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Sherman Twp., Clark Co., WI

The contact for this cemetery is Stan Schwarze.


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x Peterson, Susie C. 1-Aug-1892 5-Apr-1977 d. Colonial Home Colby Nels A. Peterson 22-Sep-1910 Smith


Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
x Oberle, August 24-Jul-1909 26-Mar-1991   Geneiera?    
x Oberle, Geneiera J. 4-Jun-1921 11-Nov-1962   August Oberle?    
xy Oberle, Robert 22-Oct-1943 25-Jul-1966       August & Geneiera Oberle?
xo Obourn, C.K. 2-Feb-1812 10-May-1882 b. Pennsylvania ?    
o O'Brien, James L. Sr. 28-Aug-1909 6-Jul-1975   Lila Boyer 10-Jan-1934  
xo O'Brien, Lila 11-Feb-1916 26-Feb-2010   James L. O'Brien Sr. 10-Jan-1934 William & Fannie (Josephson) Boyer
x O'Connor, Whitford 1933 1951        
o Oelrich, Albert Leo 15-Jul-1928 18-Aug-2022   France Jean Hlavac 21-May-1960 Frederick H. & Emma A. (Kaulfuerst) Oelrich
txy Oelrich, Dorothy 19-Dec-1923 9-Jan-1998   Elmer Oelrich    
o Oelrich, Edna 27-Feb-1926 15-Aug-2018   Single   Fred & Emma (Kaulfuerst) Oelrich
txy Oelrich, Elmer 21-Aug-1920 13-Mar-1995   Dorothy    
xo Oelrich, Emma 13-Apr-1896 13-Aug-1984 d. Marshfield Conv. Home  Frederick Oelrich 21-Apr-1914 Johan & Rosalie (Janda) Kaulfuerst
o Oelrich, Frances Jean 21-Apr-1933 10-Nov-2010   Albert Leo Oelrich 21-May-1960 Joseph S. & Ottilia G (Elisher) Hlavac
x Oelrich, Frederick 7-Sep-1887 20-Sep-1978 d. St. Joseph's Hospital Emma Kaulfuerst 21-Apr-1914 Willard & Mary (Hasselberger) Oelrich
xy Oelrich, Frederick R. 18-Feb-1955 8-Jan-2009        
x Oelrich, Herbert 14-Dec-1917 31-Aug-1963 WWII-Wis Sgt Base Unit AAF      
xoy Oelrich, Mary V. 15-Feb-1932 9-Mar-1991   Willard A. Oelrich 22-Oct-1954 William & Julia (Duval) Hasselberger 
tx Oelrich, Norma C. 24-Mar-1924 2-Dec-1983 D. Cancer  Wilmer K. Oelrich    
xy Oelrich, Raymond C. 11-Oct-1914 19-Jul-1979 WWII-Cprl US Army; M. Manchester, Eng. Rose A. Barnes 18-Dec-1943 Fred & ? Oelrich
xy Oelrich, Rose A. 17-Aug-1921 15-Jun-2002 M. Manchester, Eng. Raymond C. Oelrich  18-Dec-1943 Barnes
xo Oelrich, Sophia 12-Nov-1901 14-Jun-1957   William Oelrich 17-Nov-1920 Huber
xoy Oelrich, Willard A. 9-Oct-1921 22-Apr-1971   Mary V. Hasselberger 23-Oct-1954 Fred & Emma (Kaulfuerst) Oelrich
xo Oelrich, William 16-Aug-1894 29-Oct-1970 WWI-Wis Pvt Batry A 49 Arty Co C Sophia Huber 17-Nov-1920  
tx Oelrich, Wilmer K.; #2 2-Aug-1922 17-Jan-1978 WWII-S2 US Navy; d. Cancer      
xy Oldenburg, Louis 1861 1929   Mary Ley    
xy Oldenburg, Mary 15-Apr-1861 5-Oct-1939 Married @ Marshfield Louis Oldenburg   John & Mathilda Ley
xo Oleson, Mary E. 25-Jul-1880 8-Dec-1949 B. Kansas William G. Oleson 13-Aug-1898 Meacham
xo Oleson, William G. 22-Aug-1869 23-Sep-1947 B. Milwaukee Mary E. Meacham 13-Aug-1898  
x Olson, Kenneth A. 21-Feb-1949 27-Feb-1949        
x Orgish, John S. 17-Aug-1895 11-Aug-1978 WWI-Sgt US Army Myrtle L.    
x Orgish, Myrtle L. 14-Nov-1901 2-Nov-1998   John S. Orgish    
to Ortner, Lucille R. 30-May-1938 30-Jun-2023 b. Humboldt, Iowa Ronald J. Ortner

Dick Larson



Charles & Lucy Nilles
t Ortner, Ronald J. 12-Aug-1931 5-Apr-2014   Lucille R. 20-Feb-1957  
x Page, Frank T. 4-Feb-1870 16-Jun-1932   Viola    
x Page, Viola 5-Oct-1870 5-Aug-1925   Frank T. Page    
x Parrett, Ester   3-Jul-1893 Age 31 yr, 2 mo, 7 da Wm. Parrett    
o Parrett, William 1861 4-May-1907 B. Osceola, Fond Du Lac Co., Wis.; Obit says buried here Ester    
x Parrette, Raymond L. 23-Jul-1893 22-Jun-1984   Violet J.    
x Parrette, Violet J. 2-Nov-1892 23-Apr-1982   Raymond L. Parrette    
tx Pauline, John 16-Aug-1892 9-Jan-1976   Violet Hanson    
tx Pauline, Violet 24-Dec-1915 1-Oct-1977   John Pauline    
x Pearson, Emma B. 19-Jul-1903 10-Jul-1977   George V. Pearson   Ernst
x Pearson, George V. 26-Mar-1886 30-Jun-1966   Emma B. Ernst    
x Pederson, Hans (Jacob) 31-May-1882 9-Mar-1961 B. Norway Vivian E. Hargrove 28-Jul-1918  
o Pederson, Vivian E. 24-Sep-1895 23-Jan-1990   Hans (Jacob) Pederson 28-Jul-1918 William & Effa (Pickens) Hargrove
x Peterson, Aurelia 27-May-1925 7-May-1969       Boettcher
o Peterson, Diane Marie 24-Jul-1956 14-Mar-2022 b. Marshfield, WI Gerald Peterson 14-Aug-1999 Warren & Hazel (Raymond) Jacobitz
xo Peterson, John 15-Sep-1855 30-Nov-1942 b. Denmark Sophie Anderson 15-Mar-1887  
x Peterson, Nels A. 11-Aug-1888 13-Dec-1985 d. His home  Susie C. Smith 22-Sep-1910  
x Peterson, Sophie 14-Dec-1856 31-Aug-1943   John Peterson 15-Mar-1887 Anderson
x Peterson, Susie C. 1-Aug-1892 5-Apr-1977 d. Colonial Home Colby Nels A. Peterson 22-Sep-1910 Smith
tx Phillips, Alfred B. 14-Aug-1872 28-Dec-1956   Martha C. Brett 27-Nov-1899  
tx Phillips, Arthur B.; #2 29-Aug-1900 1-Oct-1963   Beulah F. Kasper    
tx Phillips, Beulah F.; #2 21-Feb-1904 6-Jul-1998   Arthur B. Phillips   Kasper
txo Phillips, Martha Charoletta 7-Nov-1870 14-May-1949 . . Waupaca, Co., Wis. Alfred B. Phillips 27-Nov-1899 George and Amelia Brett
t Pichler, Margaret 18-Dec-1919 Living   Walter PichlerP    
  Pichler, Walter 16-Jul-1917 13-Feb-1998   Margaret    
x Pickett, Agnes A. 27-Oct-1873 26-Jul-1934   Eli K. Pickett?    
oy Pickett, Earl N. 4-Jul-1888 17-Sep-1955   Theresa A. Beeckert 14-May-1910 Frank & Sarah (Shanks) Pickett
x Pickett, Eli K. 29-Feb-1860 Mar-1904   Agnes A.?    
xny Pickett, Eliza 24-Sep-1834 12-Jan-1920 d. rcd 9-126 Samuel H. Pickett   Peter & Elizabeth (Widrig) Mueller
xoy Pickett, Frank M. 25-Jun-1857 9-Jun-1935   Sarah Shanks 1-Sep-1877 Samuel & Eliza Pickett?
x Pickett, Frank T. 17-Dec-1888 10-Sep-1962   Jennie Mulvaney 20-Dec-1911 Frank & Sarah (Shanks) Pickett 
xyo Pickett, Howard L. 13-Sep-1876 25-Jan-1969        
x Pickett, Ione 20-Jun-1917 5-May-1995   Single   Earl & Theresa (Beeckler) Pickett
to Pickett, Jack 13-Jun-1925 26-Jul-2001   Sylvia Beaver 28-Jun-1950 Earl & Theresa (Beeckler) Pickett
o Pickett, Jacqueline K.  "Jackie 7-Dec-1955 6-Jan-2024 To be buried here later Brian D. Pickett 1-Jul-1978 Wayne Sr. & Marge (Hartl) Schulz
xo Pickett, James F. 13-Dec-1913 18-Apr-1965 WWII-Wis CWO 3345 Tech H Tng Wing AF Helga Krarup 30-Jan-1945 Frank & Jennie Picket?
xo Pickett, Jennette "Jennie" 7-Oct-1891 10-Mar-1983 b. Knapp, Wis. Frank T. Pickett 20-Dec-1911 James H. & Amanda Mulvaney
x Pickett, Naomi 1902 ?        
xo Pickett, Rex Lee 3-Jul-1919 28-May-1981 WWII-MML1 US Navy Margie Stayton - Div. 16-Nov-1946 Earl & Theresa (Beeckler) Pickett 
x Pickett, Ruth Somerville 12-Feb-1896 7-Apr-1915       Eli & Agnes Pickett?
xy Pickett, Samuel H. , #1 18-Jul-1835 16-Mar-1922   Eliza    
xoy Pickett, Sarah Marie 22-Apr-1859 1-Sep-1944 b. Dundee, Fond du Lac Co., Wis. Frank M. Pickett 1-Sep-1877 Thomas & ? Shanks
to Pickett, Sylvia Isabelle 13-Dec-1930 22-Mar-1015   Jack N. Pickett 28-Jun-1950 Bernard Sr. & Rosetta (Ryan) Beaver
xy Pickett, Theresa A. 29-Aug-1887 4-Jan-1967   Earl N. Pickett 14-May-1910 Beeckler
x Pietsch, Catherine 1924 1937        
c Pietsch, Elizabeth            
xy Pinter, Isabelle 17-Apr-1996 22-Sep-1997        
tx Plath, Ernestine  27-May-1862  17-Jul-1948   Reinhold Plat 28-Mar-1886 Warney or Varney
c Plath, Hedwig 14 Dec 1888  11-Sep-1978  adopted daughter      Herman & Henereta Sophia Plath
tx Plath, Henrietta 25-Aug-1850 10-Nov-1927   Herman Plath?    
tx Plath, Herman 30-Jun-1854 4-May-1945   Henriette?    
t Plath, Reinhold 23-Feb-1863 3-Oct-1923   Ernestine Warney 28-Mar-1886  
tx Plath, Renata L. 9-Mar-1890 10-Aug-1967   William H. Plath 5-Oct-1910 Hoops
tx Plath, William Sr.   15 Sep 1971 Age 82 Renata Hoops 5-Oct-1910  
x Plomers, Mary A. 21-Mar-1855 2-Jan-1933  b. Canada/Fr  Septimus Plomer  1871  
x Plomers, Septimus 9-Sep-1829 6-Jul-1907  b. England, sawmill engineer, Christened 11 Oct 1829, Winterborne, Dorset, England  Mary A. Clark  1871 Thomas & Elizabeth Plomer 
to Podbelsek, Charles Stuart 6-Dec-1931 18-Jun-2013 b. Bloomington, Ill.; USAF Leda Litwiller 22-Dec-1957 Carl & Lula (Imig) Podbelsek
t Podbelsek, Leda E. 21-Aug-1924 15-Feb-2009   Charles Podbelsek 22-Dec-1957 Litwiller
o Pokallus, Lawrence H. "Larry" 27-Jan-1928 24-Dec-2016 WWII-U.S. Navy Joyce Stelson 15-Nov-1947 Albert & Martha (Clendenin) Pokallus
txf Prehn, Alice Catherine 30-Dec-1887 11-Mar-1963   Henry J. Prehn 26-Sep-1906 Melville C. & Eliza (Wood) Blake 
to Prehn, Donald Blake; #2 14-Nov-1914 16-May-1973 WWII-U.S. Army Estella Schweke 14-Oct-1939  
t Prehn, Estella M. 20-May-1919 28-Mar-2012   Donald B. Prehn 14-Oct-1939 Schweke 
txf Prehn, Harry John 18-Mar-1887 29-Dec-1953   Alice C. Blake 26-Sep-1906 Herman & Louise (Scluenz) Prehn 
tx Prechel, Otto A. 17-Oct-1893 10-Mar-1980   Theresa A.    
tx Prechel, Theresa A. 8-Oct-1895 8-Jul-1987   Otto A. Prechel    
xf Prehn, Donald Blake 15-Nov-1914 16-May-1973 d. St. Joseph's Hospital  Estella M. Schweke  14-Oct-1939 Henry & Alice (Blake) Prehn
xf Prehn, Estella Margaret 20-May-1919 ?   Donald B. Prehn 14-Oct-1939 William & Wilhelmina (Luepke) Schweke
xo Pribbenow, Arline A. 7-Aug-1924 14-Jun-2017 b. Marion, Wis. Ruben E. Pribbenow 26-Apr-1947 Reinhold & Hulda (Maleug) Buss
tx Pribbenow, Douglas 7-Aug-1955 4-Jul-1981        
to Pribbenow, Ruben E.; #2 8-Apr-1921 14-Jan-2003 WWII-US Army 1942-1945 Arlene A. Buss 26-Apr-1947 Alvin & Martha (Hanneman) Pribbernow
x Price, Kenneth Lee 8-Jun-1916 16-Jul-1993 Married at Thorp, Clark Co. Louella Whiting 16-Dec-1972 Richard & Nora Price
y Price, Louella J. 27-Feb-1929 4-Feb-2011    Kenneth L. Price 16-Dec-1972 Whiting
to Prokopinski, Mary E. 9-Jul-1928 23-Mar-2012 b. Stanley, Wis. Edward Prokopinski - Div 14-Jun-1945 William "Emrol" & Martha (Davis) Green
to Pryer, Jack F. 5-Jun-1926 22-May-2014 b. Detroit, Mich.; U.S. Navy Marian Seefeld 13-Apr-1946 George & Elizabeth (Holland) Pryer
t Pryer, Marian F. 31-Aug-1925 12-Sep-2001   Jack F. Pryer 13-Apr-1946  Seefeld
x Putman, Frank 10-Apr-1869 4-May-1944        
x Putman, Margaret E. 1878 1932        
x Putman, Verland 5-Jul-1910 21-Jan-1911       F. Putman

Major portions of the updates to this cemetery have been provided by Lorraine Markee & Ken Wood on 05/01/2006; Some pictures provided by Tanya Paschke

Updated 05 Jul 2023

Explanation of the Sources (Column A)

o = obituary, f = family record, t = tombstone, c = cemetery record, n = Neillsville Court House record, s = social security death index, m = marriage announcement, q = query, x = info provided from obits and tombstone readings by Lorraine Markee, transcribed by Ken Wood, y = Info provided by Kathy Englebretson




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