Riverside Cemetery
Withee, Hixon Twp., Clark County, WI

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Explanation of the Sources (Column A) o = obituary, f = family record, t = tombstone, c = cemetery record, n = Neillsville Court House record, s = social security death index, m = marriage announcement, q = query


If you need to follow up to get cemetery info - gravesites, stone engraving, etc.  you may use the following info:


For information related to gravesites, columbarium niches, site locations, regulations and etc. please contact Lyle Roe, the Riverside Cemetery Sexton.  Cell phone: 715-613-3153; Home phone: 715-229-2293 


For information related to stone engraving, you can contact Maurina-Schilling Funeral Home which is located in Abbotsford, Colby, Dorchester & Owen.  The main office telephone # is 715-223-3872 in Abbotsford.


**The spreadsheets contain a large amount of information and may take several minutes to display. This data was obtained from cemetery & family records, a walk-through, tombstone photos, obituaries and biographical sources. The accuracy of the data varies and may include errors. If you have additions or corrections, please contact us. If you can not find a desired obituary in the ALHN database to verify the entry, you may wish to order a micro-film of a Clark County newspaper from the time frame you are researching. The available newspapers can be requested from the Wisconsin State Historical through your local library.  Please consider submitting any newly acquired items to the ALHN Records Board. If you have a bit of extra time, why not type a few unrelated items as a random act of kindness to future researchers?