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Surnames:  Abel, Arnholter, Auman, Awe, Bauer, Bosar, Brandon, Bujanowski, Bushnell, Christophersen, Dachtler,  Dechtler, Decker, Dill, Edwards,  Elmer, Feirer, Frame, Franz, Geisler, Gilboy, Graves,  Hampel, Hannan,  Haven, Herr, Humke, Jahnke, Krall, Knecht, Kovisto,  Kuester, Langfeldt, Laabs, Laube,  Lutz, Martens, Meyer, Missling, Morrison, O’Neil, Peters,  Priewe, Rondorf, Scheckelman, Schmidt, Schoettler, Schwarze, Smith, Tarter, Tieman, Tupper, Vine, Vollrath, Wathke, Wehrmann,  Wendt, Wolhaupt


----Source: Immanual Evangelical & Reformed Church (now Immanuel UCC, sometimes called “West Side Church)

                    Warner Township, Clark Co. WI 


The Families of the German Reformed Church, Warner Twp. Clark Co., WI

The information about the families of this church were supplied by the families and complied by those members.  The approximate time frame is the early to mid 1900’s.  In most cases, the father’s name is listed, followed by his parent’s names and then the mother’s name, followed by her parent’s names.  To provide some history, about the family, there may be a link available that will give information about the parent’s history as well as a link for the father and mother of the family.  If there is other information gathered it will be from census reports and links from the website: .

If you are searching family history and find a relative (ancestor) on this site, your contributions to add to the history would be appreciated.  If there are mistakes, please advise so they may be corrected.

Parents of Franz2 (Frank) Friedrich(1845-1922) are Heinrich1 and Maria( Branden) Abel.  The 1860 census lists Henry (52) and Maria (51) living in Barton, WI with their children Henry (27), Fritz (22), Christian(17), Franz (16) and Elisabeth(11).  The 1880 census lists Frank (35), wife Caroline (28) and children William (7), Frank (5) and Fred (1), just moved to Warner, Clark, WI.

Parents of Caroline Christine are John and Sofia (Lutz) Dachler.

Franz Friedrich and Caroline Christine were married 1/22/1871, while living in the West Bend area.

                Children of Franz and Caroline

                Wilhelm3Friederich Abel: born 2/29/1872, baptized 12/10/1872, Barton, WI; confirmed 4/18/1886 Warner, Clark, WI


                Parents of Wilhelm are Franz and Caroline (Dachler) Abel

                Wilhelm married 6/28/1899, Meta; daughter of Johannes and Katharine (Dechtler) Schwarze. The 1910 census lists Wm. and wife Meta living in Eaton Twp. Clark Co., WI, along with        their sons, Edwin (9) and Theodore (2).

                                Children of Wilhelm and Meta

                                Edwin4 Wilhelm Abel: born 7/7/1900, baptized 8/19/1900, confirmed 4/2/1915


                                Parents of Edwin (1900-1974) are Wm. (1872-1959) and Meta (1879-1946) (Schwarze) Abel

                                Parents of Fern Vine (1910-2003) are Gustave(1862-1918) and Elizabeth(1871-1966) (Smith) Vine

                                The 1920 census lists Elizabeth (widowed) living in Warner Twp. Clark Co., WI, along with children; Algie (24), Benj (18), Esther (16), Hugh (13), Justa “Chester” (11), Fern (9) and Harley (6).

                                Edwin and Fern were married 9/25/1929

                                The 1940 census lists Edwin (39) with wife Fern (29) farming in Eaton Twp. Clark, WI and two of their children, Richard (1) and Shirley (5 months).

                                                Children of Edwin and Fern

                                                Richard5 (1938-2012) m. 1961 d. Donna Auman

                                                                Children of Richard and Donna


                                                Shirley5 (1939-2009) m. Reed Frame; m. Gordon J. Christophersen

                                                                Children of Shirley and Reed

                                                                Wanda6 Frame

                                                                Sherri6 Frame

                                                                Deanna6 Frame

                                                                Sue6 Frame

                                                                Children of Shirley and Gordon

                                                                Shane6 Christophersen

                                                La Vern5 (1942-2012) m.1968; Timothy Martens

                                                                Children of La Vern and Timothy

                                                                Debra6 Martens

                                                                Rodney6 Martens

                                                                Timothy6 Jr. Martens


                                                Joan5 (born) m. (Donald) Kovisto

                                Theodore Paul4: born 1/22/1908, baptized 3/29/1908, confirmed 4/14/1922 Warner, Clark WI


                                Parents of Theodore (1908-1989) are Wm. (1872-1959) and Meta (1879-1946) (Schwarze) Abel

                                Parents of Verna Vollrath (1910-1978) Wilhelm and Anna (Schoettler) Vollrath

                                Theodore and Verna were married 10/16/1930

                                The 1940 census lists Theodore (37), wife Verna (29) farming in Beaver, Clark, WI along with sons Lester (6) and Ronald (3)

                                                Children of Theodore and Verna

                                                Lester5 Abel 1933: baptized 8/6/1933 Warner, Clark, WI; m. Joyce Elaine Meyer (1937-2011)

                                                                Children of Lester and Joyce Meyer

                                                                Mark6 Abel 1960- m. 1983 Jacqueline Ann Haven

                                                                Kay6 Abel 1963

                                                Ronald5 Abel 1937 m.-d Alice Tieman

                                                                Children of Ronald and Alice

                                                                Perry6 Abel 1958 m. Julie Bauer

                                                                Susan Ann6 Abel 1958;  m.-d. James O’Neil, m. Thomas Smith

                                                                Brian William6Abel 1959 m. Jane Scheckelman

                                                                Robert Allen6 Abel 1968 m. Margie Langfeldt

                                                Janis5 Abel 1943 m. –d Lawrence Bosar, m. Daniel Priewe 1931-2012

                                                                Children of Janis and Lawrence

                                                                Bradley Paul6 Bosar 1966

                                                                Children of Janis and Daniel

                                                                Mark6 Priewe

                                                                Daniel6 Priewe

                Franz3 Johannes Heinrich Abel: born 1/1/1874, baptized 2/22/1874, Barton, WI; confirmed 4/19/1889 Warner, Clark, WI Parents of Franz are Franz and

                 Caroline (Dachtler) Abel.

                Parents of Anna “ Louise” are Carl “August” and Wilhilmina “ Louisa” Henrietta (Arnholter) Franz

                Franz (Frank) and Louise married 9/29/1897

                The 1910 census lists Frank (36) wife Louisa (34) living in Eaton, Clark, WI with their children Laura (10), Otto (8), Ella (6), Aolph (4) and six month old Florine.

                                Children of Franz and Louise

                                Albert4 Abel 1898-1898

                                Laura Mina4 Abel: born 7/20/1899, baptized 9/10/1899, confirmed 4/10/1914 Warner, Clark, WI; died 12/1/1985

                                m. 1929 Karl Laube (1889-1981)

                                                Three children were born to Laura and Karl

                                Otto Wilhelm4 Abel: born 12/26/1901, baptized 2/23/1902, confirmed 4/10/1916 Warner, Clark, WI

                       , m. 1931 Grace Herr,

                                The 1940 census lists Otto (38), a carpenter living in Warner, Clark, WI with his wife, Grace (31) and children; Harold (7), Albert (5), Joan (3) and Yvonne, 11 months

                                                Children of Otto and Grace

                                                Harold O5 Abel (1932-2010)

                                                Albert F5 Abel (1935-1955)

                                                Joan L5 Abel m. Harry Bujanowski

                                                Yvonne D5 Abel (1939-1971)  m.1958 Richard Rondorf  m. 1973 Joyce Jahnke

                                                                Children of Yvonne and Richard

                                                                Lois6 Rondorf m. Terry Hampel

                                                                Denise6 Rondorf m. Brian Gilboy

                                                                Mary Jo6 Rondorf

                                                                Tracy6 Rondorf m. Gary Morrison

                                                                Peggy6 Rondorf m. Shawn Feirer

                                                                Thomas6 Rondorf

                                                                Patrick6 Rondorf

                                                                Kurt6 Rondorf

                                                                Children of Richard and Joyce

                                                                Jana Rondorf

                                                                Erin Rondorf

                                                                Michelle Rondorf

                                                Donna5 Abel m. Jerry Peters

                                                Lloyd5 Abel

                                                Frank5 Abel

                                Twin of Otto – stillborn

                                Ella Meta4 Abel: (1904-1995) born 1/21/1904, baptized 4/10/1904, confirmed 3/24/1918 Warner, Clark, WI; died 1995 Nampa Canyon, ID

                                m. 1929 Walter Elmer

                                The 1930 census lists Walter (38), wife Ella (26) living in Cudahy, Milwaukee, WI with child Walter, 4 months

                                The 1940 census lists Walter (48), wife Ella (36) living in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI and children; Walter (10), Dolores (9) and Shirley (1)

                                                Children of Ella and Walter

                                                Walter Darwin5 Elmer, Jr. (1929-2011) m. 1949 Betty Tupper (1928-1990)

                                                                Children of Walter and Betty

                                                                Son6 Elmer

                                                                Son6 Elmer

                                                                Daughter6 Elmer

                                                Dolores5 Elmer m. Floyd Knecht

                                                Shirley5 Elmer m. Lester Graves

                                Adolf4 Abel: born 3/18/1906, baptized 5/20/1916, confirmed 3/28/1920 Warner, Clark, WI, died 5/31/1986     


                                m. 1937 Anita Ella Dill (1916-2004)

                                The 1940 census lists Adolf (34) as a carpenter living in Greenwood, Clark, WI, wife Anita (23) and son Gary (1)

                                                Children of Adolf and Anita

                                                Gary5 Abel m. Nancy

                                                Jack5 Abel m. Betty

                                                Tom5 Abel m. Lynne

                                Florine Mathilde4 Abel: born 3/9/1910, baptized 6/4/1910, confirmed 4/18/1924 Warner, Clark, WI

                        m. 1935 Adolph H. Wendt

                                The 1940 census lists Florine (30) , husband Adolph (28) working as a trucker, living in Loyal, Clark, WI with daughter, Geraldine (1)

                                                Children of Florine and Adolph

                                                Geraldine5 Wendt m. Roger Wathke

                                                Carol5 Wendt m. Douglas Missling

                                                Dennis5 Wendt m. Colleen


                Friedrich3 Christian Emile Abel: born 10/2/1878, baptized 11/24/1878, Barton, WI; confirmed 4/2/1892 Warner, Clark, WI   Died 2/12/1902

                Parents of Friedrich are Franz and Caroline (Dachtler) Abel

                The 1900 census lists Friedrich (Freddy) (17) living with his parents; Franz (55) and Caroline (47) in Warner, Clark, WI , along with siblings John (21), Gustav (14) and Hulda (9) (This census is in error as Freddy

               was born in 1878, age should be 21 and brother John’s age should be 17)

                Johannes3 Heinrich Abel: born 10/6/1882, baptized 10/22/1882, confirmed 6/6/1897 Warner, Clark, WI

        “John” registered for the draft for both WWI and WWII

                Parents of Johannes are Franz and Caroline (Dachtler) Abel

                Parents of Clara Decker are Heinrich & Sophia (Schwarze) Decker


                Johannes and Clara were married 11/7/1903

                The 1920 census lists John H. (37) living in Eaton, Clark, WI with his wife Clara G. (38) and children; Lena M. (15), Gilbert H. (14), Albert F. (12) and Hilda S. (9)

                                Children of John and Clara

                                Lena Martha4 Abel: born 5/21/1904, baptized 7/10/1904, confirmed 3/24/1918                                                                                                                         

                                m. 1923  Norbert A. Kuester                                                          


                                                Children of Lena and Norbert

                                                Gladys Caroline5 Kuester m.1954 Calvin Awe

                                                                Children of Gladys and Calvin

                                                                Fred6 Awe

                                                                Mark6 Awe

                                                                Russell6 Awe

                                                Baby Kuester (1926-1926)

                                                Violet Wilhemina5 Kuester

                                                 m. 1947 Eldore Humke

                                                                Children of Violet and Eldore

                                                                DaNeil6 Humke

                                                                Karlene6 Humke m. Thomas Krall

                                                                                Children of Karlene and Thomas

                                                                                Josh7 Krall

                                                                                Justin7 Krall

                                Gilbert Heinrich Abel: born 10/31/1905, baptized 12/10/1905, confirmed 3/28/1910, died 4/17/1972


                                Albert Friedrich Abel: born 9/21/1907, baptized 12/1/1907, confirmed 4/14/1922, died 7/7/1934


                                Hilda Sophie Laabs: born 4/23/1910, baptized 6/24/1910, confirmed 4/18/1924

                       m. 1929 William Laabs (1908-1975)

                                                Children of Hilda and William

                                                Lawrence5 Laabs

                                                Lester5 Laabs      

                Gustave3 Heinrich Abel: born 10/15/1885, baptized 12/26/1885, confirmed 4/15/1900 Warner, Clark, WI


                Parents of Gustave are Franz and Caroline (Dachtler) Abel

                Parents of Maria Lydia are Friedrich and Maria (Wolhaupt) Wehrmann


                Gustave and Maria (Mary) were married 6/22/1911

                The 1940 census lists Gustave (44) and Mary (40) living in Warner, Clark, WI with their children Selma (17), Elsie (14), Marcella (4) and nephew Elbert (21)

                                Children of Gustave and Mary

                                Selma Marie4 Abel: born 8/19/1912, baptized 9/22/1912, confirmed 4/15/1927

                        m. 1936 Norman Geisler

                                                Children of Selma and Norman

                                                Evelyn5 Geisler

                                                Caroline5 Geisler m. 1965 James Hannan (1929-2002)                                                                                             


                                                                Children of Caroline and James

                                                                Paul Raymond6 Hannan

                                                                Peter6 Hannan m. Michele

                                                                                Children of Peter and Michele

                                                                                Ryan7 Hannan

                                                                                Allyssa7 Hannan

                                                                Karen6 Hannan m. Patrick Tarter

                                                                                Children of Karen and Patrick

                                                                                Derrek7 Tarter

                                                                                Jessica7 Tarter

                                                                Nancy6 Hannan m. John Edwards

                                                                                Children of Nancy and John

                                                                                Kayla7 Edwards

                                                                                Paige7 Edwards

                                                                                Zachary7 Edwards

                                                                Cheryl6 Hannan m. Chad Schmidt

                                                                                Children of Cheryl and Chad

                                                                                Samantha7 Schmidt

                                                                                Bo7 Schmidt

                                                Betty5 Geisler m. Brian Bushnell

                                                                Children of Betty and Brian

                                                                Eric6 Bushnell

                                Elsie Doris4 Abel: born 7/15/1915, baptized 7/22/1915, confirmed 5/18/1930


                                Marcella Eldora Abel: born 6/26/1925, baptized 12/10/1926


                Hulda3 Karoline Abel: born 10/11/1891, baptized 12/6/1891 Warner, Clark, WI

                Parents of Hulda are Franz and Caroline (Dachtler) Abel




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