Bio: Bacon, Benjamin & Lucy R. (Wilbur) Crockett
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----Source: Bruce L. Crockett

Surnames: Bacon, Chapman, Crockett


The Family Tree of Benjamin Bacon & Lucy R. (Wilbur) Crockett

Levis Township, Clark Co., Wisconsin

Provided by Bruce L. Crockett


 (1) 1 Benjamin Bacon Crocketttc "Benjamin Bacon Crockett"xe" Crockett: Benjamin Bacon"


Birth:                              26 Nov 1824, Greenwood, Oxford County, Maine

Death:                            27 Jan 1909

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Levis Cemetery.

Census:                          1850, Lewiston, Lincoln County, Maine

Census Memo:             Operative.

Census:                          He was a farmer living in Washburn Twp., in 1880.

Flags:                             1850 census, 1880 census, Military

xe "Crockett:Daniel H"Father:                           Daniel H Crockett  (1797-1877)

xe "Bacon:Rebecca H"Mother:                         Rebecca H Bacon (1804-1881)


MARRIAGE:  Civil, Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine. Listed as 6 Apr 1850 to Lucy R Wilber in Webster, Androscoggin, Maine.


He was a carpenter by trade, but took up farming in Maine. In the Civil War he served three years and half in the 16th Maine Regiment, afterwards returning to Elmira, New York where his family were awaiting him. In 1870 he came west to Burroak Prairie, Washington County, Wisconsin, there he rented a farm, staying two years. In 1872, on the 20th of March, he homesteaded forty acres of wild land in Section 18 Washburn Township, Clark County, Wisconsin. He built a log house and barn and began the work of improvement with a team of oxen. In 1894 he move to Section 6, Washburn Township, residing there six years. He then took up residence in Merrill, Wisconsin. where he died Jan. 27, 1909.


Residence: Webster, Maine (He was living in New York State, Bruce)

Service Record:

Sick at Washington, DC (1862)

Enlisted as a Private on 14 August 1862 at the age of 37

Enlisted in Company I, 16th Infantry Regiment Maine on 14 August 1862.

Hospitalized on 15 June 1863 at Washington, DC (Estimated day)

Transferred Company I, 16th Infantry Regiment Maine on 15 December 1863

Transfered in on 15 December 1863.


 CLARK County, REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) 02/06/1908


---------Crockett, Benjamin B. (25 NOV 1824 - 27 JAN 1908)


Benjamin B. Crockett, formerly a resident of the town of Washburn, Clark County, but for the past few years living at Merrill, died at his home Jan. 27, 1908, aged 83 years, 2 months and 2 days. The remains were brought to Neillsville, where the funeral was held in the Presbyterian Church Saturday, Rev. N.F. Chapman officiating. Burial took place in the Levis cemetery.


Deceased was born in Maine. Of his first marriage Eleven children were born, of whom five are living, namely: Augustine B. Crockett of New York City, Mrs. Ella Daily of Seattle, O.A. Crockett of town of Washburn, Miss Avis Crockett of Hornnell, N.Y., Eddie Crockett of Monroe, Washington. His first wife died in Aug. 1896. Later he was married to Mrs. Salisbury, who survives him. He was a man who was respected by all who knew him.


CLARK County, REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) 11/25/1897


---------Salsbury, Lueritia Foote (Marriage - 21 NOV 1897)


Married, at the Presbyterian Manse, Sunday morning, Nov. 21st, Benjamin B. Crockett of Washburn, Clark County, and Lueritia Foote Salsbury of Levis, Clark County. Rev. T.C. Hill performed the ceremony.


xe "Wilbur:Lucy Rebecca"Spouse:                          Lucy Rebecca Wilbur

Birth:                              14 Mar 1836, Poland, Androscoggin County, Maine

Death:                            15 Aug 1896, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Levis Cemetery.


Lucy R. Crockett died at her home in Carlisle, Saturday morning, Aug. 15, 1896, at the age of 60 years, and was buried Sunday afternoon from the Canfield school house, Rev. Foster officiating.


Deceased was born in Poland, Maine, March 13, 1836, and was married to Benjamin Crockett at Lewiston, Maine, April 22, 1850. She came to Wisconsin with her husband in 1870, and in 1873 they moved to Clark county.


She had eleven chidlren, six of whom are now living. Besides these she leaves an aged husband.

Clark County, Republican Press, Neillsville, Wisconsin 8/20/1896


Marriage:                      22 Apr 1850, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, Maine

Marr Memo:                 Location listed as Lewiston, Maine and listed as 6 Apr 1850 in Webster, Androscoggin, Maine (now Sabattus).


Children:                       Augustine B (AB) (1851-1939)

                                        Orington Ai (Died as Infant) (1852-1852)

                                        Mary Rosa (1853-1871)

                                        Ella Lee (Ellie) (1855-?)

                                        Ida May (1857-1887)

                                        Lillian L (1860-~1900)

                                        Fidilla Rebecca (1862-1888)

                                        Nellie E (Died as Infant) (1864-1864)

                                        Orington (OA) Avice (Twin) (1867-1957)

                                        Avice (Avey) Orington (Twin) (1867-1964)

                                        Edward Ai (Eddie) (1870-1939)


Other spouses:              Lucretia Fante Salisbury


(2) 1.1 Augustine B (AB) Crockettxe "Crockett:Augustine B (AB)"


Birth:                              6 Mar 1851, Maine

Death:                            2 Nov 1939

Census:                          1880, Hornellsvill, Steuben County, New York

Census Memo:             Film 1254933, p 276A, works in shoe shop.

Occupation:                  Worked as a conductor on New York to Chicago railroad.

Census:                          A.B. worked in a shoe shop in Hornellsvill, New York in 1880.

Flags:                             1880 census


 Word is he died in New York. Not sure of death date.


xe "Wells:Georgiene G"Spouse:                          Georgiene G Wells

Birth:                              abt 1852, Pennsylvania

Death:                            ?

Marriage:                      25 Jul 1869


Children:                       Harry A (1871-?)

                                        Gertrude S (1873-?)

                                        David (1883-?)


(3) 1.1.1 Harry A Crockettxe "Crockett:Harry A"


Birth:                              25 Mar 1871

Death:                            ?

Flags:                             1880 census


A picture was around of him taken in Hornnellsville, New York.


(3) 1.1.2 Gertrude S Crockettxe "Crockett:Gertrude S"


Birth:                              18 Dec 1873, New York

Death:                            ?

Flags:                             1880 census


(3) 1.1.3 David Crockettxe "Crockett:David"


Birth:                              18 Aug 1883

Death:                            ?


(2) 1.2 Orington Ai Crockettxe "Crockett:Orington Ai"


Birth:                              8 Mar 1852

Death:                            2 Nov 1852


This was their first child named Orington.


(2) 1.3 Mary Rosa Crockettxe "Crockett:Mary Rosa"


Birth:                              10 Oct 1853

Death:                            22 Apr 1871


(2) 1.4a Ella Lee (Ellie) Crockett*xe "Crockett:Ella Lee (Ellie)"


Birth:                              21 Aug 1855, Maine

Death:                            ?


Possibly she was married a second time and had another daughter. From John Fitzgerald June 16, 1941.


Living in Seattle, Washington at the time of her fatherís death in 1908. Married name listed as Daily.


xe "McDonald:Henry S"Spouse:                          Henry S McDonald

Birth:                              abt 1843, Maine

Death:                            ?

Marriage:                      9 Jan 1873


Children:                       Lovey A (1874-?)

                                        Bertha Mable (1876-?)


Other spouses:              Daily


(3) 1.4a.1 Lovey A McDonaldxe "McDonald:Lovey A"


Birth:                              16 Feb 1874, Wisconsin

Death:                            ?


Picture taken in Portland, Oregon


xe "Dorn:UNNAMED"Spouse:                          Dorn

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            ?

xe "Dorn:Lorrie"

Children:                       Lorrie

xe "Dorn:Mabel"                                        Mabel


(3) 1.4a.2 Bertha Mable McDonaldxe "McDonald:Bertha Mable"


Birth:                              14 Jan 1876, Wisconsin

Death:                            ?


(2) 1.4b Ella Lee (Ellie) Crockett* (See above)



xe "Daily:UNNAMED"Spouse:                          Daily

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            ?


Other spouses:              Henry S McDonald


(2) 1.5 Ida May Crockettxe "Crockett:Ida May"


Birth:                              14 Sep 1857, Maine

Death:                            16 Feb 1887

Flags:                             1880 census


xe "Fitzgerald:John"Spouse:                          John Fitzgerald

Birth:                              abt 1844, Vermont

Death:                            ?

Marriage:                      6 Aug 1876


Children:                       John Jr (1883-1969)


(3) 1.5.1a John Fitzgerald Jr*xe "Fitzgerald:John Jr"


Birth:                              20 Nov 1883

Death:                            17 Jul 1969


Lived in Milwaukee in 1941


xe "Derrick:Elizabeth (Lizzie)"Spouse:                          Elizabeth (Lizzie) Derrick

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            ?

xe "Fitzgerald:Matthew"

Children:                       Matthew


Other spouses:              Evelynne Martin


(3) 1.5.1b John Fitzgerald Jr* (See above)



xe "Martin:Evelynne"Spouse:                          Evelynne Martin

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            ?

Marriage:                      1942


Other spouses:              Elizabeth (Lizzie) Derrick


(2) 1.6a Lillian L Crockett*xe "Crockett:Lillian L"


Birth:                              23 Jan 1860, Maine

Death:                            abt  Dec 1900

Burial Memo:               Buried in the IOOF Cemetery.


NOTE: Lillian listed as widow in the census. She married again in 1900 and was not listed in the 1910 Jackson census. The first four children were not listed in the 1900 census.


MARRIAGE: Marriages 1897 to 1907 Jackson County, Oregon;  Ashland, Oregon library.


DEATH-BURIAL: Jackson Co. Cemetery Index;  Copy in Rouge River Genealogical Society Office, Medford, Oregon; NOTE: She is listed as Lillian Jones. She must have died shortly after her marriage to Mr. Hitch.


xe "Jones:Gilbert H"Spouse:                          Gilbert H Jones

Birth:                              1825

Death:                            1897

Burial Memo:               Buried in the IOOF Cemetery.


NOTE: Co. F 154 New York Infantry in the Civil War.


Marriage:                      5 Mar 1876, Warner, Clark County, Wisconsin


Children:                       Francis Crockett (1877-?)

                                        Addie Bertie (1878-?)

                                        UNNAMED (1880-?)

                                        Gilbert Stanley (1881-1885)

                                        George H (1884-1964)

                                        Ira C (1886-?)

                                        Hardee (1888-?)

                                        Free (1890-1922)

                                        Perry (1893-?)

                                        Clarence (1895-?)


Other spouses:              Lorenzo D Hitch


(3) 1.6a.1 Francis Crockett Jonesxe "Jones:Francis Crockett"


Birth:                              4 May 1877

Death:                            ?


(3) 1.6a.2 Addie Bertie Jonesxe "Jones:Addie Bertie"


Birth:                              31 Oct 1878

Death:                            ?


A picture showing her was taken in Ashland, Oregon. Another picture of her and a granddaughter taken in Central Point, Oregon. about 1896.


(3) 1.6a.3 Jonesxe "Jones:UNNAMED"


Birth:                              21 Aug 1880

Death:                            ?


(3) 1.6a.4 Gilbert Stanley Jonesxe "Jones:Gilbert Stanley"


Birth:                              21 Sep 1881

Death:                            28 Apr 1885


(3) 1.6a.5 George H Jonesxe "Jones:George H"


Birth:                              31 Mar 1884

Death:                            Dec 1964, Oregon


NOTE: Listed as a railroad laborer. Father's birthplace given as Canadian-English.


xe "Smidt:Agnes Georgia"Spouse:                          Agnes Georgia Smidt

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            ?

xe "Jones:Edythe Mae"

Children:                       Edythe Mae (?-2000)


(3) 1.6a.6 Ira C Jonesxe "Jones:Ira C"


Birth:                              May 1886, Wisconsin

Death:                            ?


(3) 1.6a.7 Hardee Jonesxe "Jones:Hardee"


Birth:                              Jun 1888, Oregon

Death:                            ?


(3) 1.6a.8 Free Jonesxe "Jones:Free"


Birth:                              May 1890, Oregon

Death:                            7 Jan 1922

Burial Memo:               Buried with his parents in the IOOF Cemetery.


DEATH-BURIAL: Jackson Co. Cemetery Index;  Copy in Rouge River Genealogical Society Office, Medford, Oregon.


(3) 1.6a.9 Perry Jonesxe "Jones:Perry"


Birth:                              Aug 1893, Oregon

Death:                            ?


(3) 1.6a.10 Clarence Jonesxe "Jones:Clarence"


Birth:                              Nov 1895, Oregon

Death:                            ?


(2) 1.6b Lillian L Crockett* (See above)



xe "Hitch:Lorenzo D"Spouse:                          Lorenzo D Hitch

Birth:                              Oct 1842, Illinois

Death:                            1911

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Jacksonville Cemetery.


MARRIAGE: Marriages 1897 to 1907 Jackson County, Oregon;  Ashland, Oregon library; NOTE: Vol 7 page 286 of Jackson Co. records.


 NOTE: Listed in 1900 census with a daughter (Mirtie), widower.


DEATH-BURIAL: Jackson Co. Cemetery Index;  Copy in Rouge River Genealogical Society Office, Medford, Oregon.


Marriage:                      22 Oct 1900, Jackson County, Oregon


Other spouses:              Gilbert H Jones


(2) 1.7 Fidilla Rebecca Crockettxe "Crockett:Fidilla Rebecca"


Birth:                              28 Jan 1862

Death:                            7 Feb 1888, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois

Flags:                             1880 census


xe "Baldwin:Ellery Vivaldia"Spouse:                          Ellery Vivaldia Baldwin

Birth:                              4 Aug 1853, Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire

Death:                            13 Oct 1913, Grand Rapids, Wood County, Wisconsin

xe "Baldwin:Wilson Case"Father:                           Wilson Case Baldwin  (1829-1905)

xe "Steele:Maryetta"Mother:                         Maryetta Steele (1833-1871)

Marriage:                      7 Jun 1879, Grand Rapids, Wood County, Wisconsin


Children:                       Roland Ray (1882-1942)

                                        Edmond Ellery (1884-?)


(3) 1.7.1 Roland Ray Baldwinxe "Baldwin:Roland Ray"


Birth:                              3 Jan 1882, Centralia, Wood County, Wisconsin

Death:                            13 Dec 1942


xe "Behnen:Lucretia"Spouse:                          Lucretia Behnen

Birth:                              6 Feb 1879, Beechville, Calhoun County, Illinois

Death:                            2 Jul 1959, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

xe "Behnen:Barney"Father:                           Barney Behnen

xe "Hosey:Sarah Melvinn"Mother:                         Sarah Melvinn Hosey (1862-1938)

Marriage:                      27 Oct 1903

xe "Baldwin:Mary Rebecca"

Children:                       Mary Rebecca (1918-1976)

xe "Baldwin:Clarence"                                        Clarence (?-1975)


(3) 1.7.2 Edmond Ellery Baldwinxe "Baldwin:Edmond Ellery"


Birth:                              14 May 1884, Steele, Kidder County, North Dakota

Death:                            ?


xe "Rantz:Theresa Marie"Spouse:                          Theresa Marie Rantz

Birth:                              15 Oct 1885, Kewaunee, Washington County, Wisconsin

Death:                            ?

Marriage:                      6 May 1909, Grand Rapids, Wood County, Wisconsin

xe "Baldwin:Margaret"

Children:                       Margaret

xe "Baldwin:Lenore Frances"                                        Lenore Frances (1910-1988)


(2) 1.8 Nellie E Crockettxe "Crockett:Nellie E"


Birth:                              6 Nov 1864

Death:                            13 Nov 1864


(2) 1.9 Orington (OA) Avice Crockettxe "Crockett:Orington (OA) Avice"


Birth:                              9 May 1867, Elmira, Chemung County, New York

Death:                            14 Jul 1957, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Levis Cemetery.

Flags:                             1880 census


MARRIAGE: Marriage recorded Vol 3 page 235 Clark Co., Wisconsin.


Homesteaded a farm in town of Washburn, Clark County. County seat is Neillsville, Wisconsin. Started with forty acres and had 133 acres under his ownership at one time.


When he was sixteen worked in the woods all winter to earn money to send his twin sister so she could come home. When she was next heard from she was on the East coast. She had been in the Dakotas at the time.


It was said that he built the house over the head of his bride. Worked as dairy farmer and carpenter. On Saturdays he would dress up and take his wife to town for the day. Helped start the Wausau Creamery, served on the school board as clerk and treasurer for forty years.  Served every position on the township board except clerk.


When he was about 85 years old, his son, Clifford, took him on his first plane ride from Chicago to New Jersey. He celebrated his birthday with his twin sister. This was the first time he had seen her since she left when she was a teenager.


The plane ride was on a jet right after they had started flying passengers.


DEATH: Automobile accident; He was turning into his daughters (Irene Opelts) farm.


xe "Hanks:Maude"Spouse:                          Maude Hanks

Birth:                              21 Mar 1876, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            23 Feb 1954, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Levis Cemetery.

xe "Hanks:Oren Abel"Father:                           Oren Abel Hanks  (1837-?)

xe "Clark:Ruth Ann"Mother:                         Ruth Ann Clark (1843-1883)


She was born in a log cabin in the township of Levis. This cabin was next to the Cunningham Creek just west of where the present day bridge on Owen Ave. crosses it. Later a log cabin was built on the highest point of this farm near present day Hwy 73 and where the farm buildings are today. Later still a stone block house was constructed and still stands in 2008.


She loved to read and would read as much as a book a week that she brought home from the library. She was always busy doing something. When she was just sitting in a chair in the evenings she would be knitting. She knitted all the caps and socks that her family wore.


She attended the Carlisle school as did her children and the children of Allen Crockett.


She had a beautiful singing voice.


Related to Bruce L Crockett by Robert Crockett in May 1998.


Marriage:                      11 Sep 1892, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Marr Memo:                 Married, at the residence of G.N. Phillips, on Sunday, Sept. 11, 1892, Orington A. Crockett, of the town of Washburn, Miss Maud Hanks, of Neillsville, Clark County, by Rev. J.G. Russel.

Clark County, Republican Press Neillsville, Wis 09/22/1892


Children:                       Thor Hanks (Died as Child) (1894-1895)

                                        Clifford Clive (1895-1966)

                                        Ruth Ann (1897-1976)

                                        Ella May (1899-1994)

                                        Theron Percy (1901-1967)

                                        Avice Marie (1903-1991)

                                        Lillian Irene (1905-1989)

                                        Verlin (Bozo) Roger (1907-1971)

                                        Allen (Andy) Benjamin (1909-1998)

                                        Eunice Prudence (1911-1985)

                                        Ray Alvin (1912-1995)

                                        Daniel Marion (1913-1997)

                                        Robert (Bob) Lewis (1918-)


(3) 1.9.1 Thor Hanks Crockettxe "Crockett:Thor Hanks"


Birth:                              28 Mar 1894, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            8 Sep 1895, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Levis Cemetery with his parents.


(3) 1.9.2 Clifford Clive Crockettxe "Crockett:Clifford Clive"


Birth:                              28 Dec 1895, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            14 Nov 1966, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Flags:                             Military


They were living in Chicago where he worked as a punch press operator in a felt factory in 1930.


xe "Lukas:Lydia"Spouse:                          Lydia Lukas

Birth:                              20 May 1902

Death:                            21 Feb 1977, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

xe "Lukas:Bohomiel"Father:                           Bohomiel Lukas  (?-1959)

xe "Stengel:Marie"Mother:                         Marie Stengel (?-1948)

Marriage:                      13 Jun 1925

xe "Crockett:Delores Fern"

Children:                       Delores Fern (1926-)

xe "Crockett:Phylis Jean"                                        Phylis Jean (1928-)

xe "Crockett:Donald Norman"                                        Donald Norman (Died as Infant) (1930-1930)

xe "Crockett:Dennis Keith"                                        Dennis Keith (1933-1994)

xe "Crockett:Glendon Duane"                                        Glendon Duane (1935-)


(3) 1.9.3 Ruth Ann Crockettxe "Crockett:Ruth Ann"


Birth:                              14 Oct 1897, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            12 Mar 1976, Gerber, Tehema County, California


CLARK County, REPUBLICAN & PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) 06/10/1920


--------- Crockett, Ruth A. (Marriage - 2 JUN 1920)


Mr. Frederick John Dittner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dittner, of the town of Beaver, Clark County, Wisconsin, and Miss Ruth A. Crockett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Crockett of the town of Washburn, Clark County, Wis., were married at the M.E. Parsonage Wednesday evening, June 2, 1920, Rev. L.B. Colman officiating. The groom is an industrious young farmer. The bride is a graduate of Neillsville High School and a successful teacher. We join in wishing his young couple a happy and successful life.


xe "Dittner:Fredrick"Spouse:                          Fredrick Dittner

Birth:                              4 Jun 1893

Death:                            24 Nov 1963, Gerber, Tehema County, California

xe "Dittner:William"Father:                           William Dittner


They were living in Beaver Twp, Clark, Wisconsin, they were operating a dairy farm. His mother was living with them. She was a widow.


Marriage:                      2 Jun 1920

xe "Dittner:Elizabeth (Betty) Maude"

Children:                       Elizabeth (Betty) Maude (1921-1985)

xe "Dittner:Oren Irvin"                                        Oren Irvin (1926-1994)

xe "Dittner:Chester Ray"                                        Chester Ray (1928-2006)


(3) 1.9.4 Ella May Crockettxe "Crockett:Ella May"


Birth:                              29 Jul 1899, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            6 May 1994, Barron, Barron County, Wisconsin

Burial:                            10 May 1994, Cameron, Barron County, Wisconsin


BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: Obituary;  Copy sent to Bruce L Crockett


xe "Hansen:Melvin William"Spouse:                          Melvin William Hansen

Birth:                              30 Mar 1900, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Death:                            19 Jul 1995, Barron, Barron County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               nterment in the Pine Grove Cemetery.




Marriage:                      18 Apr 1925

xe "Hansen:Donald Melvin"

Children:                       Donald Melvin (1929-)

xe "Hansen:Robert Lowell"                                        Robert Lowell (1931-)

xe "Hansen:Patricia"                                        Patricia (1937-)


(3) 1.9.5a Theron Percy Crockett*xe "Crockett:Theron Percy"


Birth:                              23 Feb 1901, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            9 Apr 1967, Richmond, Contra Costa County, California

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Sunset Cemetery.


They were living in Genesee, Wisconsin where he worked on a dairy farm in 1930.


Divorced from Alice abt 1943.


xe "Arndt:Alice Ruth"Spouse:                          Alice Ruth Arndt

Birth:                              11 Nov 1911

Death:                            ?

xe "Arndt:August F"Father:                           August F Arndt

xe "Sternitsky:Rosa Bertha"Mother:                         Rosa Bertha Sternitsky

Marriage:                      25 Jul 1925


xe "Crockett:Roy R"

Children:                       Roy R (1927-)


Other spouses:              Esther Bruun


(3) 1.9.5b Theron Percy Crockett* (See above)



xe "Bruun:Esther"Spouse:                          Esther Bruun

Birth:                              11 Nov 1911, Stokke, Norway

Death:                            ?

xe "Bruun:Hans"Father:                           Hans Bruun

xe "Bekken:Klara"Mother:                         Klara Bekken

Marriage:                      12 May 1945, Richmond, Contra Costa County, California

xe "Crockett:Daryl Theron"

Children:                       Daryl Theron (1946-)


Other spouses:              Alice Ruth Arndt


(3) 1.9.6 Avice Marie Crockettxe "Crockett:Avice Marie"


Birth:                              7 May 1903, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            30 Jan 1991, Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Burial:                            1 Feb 1991, Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               Wisconsin Memorial Park.


xe "Knobel:Thomas"Spouse:                          Thomas Knobel

Birth:                              1 Aug 1895, Switzerland

Death:                            22 Dec 1953


They were living in Genesee, Waukesha, Wisconsin where he was a farm laborer on a dairy farm. He is not in the index for the 1930 census.


Marriage:                      28 Nov 1928

xe "Knobel:Thomas Lee (Tom)"

Children:                       Thomas Lee (Tom) (1933-2003)

xe "Knobel:Donna Marie"                                        Donna Marie (1938-)

xe "Knobel:Marilyn Ann"                                        Marilyn Ann (1939-)


(3) 1.9.7 Lillian Irene Crockettxe "Crockett:Lillian Irene"


Birth:                              17 Jun 1905, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            22 Jan 1989, Marshfield, Wood County, Wisconsin

Death Memo:               Died in St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield, WI.

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Windfall Cemetery.




xe "Opelt:Max William"Spouse:                          Max William Opelt

Birth:                              7 May 1903

Death:                            5 Oct 2005, Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin

xe "Opelt:Max Frank G"Father:                           Max Frank G Opelt  (?-1936)

xe "Sternitzky:Phoebe Seraphine"Mother:                         Phoebe Seraphine Sternitzky (1870-1934)


They were living on a farm in Levis Township, Clark, Wisconsin in 1903. Later had farm in Washburn Township. Last farmed near Granton, Clark County, Wisonsin.


Marriage:                      17 Jun 1926

xe "Opelt:Arlene May"

Children:                       Arlene May (1927-1998)

xe "Opelt:Jerry Max"                                        Jerry Max (1928-)

xe "Opelt:John Charles"                                        John Charles (Adopted) (1940-1995)

xe "Opelt:Douglas Arthur"                                        Douglas Arthur (Adopted) (1942-2007)

xe "Opelt:Michael Dean"                                        Michael Dean (Adopted) (1945-)


(3) 1.9.8 Verlin (Bozo) Roger Crockettxe "Crockett:Verlin (Bozo) Roger"


Birth:                              14 May 1907, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            27 Oct 1971, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Burial Memo:               Buried in the Levis Cemetery with his parents.


NOTE: Afflicted with polio as a child. Had limited use of only his right arm.


xe "Falkner:Anna Marie"Spouse:                          Anna Marie Falkner

Birth:                              20 Jul 1919

Death:                            Jan 1991

Marriage:                      13 May 1961, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin


(3) 1.9.9 Allen (Andy) Benjamin Crockettxe "Crockett:Allen (Andy) Benjamin"


Birth:                              8 Jun 1909, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            18 Nov 1998, Marshfield, Wood County, Wisconsin

Death Memo:               Kidney failure, prostrate cancer and other medical problems

Burial Memo:               He had donated his body to medical science.

Occupation:                  Dairy farmer after buying the farm from his dad.


He was not found in the 1930 census. He had gone to the same area as his brother Theron and sister Avice (Genesee, Waukesha, Wisconsin) where he worked as a farm laborer as was his brother and brother-in-law. This was confirmed with Bob Crockett.


Dad had said that he milked cows on the Pabst farms in a conversation with Bruce.


He donated his body to medical science. The cremated remains will be buried in a couple of years. His remains will be buried in the Neillsville Cemetery.


xe "Grzanna:Barbara Regina"Spouse:                          Barbara Regina Grzanna

Birth:                              28 Oct 1918, Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin

Death:                            27 Dec 2003, Marshfield, Wood County, Wisconsin

Death Memo:               Death due to cancer.

Burial Memo:               She had donated her body to medical science.

xe "Grzanna:Herman"Father:                           Herman Grzanna  (1881-1918)

xe "Konrath:Mary Anna"Mother:                         Mary Anna Konrath (1890-1962)


BIRTH: Monday at 10:45 am. 1200 Spencer St., Appleton, Wisconsin.

NOTE: The midwife was a Mrs. B.L.Schmidt. Mom was 28 and dad 37.

In 1921 we moved by train to Granton, Wisconsin. William Harsky tells me he and his folks helped move our things from the train to Sleepy Hollow. We had a small house and a Log Barn, I think a team of mules plus some cows, etc. Living there were my Mom, Mary Ann, Grandma Konrath, Uncle John, Uncle Herman, Uncle Pete, Aunt Clara and Aunt Adeline.

Grandpa Herman Konrath had died in 1911 and my father died Dec 5, 1918 from flu and pneumonia.

On April 8, 1929 sister Cecelia was born and May 17th Mom married August Louis in St. Marys, Neillsville, Wisconsin. He lived on a farm near Pittsville, Wisconsin and when school was out I went to live with them. My sister Mary Ann stayed with Grandma and Uncle John. The rest of the Aunts and Uncles had moved to other places by then. Aunt Adeline going to North Dakota and getting married to Martin Birchem. Aunt Clara and Uncle Herman to Milwaukee, WI. Uncle Pete to Oskosh, Wisconsin by Uncle Joe.

I went thru the 5th grade in Sleepy Hollow School and after going with my stepdad, kept changing schools, as he moved every year. I went one year to St. Joachim at Pittsville. When school started we lived 3 miles away. In March we moved and then I was 7 miles from school. I had to walk, if I made it out to a certain corner in time, a farmer hauling his milk picked me up, giving me a ride about half the way.

I graduated from the eighth grade from a one room school called Natwick. The graduation ceremonies were in Wisconsin Rapids. I was able to ride with another family whose son was graduating (the Stranskys.) I was out of school one year and I too wanted to go to high school as was Mary Ann. My stepdad didn't think I was smart enough. They were very poor also. By then my Grandma and Uncle John had moved to within three miles of Neillsville. Mary Ann was going to high school from there. My Aunt Bobby said "if I wanted to go to high school she would help me." I packed my things and rode with them to Grandmas to go to school with my sister. Mom was down hearted at my leaving as she needed help. I didn't feel I could stay with my stepdad and go to school. I was afraid if Aunt Bobby sent me money my stepdad would take it from me. His name was Gust for short and I called him Dis Gust, but not where he heard it.

I didn't make it thru two years of high school. I had been going with a guy named Andy and I found myself pregnant. In those days, if word got out you were pregnant, you were kicked out of school. I sure would have liked to have finished those last six weeks.

We were married after Easter vacation. Mary Ann stood up for us and she worked vacation days and missed a day of school for our wedding. The roads were so muddy you couldn't get thru with the car. Horses pulled you thru certain places. Andy took his clothes along and changed in the fire house up town.

We were married in the priest house in a mixed marriage. Mary Ann and Norbert Schmidt were attendants. We came back to Allens folkes house. Max and Irene had come over and she made us a wedding cake. We were chivarried that night and after the roads dried up we had a dance and shower at the Levis Hall. We stayed on the farm. In 1941 Allens folks moved to Neillsville.

Allens dad, O.A. Crockett, had built the house and all the other buildings. We bought the farm from him.

All of Allens brothers and sisters were born on the farm. Most of our children were born on the farm also. They all attended a one room school (Carlyle) as they grew up. In the 1950's the schools in the district were consolidated and the one room schools retired.


Marriage:                      24 Apr 1935, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

xe "Crockett:Donald Allen"

Children:                       Donald Allen (1935-)

xe "Crockett:Eugene Edward"                                        Eugene Edward (1938-)

xe "Crockett:Bruce Lawrence"                                        Bruce Lawrence (1940-)

xe "Crockett:Gilbert Roger"                                        Gilbert Roger (1942-)

xe "Crockett:June Martha"                                        June Martha (1944-)

xe "Crockett:Dr Edgar Phil"                                        Dr Edgar Phil (1947-)

xe "Crockett:Catherine Carol"                                        Catherine Carol (1948-)

xe "Crockett:Rita Agnes"                                        Rita Agnes (1950-)

xe "Crockett:David Joseph"                                        David Joseph (1953-)

xe "Crockett:Leroy Michael"                                        Leroy Michael (1959-)


(3) 1.9.10 Eunice Prudence Crockettxe "Crockett:Eunice Prudence"


Birth:                              10 Feb 1911, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            1 Jan 1985, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona


CREMATION-BURIAL: Cremated in Phoenix Arizona

BURIAL: Memorial service held when Oakley Rhead returned from Arizona (abt May 1985)


xe "Rhead:Oakley Virgil"Spouse:                          Oakley Virgil Rhead

Birth:                              8 Jan 1910, Alma Center, Jackson County, Wisconsin

Death:                            23 Dec 1998

Marriage:                      17 Oct 1933, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

xe "Rhead:Charlotte Ann"

Children:                       Charlotte Ann (1934-)

xe "Rhead:Jack Oakley"                                        Jack Oakley (1936-)

xe "Rhead:Larry Dean"                                        Larry Dean (1938-)


(3) 1.9.11a Ray Alvin Crockett*xe "Crockett:Ray Alvin"


Birth:                              26 Mar 1912, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            31 Oct 1995, Crescent City, Del Norte County, California


DEATH: Telephone call on Nov 1, 1995 from Ardelle Crockett; NOTE: Death due to lung illness and enlarged heart. Developed diabetes several months before his death.


xe "McCuen:Viola Margurite"Spouse:                          Viola Margurite McCuen

Birth:                              2 Jul 1916, Los Molinos, Tehema County, California

Death:                            1 May 2001, Gerber, Tehema County, California

xe "McCuen:Albert Anton"Father:                           Albert Anton McCuen  (1884-1927)

xe "Walker:Viola Gail"Mother:                         Viola Gail Walker (1894-?)


NOTE: Viola and Ray divorced 7 May 1964.


Marriage:                      21 Mar 1936, Red Bluff, Tehema County, California


xe "Crockett:Ray Lewis"

Children:                       Ray Lewis (1937-)

xe "Crockett:Martha Ellen"                                        Martha Ellen (1939-)

xe "Crockett:Albert Alvin"                                        Albert Alvin (1941-)


Other spouses:              Marguerite Pearl Hendricks, Zena Maxine Clifford, Gladys Anderson


(3) 1.9.11b Ray Alvin Crockett* (See above)



xe "Hendricks:Marguerite Pearl"Spouse:                          Marguerite Pearl Hendricks

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            14 Feb 1974, Gerber, Tehema County, California

Marriage:                      1970


Other spouses:              Viola Margurite McCuen, Zena Maxine Clifford, Gladys Anderson


(3) 1.9.11c Ray Alvin Crockett* (See above)



xe "Clifford:Zena Maxine"Spouse:                          Zena Maxine Clifford

Birth:                              ?


NOTE: Zena and Ray divorced in 1985.


Marriage:                      10 May 1975



Other spouses:              Viola Margurite McCuen, Marguerite Pearl Hendricks, Gladys Anderson


(3) 1.9.11d Ray Alvin Crockett* (See above)



xe "Anderson:Gladys"Spouse:                          Gladys Anderson

Birth:                              ?


NOTES: She had been married twice before. Both husbands died. She has two children by each of her first two husbands.


Status:                           Unmarried


Other spouses:              Viola Margurite McCuen, Marguerite Pearl Hendricks, Zena Maxine Clifford


(3) 1.9.12a Daniel Marion Crockett*xe "Crockett:Daniel Marion"


Birth:                              23 Oct 1913, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            26 Aug 1997

Death Memo:               Death due to suicide

Burial:                            4 Sep 1997, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Burial Memo:               Veteran's Cemetery

Flags:                             Military


xe "Light:Frances Margaret"Spouse:                          Frances Margaret Light

Birth:                              14 Jul 1921, Davis, Yolo County, California

xe "Martin:Charles"Father:                           Charles Martin

xe "Light:Lucy"Mother:                         Lucy Light

Marriage:                      28 Jun 1941


xe "Crockett:Wayne Leroy"

Children:                       Wayne Leroy (1942-1942)

xe "Crockett:Carol Jean"                                        Carol Jean (1946-)

xe "Crockett:Gary Martin"                                        Gary Martin (1949-)


Other spouses:              Violet


(3) 1.9.12b Daniel Marion Crockett* (See above)



xe "?:Violet"Spouse:                          Violet

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            1 Jun 1993

Death Memo:               Death as a result of an accident with a horse.


Other spouses:              Frances Margaret Light


(3) 1.9.13 Robert (Bob) Lewis Crockettxe "Crockett:Robert (Bob) Lewis"


Birth:                              25 Jan 1918, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Military:                        US Army, stationed in Panama during WWII.

Flags:                             Military


Helped finnish the fall plowing and left the farm to seek his fortune. He traveled to Milwaukee and stayed with his sister, Ella Hansen and her family. One of the first things that he had to learn was, how to get a job. Through family members and friends he had several jobs.


While working in a sanitarium he met the woman who was to be his partner for the rest of his life.


He served in the Army for a year entering service in 1945, returning to Milwaukee he took up employment with his previous employer. Eventually he made his way to California with hopes of getting employment on the construction of the Shasta dam. This project was nearing completion and it was suggested that he go to Sacramento for work. Following this information, he had employment four days after arriving in California.


His new employers (Wismer & Becker) were electrical contractors. He was sent to a saw mill project in Northern California. A week later he was asked to return with his tools. Now, he was wondering just what the future held. They had him report to a job not too far from Sacramento as a foreman on the project. Someone had certainly been impressed during the interview of him at the time of his being hired.


He continued his employment with Wismer & Becker until his retirement. The projects he worked on were varied, giving him the opportunity to learn much through the people he worked with. One of the projects was installing the equipment for the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC).


He was a member of the IBEW through much of his employment. He has received a Sixty year pin.


xe "Watts:Emily Martha"Spouse:                          Emily Martha Watts

Birth:                              29 Oct 1911

xe "Watts:Herbert (Herb)"Father:                           Herbert (Herb) Watts

xe "Kanis:Augusta"Mother:                         Augusta Kanis

Marriage:                      26 Dec 1939, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

xe "Crockett:Nancy Ann"

Children:                       Nancy Ann (1940-)

xe "Crockett:Diana May"                                        Diana May (1942-)

xe "Crockett:Joyce Roberta"                                        Joyce Roberta (Twin) (1946-)

xe "Crockett:Judith Marie"                                        Judith Marie (Twin) (1946-1997)


(2) 1.10 Avice (Avey) Orington Crockettxe "Crockett:Avice (Avey) Orington"


Birth:                              9 May 1867, Elmira, Chemung County, New York

Death:                            Jan 1964, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey

Flags:                             1880 census


NOTE: Twin of Orington Avice Crockett. She lived in Union City, New Jersey before she died. Never married.


(2) 1.11 Edward Ai (Eddie) Crockettxe "Crockett:Edward Ai (Eddie)"


Birth:                              23 Jan 1870

Death:                            24 Jul 1939, Everett, Snohomish County, Washington

Occupation:                  Farmer

Flags:                             1880 census


MARRIAGE: Marriage recorded vol 3 page 250 Clark Co.


DEATH: Death Index, Washington State; 1930-1939; Film W-4; ; FHC Seattle, WA; NOTE: He was living alone in Snohomish, Washington when the 1920 census was taken.

From a letter Ruth Dittner wrote, Eddie and Augustine died the same day. One in NY City and one in Everett, Washington. Another comment picked up was that Eddie had gone to New York City.

Ella, sister of the Ed, died in Seattle, Washington.


xe "Nelson:Claudia Alida"Spouse:                          Claudia Alida Nelson

Birth:                              Feb 1875, Wisconsin

Death:                            16 Feb 1909, Snohomish, Snohomish County, Washington

Burial Memo:               Monroe IOOF Old Cemetery

xe "Nelson:N P"Father:                           N P Nelson

xe "Nels:Jennie E"Mother:                         Jennie E Nels


DEATH: Death Index, Washington State; 1907-09; Film W-1; ; FHC Seattle, WA; NOTE: There is some mistake in this record. The date would fit with 1919. She would have been 44 in 1919. In 1910 they were listed in the Wisconsin census.


Her Mother:


Posted by Karyn Zielasko <> on Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Surname: Nelson, Hyde, Crockett, Frantz




Mrs. N.P. Nelson, aged 53, died at 1 o'clock Monday morning at her home in Monroe, from Spinal disease, after an illness of seven months. Mrs. Nelson came with her family about three years ago from near Neilsville, Wisconsin, and leaves besides her husband, two married daughters, Mrs. E.A. Crockett and Mrs. G.S. Frantz; and five sons, Otto, Ralph, William and Edward Nelson and Louis John Hyde. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon from the family residence, the sermon being preached by Rev. McKean, and was largely attended by friends and neighbors.


Monroe IOOF Cemetery

Jennie Nelson (nee Wise) died 1852-1905

Claudia Elida w/o E.A. Crockett (nee Nelson) age 33 died 2-16-1909

Ed A. Crockett age 69 years died 7-24-1939 Everett

William Peter Nelson b/3-31-1882 Wi died 12-14-1972

John Louis Hyde b/4-18-1869 died 4-24-1958

Kenneth Donald Hyde 1936-6-23-1964

Norman Hyde 1915-9-19-1978

Louis Hyde Jr. 1906-11-22-1969


Marriage:                      5 Apr 1893, Shortville, Clark County, Wisconsin


Children:                       Lee W (1895-?)

                                        Dewey (1897-1958)


(3) 1.11.1a Lee W Crockett*xe "Crockett:Lee W"


Birth:                              2 Aug 1895, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            ?

Flags:                             Military


He was living in Monroe, Washington where he was working as a driver for an auto trucking company.


xe "?:Mary"Spouse:                          Mary

Birth:                              ?

Death:                            ?

xe "Crockett:William"

Children:                       William (~1915-1983)


Other spouses:              Evelyn F


(3) 1.11.1b Lee W Crockett* (See above)



xe "?:Evelyn F"Spouse:                          Evelyn F

Birth:                              abt 1908, Washington

Death:                            ?

Marriage:                      abt 1930


Other spouses:              Mary


(3) 1.11.2 Dewey Crockettxe "Crockett:Dewey"


Birth:                              Feb 1897, Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Death:                            10 Jun 1958, Snohomish, Snohomish County, Washington

Death Memo:               NOTE: Age listed as 60, certificate #12223 location 310.

Burial Memo:               Monroe Memorial Cemetery


xe "?:Margaret A"Spouse:                          Margaret A

Birth:                              abt 1899

Death:                            8 Apr 1947

Burial Memo:               Monroe Memorial Cemetery

xe "Crockett:Lester"

Children:                       Lester (~1919-?)


Bruce L Crockett

2608 SW 98th St

Oklahoma City OK 73159



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