barber, if you were lucky!


Target practice, a must for the infantrymen during World War II 

Pictured is Redford Smith of New York, with a BAR-Browning automatic rifle and tri-pod.


1943 – Inspection day for the 306th Infantry, 77 Division Service Company at Camp Hyder, Arizona.

Camp Hyder was located in the desert between Phoenix and Yuma, Arizona




75 Years Ago


Clark County now using sugar cards


Last week county food administrator J. E. Ketel put Clark County on sugar cards and they are proving highly satisfactory to both consumer and retailer.  The card is so arranged that when sugar purchases are made, the amount of the purchase is punched out and when the legal amount of sugar has been purchased, the card is of no further use.  New cards are issued to consumers on the firsts of each month and the old cards taken up and filed for future reference and checking.  Clark County seems to be the first county in the state to adopt the sugar card system and it is going to work out fine and eliminate much confusion and unnecessary work.


(Transcriber note: Does anyone happen to have a sugar card that we could have a picture of for the website?)






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