Sylvan Cemetery
Reseburg Twp., Clark Co., WI


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Sc.* Name Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
to Hansen, Clara 24-May-1910 24-Aug-1937   Alfred Hansen  21-Aug-1928 Henry & ? Harper
t Hansen, Gordon 7-Nov-1936 1-Jul-2002 Alfred & ? Hansen
to Hansmann, Arthur John 14-Jan-1894 9-May-1958 WWI-Sgt. U.S. Army Sophie Pearl ? August & Minnie Hansmann
tf Hansmann, August 1-Dec-1857 2-Mar-1909   Minnie Thiel 12-Jan-1888 Christian & ? Hansmann
t Hansmann, Emma 3-Mar-1889 5-Mar-1889       August & Minnie Hansmann
tfo Hansmann, Minnie 26-Aug-1864 2-Nov-1944 B. Germany  August Hansmann

Oscar E. Johnson



William & ? Thiel or Theel
t Hansmann, Sophie 19-Jan-1886 22-Jan-1976 Arthur Hansmann
to Hardy, Anna Marie 4-Apr-1890 30-Mar-1972 b. Sheboygan, Wis. Gilbert R. Hardy 7-Apr-1915 Pingel
to Hardy, Charles 26-Sep-1874 30-Apr-1960 b. Richland Co, Wis. Sarah Nelson Nov-1903 Wm. & Rachel Hardy
ts Hardy, Gilbert R. 2-Mar-1884 Nov-1985   Anna M. Pingel 7-Apr-1915  
ts Hardy, Lawrence 8-Jul-1914 May-1990   Single    Charles & Sarah (Nelson) Hardy
to Hardy, Sarah "Flossie" 13-Sep-1884 8-Jan-1961 b. Canada Charles Hardy Nov-1903 Wilbur & Harriet Nelson 
to Harper, Fred 27-Oct-1926 1-Feb-1927       William & ? Harper 
to Harper, Fred B. 7-May-1898 4-Sep-1918 WWI-Army Co A 125th Inf; First Thorp person KIA in WWI Single   Henry & Julia (Logue) Harper
to Harper, Henry 5-Feb-1862 28-Oct-1934   Julia Logue or Loeb 7-Oct-1888  
t Harper, Infant Daughter 2-Jan-1908 2-Jan-1908       Henry & Julia (Logue) Harper
t Harper, Julia 6-Jun-1868 25-Jun-1953 B. Grant Co., Wis.  Henry Harper 7-Oct-1888 Logue or Loeb
t Harper, Martha 28-Aug-1904 16-Dec-1906     Henry & Julia (Logue) Harper 
y Harper, Martha 21-Jul-1900 2-Apr-1999 William Mckinley Harper 20-Apr-1920 Carl & Wilhelmine Sachs
tyo Harper, William 17-Aug-1896 6-Jan-1957 WWI - WI Cpl Co G 110 Inf SS-PH; b. Brestle, Iowa Martha Sachs 20-Apr-1920  
t Hezold, Annie F. 3-Mary-1841 5-Apr-1913        
n Hill, Sarah Evaline 24-Jan-1877 30-Sep-1911 Death Rcd 5-1117
n Hinsch, Martha 3-Aug-1845 2-Jun-1912 Death rcd 5-1290; d. of chronic nephritis Michael & ? Madsen
tfso Hodnett, Aaron 1-Feb-1888 5-Apr-1974 Single   Henry &  Amanda (Deering) Hodnett
tf Hodnett, Amanda Melvina 25-Apr-1852 8-Jul-1937 Henry Clay Hodnett 20 Jun 1881  Edwin & Susan (Collier) Deering
tf Hodnett, Arthur 6-May-1894 14-Nov-1918 Alt. b.=1892     Henry &  Amanda (Deering) Hodnett
tsf Hodnett, Earl 10-Aug-1889 18-Jun-1977 Note; WWI - PVT US Army     Henry &  Amanda (Deering) Hodnett
tf Hodnett, Henry Clay 10-Oct-1845 10-Mar-1902 Note; d. of typhoid fever aft. 1 wk., b. Aroostook Co., ME Amanda Melvina Deering 20 Jun 1881  Patrick & Mary (Lesure) Hodnett
tn Howrey, Julia L. 9-Jun-1909 25-Sep-1909       James L. & Barbara (Isler) Howrey
n Isler, Irwin Servis 2-Nov-1899 4-Jan-1912 D. chronic endocarditis; Death Rcd 5-908 Ernest & Patricia (Randall) Isler


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t = Tombstone Info
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c = Cemetery Records
m = Marriage Notice
f = Family Record


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