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Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
ton Kaufmann, Auguste (Caroline) 22-Aug-1847 19-Mar-1920 D. rcd 9-192 Christian Kaufmann 1865 Lautenbach 
to Kauffmann, Frank 9-Jul-1873 14-Jun-1962 B. Germany Single    Christian & Auguste (Lautenbach) Kauffman
to Kaufmann, Christian H. 18-Jul-1837 4-Jul-1906   Auguste Lautenbach 1865  
t Keller, Christine 19-Mar-1868 17-May-1926   Robert Keller?    
t Keller, Robert 1872 1946   Christine?    
t Kelpin, Johann 24-Jul-1888 12-Jan1898        
t Kennedy, Deb (No dates)         D & S. A. Kennedy
tn Kennedy, James 8-Oct-1878 13-Aug-1880       Daniel & Sylvia A. Kennedy 
tno Keuer, Elisabeth 5-Feb-1845 5-Oct-1928 D. rcd 12-493; Spelled Kuier on stone Henry Keuer   Jacob & Christina (Wieting) Ott 
tfn Keuer, Henry 7-Feb-1871 3-Jun-1901 D. rcd 3-105; spelled Kier on D. rcd Martha    Henry & Sophia Laura (Dickelmann) Keuer?
tf Keuer, Henry 7-Apr-1833 20-Nov-1906   Sophia Dickelmann / Elizabeth Ott   Henry & Laura Keuer
t Keuer, Marie   Feb-1880       Henry & Sophia Laura (Dickelmann) Keuer
tfno King, Anna Elizabeth 14-Mar-1861 6-Feb-1913 D. rcd 6-98; b. Erie Co., NY William Edward King 4-Apr-1883 John & Helen (Vine) Waterman
fot King, Edward 10-JUl-1825 20-Apr-1903   Elizabeth Buss    
tof King, Elizabeth 8-Mar-1839 25-Jan-1900 b. Buffalo, NY Edward King   Richard & ? Buss
t King, Frank G. 6-Jul-1889 3-Jun-1901       William & Anna King
tf King, Harold 10-Mar-1897 11-Mar-1897       William & Anna King
t King, Sammie E. 1891? 1-Aug-1894 Age 3 years      
t King, Lottie            
tn King, Thomas 7-Jul-1874 4-Jul-1906 4-131, P. 22 Rachel Howard 3-Apr-1902 Edward & Elizabeth King
t King, Racie (Rachel) 1874 1963   Thomas King

Edward J. Selves



Robert & Rachel (Pope) Howard
tfo King, William Edward 14-May-1857 22-Feb-1944 B. Buffalo, N.Y. Anna Elizabeth Waterman 4-Apr-1883 Edward & Elizabeth (Buss) King
t Kissling, Alice J. 1906 1995   Harry H. Kissling 16-Jun-1926 Meddaugh.
to Kissling, Harry 10-Apr-1904 17-May-1972   Alice J. Meddaugh. 16-Jun-1926 Theodore & Ida (Rather) Kissling
o Kissling, Jane Marie 21-Nov-1928 01-Jan-2017 b. Janesville, Wis. Ernest D. Kissling Jun-1950 Geroge E. & Irma (Rowe) Pepper
to Kissling, Mildred 10-Oct-1919 23-Oct-2002   Theodore Kissling 18-Jun-1938 Emil & Frances (Streba) Dusak
t Kissling, Theodore 3-Dec-1906 4-Jun-1997   Mildred 18-Jun-1938  
o Klein, David 1900? 12-Jul-1910 obit says buried here     Walter & ? Coil
 t Kuechenmeister, Arthur F. 1907 1972   Eleanor L.    
fbo Kuechenmeister, Carl 7-Jul-1828 31-Jul-1907 Civil War; Co. A, 14th WI--b. in Germany Henriette Schubert    
bt Kuechenmeister, Clemens 2-Feb-1867 1951   Elizabeth Hanke 26-Sep-1894 Carl & Henrietta Schubert Kuechenmeister
 t Kuechenmeister, Eleanor L. 1909 2000   Arthur F. Kuechenmeister    
 tno Kuechenmeister, Elizabeth 28-Feb-1865 5-May-1940 D. rcd 18-130 Clemens Kuechenmeister 26-Sep-1894 Ernest Hanke or Hantke
 t Kuechenmeister, Ernest 30-Nov-1897 22-May-1985   Ethel   Clemens & Elizabeth Kuechenmeister
Kuechenmeister, Ethel 11-Mar-1899 13-Nov-1987   Ernest Kuechenmeister    
to Kuechenmeister, Henrietta 5-Nov-1928 29-Jun-1908 b. in Germany Carl Kuechenmeister   Schubert
 t Kuechenmeister, Oscar F.C. 2-Sep-1884 23-Jun-1898       Oscar & Anna (Kaufman) Kuechenmeister 
 t Kuechenmeister, William 1924 1993        
 to Kuehn, Ella L. 9-Oct -883 13-Jul-1983 b. Coloma, Wis. William F. Kuehn 30-Mar-1904 Bandt
 to Kuehn, Fern Eleanor 22-Jul-1913 21-Apr 2010   George E. Kuehn 22-Jul-1931 George & Hazel (Slocomb) West
 t Kuehn, George E. 30-Dec-1906 1-Jun-1998   Fern E. West 22-Jul-1931 William & Ella (Bandt) Kuehn
 t Kuehn, Harry W. 1906 1997   Hilda R 2-Oct-1929 William & Ella (Bandt) Kuehn
 t Kuehn, Hilda R. 1910 1999   Harry W. Kuehn 2-Oct-1929  
 o Kuehn, Joan Fay 18-Oct-1941 23-Mar-2019   Single   George & Fern (West) Kuehnt
 to Kuehn, William F. 19-Jan-1873 21-Nov-1956 b. Princeton, Wis. Ella L. Bandt 30-Mar-1904 William & Wilhelmina (Fadtke) Kuehn
to Kurth, Bertha Vinetta 3-Jun-1874 22-Jan-1905   William Kurth   Wilding 
to Lange, Ole G. 2-Jun-1829 30-Nov-1898        
t Lauterbag, Mary C. S. 4-Nov-1814 25-May-1907        
t Legget, Lori (No dates)          
tn Leidholdt, Amalie E. 11-Nov-1878 5-Jan-1879 D. rcd 1-25-5     Ernest & Mary Leidholdt
t Lenzkow Family Stone            
o Lewis, Darol D. 19-Jan-1931 5-Jun-2010 B. Augusta, Wis. Margaret Reber 1955 William & Nana (Warner) Lews
o Lewis, Glen Elliot 11-Mar-1970 7-Jan-2008   Debra Phelps 8-Oct-2005 Darol & Margaret (Reber) Lewis
tf Lichte, Adolph 4-Nov-1872 10-Apr-1950   Bertha Pauline Zwilling 16-Jul-1906 George Frederic Wilhelm & Sharl (Scharfschwert) Lichte
o Lichte, Elmer Heinrich Rudolph 12-Nov-1919 24-Dec-2008 Vet-WWII U.S. Army Single   Adolph & Paulina (Zwilling) Lichte
to Lichte, Erwin 5-May-1907 23-Jun-1975   Single   Adolph & Pauline (Zwilling) Lichte
t Lichte, Bertha Pauline 1878 1951   Adolph Lichte 16-Jul-1906  Zwilling
to Lichte, Caroline 27-Feb-1834 26-Sep-1905 d. rcd 3-154, p. 241 Ferdinand Lichte 1859? Gottfried & ? Scharfschwert
tn Locks, Emilia S. 10-Jul-1908 19-Octl-1908 d. rcd 5-308; Spelling discrepancy corrected by Genie Smith     Milford & Grace (Smith) Locks
o Logwin, Walter 2-Sep-1937 23-Jun-2019 b. Ukraine Claudia ?   Peter & Katerina Logwin
to Lovelace, Mary Frances 6-May-1876 7-Jan-1936   Arthur E. Lovelace 10-Oct-1911 William & Paulina Ann (Borum) Waterman
to Luchterhand, Lenore 21-Sep-1925 17-Sep-2002   Robert Luchterhand 7-Feb-1948 Walter & Ida (Ketelhud) Widmann
to Luchterhand, Robert Alvin 22-Jan-1922 12-Mar-2015 WWII-US Army Lenore H. Widmann 7-Feb-1948  
tno Lueck, Delma 12-Apr-1921 27-Sep-1948 D. rcd 22-335 Walter Lueck  1942 Delray & Bertha (Stubbs) Messing
to Magnuson, Alfred E. 18-Nov-1894 18-Jul-1964 WWI, Pfc, Provost Guard Co Ella M. Cook 12-Apr-1922 John E. & Anna (Sandbig) Magnuson
t Magnuson, Ella M. 8-Dec-1901 10-Jun-1992   Alfred E. Magnuson  12-Apr-1922 Cook
tn March, Ruth E. 6-Mar-1840 11-Mar-1920 D. rcd 9-197     Nelson & Martha (Edwards) Knopp
t Marg, Norma L. 31-Aug-1905 17-Jul-1995   Albert Marg  20-May-1925 Henry & ? Winter
t Marsh, Amanda Rocellia 1-Sep-1831 4-Oct-1896   Nelson Marsh 15-Dec-1851 Abraham & Eunice Taylor
t Marsh, Justin R. 1828? 8-Feb-1869 Age 40? yr, 7 mo, 24 da     Nelson & Amanda R. (Taylor) Marsh 
tfo Marsh, Nelson 14-Aug-1828 6-May-1905 d. rcd 3-63, p. 226; Civil War-Co. C, 3rd WI; B. Susquehanna Co., Pa. Amanda R. Taylor 15-Dec-1851 Joseph & Samantha (Leonard) Marsh
t Marsh, Semantha L. (unreadable)     Joseph Marsh 9-Jul-1805  
to McCarl, Dinah 2-May-1844 27-Mar-1920 b. England  George McCarl 1866 Hitchcock 
o Martin, Gertrude 15-Feb 1890 20-Jul 1975 Obit says buried here William Martin 22-Dec-1928 George & Caroline (Lichte_ Howard
t McCarl, George 1818 1894   Dinah Hitchcock 1866  
t McPherson, Darius A. 26-Feb-1859 9-Feb-1863 Age 3 yr, 11 mo, 15 da      
t McPherson, Flora ? 14-Mar-1873        
o McPherson, Frank   26-Jun-1914 Wife's obit says he is buried here Mary Sedwick 1880 Sedgwick
o McPherson, Mary Ellen 10-Mar-1859 11-Nov-1942 Obit says buried here and B. North Adams Co., Mass. Frank McPherson 1880 Sedgwick
t Messing, Irene 1947 1948        
t Messing, Leona 29-Nov-1906 1-Oct-1979        
n Meyer, Gertrude Emma 23-Nov-1910 27-Dec-1910 D. Rcd 5-924; no stone     Laues & Emma (Voland) Meyer
t Minge, Argyle F. 15-Aug-1924 6-Aug-1981 WWII-PFC US Army Elaine    
t Minge, Elaine 5-May-1926 Living   Argyle F. Minge    
t Moh, Amelia 3-Dec-1829 16-May-1902 m. Germany  Christian H. Moh 1848  
t Moh, Christian 7-Sep-1824 20-Jan-1907 Civl War-1st Wis. in 1861, 9th Wis, U.S. Vet Vol 1861-65; m. Germany Amelia 1848  
t Moh, Otto H. 24-May-1862 18-Feb-1890       Christian & Amelia Moh
o Myllenbeck, Louis 16-Jan-1898 4-Mar-1965 Obit says buried here Ethel Ferguson 13-Nov-1923  
fo Noyes, Joseph 1833 30-Dec-1875 Civil War, 1833 - 1876; Batt. Y, 1st MN--d. of rheumatism of the heart Alzina "Lucy" Braman    
t Ott, Bertha 29-Nov-1891 30-Nov-1891       J. & S. Ott
t Ott, Ernstina 9-Nov-1819 21-Jan-1889        
t Ott, Joachim 28-Mar-1828 28-Nov-1900        
t Ott, Lidia 29-Jan-1890 29-Dec-1891       J. & S. Ott


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Source Information *

O = Obituary Information

T = Tombstone Information

N= Neillsville Court House Records

C = Cemetery Records

FT= Family Tree

E= Email (29-April-2009) from Judith Howard Ahlberg, greatgranddaughter of  Robert & Rachel (Pope) Howard



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