Bio: Short Families of Clark Co., WI

Contact: Sharon


Surnames: Adams, Austin, Bakker, Becker, Bell, Benzschawel, Birdine, Black, Blais, Boucher, Boyd, Breed, Bryan, Brown, Bryan, Buss, Bussian, Campbell, Cameron, Carter, Cheney, Clifford, Clinton, Cook, Crothers, Crampton, Crye, Cudney, Dailey, Day, de Grood, Dempsey, Diffor, Doyle, Doughty, Eggers, Eidenberger, Elliott, Emmerich, Faber, Fessenden, Filitz, Fisher, Flanders, Foemmel, Fuller, Gliddon, Green, Handke, Haner, Hans, Hayden, Helgesen, Herrick, Hill, Hovel, Hughes, Ingram, Jenkins, Jiggs, Johnston, Kegley, Keller, Kellner, Kennedy, Kershaw, Kindt, Kingery, Launer, Lindner, Litner, Longyear, Lughbunk, Lynndell, Mahree, Mair, Martin, McGinnis, Meddaugh, Metcalf, Michels, Miller, Motte, Mueller, Mulligan, Murray, Neff, Neitzel, OíNeill, Payne, Pierce, Pillnow, Pulvermacher, Richardson, Richie, Riedel, Roberts, Schaart, Schneider, Schroeder, Scott, Schaart, Schmidt, Schwemmer, Sherwood, Shoop, Short, Slavick, Smith, Smithhurst, Steinle, Stevens, Stewart, Stich, Stutzman, Stuve, Tease, Teunissen, Thompson, Thorson, Toptine, Ward, Welch, Wheatly, White, Winne, Winters, Wright


----Source: Compiled by Sharon Short, descendant of the Levis Township Short family; From original Clark Co records reviewed in 1976 augmented by History Buff transcriptions.







Shortville, Washburn Township Short families


Shortville Store c1910 Shortville Store 1930


James, Sr. & Betsey (Richie) Short of Scotland; m. St. Lawrence Co., NY; lived Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI in the area of "Pumpkin Hollow". James, Sr. died age 70 died and buried Jefferson Co., WI (1918 Andrew O. Short bio) Betsey Richie Short 1813-1895 (obit) died Clark Co, buried Cambridge, Jefferson Co., WI


Children of James, Sr. & Betsey (Richie) Short


Steven  James George Andrew  John



BETSEY, BELLE, JANE, MARY, WILLIAM SHORT didnít live in Clark Co., no bios


William Short lived in Ft. Atkinson, WI per 1908 obit of his brother George Short


Shortville bio with photo/drawings by Revival Arts from Marshfield News Herald dated 19 Oct 1964. Transcribed by Kenneth Wood. Further research by Janet Schwarze in 2003 & Sharon Short in 2008



STEVEN SHORT: Proved up Homestead in Shortville, Clark Co., soon after moved to So. Dakota


WI Civil War records = private in Co. D, 29th WI Inf.  (No land records or census records for Steven Short on Clark Co site.)


Marriage bio 15 June 1938 in S. Dakota: Robert Short (descendant of Steven Short?) & Helen Stuve, daughter of Hans Hovel & Emma Lydia Sarah (Jenkins) Stuve of Humbird, Mentor township, Clark Co., WI (1955 obit of Emma Stuve) Helen Stuve & Robert Short met while both were students at the college in Wessington Springs, S.D.


ISABELL OLIVE SHORT (24 Sep 1831- 20 Mar 1901 DC V3 #57), gastric cancer born Jefferson Co., WI, died town of Levis, Clark Co., WI Neillsville cemetery married Nov 1867 (Neff obit) as 2nd wife of Alburtis L.  Neff, no children.


JAMES SHORT, II 1836-1912

Born Madrid, NY, died Clark Co., WI


1875 Washburn census: As F. R. Short? 1 male, 2 female ("F.R." = transcription error?)


Homestead 4 June 1877 Washburn township sec 8 (first owners by C. Debevec); 1880-1915 Plat Maps

WI Civil War records = Pvt in Co D, 29th WI Inf, on 1885 Vetís census


James Short, II (17 July 1836 - 16 Feb 1912 Neillsville cemetery DC V5 Pg1216)


Married 3 Aug 1860 to Mary Elliott of Jefferson Co., WI (1891 bio) who died in Iowa.


Children: James B. Short, III b. 1869 per census, moved to Rochester, MN by 1919; Jennie Betsie Short b. 3 Mar 1869 in Cresco, Iowa m. 28 June 1893 Thomas Merrill Winters (V2 pg88); plus another child born 18xx died young per 1891 bio (probably in Iowa)


Married** 11 Dec 1871 to Martha Shoop (1853- 14 Dec 1919 Neillsville cemetery + obit DC V9 Pg106 Apoplexy) born in Iowa, daughter of Andrew Shoop and first wife (name unknown) **Note: Pre-1907 Marriages "groom index" has James Short & Martha Shoop m. 11 Dec 1872. Bride index has Mary Jane Shoop & James Short m. 11 Dec 1871. Both as V1, Pg49.


Children: Mary Ann Short (b. 1873 per census) m. 24 Dec 1892 to Clarence A. Irish (V2 Pg74); not named baby-stillbirth 28 May 1877 (V1 Pg13 births) Ida Bell Short (b. 1880 per census) m.  26 Mar 1903 Aaron Crye (V2 Pg395, + bio) (Marriage license #62 gives name as Aaron Washington Crepe, b. Richland Co., WI, son of Joseph Washington & Maude (Michels) Crepe) lived Muscoda; [obit of Frank Short: sister Mrs. Peter Hereid, lived Alma Center = Mary Ann or Ida Bell 2nd marriage?] Frank Short (1884-1958)


         Frank Short (11 Nov 1884-16 Nov 1958 Neillsville cemetery DC V28 Pg320 obit has b. Dec 11, 1884) m. 30 Jan 1907 (V3 Pg77) Dessa Emma Augusta Payne (6 Sept 1884- 19 Jan 1983 Neillsville cemetery + obit) daughter of Raymond S. & Caroline (Hayden) Payne. 1915 Washburn plat map sec 8.  Children: Marie Short (births V5 Pg2341 Marie Dawn Short 2 Feb 1911) m. Raynor Vaughn of Washington D.C.  & Alvin Birch, lived MD; Helen Short m. 11 Feb 1934 Louis Matousek (bio) , moved to Texas; Kenneth Short (1925-2003); Roger Short (1927-2002)


Kenneth Duane Short (13 Dec 1925- 6 May 2003 Neillsville cemetery) (births V23 Pg545 Kenneth Duane Short 13 Dec 1925) m. 1947 Francis M. Steinle (13 Mar 1929-? Neillsville cemetery) daughter of Fred & Mollie (Schwemmer) Steinle. Children: Kenneth F. Short (Oregon, WI); Keith Duane Short m 11 Nov 1972 (V34 Pg134) Jean Mary Bergemann (lived Watoma, WI); Kim Short m. Terry Stetzer.


Roger Short (1927- 5 April 2002 obit) (births V25 Pg511 Roger McKay Short 13 Sept 1927) lived- died Milwaukee, WI m. Kathleen children: Dawn Short m. Paul Mueller; Jeff Short; Craig Short


GEORGE SHORT 1841-1908



Born N.Y. Died Clark Co., WI


1875 Washburn census: "Gus" Short 1 male, 3 female


1880 Washburn Plat Maps sec 9 in name of wife Alice Short; 1893 in name of George Short.


WI Civil War records: Co D 29th WI Inf in as Pvt, out as Corpl; 1885 Vetís census


George Short (7 Jan 1841 - 2 Aug 1908 Neillsville cemetery DC V5 Pg 242 + obit)

Married 15 Mar 1870 Alice Kershaw (12 Feb 1848- 16 Dec 1908 Neillsville Cemetery DC V5 Pg352 + obit) born England, daughter of Thomas & Fannie (Smithhurst) Kershaw (Kershan?).


Children: Fannie Short (1871-1951 Neillsville cemetery) m. 5 July 1897 George Bue (V2 Pg193 son of Thomas & Annie Bue) two children died as infants 1900 & 1907; Sarah Jane Short (1872-1917 obit) m. 19 Sept 1897 William Meddaugh (V2 Pg198 #108 son of Isaac & Jane Doughty Meddaugh, born Sullivan Co., NY + bio) Eight children.


ANDREW O. SHORT 1849-1931



Born Jefferson Co., WI Died Clark Co., WI



1875 Washburn census: Andrew Short, 1 male, 1 female


1880-1915 Washburn Plat Maps sec3 (Shortville P.O. location)


Andrew Oliver Short (28 May 1848 - 19 April 1931 Neillsville cemetery DC V14 Pg28 cancer)





  Andrew O. Short and family


Married July 10, 1873 (per Andrew Bio, obit has m. 19 July 1873) Jane Ann Kennedy (28 Sept 1850- 5 Oct 1932 Neillsville cemetery DC V14 Pg429 + obit)


Note: 1918 History of Clark Co., Wisconsin has Andrew O. Short m. on 10 July 1872 (note year) to Jennie Scott, daughter of William & May Scott of Jefferson Co., WI which is incorrect. The obit of Jane Kennedy Short, wife of Andrew Short, has her parents as James & May Kennedy with half siblingís surname of Scott. Evidently May (maiden name unknown) was married twice, first to James Kennedy and then to William Scott who became Janeís stepfather. Jane Ann Kennedy was probably called "Jennie" instead of "Jane" by her husband Andrew Short as per his 1918 bio.


Children: James A. Short (1875-1956); Ralph L. Short (1888-1976); May Short m. Walter Bell, lived Janesville, WI (obit)


         James A. Short (17 Aug 1875-1956 Neillsville cemetery) m. 3 Nov 1904 (V2 Pg430 also date of 3 March 1904) Maggie Leona "Onie" Vanfleet, (10 May 1883 - 26 Jan 1917 Neillsville cemetery + obit DC V7 Pg 526 death date Jan 25 tuberculosis) daughter of John W.  & Angeline (Cunninghan) Vanfleet. 1915 Washburn plat map sec 10. Children: Vivian Short, b.d. 1905 (Neillsville cemetery); Gale Short b. c1909 m. 29 May 1928 Michael Kellner (bio), Opal Short b. c1911, Wanda Short b, c1916 (birth dates from motherís obit)


James A. Short (1875-1956) next m. 27 Nov 1918 Ella Brown (V9 Pg30 + marriage bio), daughter of George & Julia (Thompson) Brown (1937-38 Brown obits). Child: Marie Marion Short (13 Aug 1919 - 22 April 2006 obit + Births V15 Pg479) born Neillsville, died-buried Wausau.


         Ralph Lawrence Short (5 July 1888 - 7 Nov 1976 Neillsville cemetery DC V42 Pg214) m. 24 March 1919 (V9 Pg51) Edith Kegley (9 Mar 1898-6 Dec 2001 Neillsville cemetery + SS index), daughter of Albert Kegley and his first wife, a cousin of his 2nd wife, (Albert Kegley & Mrs. Arminda Withers 1919 marriage bio) of Hillsboro children: Doreen Short m. 28 Dec 1946 (V19 Pg187) Donald Stewart, son of Frank & Edna (Richardson) Stewart of Verona, WI (bio) also lived Madison, WI  Photo: Edith (Kegley) Short still writing Shortville news at age 97



JOHN SHORT 1850-1920



Born Jefferson Co., WI Died Clark Co., WI


1875 Washburn census: John Short 2 male, 1 female


Washburn township sec 10 Homestead 20 Feb 1883 (first owners by C. Debevec);

1880-1915 Washburn Plat Map sec 10


John Short (4 June 1850 - 24 Feb 1920 Neillsville Cemetery + obit DC V9 Pg172 influenza)


Married 6 May 1874 (V1 Pg71 date = 30 May 1874) Jane McGinnis (12 April 1856- 27 July 1911 DC V5 Pg1084 Jennie Short; St. Maryís cemetery, Neillsville = Jane Short) daughter of Peter & Julia (Welch) McGinnis of Sherwood township, Clark Co., WI (bio & obit of Julia McGinnis)


Children: Edward F. Short (1880-1960); Arthur Short (1893 - 1984); William H. Short (1875-1906); Inez Belle Short (births V1 Pg33 Ina Bell born 8 July 1878) m. 13 Dec 1898 Fred H. Wright (V2 Pg236 + bio), moved to Texas; Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Short m. 12 Dec 1906 Orval (Austin per bio) G. Toptine (V3 Pg71 + bio) lived Wyoming.


     Edward F. Short (18 Feb 1880- 10 Feb1960 Neillsville Cemetery DC V29 Pg266) m. 15 April 1913 (V7 Pg148) Mrs. Clara (Carter) Schroeder (1887-1972 Neillsville cemetery), daughter of James Carter. Edward Short adopted her son Ernest Schroeder (30 Jan 1910- 9 Dec 1938 Neillsville cemetery DC V17 Pg267 + obit). Ernest went by the surname of "Short", never married. 1915 Washburn plat map sec 4.


         Arthur Short (17 May 1893- 13 Mar 1984) m. 18 Dec 1918 (V9 Pg32) Elsie Neitzel (1 Nov 1892- 1 July 1990 obit) daughter of Otto & Susan (Riedel) Neitzel. Arthur & Elsie Short buried Windfall cemetery, Grant Township. Children: Elaine Short (births V16 Pg56 Elaine Short 28 Dec 1919); Audrey Short m. Troemmer, lived DeForest.


         William Henry Short (5 Feb 1875- 8 May 1906 Neillsville cemetery + obit) m. 15 Mar 1900 (V2 Pg282) Nettie Bell Counsell, daughter of Henry & Susan Mary (Pope) Counsell (1910 Counsell obit).  Children: Helen Short (births V3 Pg 267 Helen Margaret Short 2 April 1904) m. 12 Jan 1923 William Vine (bio); Eugene C. Short (1901-1962)


Nettie Bell (Counsell) Short (2 May 1878-23 Jan 1961 Neillsville cemetery under Hughes, obit) next m. 6 Aug 1922 James E. Hughes. (V6 Pg767 + bio). They had Ilene Hughes who m. Wheatly, lived Ohio and Donald Hughes.


         Eugene C.  Short (10 Jan 1901- 8 Feb 1962 Neillsville cemetery DC V30 Pg409) m. 28 Jan 1922 (V10 Pg23) Leah Cook (24 Jan 1904- 26 Nov 1965 Neillsville cemetery DC V33 Pg345 + obit) daughter of Samuel & Anna (Handke) Cook. 1926 Grant township plat map sec 15 (Pleasant Ridge area). Founder of "Shortís Fur Farm" in 1936 (Jan 2008 bio). children: Dale Short (1922-2007); Glen Short (1926-1996); Floyd Short; Jeanette Short (births V22 Pg232 Jeannette Elaine Short 16 July 1924) m. LaVern Geier, lived Magnolia, Ohio


         Dale W. Short (1 July 1922 - 23 Dec 2007 Grant township cemetery + obit) (births V19 Pg459 Dale William Short 1 July 1922) m. Margorie Dempsey in 1946. Lived Grant township, Clark Co., WI. Children: Wayne Short, Lorraine Short-lived TX. Also "former AFS daughter Yvonne (Hans) Schuler of Brazil" (per obit).


         Wayne E. Short m. 10 Aug 1968 (V31 Pg266) Bonnie Mae Foemmel, daughter of Ervin & Lillian (Kindt) Foemmel. Child: Stephanie Short (2003 obit of Ervin Foemmel)


         Glen Short (12 Jan 1926 - 30 Jan 1996) m. 21 June 1947 (V19 Pg359 + bio) Coletta Schmidt (17 Nov 1925 - 7 Oct 1984) daughter of Frank & Helena (Pulvermacher) Schmidt (1945 obit of Frank Schmidt) both Glen & Coletta buried Grant Township cemetery. 



Randy Short (27 Aug 1950 - 21 Nov 1983) Grant township cemetery

 (a.k.a. Randolph W. Short, Son of Glen Short?)


Casey Short (29 Aug 1974 - 16 Oct 1976) Grant township cemetery

 DC V42 Pg206 Casey William Short son of Randolph & Franceen (Steinhaus) Short



Unmatched Short families


Neillsville Cemetery, Pine Valley Township


Short-Fuller, Janet 19 Feb 1849 - 12 Dec 1894 m. John Fuller Short (as listed, also see 2nd listing)


Not able to find any connection between the Short and Fuller families although both lived in the Shortville area of Washburn township during the same time period. No "Janet" found among any of the Clark Co Short families.


1875 Washburn census John "Fuler" 1 male, 1 female


1880 census John W. Fuller b. Vermont 1844; E. Jame Fuller b. 1842 Scotland; John = farmer; E. Jame = housekeeper, neither one married. (Source = "History of Shortville" by Janet Schwarze & Kenneth Wood)


C Fuller, Janet Short B-54 John W. (per cemetery, 2nd listing)


Ctn Fuller, John W. B-54 9-Mar-1844 15-Apr-1913 Civil War - Co H 12th WI Inf Janet Unknown


John W. Fuller lived on sec 4 in Washburn township per the 1880 & 1893 Plat maps. John Fuller became the 2nd husband of Elizabeth (Breed) Osgood on 29 April 1899 (V2 Pg250) Elizabeth (Breed) Osgood Fuller (1856-1942 Windfall cemetery) obit states that John Fuller died in 1913. No other "Fuller" in the Windfall cemetery.



Mentor Cemetery, Mentor Township


Grace E. Short 1876 - 1958 m. Albert W. Short (per cemetery listing)

Albert W. Short 1878 - 1956 m. Grace E. (per cemetery listing)


DC V26 Pg472 Albert Walter Short age 77 died on 4 Feb 1956 parents = Walter & Grace (Keller) Short


Walter Short & Grace Keller attended Neillsville High School in 1927


Obit of A.W. Shortís (of Humbird) mother (of Oregon, WI) Louisa (Bell?) 1858-1935

A.W. Short siblings: Mrs. R. R. Pease, Arthur both of Oregon, WI & Roy of Milwaukee.


No Short or Keller families on the 1880-1956 Mentor township Plat Maps

1926 Grant township plat map: Eugene Short sec 15; Keller Brothers sec19


1921, Dec 24: Eleanor, daughter of A.W. Short of Humbird m. Donald Sherwood of Fairchild

1939, June 10: Caryl, daughter of A. W. Short of Humbird m. John Diffor of Randolph





Researched by Sharon Short, great-granddaughter of Washington Short who settled in the Pine Valley area in 1858. I have three five inch thick binders of reference material for this family should anyone require further info.


The Pine Valley & Levis Townships Short family begins in England with Adam Short, Sr. of Wales (b c1622) who married c1656 Miriam Ingram (1642-1682). Their children, all born in Sussex, England: Ann Short (12 April 1663-9 Dec 1731) m. Feb 1687 to Joel Bailey, lived Pennsylvania; Miriam Short (10 May 1664-) m. George Thompson (fellow passenger aboard the "Welcome") in 1682, m. William White in 1688, m. Aaron Coppock in 1704 lived New Castle, Delaware; Adam Short, Jr. (b. 30 May 1666).


Adam Short Sr. (b c1622) died in England. Miriam (Ingram) Short was a Quaker living in Kingsbury, Warwickshire England in 1663. The widow Miriam and her three children Ann, Miriam, and Adam Short, Jr. along with her brother Isaac Ingram (of Garton, Co Surrey, England) came on William Pennís Quaker ship "Welcome". The "Welcome" left from Dover, England on 29 Aug 1682 and arrived at New Castle, Penn. on 24 Oct 1682. The mother Miriam and her brother Isaac died of small pox on the ship and were buried at sea.


1.      Adam Short, Jr. born 30 May 1666 in Catton, Sussex, England m. c1700 unknown wife, m. c1712 Martha Metcalf, lived New Castle, Delaware. His children: Adam Short, III (b c 1698) Henry Short (b c1700); Abraham Short, Sr. (b c 1702 - d 1781) m. Preacilla Stevens; Miriam Short (b c 1704) m. John Bush, m. unknown Dailey


2.      Henry Short a.k.a Hendrick Kort born c1700 in New Castle, Delaware m. 6 Nov 1724 in Kingston, Ulster, NY to Gepje Winne (b 2 Jan 1704, parents Peter Winne, Jr. & Jannatje Arentsd-Pier who were m. 5 Jan 1682)


The family of Peter Winne, Jr. traces back to Pieter Winne, Sr. baptized 14 April 1609 at St. Bavonís Cathedral, Ghent (Flanders), Netherlands, Son of Franciscus Winne. Pieter Winne, Sr. (1609) m. Aechie Jans and first lived in Curacao, West Indies before moving to what became NY. The family of Jannatje Arentsd-Pier traces back to the 9 May 1661 passenger list for the ship "St. John the Baptist" sailing to "New Netherlands" (NY) that included Arent Teunissen from Amsterdam, wife Gessie Jans and their two children ages 7 & 4.


Children: Adam Winne Short (b 8 Aug 1725) fought in the Revolutionary War, received land bounty rights; Alida Short (b 5 Feb 1727); Jannaatje Short (b 18 Mar 1729); Peter Short (b c1732).


3.       Peter Hendrick Short a.k.a Petruss/Pieter Schaart, Sjoort, Shuart born c1732 Kingston, NY d 4 July 1806 Woodstock, NY m. 10 Oct 1756 to Annatje Bakker (baptized 6 Feb 1737, parents Christian Bakker & Annatje Emmerich, m. 1 Sept 1735 in Ulster Co., NY)


The Emmerich family traces back to the 1650 church records of Selters in the Bieichenback region near Hanau, West Germanyócommonly known as the "Palatine". (Family of Johann & Barbara Emmerich) The Emmerich and Bakker families first appear on the "Hunterís List" in Ulster Co., NY in June 1710. The Johannes Bakker, Sr. (a.k.a. Becker) family was also from the Palatine area, in the Neuwied region of Niederbieber beginning with 1706 church records.


Peter Short (DAR 614/317968) fought in the Revolutionary War, was captured by the Tories and held prisoner in Montreal in 1775-76, received land bounty rights. His house was used as a garrison during the War and afterwards became known as "the old fort". (Along the Wittenberg road in the town of Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY.) On 18 June 1780 Pieter Schaart & wife Annatje Bakker and family were taken prisoner by the Indians and Tories while on their way home from church. Pieter and his son-in-law Petrus Miller were forced to march to Quebec Canada and held at Niagra. They were marked with a black streak indicating that they were to be killed. An Indian named Dewitt who Pieter Schaart had helped many years prior helped Pieter and his son-in-law to escape.


Children: Zachariah Short (b c1757) was a musician during the Revolutionary War; Peter Short, Jr. (b c1759) m. Alida Edwards, daughter of Elijah Edwards; Annatje Short (b c1761); Hendrick Short (2 Jan 1763-11 Mar 1815) m. Sarah Snyder, fought in the Revolutionary War; Elizabeth Short (b c 1766); David Short, Sr. (b 1768); Lea Short (b c1771); Catharine Short (b c1773); Maria Short (b c1775); Rachel Short (b c1778).


4.  David Short, Sr. born 3 Aug 1768 Katsbaan, Ulster Co., NY d 1851 Wittenburg, Ulster Co., NY m. 30 June 1791 to Sarah Edwards, daughter of Elijah Edwards, b 1771 Connecticut, d. 1838 Woodstock, NY. David Short farmed and kept a tavern in Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY. (Catskill Mountains area) This land passed to Davidís son Elias Short (1795-1874) who served as a soldier throughout the war of 1812. Eliasí son Lewis Short (1843-1913) m. Elizabeth Happy. Eliasí daughter Harriet Short (b c1840) m. Jacob Happy. (The Happy family was Indian and neighboring farmers.)


Children: Peter Short (b 1792); David Short, Jr. (b c1794); Elias Short (b c1795); William Short (b c1797); Nelly Short (b c1799); Getty Short (b c1802); Moses Short (b 23 May 1807)


5.  Peter Short born 1792 d. 30 July 1853 Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY m. 1 Jan 1819 to Polly Winne, b. 10 Sept 1803, daughter of Cornelius Winne & Elizabeth Martha Motte. Peter Short served in the war of 1812. Polly (Winne) Short died 28 Nov 1832 at age 29, twenty days after the birth of her last child.


Children: Cornelius Short (10 May 1821-20 May 1899) m. 1842 to Maria Longyear; Washington Short (b 14 Sept 1822); David P. Short (b 28 Aug 1824) m. 1848 to Mary Elizabeth Lane; James Short (b 12 Sept 1826) Hannah Short (b 5 June 1827); Sarah Short (b 28 Nov 1829); Elizabeth Ann Short (b 8 Nov 1832) m. 1850 to Moses Bishop.


In the seven years between the death of Polly (Winne) Short in 1832 and Peterís marriage to Rebecca Lane in 1839, one the daughters of the Indian family with the surname of Happy, who were neighboring farmers, was said to live with Peter Short to took care of his children. Family story (unconfirmed, grandma Fanny Short told grandma Delia Thorson told grandchildren) is that Peter had several children with the Indian lady. It could be that the Happy family was only related through Washington Shortís first cousins Lewis & Harriet Short. (Children of his uncle Elias Short)


Peter Short next m 4 Nov 1839 to Rebecca Lane (b 28 Mar 1818). Children: William Sherman Short (b 6 Mar 1840) m. 1866 to Celestia Vedder; Mahala Short (b 16 Sept 1842); Phebe Catharine Short (b 23 Aug 1845); Lorenzo Short (b 24 Nov 1847) m. Mary E. Antus; Margaret Short (b 25 April 1850) m. 1871 to Cyrus Cudney; Adaline Short (b 1 May 1852)


Neillsville, Pine Valley Township Short family



6.  Washington Short born 14 Sept 1822 Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY m. 14 April 1855 in Franklin Dale, Bradford Co., Penn to Lydia Greene, b 25 Dec 1833 in Middletown, Delaware Co., NY, daughter of Smith & Mary "Polly" (Helford) Greene. Witnesses were: Charles Smith & wife Wylls W. Helford; Barnard Rockford & Ichiel Green.


On 15 April 1847 Washington Short & Peter Shultis purchased 50 acres of land from Montgomery & Mary Livingston for $125.00 in the Woodstock area of Ulster Co., NY, bounded on the north by the Beaver Kill (river) and on the east by the farm of David Short (grandfather of Washington Short). This same property was sold on 4 April 1848 to Christian Happy by David P. & wife Mary E. Short (brother of Washington Short). Apparently Washington sold his interest between 1847 & 1848 to his brother David without benefit of a deed. Family story is that Washington Short left home to work on the Erie Canal.


Lydia (Greene) Shortís brother Anson Greene, Sr owned land in Levis township sec 7 & 8 per 10 Oct 1856 property records (1918 History of Clark Co., WI). This is near Wedges Creek where Anson was engaged in logging. (Anson Greeneís family also on 1860 Levis Census, pg 91, line 39) Washington & Lydia (Greene) Short and their two young children, along with Lydiaís sister Abigal Greene (who m 24 Dec 1868 in Levis to Thomas Welch), Lydiaís brother Smith Greene, Jr. and probably others in their traveling party camped out near Wedges Creek when first arriving in Clark Co.


Washington Short first owned land in Pine Valley in 1858 (1918 History of Clark Co., WI).

RE records show that Washington Short purchased Lot 26 in Block G in Neillsville from Miles & Nancy Murray for $50 on 20 April 1859.


The 1860 Pine Valley Census (page 94, line 25): 40 acres, 3 acres improved; RE $200; PP 1 milch cow, 2 working oxen $110. Crops = 75 bushel Irish potatoes, 5 ton hay, sorghum; 15# molasses 100 # maple syrup and 175# butter for consumption and sale. Washington Short was a Justice of the Peace in Neillsville in 1861.


Washington Short enlisted as a private on 4 Jan 1864 in the 14th WI volunteer regiment Infantry, Co I commanded by Colonel Lyman M. Ward. He died from disease (chronic diarrhea) on 19 June 1864 in the Adams Hospital in Memphis, TN and is buried in the Mississippi River National Cemetery, section two, grave #226. His widow, Lydia Greene Short received a pension of $10 month until her 1879 marriage to George Haner. She received a widowís pension from 1901 to 1919 at which time it was $35 per month.


On 25 May 1865 Lydia Greene Short was deeded, for $50, lot 48 in block 6 (Neillsville) by James & Jane OíNeill.


Lydia Greene Shortís brother Smith Greene, Jr. was living with the family in 1860. He owned 40 acres that he sold to Lydia on 31 May 1867 for $200. (24NR2W sec 13, Ĺ part of the W Ĺ of the SW ľ = SW border of the present day "Neillsville Country Club on Hwy 10.) Lydiaís brother Anson Greene lived less than a mile away in sec 26. (Plat Map +1867 Civil War affidavit regarding birth of Hennetti Short in 1862) 


The 1870 Pine Valley census (page 222, line 6) shows Lydia Short Greene Haner with a separate RE value of $2,300 and PP value of $300 in addition to her 2nd husbandís property values.


Lydia (Greene) Short Hanerís estate, probated on 17 Feb 1920, consisted of a $775 certificate of deposit.



Children of Washington & Lydia (Greene) Short


7.  James Wallace Short (b 18 Jan 1856) continued below as the Levis Township Short family; George Arthur Short (b 19 May 1857 Towanda, Penn); Frank De Willet Short (b 18 Feb 1859 Clark Co., WI); Henetti Short (b 2 Aug 1862 Clark Co, WI)


7b.  George Arthur Short (b 1857) went west at an early age. In WA state he was a "timber cruiser" 1907-1912, a "driver" 1913-1915, a "teamster" 1917, "dock worker" 1917. He first m c1881 in (Spencer?) WI to Mary Box, divorced. Their children, all born in WI: Earl W. Short (27 April 1884 - 3 Oct 1958 Chelan Co., WA); Harry A. Short (6 Dec 1886 - 2 April 1934 Seattle, WA); Roy W. Short (c1888 - 9 Mar 1947 Bremerton, WA); Clifford A. Short (c1890-?) George Short was separated from his 2nd wife Matty Pierce by 1907. He entered Northern State Hospital (Skagit Co., WA) 29 April 1941 where he died 18 Jan 1945. (cremated) 



Admittance photo:

Age: 83

Height: 5í 9 Ĺ"

Weight: 133#

Blue eyes, gray hair


7c.  Frank De Willet Short (b 1859) m 22 Mar 1891 to Elnora Wihelmina Salisbury, daughter of William & Lucretia Salisbury of Levis township. Per family, Frank was living c1910 with "Nancy" and her children from a prior marriage on the John OíBrien farm in Levis sec 22. Frank last m Anna Jump per his DC, date unknown. Also unknown is whether he had any children. He was living in Peoria, IL in 1919.  Frank died on 26 Feb 1940 at St. Maryís Hospital and is buried at Graceland Cemetery in Quincy, Adams Co., IL.


Frank Short (then age 22) and apparent friend Frank Roberts were sentenced for assault & battery (news article didnít say on who) in March 1881 to 30 days in Neillsville jail. They escaped after 3 days and were "captured" (probably at their homes) in June 1882 and put back in jail for the remainder of their sentence. Republican & Press 3-25-1881 & 6-20-1882



7d.  Henetti Short (b1862) m 15 Sep 1880 in Stevens Point, WI to John W. Clifford (1859-1917), born Boston, Massachusetts, son of William & Anna (Nugent) Clifford, both born in Ireland. Children: J. William Clifford (b 26 Feb 1889-April 1975) lived Milwaukee, WI in 1931, died in Sheboygan, WI; Unnamed boy (b 3 Mar 1890, died as infant), Mryon J. Clifford (b 1 July 1891) lived Los Angels, CA in 1931; Kathleen Clifford (b 28 Mar 1903) m. Hawley S. Cahill April 1928. Kathleen Clifford Hawley died of Hodgkins disease in Nov 1931, no children.


Lydia R. Greene Short next married on 10 Mar 1869 to George Haner, son of Horace & Nancy Haner. They had one child, Nora Jane Haner born 10 Oct 1870. Lydia and George Haner were divorced on 13 Oct 1886. George Haner served as a Private with the 10th Battery of the Light Artillery in the Civil War 1862-1865. His back and foot were injured when his horse fell on him. Later, disease of the eyes caused him to wear dark glasses, and he suffered from asthma, bronchitis and rheumatism. George Haner next m Ella Crampton, and then Sarah, widow of P.N. Lawrence. George Haner died 7 Sept 1905 in Chipley FL.


Nora Haner m? unknown Lindner c 1887(Maiden name of Haner used on White marriage); m 10 May 1894 in Neillsville to Arin White, son of Barney & Marah Lughbunk White. The 4 Nov 1909 Neillsville paperís front page headline "Will be Buried in Neillsville": per telegram to Mrs. Haner (Lydia Greene Short Haner) her daughter Noraís son Earl Litner (s/b Lindner), who left a wife and child, drowned in ocean near San Francisco and that his mother Mrs. Nora Dougherty would be returning to Neillsville with the body for burial. (Earl Lindner 21 Mar 1888-29 Aug 1909 buried Neillsville cemetery. Apparently the body wasnít found until Nov)


Nora (Haner) last m c1920 to Henry E. Bussian, a native of Berlin, WI. He died in Oakland, CA 9 Sept 1951. Nora (Haner) Lindner White Dougherty Bussian d 13 June 1964 in Alameda Co., CA. (Nora & Henry Bussian were listed on the Oakland city directory from 1923 on, owned home at 2849 Frye) No children were mentioned in Henry Bussian obituary. Unknown if Nora had children by Arin White or unknown Dougherty.



Dells Dam, Levis Township Short family


7a.  James Wallace Short ("J.W." Short) b. 18 Jan 1856 in Erie, Penn d. 5 June 1942 in Vesper, Wood Co., WI, buried Neillsville, Clark Co., WI cemetery in the plot next to his mother. Married 21 Sept 1878 Harriet "Hatti" Sylvia Day daughter of Archibald & Rebecca Jane (Lowery) Johnston Day. Hatti (Day) Short d. 24 Dec 1899. No children. Per the 1893 Levis Plat Map, H.S. (Hatti) Short owned 160 acres in sec 16. This property was in J.W. Shortís name on the 1906 plat map.


James Wallace Short next m. 17 May 1900 to Francis "Fannie" Bell Fessenden b 18 July 1877, d of breast cancer 11 Jan 1940 Neillsville, buried Dells Dam cemetery, daughter of Jonas Adelbert Fessenden & Mary Angeline Johnston. (Note: on old census records Francis Bell was listed as Gretchen Fessenden, a name she evidently didnít care for.) Fannie photos c1899 & 1939



James Wallace Short next m. 17 May 1900 to Francis "Fannie" Bell Fessenden b 18 July 1877, d of breast cancer 11 Jan 1940 Neillsville, buried Dells Dam cemetery, daughter of Jonas Adelbert Fessenden & Mary Angeline Johnston. (Note: on old census records Francis Bell was listed as Gretchen Fessenden, a name she evidently didnít care for.) Fannie photos c1899 & 1939



The Fessenden family traces back to John Fessenden, Sr (b c1582 Chilham, England). His grandson, Nicholas Fessenden (b 1650 Canterbury, England d 1 Jan 1674 Cambridge, MA) came to America in 1660. Nicholas Fessenden m 1 Jan 1674 to Margaret Cheney (1655 - 10 Dec 1717) and thus began the American Fessenden line.


On April 5, 1887 J.W. Short was appointed Levis township chairman, a position he held off and on (except for 1888, 1901-02) until April 4, 1933 when he lost by one vote. (1889-1896 he was town clerk)


The 1893 Levis plat map shows J. W. Short with 40 acres in sec 3 and 40 acres in sec 4. In 1906 sec 3 increased to 80 acres while sec 4 remained at 40 acres, and both remained the same in 1922 with the addition of another 80 acres in sec 19. By 1930 the sec 3 & 4 property belonged to the Neillsville Bank (although the family was still living there, sons Ben and Wayne were hauling milk per 1934 news item), and the plat map shows another 80 acres in both sec 17 & 18 still owned by J. W. Short.


The property in Levis sec 3 & 4 was owned by Herbert & Mary Filitz in 1974 with the original home in sec 4 still in use. It is assumed that the home was built shortly before or after J. W. Shortís marriage to Hatti Day in 1878. The large two-story frame house had two porches spanning the roadside, one open and one screened, separated by the bay section. The usual family entrance was on the back-side, through a small enclosed porch that also led to the basement, and through the one story summer-

kitchen that led into the regular kitchen. The screened porch was accessed from the kitchen.  A pantry and small bedroom were on the left side of the kitchen, and the large bay living room and large back bedroom were to the right side of the kitchen with the stairway up to the right of the bedroom. To the right of the living room was a formal parlor that opened onto the open porch, and to the right of the parlor was another large bedroom. The parlor held the trap door to the dirt floored partial basement where moonshine was stored.


Upstairs contained three more bedrooms, only one with a closet, and a large attic area in addition to the large hallway. When they were young children (c1910) Ben & Wayne were frightened by a white specter that came from the closet. Some time before or after, Ramona who was heartbroken about something, was comforted by a lady dressed in green who came out of the same closet. These two events were long remembered by them when it came time to tell ghost stories.


In 1897, J. W. Short was a stockholder and secretary for the original "Levis Cheese Factory" that was reorganized in 1902 and renamed "Day Creamery Co" at which time J. W. Short was elected president. The salary for officers (other than the secretary who was paid slightly more) averaged about $5 per month.  In July 1903, J. W. Short received dividends of $9 for the past yearís profits on his 6 shares, and a milk check of $51.32. The Cheese Factory closed down in May 1928 due to bankruptcy, and was demolished in the summer of 1947.


Day Cream & Cheese Co. in Levis section 2 in the right side background Four Corners Tavern on the left side.



J. W. Short was elected as a director of Lynn Mutual Fire Ins Co on 7 Jan 1908 for a three year term and put on the settlement committee. On 5 Jan 1909 he was elected president and served in that capacity until 20 Jan 1914. As president he received $125 per year in quarterly payments. Note: Members of this "Mutual" had to individually cover their share of insurance claims that were over and above what the company had in reserves. In the aftermath of the 1929 stock crash these assessments attached to memberís property when there was no cash to pay claims.

J. W. and Fannie Short had a stormy marriage and she moved to Milwaukee c1930 with youngest son John, then about age 9. Son Wayne and wife Rita, who had m in 1927, were living on and managing the Short family farm. When the Levis farm property was lost to the bank c1936 J. W. Short who was by then 80+ years old and unable to care for himself was placed in the Neillsville nursing home. He did not like it there so in 1941 son Wayne moved J. W. to his home in Vesper, Sigel township, Wood Co, WI where he died a year later on 5 June 1942.


On 13 Oct 1919, J. W. Short paid for 9 (per family) or 10 (per records) Neillsville cemetery M-66 grave plots located on the corner of Ash & Chestnut streets. (Short sites bordered by Pillnow & Crothers markers) There is a large tree at the inside corner of the Short plots beneath which one can see depressions in the ground where first Lydia Greene Short Haner was buried on 11 Oct 1919 and then J. W. Short next to her on 8 June 1942. Neither grave has a marker of any type.

Riverside School, located in Levis sec 4 was attended by the children of J. W. Short.

Riverside School about 1916

Back row, left to right: Herbert Nickles, Henry Cummings, Ruth Short, Hannah Turville (teacher), Mabel Broihier, Ramona Short, Martha Filitz. Front row, left to right: Ruth Lichnor (Lindner?), Maurice Dahl, Agnes Dahl, Leda Filitz, Fay Broihier, Oliver Williams, Ben Short 



Children of J. W. & Fannie (Fessenden) Short

8.  Wayne Wallace Short (1901-1970); Ramona Birdine Short (1902-1983); Ruth Mahree Short (1904-1990); Bernard James Short  (1906-1976); Catherine Short (1908-1908); John Walton Short (1920-1979).

8a.  Wayne Wallace Short born14 Feb 1901 in Levis Township died 10 Aug 1970 at the National Convalescent Center in Milwaukee, WI where he had resided since 1959, buried at Graceland cemetery, Milwaukee, WI.  Wayne m 16 Mar 1927 at Neillsville Rita Martin, daughter of Everett & Ida (Stickney) Martin. They divorced in 1959. The family moved from Levis township, to Neillsville Clark Co, WI, for a short while, then to Rudolph, WI; to Milwaukee c 1937, Vesper, Wood Co, WI c1940-42, Wisconsin Dells briefly and then back to Milwaukee c1944. They operated a restaurant 1951-1973 in Butler, WI.

1931: Wayne & Rita (Martin) Short holding Betty & infant Jiggs


In March 1915, when Wayne was 14, an accidental discharge of an old rusty gun while squirrel hunting resulted in a slit pupil and eye infection that led to blindness in one eye.

Rita Martin Short inherited from her mother Charcotís disease (CMT) that was passed down to her children to one degree or another at varying points in their lives.  In most cases it caused leg weakness that required braces. Wayne Short inherited Cavus foot from his father with paralysis of three fingers on each hand in later life (both also symptoms of CMT) Cavus foot is a high arched foot that causes unstable walking unless supplemented by an orthotic shoe device and or an ankle/knee brace.


Children, all born Levis township: Betty Pauline Short (b 11 Jan 1929 d 31 Mar 1981 of breast cancer, never married); Lorraine Margaret "Jiggs" Short (b 8 Feb 1931 m. 1950 James Fantl, 1952 Alvin Emerson, 1961 Cyril Boucher, 1963 Laurel Schmear. One child Rita Gertrude Emerson b 4 June 1954); James Robert Short (b 10 April 1932 m 16 Mar 1956 Sharon Elgar, children: Mark Robert Short b 4 May 1957; Kevin Wayne Short b-d 25 Dec 1958; Kevin Jay Short b 25 July 1960; Lisa Lynndell Short b 9 Sept 1965); Jeannette Angeline Short (b 27 April 1933 m 16 Aug 1952 Gene Allen Schneider. Children: Lee Gene Schneider b 22 May 1955; Laura Marie Schneider b 22 Mar 1958).

Upper photo Aug 1977: Jiggs, Rita, Betty, Jeannette Short. Lower photo Sept 1989: Jim (standing), son Mark, Markís daughter Melody, Rita Short


8b.  Ramona Birdine Short, called "Aunt Sister" by the family, was born 22 May 1902 Levis township d 8 April 1983 in Glendale, CA (cremated) m 10 Oct 1921 at Sparta, Monroe Co, WI to Kenneth Ward Austin, son of Charles & Essie (Ward) Austin of Levis township. They were divorced 10 Dec 1924. Children: Calvin Eugene Austin (6 Feb 1922-12 Feb 1922); Nedra "Kitty Ann" Eloise Austin (b 25 July 1923 Levis m c 1944 Charles Warren Mulligan, son of Charles Smith Mulligan, div 1952. Children: Kathleen L. Mulligan b 29 April 1945 d 7 Sept 2004 cancer; Joel Dallas Mulligan b 11 Aug 1949; Melinda Jane Mulligan b 24 Oct 1952 d 7 July 2002 breast cancer). "Kitty Ann" next m 1953 Clarence Edward Campbell, later divorced. Children: Clarence Harold Campbell b 8 Jan 1954; Ramona Grace Campbell b-d 15 April 1958. Kitty Ann (Austin) Mulligan-Campbell had a 3rd brief marriage in late life. Kitty Annís 1st husband (Mulligan) died 23 Oct 1991 and 2nd husband (Campbell) died 1 Sept 1991, both at the VA hospital, both buried in the National Cemetery, Wood Co., WI  

c1977 photo:

Ramona (Short) Eidenberger          


Ramona next m 16 Sept 1928 in Waukegan, IL to Harold Louis Eidenberger, (1902-1976) son of Joseph & Annie (Faber) Eidenberger. Children: Charlotta "Charlie" Diane  (b 29 April 1932 Wilmington, Delaware d 7 Dec 1999 CA kidney failure, m 1955 Kenneth Eggers, div adopted infant child Jennifer Eggers b 8 Feb 1963; m 1979 Jim Abraham); Lewis Wayne Eidenberger (b 1 Oct 1934 Milwaukee, m 1955 Julie Turner, div 1989, children: Vickie Lou Eidenberger b 29 Feb 1956; Michael Turner Eidenberger b 29 Aug 1963. Lewis m twice more, #3 on 28 Aug 2001 to Maria Doblado, but no other children); Suzzane Ruth Eidenberger (b 1 Jan 1943 Milwaukee, WI m c1959 Thomas Mair, Sr. divorced 1964; m 1967 Richard L. Gliddon; children Sherri Mair b 21 Aug 1960; Thomas Mair, Jr. b 1964; Ricky Gliddon, II b 5 Oct 1965, car accident 1985, 9 year coma, d 10 Sept 1994)


Ramona & Harold Eidenberger worked, in the early 1930ís, for the Lloyd T. Boyd family, quarter-owners of the Milwaukee Journal. Mrs. Boyd was a DuPont. Harold was Mr. Boydís chauffeur, and Ramona was Mrs. Boydís housekeeper. Ramona caught the fingers of her left hand in a mangle press and had to have the 3rd finger removed. Ramona & Harold traveled with the Boyds when they went to their east-coast home.


The Eidenberger family lived in Milwaukee & Butler, WI prior to moving to CA in 1962. Ramona was a switchboard operator for many years in Milwaukee and also Mapleton, WI. Moved to Butler in 1949 where they owned the sanitation service that had two garbage trucks.


8c.  Ruth Mahree Short, called "Aunt Lady" by the family, was b 4 Feb 1904 in Levis township d 10 Sept 1990 in Baraboo, WI, buried Highland Memory Gardens, Cottage Grove, WI  m 3 Sep 1921 in Dane Co., WI to Walter Denzel Bryan (22 Dec 1900-6 April 1978) son of George & Hepsa (Black) Bryan of Levis township. Div 16 Oct 1974.                                             


1974 photo:

Ruth (Short) Bryan


Children: Cameron David Bryan (b 13 Mar 1932 Madison d. died 24 Jan 2009 m 1956 Beverly Jacobsen, children: William A. Bryan b 13 April 1958; Timothy C. Bryan b 9 Aug 1964; Carrie S. Bryan b 1 July 1971); Greta Ann Bryan b 22 Jan 1934 m 1953 Robert Wanat, divorced; m 1974 Robert Doyle, children: Robert W. Wanat b 1954; Rebecca C. Wanat b 1961); Walter D. Bryan b 7 April 1935 Levis d 3 Sept 1996 m 1957 Sharon Helgesen, children: David C. Bryan b 1960, Tarri L. Bryan b 1962); Carol Elaine Bryan (b 27 May 1937 Levis m 1959 Gerald Stich, children: Kevin G. Stich b 1963, Steven B. Stich b 1966, Kristin C. Stich b 1971); Bruce Bernard Bryan (b 20 Nov 1938 Madison m 1959 Carol B. Hill, children: Kimberly E. Bryan b 1959; Kent B. Bryan b 1961).

8d.  Bernard "Ben" James Short b 28 Dec 1906 in Levis township, Clark Co., WI  d 14 May 1976 Roseburg, OR


Above Ben c1916

Ben enlisted in the Army at Syracuse, NY on 14 Oct 1926. He was honorably discharged at Fort Logan, Colorado on 14 Oct 1929.  

He was described as 5í 6 1/2" tall, gray eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy complexion.

1926 photo, Ben on right with arms crossed.




Lena Clinton c1930


In 1930 Ben was living in Milwaukee with Lena Agnes Clinton (b 12 Aug 1910 WA d 7 April 1934 WI), daughter of Arthur B. & Martha (Fisher) Clinton of Neillsville. They split up and Lena had their child Joyce Ruth Clinton (27 Dec 1930 - 7 Aug 1991 NV). Joyce was adopted by Harry J. & Pauline Herrick and m 1949 to Thomas Rudolph de Grood. Children, all born Winona, MN: Terrie Ann de Grood (b 15 Dec 1950); Thomas Robert de Grood (b 18 Oct 1951); Robert John de Grood (18 Sept 1953 - 16 May 1969; Michelle Patrice de Grood (b 23 May 1958)


Joyce (Clinton/Short) Herrick 1941




Short Family 1942

Ben, Larry, Garry, Sandra, Barry, Sharon, Eleanor

Ben m 19 Sep 1934 in Neillsville to Eleanor Delia Thorson, daughter of Abe & Delia (Schoenwetter) Thorson. Div 23 June 1948 Milwaukee, WI. Their wedding dance was held at Riverside Hall, Levis township.


Ben and Eleanor lived for a while when first married with Benís bother Wayne and family on the Levis home farm before moving to Longwood township in 1935. They spent the winter of 1936 in rented rooms in Neillsville and in the spring of 1937 moved to Richterís Lake, Taylor Co.


In the summer of 1937 Ben rented the farm of Richard Lynch in sec 4 that adjoined his parents farm in Levis. In the spring of 1939 Benís cows came down with Brucellosis ("Bangís disease" US started inspecting and vaccinating herds in 1934) and died or had to be destroyed. Ben went broke and also lost his gravel truck to the bank. The years 1939-1941 were spent at a number of rental rooms in Milwaukee while Ben tried to find employment, Eleanor and the children stayed periodically with other relatives when funds ran low.


Ben found work as a cab driver and the family moved to a flat on Vine St in Milwaukee in late summer of 1941. With the advent of WWII in Nov 1941 both Ben and Eleanor were able to find employment, Ben as a lath operator at Badger Meter and driver for Wi Ice & Coal Co, Eleanor at A. O. Smith and later in the breweries. Various relatives and non-relatives stayed with the family, helping care for the children while the parents worked. During part of the summers the children were "farmed out" to various relatives in Iowa, Clark & Taylor Co., WI.


During this time Ben also drove a scrap metal truck for Pulzen and traveled to many farms buying old pieces of scrap metal. He brought back butter from cheese factories along the way and traded it at small stores in Milwaukee for sugar that was used in Eleanorís baking and canning. (Black market deals) Ben and his brother-in-law "Olie" Eidenberger brought carnival equipment (shooting gallery & bowling pins) and traveled to weekend carnivals around the state, a basement room held prizes (plaster of Paris statues of many colors and glitter) that the children delighted in.


All this came to an end in the fall of 1945 when the veterans of WWII came home. With no more war time employment scarce jobs held by civilians were given to the Vets. Ben managed to buy a ĺ ton truck in the spring of 1947 with two first mortgages. He and "Ollie" went into the landscaping business. It failed and the banks came after Ben for fraud.


Ben fled to Chicago in the fall of 1947 where he worked as a bowling-pin setter. BENíS STORY CONTINUED BELOW HIS CHILDREN BY ELEANOR


Eleanor (1917-1995) was working two waitress jobs and collapsed from exhaustion while returning home from work and thus the family came to the attention of the child welfare authorities. In the spring of 1948 Eleanor was forced to file for divorce in order to receive welfare, and soon after school was out in June moved with her children back to Withee, WI to live with her parents, and a year later to her sisterís farm near Thorp. Eleanor re-married to Frank Wiernasz in 1951 and moved back to Milwaukee with her children.

Children of Ben & Eleanor (Thorson) Short

Sharon Shirley Short (b 10 Sep 1935 Longwood township, m 14 Nov 1952 Richard Slavick, div 18 May 1955, child Steve J. Slavick b 9 Sept 1953 d 6 June 1975; m 20 May 1955 Mark Wilm, div 20 Dec 1956; m 1957 Frank Gostomski) Sharon graduated from JFK College in Wahoo, NB in 1972, double major, Art and Business, pre-law course. Worked as accountant, office manager in manufacturing, fishing, consulting industries.


Sandra Shiela Short (b 22 Aug 1937 Levis township, m 18 May 1957 Marcel Blais, div 20 Sep 1973, m 13 Aug 1982 Howard Weaver; children: Michelle Blais b 15 July 1959, Rachel Blais b 23 Feb 1961) Graduated from University of WA-Seattle in 1988, BA degree. Worked at UWA 1968-2002, four years in between working for King Faisel Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Extensive European and US travel.


1965 L-R standing: Tarry, Barry, Garry, & Larry Short Sitting: Sharon & Sandra Short

1956 photo

Tarry, Barry, Larry, Garry Short

Larry Bernard Short b 27 Feb 1939 Levis township m 26 Oct 1961 Barbara Young, div; children, all born Milwaukee: Pamela Short b 16 Sept 1963; Rhonda Short b 14 Nov 1964; Jacqueline Short b 1 Mar 1966; Douglas Short b 4 July 1967 Larry worked in the heating-cooling maintenance department at UWA-Seattle. Married several times, no other children.


Larry Short, US Navy 14 Mar 1956-25 Jan 1960 "USS Sarsfield"


Garry James Short b 7 Aug 1940 Madison; m CA 29 Feb 1964 Evelyn Buss, div 22 Aug 1968, no children; m Philippines 8 July 1973 Enfrosina Chua, child: Farrah Short b 19 Jan 1977. Garry graduated from University of WA in 1975; employed at banks in CA & WA 1964-1976, Boeing- 2008


May 1999 photo: Wellesley College graduation: Enfrosina, Farrah, Garry Short. Farrah also graduated from UPEN law school May 2005



Left: Garry Short 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" Ft. Campbell



Right: Barry Short 82nd Airborne "All The Way" Ft. Bragg




Barry Jan Short b 7 Nov 1941 Milwaukee d 30 April 1967 Viet Nam m Okinawa 19 May 1965 Kiyoko Kinjo, children: Rock Odin Short b Okinawa 22 Aug 1964; Kurt Ward Short b WA 21 April 1966

Photos Right 1966 Left 1995



Platoon Sergeant Barry Short, Co A, 2nd Battalion, 8th Inf. died 30 April 1967 in Viet Nam. Posthumous rank of E-7, Silver Star and Purple Heart. Buried Tacoma, WA  

Left photo May 1967 funeral L-R: Sharon, Tarry, Ben, Sandra, Larry Short



Tarry Ian Short b 15 April 1944 Milwaukee d died 11 Feb 2009 m 10 July 1965 Kathleen Murray, div 30 Dec 1969. Child: Karry Renee Short b 9 Dec 1966; m 20 Dec 1991 Esther Copeland

Left photo 1995: Tarry Short, daughter Karry, her children Rolin (baby) and Stephanie  

Right photo c1974 Tarry Short


 Tarry Short attended grade school in Milwaukee and later Thorp High School while working for and living on the Ervin & Bernadine Benzschawel farm. Tarry moved to WA state in 1963 were he graduated from Fife High School. Tarry worked in construction and the Tacoma lumber and prefab home industry until the fall of 1977. Plowing into a left turning vehicle while riding his motorcycle landed him in the hospital where it was discovered that he needed an immediate by-pass operation. A second bypass was performed in 1991. As he was no longer able to do hard physical labor he attended Vocational school for 9 months in 1980-81, completing the stenographer course. He worked in that capacity at Ft. Lewis for about a year but found that job stress played havoc with his irregular heartbeat and had to go on disability.

Early in 1973 Tarry became heavily involved in church work and became a lay-minister visiting the sick and elderly of his congregation. Years later he continued visiting not only the elderly in nursing homes but also daycare centers and other functions as "Santa Claus", needing only to whiten his beard and hair, no stuffing needed.

1995 Garryís daughter Farrah sitting on her uncle Tarryís (Santa) lap






photo 1959: Ben, Millie, Jeff, Judy Short

 In the summer of 1948, Ben and his brother John caught a freight train and traveled hobo style to California where they stayed awhile before moving to Oregon and then to WA state. Ben found employment in the sawmill near Coos Bay, OR in 1954 and roomed with a fellow workerís family. Ben and the manís wife, Millie, fell in love, she deserted her husband and grown children and they moved to Seattle in 1955. There they managed a rooming house while Ben worked mainly as a construction worker, doing a brief stint, until his eyesight failed him, as a tool dispatcher for the Austin Co.

In the fall of 1961 Ben was permanently disabled from a fall at a construction site and went on State Industrial Aid and later Social Security disability benefits. Ben, Millie and children moved to Roseburg, OR to be near her mother and other children. In order for Millie and Benís children to be also covered by SS they had to be married and so they finally did so in 1962 with the blessing of Millieís other children, all grown and married by then. Millie died of cervical cancer on Jan 18, 1974.

On May 14, 1976 Millieís daughter Mryna and husband took Ben to lunch at his favorite restaurant where Ben was unable to eat his favorite prawn dish and said he wasnít feeling well. They took him home about 1:30, and sometime between then and when daughter Sharon started calling about 5 p.m. he died of a massive heart attack. Ben & Millie Short are buried in Roseburg Memorial Gardens a.k.a. Masonic Cemetery.


Ben m 20 Feb 1962 in Roseburg, OR to Mildred (Miller) Kingery (13 July 1917 - 18 Jan 1974). Three children, all born Seattle, WA: Jeffrey Laurence Short (b 9 Dec 1955); Charles Evan Short (b-d 6 Dec 1956); Judith Lynn Short (b 31 Mar 1958)


 Right photo May 1976 funeral: Judy and Jeff Short


Jeffrey Laurence Short (b1955) was normal until about age 21. He was committed to a mental institution in Marysville, CA in March 1996.

Judith Lynn Short (b1958) was born retarded with a mental age of about nine appears normal except for short stubby fingers and hooded eyes. She is on SS disability. Judy met and m Butch Stutzman, borderline retarded also on SS. Judy, after a violent attack on him was jailed in Roseburg, OR and they were later divorced. About 1993 Judy met a Roseburg Country Club cookís helper (name unknown) and moved to CA, nothing more has been heard from Judy. Judyís one ability was being able to remember everyoneís phone number but she has not contacted any family member.



8e.  Catherine Short, b 24 Feb 1908 d 1 Mar 1908. The birth certificate that clearly states "female" has no given name but all in the family said her name was "Catherine". The death certificate clearly states "male" with the given name of "Joslyn" (no one in the family knew where this name came from). Cause of death "puney & lack of vitality", baby probably was premature. Baby buried in Dells Dam cemetery, unmarked grave.


8f.  John Walton Short, b 28 June 1920 in Levis township, Clark Co., WI died 24 Feb 1979 Seattle, WA  

John moved to Milwaukee with his mother c1930. John was listed in the 1940 Milwaukee directory living in the same apartment building at 624 E. Ogden St, that his sister Ramona and family were living in at the time.

John Short inherited his uncle Webster (1875-1953) Fessendenís 40 acre farm in Levis sec 17 but lost it to his first wife Marjorie (Adams) Short whose name is shown on the 1960 Levis plat map.


John Short m 3 Mar 1944 in Milwaukee, WI to Marjorie Adams, daughter of Russell & Lula (Metts) Adams. They were divorced on 17 April 1946. One child, Virginia Lou Short, was born to them on 19 Nov 1945. Marjorie Adams Short next m. Launer. Virginia Lou changed her surname to Launer when she was 17. They lived in Ridgecrest, CA.


John Short was listed in the 1953 Tacoma, WA city directory at 1002 Tacoma Ave, Apt 2.


John Short next m 1 April 1954 in Waukegan, IL to Freda Jenkins of Butler, WI. Apparently this was a short-lived marriage. No children were known to have born of this union.


John Shortís last marriage was to Mrytle Tease. (Unsure if "Tease" is her maiden or married name as she had three children, a daughter name unknown, son Randy, and "little Mrytle" who m. Van Winkle in Feb 1979.) Mrytle said that she and John were m in Las Vegas, NV on 18 July 1957. Their 14 Jan 1974 Seattle, WA divorce papers, filed by John, state that they were m 22 July 1950 in Las Vegas, NV.  


Mrytle Tease,Sr. b 12 Jan 1924 Montgomery, AL, moved as a young child to Arizona where years later she answered an ad for a junk-yard receptionist and met the owner, John Short. Mrytle Teas was a singer on the radio from age 9 to 25, mostly religious or western. She could also take all 4 parts in barbershop harmony and sang with 3 men in a quartet. For awhile she gave piano lessons.


1956 photo: Ben, Ramona, John Short; Mrytle (Tease) Short holding Benís son Jeff Short

Mrytle was legally blind by 1977 and was receiving disability benefits. (She was extremely sensitive to light said her eye problem was caused by an allergy to cats) Even after Mrytle and John were divorced they lived together, she taking care of him during his last illnesses. Mrytle Short, who had been living in Renton, WA, died 16 May 2006 in Seattle, WA.

1941 Milwaukee photo: John (holding "shooting gallery" rifle), Eleanor, Ben, Wayne

John Short was in the Marine Corps 1941-1945 and served with the First Division during some of the intense battles on Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima where he contacted malaria that flared up periodically over the years.

John had property in both Arizona (where he spent his winters) and in Renton, WA, both of which contained his junkyard operations. He also worked on construction jobs in the Seattle area and the combination of smoking while covered in cement dust led to cancer of the lip. Subsequent operation removed the cancer and left a hole in his lip and scar nearby.


John had a heart attack in June 1978 and a pacemaker was installed. In July 1978 he was back in the hospital where his right kidney was removed. On Feb 21, 1979 John again entered Valley General hospital because of a blood clot and a triple by-pass was performed on Feb 22. His feet turned black and he was rushed to Providence Hospital where more surgery was done, he died the next day, 24 Feb 1979. He is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery at Renton, WA. Among the many family members who attended his funeral were his daughter Virginia Lou and her daughter. 

John and Mrytle (Teas) Short had one child: James Wallace Short, b 7 Mar 1959 Seattle, WA. (As of April 1979 there was no name on the birth certificate, name is from the birth announcement.) James Wallace Short was in the Marines stationed in San Diego in Dec 1976. James Wallace Short did not keep in contact with the family, his whereabouts are presently (2008) unknown.



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