History: 1881 Clark and Jackson County Biographical Histories

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Surnames: Archer, Austin, Bacon, Blakeslee, Boardman, Bruley, Bussel, Campbell, Canon, Cawley, Chubb, Crandall, Dewhurst, Dickinson, Doolittle, Dudley, French, Ferguson, Furlong, Gallaher, Gates, Green, Hart, Head, Hewett, Johnson, Jones, Josephs, Lee, Lindsay, Lloyd, Ludington, Lynch, MacBride, Markey, Morley, Myers, Neverman, O'Neill, Palmer, Parkhurst, Philpott, Ramminger, Reddan, Reed, Ring, Rossman, Schuster, Sterns, Sturdevant, Taylor, Templeton, Thayer, Trogner, Weeks, Wells, Withee, Youmans, Cornelius, Counsell, Dore, Hutchinson, Marsh, Reed




LEVI ARCHER, farmer, See. 34, P.O. Neillsville, born in Orleans Co., N.Y., Aug. 19, 1835, with his parents, went to Indiana in 1842, where he ran a sawmill, learned the blacksmith's trade of Zekiel Johnson, came to the Black River and engaged in the lumber business, and, in 1874, moved on his farm, containing 270 acres, 120 of it cleared and under cultivation. In 1853, he married Miss Rossissa Straight, of Jackson County. They have one, child, a son, twelve years of age, named Frank. Mr. Archer is now the president of Clark County Bank.


GEORGE A. AUSTIN, farmer, Sec. 18. P.O. Neillsville, born in Otsego Co., N.Y., March 13, 1829. His parents moved to Chenango Co., N.Y., where they farmed, which was their occupation when they moved to Wisconsin. in 1843. In 1849, George A. was on the Illinois & Michigan Canal; taught school in 1850-51; read law with Church & Willard, of Woodstock, Ill., and was admitted to the Bar in 1853; he practiced till the war broke out, and enlisted in Co. A, 15th Ill. V. I., was promoted to 2d lieutenant, and, after serving his time, re-enlisted, and was commissioned 1st lieutenant; soon afterward became quarter-master, and was taken prisoner on March 1, 1864, taken to Andersonville, Macon, Milan, and was exchanged at Wilmington, N. C. Having enlisted for the war, they were sent out on the frontier; but October 1, 1865, they were ordered back, and he was discharged in Springfield, Illinois. He was a dealer in stock until he came to Neillsville, and bought a grist and saw mill, of Blakeslee, in 1871; in 1874, leased the saw-mill, and in 1878, moved to his farm where he resides with his family; married, in 1853, to Miss M. N. Kimball, of Woodstock. They have three children-Charles E., Mary E., now Mrs. J. Thayer, and Ida M., now Mrs. Ring. Mr. Austin has held town offices, and belongs to the Masons and the A. O. U. W.


ORSON BACON, farmer, P.O. Neillsville, born in Jericho, Chittenden Co., Vt., July 8, 1810. During his youth he was reared on the ancestral farm, with his father worked in the shop as carpenter and joiner. They moved from their native county in 1826, came to St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.; from there he went to Ohio, and then to Hillsdale, Mich., where they worked a farm together, and here his father died. He remained there until 1855, when he started for Wisconsin and bought the land on which he now lives, now part of the village of Neillsville. In 1835, he married Miss Euretta R. Hastings, of New York. They have six children living, and three dead-Everet H., Charles G., who died in Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis. Mo.; was a member of Co. 1, 14th Wis. V.; was wounded at Shiloh; Charlotte, deceased; Mary, now Mrs. C. O. Sturgeon; S. Willard, Abbie L., deceased; and twins, Ella Vesta and Allie Vesta. Allie died when two years old. Mr. Bacon has held the offices of County Supervisor and Treasurer.


CHAUNCEY BLAKESLEE, merchant, Neillsville, born in New York, April 3, 1822, in 1840 moved to Tioga Co., Penn. In 1845, he went to Baltimore; went to Potter County in 1848, where he engaged in the lumber business; removed to Bradford County in 1850, and entered the mercantile life, which he carried on till 1854, then leaving for McHenry Co., Ill., going to the Black River in 1855; kept a store on what is known as the old Barber place. In 1856, came to Neillsville, and opened the first store here; moved into the store now occupied by Gates & Co.; in 1865, built a store, now occupied by, Cole & Co. The firm's name was Hewett, Wood & Co., till 1860, when he run the store in his own name till 1871; sold to his old partners and moved to Monroe County and kept store, but finally traded his store for a mill in Jackson County, where he stayed till 1878, when he came back and bought the mill which he, together with Hewett and Wood, built in 1865. This he now runs in connection with his store in Neillsville and a saw-mill eleven miles east of here. In 1859, married Miss Maria Boardman, of Neillsville. They have five children-George, Frank, Oscar, Minnie and Cora. Mr. Blakeslee has been County Treasurer, Supervisor, Justice of the Peace, as well as other smaller offices.


S. C. BOARDMAN, retired, Neillsville, born in Yates Co., N. Y., July 10, 1849, on coming West, went to farming in Columbia County; 1853, came to Neillsville. At O'Neill's old tavern, met there some of the men of those times, such as James Sturgeon, James Burke and George Hill. He was engaged in the woods for the first few years, and then went into the land business, having taken a Government survey with E. Seers previous to this time. He went to surveying, and carried it on until 1868; in 1876, entered the mercantile business; retired and took a trip to Colorado. In 1862, married Miss Diantha Street, of Allegany Co., N.Y. They have two children, Frankie E. and S. Clair. He belongs to the Masonic Lodge, A. F. & A. M. and the A. O. U. W.


EMERY BRULEY, merchant, Neillsville, born in Ottawa City, Canada, July 4, 1845, in 1868, went to Minneapolis, Minn., and afterwards to La Crosse, where he met Mr. Stafford and came up with him to Staffordsville, in 1868 . came to Neillsville and started a blacksmith shop, which he run for nine years, then opened a clothing store, and now carries a stock of $9,000, and does a business of $25,600 a year. In September, 1864, married Miss Philomena Beauchamp, of Ottawa City. He belongs to the A. O. U. W.


C. E. BUSSELL, surveyor and real estate, Neillsville.  Born in Franklin Co. Maine, Dec. 11, 1850. He attended. Holton Seminary in 1871, and learned engineering; came to Neillsville, May 11, 1874, and was elected County Surveyor, which office he held from 1875 to 1879. He is now examiner of lands, and has issued a fine map of Clark County; was employed in getting up the map of LaCrosse, and is now making preparations for mapping all the northern part of the State of Wisconsin.


WILLIAM CAMPBELL, merchant, dealer in boots and shoes.  Born in Ayrshire, Scotland, April 20, 1847. Came to Columbia CO., Wis., with his father and grand-parents. In 1866, he graduated at the high school in Poynett; attended the Spenserian College of Milwaukee in 1867-68, and came here, to Neillsville, where he has engaged in keeping books for different firms, and was one of the firm of Cole & Campbell in 1876; in 1879, sold to Cole; opened the present store in November; is doing a business, from$10,000 to $12,000 per year. In 1869, married Miss Myra Youmans of New York. They have three children-Jessie, May and Neill. Mr. Campbell has been elder in the Presbyterian Church for eight years, and was a delegate to the general assembly in 1877, in Chicago. He belongs to the A. O. U. W., and the Temple of Honor.


J. F. CANON, Clerk of Clark County, Neillsville. Born in New York, March 6, 1843; in 1849, came to Walworth Co., Wis.; in 1852, returned to their old home, where his father died. The family of mother, six boys and one girl, moved to Waushara Co. Wis., Oct. 14, 1871, and in town of Plainfield he learned the trade of blacksmithing. He built two shops; moved in 1869, to Exira, Audubon Co., Iowa, put up a shop, but on account of his brother J. D.'s health, returned. His brother died Sept. 14, 1870. Mr. C. then came to Neillsville, Oct. 14, 1871, and went to work at his trade; in the Winter of 1872, kept a logging-camp with his brother; in the Winter of 1873-74, he was foreman in the camp; farmed his place in the Summer. In July, 1874, kept books for George L. Lloyd; was elected County Clerk, Jan. 1, 1875, and now holds it. In April 5, 1867, married Miss Kate C. Rozell of Wash River County. They have five children- Jimmie, Henry, Libbie, Nellie and Frankie. He has also held the position of Chairman of the Town Board of Supervisors.


F. G. CAWLEY, farmer, Sec. 23, P.O., Neillsville. Born in Haverill, N. H., July 18, 1835. Up to the age of nineteen, he was employed at farming, in the factories, but it had been his desire to come west. In 1854, he came to Clark County, and went to farming, and in 1880, bought his present residence. In 1855, March 26, married Mrs. Annie Thomson of Clark County, who had come to this county, as early as 1851, and settled on Sec. where she still holds the forty acres, entered in her maiden name " Annie Clark," by Mr. O'Neill. They have five children living, and two deceased- Jane E., deceased, was Mrs. J. D. Rich of Hag Harbor, died in 1881, 17th May; Sarah E. now Mrs. Edward Keand, F., Walter, Emily L., Willie died 27th June, 1860, Annie A., born in 1857, July 1, Samuel G., born July 4, 1872. Mr. C. has served as Constable, for twenty-two years.


S. F. CHUBB, general manager for James Hewett, Neillsville. Born in Forday-Bridge, Hampshire, England, Oct. 12, 1853. When old enough to work, began by being errand boy; he then branched off into sail making, when about twelve years of age, also served in the grocery business, with a Frenchman by the name of Cabot. His father's health failing, he returned to Brighton and managed the grocery for him. In 1874, he crossed the Atlantic, and landed in New York, and in company with two companions, visited Niagara, Cleveland, and his Uncle William Philpott, of Dodge Co., Wis. He then came here and entered the employ of Wells Bros., and drove mail stage, from Loyd to Neillsville, till 1875, when he entered the employ of Hewett & Wood, as junior clerk, and in 1878 took charge of the business. In December, 1878, he married Miss Mary L. Phillips, adopted daughter of James Hewett. They have one child, Vivian J., aged fourteen months. Mr. C. belongs to I. O. O. F., also the encampment A. O. U. W., and Independent Order of Foresters. He is treasurer for the Episcopal Church, of which he is a member.


A. W. CLARK, farmer, Section 26, P. 0. Neillsville. Born in Boston, Mass, June 22, 1830; went with his parents to Dubuque, Iowa, and then to Grant Co., Wis., in 1843, and opened a tin and hardware shop. Before coming to Clark County in 1857, he paid a visit to California; then he located on this farm which is part of the old estate owned by his brother, who bad come to Clark County in 1843, then part of Crawford County, and thinks this county was named for him. Mr. C. had some 400 Or 500 acres of the estate and has built a saw-mill, called Clark's Mill, and has farmed and lumbered up to the present time. In 1852, he married Miss Mary A. Vineyard, of Quincy, Illinois. At the time Of her birth, in 1832, her mother was living in the midst of Indians and during the Indian War was removed to Quincy. They have four children - Edith 1. (now Mrs. R. J. Sawyer), G. H., A. P. and M. W. Mr. Clark is one of the lodge of I.O.O.F.


W. C. CRANDALL, druggist, Neillsville. Born at Port Deposit, Cecil Co., Md., Nov. 1, 1838. He went to Maine July 4, 1863. In 1864, came to Black River Falls; clerked in W. B. Porter until 1867; formed a partnership with P. Howell and at the end of 1868 dissolved. Began studying medicine with W. B. Cole. A Medical College at Chicago. Came to Neillsville and good practice, but gave his practice to W. B. Morley and now carries on the drug store. He married Miss Almira T. Brown, of New York, in April, 1868. They have three children-Gladdys M., Ger Bessie. They have lost an infant child.


HON. R. DEWHURST, lumberman, Neillsville. Born near Manchester, Lancaster Co., England, May 12, 1826. In 1827, came to America and the family settled in Bristol Co., Mass., and remained until 1833; removed: to Loraine Co., Ohio when twenty years of age, commenced studying law under P. Bliss. In 1850, he left for Jo Davies, Illinois, and worked in the lead mines. In 1850-51, taught a private school in Scales Mound, going then to Potosi, Grant Co., Wis.; went into the lead mines, was taken sick, and went home; took up again, he then went to teaching school, in 1854, near Platteville, Wisconsin, finding time to visit Kansas during the troubles existing at that time but came back to White Oak Springs in 1856, and was admitted to the bar.  Came to Clark County May 1, 1856, and located at Weston's Rapids.  In 1858, was elected to the Assembly; held the office of Register of Deeds in 1859. In 1864, he was elected again to the Legislature, and served the session of 1865. He had held the position of County Judge in 1856, and was elected again in 1877, he served until 1879, then resigned.  1875, he was the representative in the Assembly from this district, and County Superintendent of Schools, filling the vacancy occasioned by Mr. Johnson's moving from the State. Filled vacancy occasioned by the death of William Hutchinson, as County Treasurer.  He has served the public in most of the town offices. In March 29, 1859 Married Miss Marsha S. Curtiss, of Madison. They have one child, Mary, born Jan. 3, 1863.  Mr. Dewhurst, in company with Daniel Gates, in 1874, visited Oregon, Washington and California, and 1876, together with John Reed, visited England, Scotland, Ireland and the French Exposition.


D. DICKINSON, merchant, Neillsville. Born in Tioga Co., PA, NOV. 20, 1836.  In 1855, came to Madison, Wis. In in 1858, he started for Port Royal, but the war breaking out he turned back to Lock Haven.  In 1861, enlisted in the 45th Pa. Vol., served till the close.  On being mustered out he returned home to Wellsboro, Pa., and in 1866 came to Sparta, Wis., then came to Neillsville and clerked for Hewett, Wood & Co. He then entered into partnership with McBride for one year, since this time he has been alone in the business, in 1876 moving into his present store on East street. Married in 1874, to Miss Kate E. Curtiss, of Neillsville. They have three children -Carrie, Grace and Albert Willis.


D. B. R. DICKINSON, cashier Clark County Bank, Neillsville.  Born in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa., May 2, 1843. In 1861, came to New York, clerked for J. A. Parson & Co.; went into the banking house of Souther, Willis & Souther, here he staid until 1870; moved to Phelps County, took position as buyer for the Iron Works of Maramac.  In 1874, came to Sparta and went in with Geo. Dunn.  In 1875, October, he came here, and entered Clark County Bank Feb. 1, 1879.  He married Miss Agnes Goodwin, of Sparta, in 1866.


HON. L. A. DOOLITTLE, judge of Clark County Court, Neillsville. Born in St Lawrence Co., N. Y., July 22, 1853.  When 18 years of age began the study of law, and at the age of 22 graduated. Taught school at different times to obtain means with which to carry on his studies. In 1878, he entered the Law Dept. of Madison University and graduated in 1879, which admitted him to all the courts of the State. Coming to Neillsville, he bad been here practicing but five months, when he was appointed County judge to fill vacancy occasioned by resignation of judge Richard Dewhurt in Dec., 1879, the term expires Jan. 1, 1882. Mr. Doolittle Married, May 4, 1880, to Miss Bessie A. Weeks, of Rutland, Vermont.


P. S. DUDLEY, merchant, dealer in harness, trunks, etc., Neillsville. Born in Orleans Co., N. Y., Oct. 18, 1839. In 1857, came to Walworth County. In 1858, he and his father went into the harness business, but also carried on the trade in Dane County in 1862.  Opened the first harness shop in Neillsville Nov. 3, 1869.  In 1861, married Miss Maria McArthur, of Woodstock, of the Province of  New Brunswick. They have four children-Bertha A., born July 4, 1864, Ellis C., Nov. 22, 1865, Mabel C., June 17, 1867, Arthur E., March 28, 1869, one infant died when seven weeks of age. He has held several public offices and belongs to the I. O. O. F.


HON. B. F. FRENCH, attorney, Neillsville, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Aug. 10, 1832. In 1839, moved to Warren Co., PA, remaining there until 1844; went to Jefferson Co., IA, farmed it with his father for a time. In 1849, started for the Black River and made a claim, which he now holds. Built a log house. In 1854-5, studied law with his brother, J. F., and was admitted to the bar in 1856, in the Sixth District Circuit Court, by judge George Gale. In November, 1854, he was elected Treasurer of Clark County, being the first one.  Elected District Attorney in 1856, serving in that office until 1866.  Has been a member of the Board of Supervisors. In 1873, was candidate for the Assembly, was defeated by a small majority.  Was the first master of the Masonic order in Clark County.  Was married to Miss Elizabeth R. Brown, of Black River Falls, June 8, 1854.  They have six children-Nettie, Elva N., Viola M., Dimple T., Edwin and John R.


J. W. FERGUSON, Postmaster, Neillsville. Born in Erie Co., Pa., Aug. 16, 1846.   In April, 1854, came to Neillsville with his uncle, S. F. Ferguson and when the war broke out enlisted in the 14th Wis. Vol.  Was mustered out Oct. 9, 1865, returned home, and in 1867 worked at the tinner's trade, until he was appointed Postmaster in 1871. Mr. Ferguson married Miss Amelia Palmer, of Neillsville. They have two children, Clara and Edward J.


JAMES FURLONG, merchant and grocer, Neillsville, was born in Lehigh Co., Penn., Oct. 9, 1827. At an early age, moved into Armstrong county, where he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner with a Mr. McNutt, and came to Neillsville in 1856, where he stopped with Mr. O'Neill till he built a house and shop and took his brother Edward into partnership with him. In 1864, he opened a cabinet store in the building he now occupies. In 1877, sold out to Peter Johnson, and retired: October, 1880, started the store he now has. Was married, in 1849 to Miss Mary Diebler, of Westmoreland Co., Penn. They have one child, Amanda-lost three. He has held public offices.


L. W. GALLAHER, manufacturer, Neillsville, was born in Litchfield, Ct., April 19, 1831. Went to Litchfield, Medina Co., Ohio, in 1838.  In 1846 went to Wayne County. In 1856, went to Indiana.  Was engaged different occupations at this time, and in 1868 moved to Black River Falls, where he was employed as pattern maker, coming to Clark County in 1871, where he put up a mill and sash and door factory, which was burned down in 1879. He immediately built again, and now is running the saw and planing department. In August, 1857, he married Miss A. M. Baker, of Warsaw, Ind. They have a family of seven children-Nelson E., Elmer W., Carrie P., Charlie Sumner, Early L., Owen V. and Reuben H. He belongs to the I. O. O. F., and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


DANIEL GATES, banker, Neillsville, was born in Essex Co., N. Y., July 11, 1818. In 1856, went to Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa. Remained but a short time, moved to Wedge's Creek, Clark Co., Wis. and opened a hotel.  In 1861, moved into a private residence. Engaged in logging in the winter and farming in the Summer. In 1869, formed a partnership with Joel Head, in the grocery business. In 1876, Mr. Head died, and his wife still remained. In October, Mr. G. started a meat-market, and took his son in as a partner. In 1878, bought Mrs. Head out, and took his son, J. L., in the provision business. In 1879, established the Neillsville Bank. Was married, in 1848, to Miss Jane Hewitt, of New York.  They have three children. Mr. G. has held a number of public to the satisfaction of all.


J. L. GATES, banker, Neillsville, was born in Essex Co., N. Y., Dec. 22, 1850.  He came west with his parents, who located about six miles south of Neillsville in 1856. They moved to this place in 1861.  He then went to commercial school, and commenced business in 1871. In 1872, he had accumulated enough to build. Seeing an opportunity to make money, he went into real estate and brokerage. In 1876, added a provision store to his business, and realized large returns, as high as $60,00 in the Winter of 1880. This store he sold to F. D. Lindsay, Mar. 1881, and now runs the bank of J. L. Gates & Co., established in 1879.  Married Miss Liddia E. Eyerly, of Neillsville, Wis. They have two children-Robert L., six years of age, and Edith Temperance, aged four.


ANSEN GREEN, farmer, See. 26, P. O. Neillsville, was born in Middleton, Delaware Co., N. Y., Dec. 22, 1817. Came right from his native county to Clark County in 1854, taking an active part with the early settlers in organizing these parts. Has always been interested more or less in lumbering, also in hotels; kept one in 1856 in which he cleared $885 in six months. He then kept the Neillsville Hotel, which he sold to Hubbard. Then bought this farm of 166 acres, on which he now lives, in 1864. Is now engaged in farming and lumbering. In 1842, he married Miss Mary Dean, of New York. They had seven children, three now living-Sallie M., Wilber, Nettie, Levi, De Willet, deceased-Anson and Nora. Mr. G. has held town office, is now on the board of supervisors, and belongs to the I. O. O. F.


G. J. HART bookkeeper for James Hewett, Neillsville, was born in Canton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Nov. 1, 1844.  Lived there and was following business of building mover in Jefferson County. In 1859, he attended the St. Lawrence University, and in 1862, visited the west, went back.  In 1871, immigrated to the State of Wisconsin, going to La Fayette Co., and then came up to this place with a team of horses to sell, but not being able to get a fair price, went to work with them in the pineries.  He then went to clerking for J. H. Marshall, in the hardware business.  In 1877, was appointed Deputy Treasurer of Clark Co.  In 1880, gave his attention to telegraphy, being employed since 1881 with James Hewett. In 1875, married Miss Mira Caswell, of Jefferson Co., N. Y.


MRS. ELMIRA HEAD, Neillsville, widow of Joel Head, one of the early settlers of this place, and identified with its business interests. Mr. Head was a miller by trade, and run C. Blakeslee's mill after he came to Neillsville. Afterward going into the hotel business, he kept the Hubbard House, and then went into the meat-market on shares with D. Gates. Then carried on a provision store in connection with the meat- market. Was doing a very fine trade at the time of his death (Dec. 2, 1875). Mrs. Head (nee Almira Payne) was born in New York, May 18, 1838, and married Mr. Joel Head, Aug. 26, 1856. They had three children-Rosa N., Laura A. (now Mrs. Thomas Morris) and a son, N. V. Mrs. Head has retired from active business, and lives on the estate.


Mr. JAMES HEWETT, merchant, Neillsville. Born in New York, Essex County, May 1, 1830. Was engaged in lumbering there up to 1856; came to Neillsville, where he has carried on the same business up to the present time. In 1859, he went into the mercantile line with the firm name of Hewett, Wood & Co., which continued to be the firm name till Mr. Wood's death, which occurred in 1879 he running the business in his own hands since. He also has a sawmill on Wedges Creek. His stock of merchandise amounts to $10,000, and he has done a business of $100,000 a year. Married Miss Henrietta Brown, of Maine, Oct. 17, 1864 They had three children, one living-Sherman F., born Sept. 4, 1865. Two deceased, Chauncy B., born Feb. 14, 1867, died April 20, 1869, and an infant. His wife died in April, 1869. May, 1874, married Emeline Niles. Has served the public in numerous official positions, and continues to do so. He has been before the people for the Assembly, but was defeated.


PETER JOHNSON, merchant and dealer in furniture, Neillsville. Born in Denmark, Sept. 9, 1849. In 1871, came to America, went to North Adams, Mass.; in 1872 commenced working at Holbrook's saw- mill at the foot of the Green Mountains, going to Troy, N. Y., in 1874; there learned the cabinet business; then traveled to Tennessee, and on to Chicago, then into Iowa. Finally striking Black River Falls, where he stayed until 1877; came to Neillsville, bought out James Furlong, and commenced doing business. Was married in 1876 to Miss Mary Postweler, of Black River Falls. They have two children, Annie and Clara. He belongs to the Lodge of the I. O. O. F.


IRA B. JONES, prescription clerk in W. C. Crandall's drug store, Neillsville. Born in Orleans County, N. Y, July 19, 1849. He commenced the drug business with Dr. E. D. Hall in Knowlesville, Orleans Co., N. Y. With his brother, Thomas P., he spent the years of 1868 to 1871 in Canada as U. S. Consul, going thence to Rochester, N. Y. In the Spring of 1872, he married Miss Julia A. Hoyt. They have two children, Gracie May, and Bessie Floy. Mr. Jones belongs to the I. O. O. F. He is a representative to the Right Worthy Grand Lodge that meets on the 7th of June, 1881, in Milwaukee.


J. B. JONES, book-keeper, with C. Blakeslee, Neillsville. Born in Lewis Co., N. Y., Dec. 19, 1837. He went into the neighboring county of Orleans, where he remained till 1857, and worked on the farm. In 1857, visited Washington Co., Wis., but returned to New York, where he stayed till the Fall of 1860. Came to Wisconsin; in 1861, enlisted in the 12th Wis. Vols., and was mustered out as second lieutenant in 1865; he returned to Orleans County, was appointed U. S. Consul to the city of Hamilton, Canada. In 1867, he came to Wisconsin again, and in 1868 arrived in Neillsville and went to farming for a short time, then to keeping books for O. P. Wells & Co., soon after for Hewett & Wood, and in 1880 took his present position. In 1864 married Miss Lovilla White, of Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y. They have three children-Vinnie I., Thomas E. and J. Earl. Was elected Treasurer in 1879, on the Temperance ticket, is serving in this capacity now. Was Assessor in 1869, and 1872, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. He was the first Noble Grand of the Odd Fellows' Lodge of this place.


SOLOMON F. JOSEPHS, confectioner, Neillsville. Born in Niagara Co., N. Y., July 23, 1848. In 1857, went to Columbia Co., Wis. In 1871, went to Benton, Minn. In 1872, went to Poynett, Wis., where he learned the harness trade, and coming to Clark County in 1873, opened a harness shop, which he ran until 1877, then opened up in the same line he now has. He then built the store now occupied by H. J. Youmans; in 188o he sold this store to the firm of Ring & Youmans, and on the eighth of November, opened his present place of business. Jan. 15, 1873, married Miss Nellie E. Dole, of Columbia County. They have two children, Florence E., aged eight years, and Lynn Dole, aged three months. Mr. Joseph belongs to the following lodges: N. G. of I. O. O. F.; Sec. of Royal Arcanum, and H. C. R. of Forresters. He is the State representative to the meeting of the Supreme Court of the World in New York, June, 1881.


F. A. LEE, Town Clerk, Neillsville. Born in Sheffield, England, April 12, 1828. Came to America with his parents in 1843; they stopped in Waukesha Co., Wis., and went to farming. In 1848, went to clerking. Learned the trade of cigar maker in Chicago, went to Janesville to work at the trade. At Sparta opened up in the mercantile and stationery line, soon after he kept nothing but dry goods. Disposing of his business he came up to Neillsville in 1869; clerk in Hewett & Blakeslee's, but concluded to set himself up in a general merchandise store. Closed out and is now giving his attention to his offices, being justice of the Peace as well as Town Clerk, which office he has held for the fourth term. In 1853 he married Miss L. E. Chapterson of Philadelphia, Pa, They have seven children-Allie, Kate (now Mrs. David Payne), Frederick, Charles, Jessie, Herbert and Mattie. Mr. Lee has been warden in the Episcopal Church for the last three years.


HON. F. D. LINDSAY, merchant, Neillsville. Born in Essex Co., N. Y, Feb. 17, 1837. He remained in his native county until 1862, engaged in farming, and when the war broke out he enlisted, 1862, in the 118th N.Y. Vol., and served till 1865. When mustered out ranked sergeant. Went home then to Davenport, Iowa, and came to Clark County, Jan. 1, 1866. Went to work by the month lumbering and farming; kept at that business since, doing about $50,000 per year. In 1880, bought provision store of J. L. Gates, which is connected with his lumbering interests. In 1872, married Miss Clara Hubble, of Neillsville. They have two children, Bessie, six years of age in October, Josie two years December, and one deceased, named Lulu. In 1871-72, be served the county as Sheriff; 1876-77, was elected to the Assembly from Wood, Clark, Lincoln and Taylor counties; was Chairman of the Town Board for 1878-79-80.


GEORGE L. LLOYD, merchant, Neillsville. Born in Willoughby, Lake Co., Ohio. Aug. 9, 1840. When he was nineteen years of age he went to Colorado, returning the same year. Locate& in Neillsville in the year 1859, being engaged in the lumber business. Worked for Wells & Co. up to 1873. Set up big own business. Now has a stock on hand of about $10,000, and his proceeds for the year is about $50,000. He married Miss Dora Marshall, of Hingham, Sheboygan Co., Wis., in 1873. They have two children, Glynn and Clyde.


GEORGE A. LUDINGTON, dealer in harness, trunks, collars, etc., Neillsville, Born in Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio, Oct. 5, 1842. He came to Illinois in 1857. When the war broke out enlisted in Co. H, 30th Ohio Vol., served out his time and re-enlisted in Alabama and was mustered out in 1865, attending school in Indiana that Winter. -He picked up the carpenter trade at Warsaw, Illinois. Oct. 25, 1866, he worked in the woods on Black River. Learned the trade of harness making with J. Elliott, A. L. Cuber and P. S. Dudley. In 1877, bought out S. F. Josephs. In 1869, married Miss Mary E. Teller, of Black River Falls. They have four children-Albert C., Eunice, Carrie and Mary Teller. Belongs to the I. O. O. F., of which he is P. G.; to the Royal Arcanum, and the I. O. R., of which he was the first P. C. R. in the Neillsville Lodge. The Guards, a militia organized 1875, as Zouaves, and reorganized in 1878 as the Sherman Guards. have him for their second lieutenant.


JAMES LYNCH, retired, Neillsville. Born in Allegheny Co., Pa., March 6, 1807. He first went to Armstrong County in the year 1828, and was engaged with his father on a farm till 1856; came to Neillsville the same year and locating on the same lot that his present dwelling now occupies. He once owned a farm of more than two quarter sections, having lately sold it. In 1835, he married Miss Margaret Kirkland of Cumberland Co., Pa. They had eleven children, seven now living-John H., Mary Ann, deceased, Alice A. (now Mrs, F Salina (now Mrs. Sturgeon), Mellissa J. and Elizabeth, decease Cordelia (now Mrs. Hewett), J. Wick, Sheldon and Byron. Mr. L. has been Town Treasurer, also School Treasurer, and held other offices.


R. J. MAC BRIDE, lawyer, Neillsville. Born in Philadelpha, PA, June 28, 1847. When he was nineteen years of age started for the West and arrived in Neillsville in October, 1866, and clerked for Hewett, Woods & Co., until 1869. He was giving his attention to reading law in his spare moments, and in 1870 was admitted to the Bar. Married Miss Emeline Niles, of Michigan. Was elected County judge, served from 1870 to 1877, and was appointed alternate delegate to the National Convention that nominated Gen. Hancock for President of the States.


E. H. MARKEY, liveryman, Neillsville. Born in Cambridge, MA, Dec. 25, 1844. He stopped a while in Lawrence. Came to Black River Falls in 1855. When the war broke out he enlisted in the 14th Wis. Vol., as drummer boy, served his time out and re-enlisted in the Veteran Corps till mustered out in 1865, when he returned River Falls, and in 1867 came to Neillsville. Kept a meat market, then went into the livery business in 1870, making him the oldest in business in the place. Ran a stage line in 1875, and at one time he ran coaches from Neillsville to Humbird, Loyal and Hatfield. In 1871, he married Miss Hattie Babcock, of Courtland Co., N. Y.  He belongs to the A, O. U. W.  Was Clerk of the County and Deputy Sheriff,  besides holding some town offices.


DR. W. B. MORLEY, physician, Neillsville, was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Dec. 29, 1852; went to Viroqua, Vernon Co., WI, he studied under Dr. W. A. Gott. In 1876, he graduated at the Louisville College, Ky., and commenced practice at Leon, Monroe Co., WI, and came here in 1879; entered on Dr. Crandall's practice. Mr. Morley married, in 1877, Miss Mary Gilliland, of Leon.


HENRY MYERS, druggist, Neillsville, was born in Newfield Tompkins Co., N. Y., March 6, 1841. Worked in his father's grist-mill and at farming; came West to La Crosse, Wis., 1857, and harvested for Jerry Patchem; went to logging on the Black River up to 1879, when he bought Dr. G. C. Lacy, Jr., out, and is now carrying on the store. In the Fall of 1879, his brother bought a half share and the firm is now Myers Bros. In June, 1880, he commenced a fine residence at the corner of State and Fourth streets, costing about $2,500.  Mr. Myers enlisted twice, but did not get out of the State.  He belongs to the A. O. U. W.


WILLIAM NEVERMAN, brewer, Neillsville, was born Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany, June 14, 1834; arrived in Quebec in 1852, came to Milwaukee, going to work on a farm; learned ship building of James Jones in 1856, starting as deck hand from Galena, Illinois, on a steamboat for St. Louis, Mo. In 1857, he arrived in Neillsville, where he worked as house-carpenter till 1861. He enlisted in Company F., 14th WI Vol., as corporal. In 1862, he was reduced to the rank, and although offered promotion again, would not accept. Served time out Dec. 10, 1863:  re-enlisted in the Veterans, and was promoted from second to first sergeant, December, 1864, and to second lieutenant, July 12, 1865.  When he came home, he commenced the carpenter's trade which he carried on till 1870. In 1869, he built the brewery and brews about 500 or 600 barrels a year. Married, Nov. 30, 1865, to Miss Sophia Sontag of Jefferson County. They have seven children-Mary, Carl, Otto B., Dora, Rudolph G., Alma and Eda. He belongs to the Sons of Hermann and the Foresters. He has been on the Board of Supervisors.


HON. JAMES O'NEILL, proprietor of the O'Neill House and proprietor of the village of Neillsville, was born in the town of Lisbon, St. Lawrence Co.N.Y., May 4,1810.  In 1836,started west and brought up at Prairie du Chien, Wis., and there engaged in lumbering on the Black River, and settled on the present site of the village of Neillsville and built the first log cabin in 1845 that was put up in this section, also a saw-mill. In 1847, constructed a frame house; built the first part of the fine hotel called the O'Neill House, in 1858, and opened the hotel as it is now in 1865. Hans Johnson rented it in 1867, and Johnson and Myers bought it in 1868. However Mr. O'Neill has kept it since, buying it back in 1878. Mr. O'Neill has been married twice; Miss Jane Douglas, of Scotland. They had three children-Isabella, now Mrs. Coval, Maria, now Mrs. Darling, Thomas, deceased.  Mrs. O'Neill died in 1871 and he married Mrs. Teller in 1873. They have one child, James. Mr. O'Neill was elected to the Assembly in 1848 from Crawford County; in 1867, was elected again to the Assembly for Jackson and Clark counties; has also served as County Treasurer and as Town Supervisor.


JAMES O'NEILL, Jr., attorney, Neillsville, was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Sept. 3, 1847. He remained there till 1873, studying law. He graduated at Cornell, Utica, N. Y., then attended at law school at Albany, graduated, and was admitted to the Bar in 1873. He then started west and the same year located in this State and entered a steady practice. In 1876, he married Miss Marion Robinson, of Neillsville.  They have one child, Ernest, aged four years.


REV. HARVEY PALMER, P. O. Neillsville, was born in Otsego Co., N. Y., Sept. 21,1808.  His parents moved to Herkimer Co., N. Y., in 1821.  He was engaged in farming and learned the mason's trade about this period of his life.  In 1853, he came to Wisconsin and in Lafayette County joined the Wisconsin Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and filled the following appointments: Wingville, Beetown, Sauk Prairie, Paoli, Springfield, Baraboo and Dodgeville, coming here in 1863; gave his time to preaching farming and lumbering.  Now has a farm of eighty acres.  In 1832, March 23, he married Miss Emeline Coon, of New York.  They have six children--Hiram, Martha, deceased, Ann, now Mrs. Carnwell, Lorinda, now Mrs. Marsh, William and Uriah.  Uriah served in the 4th Wis. V., afterwards in Battery B., U. S. A.  Was killed in the battle of Gettysburg.  Mr. P. has been Town  Treasurer, Supervisor, and has held other offices.  He lives on his farm on Sec. 16.


HIRAM PALMER, lumberman, Sec. 16, P. O. Neillsville, was born in Lewis Co., N. Y., May 25, 1833.  At an early age, left his native county; arrived in Brown Co., Wis., in 1851, coming to the Wisconsin River and to LaCrosse May 15, 1854, and started on foot for a logging drive up at Eden's where Greenwood now is.  W. B. Hawley had charge of the drive.  He was engaged as pilot on the Mississippi up to 1871, and has of late years been engaged in lumbering.  For a few years in the lumber and mercantile business, but dissolved in 1874.  He is now lumbering with James Hewett, having bought his farm.  He now owns 240 acres; 140 acres are under cultivation.  In 1860, he married Miss Rosa Tucker, of Illinois.  They have two children, Morton and Jessie.  He was elected Sheriff in 1866; has been Supervisor and held other town offices.


J. A PARKHURST, Clerk of Clark County Court, was born in Washtenaw Co., Mich., April 11, 1842.  Went to Monroe Co., N.Y., in 1849, where he stayed till 1853, then returned to his native county and stopped till February, 1856.  In May, visited St. Jo., Mo., and then started overland with a train of merchandise sent out by Jones & Co. to Salt Lake.  Returned to Doniphan Co., Kansas, in 1861; secured a position in the office of the Register of Deeds.  He then went to Outagamie County; in March, 1861, enlisted in 6th Wis. V. I.; was commissioned second lieutenant in 1863 and returned home.  Stayed till 1869, being elected Clerk in 1867, and then traveled through the West.  In 1872, commenced studying law in the office of Col. Thorn; was admitted tot he Bar in June 1874; practiced law until February, 1875.  Started the newspaper called the Enterprise in Colby, Clark Co., Wis.  He moved the paper down to Neillsville, and in 1878 sold to Mr. Cleaver.  Mr. Parkhurst was elected Clerk of the County Court in 1877.  He married Miss Theresa A. Randall, of Appleton, Outagamie Co.  They have two children, Jessie A. and Augustus G.


THOMAS B. PHILPOTT, Sheriff of Clark County, Neillsville.  Born in Fording Bridge, Hampshire Co., England, April 14, 1842.  Came to America in 1856, locating in Dodge Co., Wis., and worked at the trade of blacksmith with his father, till 1859, when he started across the plains, returning to Dodge County in 1860.  When the civil war broke out, he enlisted in the 29th Wis. V. I., Co. I, and was mustered out October, 1865, at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., and returned home.  Worked at his trade until 1867, when he came to Loyal, Clark Co., on Christmas day, and came to Neillsville.  Was elected Sheriff of Clark County, in 1877, time expires 1883.  In 1864, married Miss E. T. Bresee, of Madison, Wis.   They have four children-Milton J., Pearl M., George B. and Guy R.  He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of the lodges of the I. O. O. F., also of A. O. U. W.


PHILIP RAMMINGER, manufacturer of wagons and carriages, Neillsville.  Born in Denmark, Aug. 22, 1849.  He came to America in 1852, straight to Sheboygan County, where he remained until 1864; while here, he learned his trade of Peter Kierst.  In 1870, he went to Plymouth and worked at the trade of wagon maker, and then to Greenwood, where he opened in 1873.  In 1881, sold to Burr Bros., and moved to Neillsville, opened a shop here.  In 1874, married Miss Matilda Icksteadt, of Plymouth.  They have two children, Alfred, born April 13, 1876, and Cora, born Sept. 8, 1880.


MRS. M. W. REDDAN, hotel, Neillsville, Born in Somerset County, May 21, 1834, and was married to Mr. L. R. Stafford, in 1849.  He was a man that was eminently fitted to develop the resources of this section.  Was born Aug. 12, 1824.  He engaged in lumbering, and brought his wife and family out from LaCrosse, in a wagon drawn by four mules, and driven by a man named Charlie Hewett; they passed through Neillsville, and went on to Weston's Rapids, where there was a large hotel, run by Harry Searls; here they stopped until he had built a house on his land, on Sec. 11, three-fourths of a mile north of Neillsville.  He with great ability, continued to build, and finally induced so many to locate around him, that the village was named Staffordsville after him, and at this time it was more of a business place than the county seat.  There was a saw mill, grist mill, hotel, machine shop, etc.  The little village continued to thrive till 1871, when the founder died, since then the settlement has entirely disappeared, nothing is left but the hotel, which was patronized, till, on the breaking out of the small pox, it was used as a pest house, and is now rapidly falling to pieces. Mrs. Reddan married again in August, 1874, to her present husband, and now holds the old site of Staffordville, and a farm above called the Cowley farm, and keeps the hotel in Neillsville. She had by her first marriage, four children-Alice, Albion, Jamie and Maud.


JOHN REED, lumberman, Neillsville. Born in Northumberland Co., England, May 30, 1828. Came to New Orleans, La., went up the Mississippi River to Kentucky, where he went to work in the coal mines. In 1852, during a strike of the miners, went to Jackson County and bought a farm, then returned to the coal mines of LaSalle Co., Ill., when his health failing, he went to Maryland. In 1854, was lumbering on the Black River. In 1861, enlisted in the 1st Wis. Battery, and served till October, 1864. Came to Clark County, and went to trapping, then into logging, and has been at it ever since. He was staying at Staffordsville when the small pox broke out. In 1874, married Mrs. Evaline Fowler, of Jackson County. They have two children, John H., two years old, and Ruby H., four years old. Mr. Reed belongs to the Masons.


M. C. RING, attorney, Neillsville. Born in East Milton, Rock Co., Wis.,Oct.30,1850. He went to Cooksville, then to Madison, and soon after to Sparta. In 1873, he commenced the study of law with Tyler& Dickinson, went to Madison, and entered the law department of the University. After graduating, came to Neillsville, entered into partnership with C. A. Youmans, and is now practicing under the same name, that of Ring & Youmans. In Sept. 13. 1877, married Miss Ida M. Austin, of Neillsville. They have one child, Blanche A., aged three years May 10th.


JACOB ROSSMAN, proprietor Rossman House, Neillsville, was born in Prussia, June 29, 1834. In 1849, he came to New York, arriving there in May, and going right oil to Sheboygan Co., Wis; resided there until 1870, when he came to Neillsville and opened the Rossman House. In connection with the hotel, he has a cigar factory and saloon, and does a business of $20,000 per annum. Mr. Rossman married Miss Catherine Gesserd, of Sheboygan Co., Wis., in 1856. They have seven children living-Louis, George, Frederick, Kate, Julius, Amelia and Ameil; three deceased-Otto, Jacob and Robert. He served as Sheriff in 1876-7.


HERMAN SCHUSTER, Register of Deeds, Neillsville, was born in Saxony, Germany, Feb. 28, 1833; emigrated to America in September, 1844, and landed in New York City, Nov. 7; resided there until May, 1872, when he came to Clark Co., Wis., settling on a farm. In October, 1873, he engaged with Messrs. Dewhurst & Hutchinson in the real estate and abstract office. Was elected Register of Deeds in November, 1876, and has continued in office since, being now in his third term. He is also engaged in the real estate business.


G. S'I'ERNS, manufacturer, Neillsville, was born in Jonkoeiping, Sweden, May 2, 1821. In 185i, he came to America and settled in Wilmington, Ill., where he learned the cabinet trade. He was troubled with ague, and went to La Crosse. In 1855, he came to Neillsville; thence to Weston's Rapids and worked at the cabinet trade till 1868, when he came to the county seat and put up a turning lathe and shingle mill. In 1878, he got his stave factory into running order, which has a capacity of 7,000 per diem. In 1854, he married Miss Charlotte Medin, of Sweden. They have four children-Henry, Oscar, Clarence and Stella. He belongs to the I. O. O. F.


 J. R. STURDEVANT, District Attorney, Neillsville, was born in Jefferson Co., Iowa, Sept. 6,1845. In 1854, he went to Lee Co., Iowa, and then to Neillsville the same year, and attended school; soon after, he began studying law, when, in 1872, he was admitted to the Bar, and, in 1873, was elected District Attorney, which office he has retained until the present time. He was elected County judge at the last election, and takes his place Jan. 1, 1882. Mr. Sturdevant married Miss Mary E. Johnson, of Wapello Co., Iowa, Oct. 19, 1870. They have one child, Claudie R., born Sept. 18, 1871. Mr. S. enlisted in the 4th Wis. Vol., Dec. 26, 1863, and was mustered out Oct. 9, 1865.


J. W. STURDEVANT, farmer and bee raiser, Sec. 22, P. O. Neillsville. was born in Warren Co., Pa. Sept. 2, 1816. He was engaged in farming and lumbering in his native county, and hearing of the fertility of Iowa, went to Jefferson County of that State, in 1844, then to Lee County, and, in 1854, came to Clark County, and went to farming and bee raising. He began with one hive of bees, and increased until he had 214; at present he has but forty, having lost 110 swarms last Winter. He married, in 1840, Miss Mary Ann French, of Vermont. They have six children-Robert F., James F., J. Rufus and Marshall D., living, and Nancy and Gilroy, deceased. Mr. S. has held most all of the town offices.


H. E. TAYLOR. jeweler, Neillsville, was born in Tioga Co. N. Y., Dec. 31, 1838. He learned his trade partly of D. D. Brown, whom he was with in 1864. Previous to that time, he had worked at carpenter work. In 1861, had enlisted in Company H, 64th N. Y. V., but was discharged on account of being disabled from rheumatism. Returned to New York. Gave his attention to the jeweler's trade, being occupied at it in Minnesota till 1868. Came here and opened a store. In 1872, he married Miss Nellie Chase, of Jackson County.


JAMES A. TEMPLETON, M. D., Neillsville, was barn near the Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Co., Va., Oct. 13, 1832. Family moved to Henry Co., Ind., where his father died, and his mother, with himself and sister, returned to Augusta Co., Va. In 1846, attended Washington College, at Lexington. From there went to the University of Virginia, and entered the medical department. He graduated in 1855. Went to Philadelphia; then to Blue Sulphur Springs, Green Brier Co., W. Va. When the war broke out, was commissioned sergeant in the Confederate army, April 17, 1861. He served during the war, and in 1868, commenced practicing in Bristol, Tenn., where he remained till September, 1879, when he came to Neillsville, and is now following his profession. Married Miss Johnson, of Green Brier Co., W. Va., in 1856. They have five children-Mary, Howard, Emelie, James A. and Nannie E.


J. H. THAYER, clerk, with C. Blakeslee, Neillsville, was born in Penobscot Co., Maine, Aug. 12, 1847. In 1866, went to Wisconsin; then to Michigan, where he remained two years, and then came back to Wisconsin. Engaged in mercantile and lumbering business, and in 1877, commenced his present business with C. Blakeslee. Mr. Thayer married Miss Afary E. Austin, in 1876. They have two children, Minnie and Bessie.


JULIUS TRAGSDORF, manufacturer, Neillsville, was born in Saxony, Germany, Nov. 14, 1847. Having his trade learned, he came to this country in 1869, going to Washington County, where he worked at shoemaking till 1872. Came to Clark County, and opened at Pleasant Ridge. Came to Neillsville in 1875, and now has his place of business on Third street. Was married, in May, 1881, to Miss Julia Campmen, of Bohemia. Austria. Mr. T. belongs to the Lutheran Church.


G. W. TROGNER, manufacturer, Neillsville, was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Aug. 14, 1847. Moved to Green Co., Wis., in 1849. In 1863, enlisted in Company H., 38th Wis. V. Was mustered out 25th July, 1865, and then turned his attention to the carpenter and joiner's trade, and in the Fall of 1865, came to Neillsville and worked for Hewett & Blakeslee. Then went at his trade, in 1867. Opened his present stand in 1871. Feb. 14, 1868, he married Miss Hannah M. Smith, of Black River Falls. They have four children-Charlie, George, Minnie and Kate. Is sergeant in the Sherman Guard, belongs to the I. O. O. F., was a delegate to Milwaukee in February, 1881; is a member of the A. O. U. W.; also of the Foresters, Temple of Honor and Sons of Temperance.


L. WEEKS, merchant, Neillsville, was born in Windom Co., Conn., April 10, 1822.  He passed his youth in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N. Y.; then went to Beaver Dam, Dodge Co., Wis. There worked at the business of carpenter and joiner. In 1860, came to Black River Falls. In 1879, came to Neillsville. Opened his present business in 1880; carries a full line of furniture and undertaker's goods. In 1845, married Miss Emeline Clark, of Cooperstown, N. Y. They have two children Irving, Nellie A. and Robert-three deceased, Mary, James C. and an infant. Belongs. to the Independent Order of Foresters, and to the Presbyterian Church.


O. P. WELLS, merchant, Neillsville, was born in Erie Co., Penn., Aug. 15, 1839. He went to Calhoun Co., Mich., in 1844, and to LaCrosse, Wis., in 1854. While there he learned the tinner's trade, working at the same time at Black River Falls. In 1865, came to Neillsville, and opened the first hardware store in the place. From 1865 to 1871, he had a partner and the firm was Wells & Co. He is now alone in the business.  Carries a stock of $3,000 to $4,000. Was married, in 1859, to Miss A. S. Graham, of Black River Falls. They have three children- Imogene (deceased), Bertie A. and Syble A.


H. N. WITHEE, Deputy County Treasurer, Neillsville, was born in Somerset Co., Maine, Dec. 3, 1824. Remained in his native county till 1866, with the exception of a visit to the State of Wisconsin, in 1855; then came to Jackson County, where he engaged in farming, and was there till 1878, coming to Neillsville in the Spring of the same year. Mr. Withee was appointed Deputy County Treasurer in 1879. January 1st. In 1854, married Miss Sarah N. Nutting, of Somerset Co., Maine. They have a family of seven children-John F., Lyman F., Charles B., Henry Alvin, Alvin Z., Levi and Lavisa.


C. A. YOUMANS, attorney, Neillsville, was born in Kenosha, Wis., Oct. 14, 1847. In 1852, moved to Columbia County, where he read law with H. J. Shill. lawyer and merchant, and also with Edgehart & Youmans. In I872, he came to Neillsville; was admitted to the Bar in 1876, on the certificate of graduation from the law department of the Madison University; is now of the firm of Ring & Youmans, attorneys. In 1877 he was appointed County judge, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Robert J. McBride. Was married Jan. 10, 1877, to Miss Nellie French, of Neillsville. They have one child, seven months old.




CHARLES CORNELIUS, Postmaster, merchant. Sec. 12, P.O. Maple Works. Born in Ozaukee Co., Wis., Jan. 4, 1855; moved to Sheboygan County in 1863; while there followed selling sewing machines and organs; moved to Maple Works in 1878 and opened a general merchandise and farm implements, carrying a stock of doing a business of $35,000 a Year- He bought his store Hover. He is a single man.


HENRY COUNSELL, farmer, Sec. 20, P. O. Neillsville Somersetshire, England, March 15, 1835. His Parents came to America, in 1848. When Henry was thirteen years of age, landed in N. Y.,  and came to Wisconsin, locating in Waukesha County, stopping on a farm where he remained until 1857; came to Clark County and bought a farm on Sec. 20, town of Grant, where he is now living; he owns 160 acres. In 1859, married Miss Susanna Pope, of England. five children-Ida, William, Josiah, Oscar and Nettie B. Mr. C. has held town offices, and his family attend the Methodist Episcopal Church.


JOHN S. DORE, County Superintendent of Schools, farmer, section 19, P. O. Neillsville. Born in Summerset Co., Maine, Dec. 26, 1839.  On coming to Wisconsin he settled in what was then Marquette County, now Green Lake; in 1851, he arrived at Mormon Riffle work getting out ties; in 1859, he taught district school; at the suggestion of judge Gale, he attended the University of Galesville.  In 1865, edited the Union Flag, the first number was published Feb. 23, 1865; on suspending that paper, started the Journal, Jan.31, 1867.  S. Dickinson was associated on the Flag and E. Merritt on the journal staff. He is now farming when not attending to his official duties, raising blooded stock. Jan. 1, 1863, married Miss. L. Jennie Angell, of La Crosse. They have five children-Clara, Ray, Edna, Earl, deceased; Mary, an infant, deceased, and Jennie. Mr. D. belongs to the Good Templars.


ARTHUR HUTCHINSON, farmer and Postmaster, Sec. 15, P. O., Pleasant Ridge. Born in Yorkshire, England, Aug.15,1841.  With his parents he came to Quebec; he went to Centreville, Penn., the to Delaware, and in 1853, to Waukesha Co., Wis., farmed there; went to the Mississippi River, and arrived here in 1897; bought three forties, and commenced clearing.  In 1864, lie enlisted in the 48th Wis. Vol.; mustered out in 1865, and came home. He married Miss Phebe A. Buss, of Buffalo, N. Y., in 1868. They have five children-Mary Jane, Florence E., Arthur H., Bertie A., and Alfred. He has held the offices of Assessor, Treasurer, and been Postmaster ever since he came to the section. Belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church.


NELSON MARSH. farmer, Sec. 2, P. O. Maple Works.  Born in Susquehanna County, Aug. 14. 1828. The family moved to Bradford County, and there he learned his trade with his father, who was a shoemaker and cooper. After his father died in 1852, he ran the shop; came to Clark County in 1857, settled at Maple Works; his brother came out in 1856, and bought a farm for him; he has now a 120 acres; they were the first settlers at Maple Works, the next being Abraham Taylor. In October, 1864, Mr. Marsh was drafted into Co. B. 3rd Wis.; being laid up in the hospital, got home in 1865; went to farming; keeps strangers, and runs a shoe shop. In 1850, He married Miss Amanda R. Taylor, of Connecticut. They have six children living-Joseph, Lewis, Malvina, Sylvester L., Alva B., Justin R. and Angelina and Spencer M., deceased. Mr. M. was the first Postmaster of Maple Works, and Justice of the Peace for twenty years.


THOMAS REED, farmer, See. 18, P. O., Neillsville.  Born in Piscataquis Co., Maine, July 11, 1830. He was raised on a farm, and did not leave home till 1855, when lie came to Black River and commenced lumbering; in 1856-57, was with Mr. Bruce. He has been in the business twenty winters; part of the time for himself.  In 1861, preempted 120 acres, and now has 320 acres, besides a large lot of lumber. The firm was formerly Reed & Page. He sold last winter to Cramer. In 1858, he married Miss Lucretia Marsh of Michigan.  They have two children, Celia, now Mrs. Benedict, and Hattie; two dead, John and Emerretta. Mr. Reed has been County Supervisor, County Commissioner, and Chairman of the Town Board for several years, and belongs to the Masons.




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