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----Source: Family information contributed by Mary Moore, Compiled by Lani Bartelt & edited by Elaine Jenson.

Surnames: Brownell, Booth, Coleman, Crandell, Gifford, Hill, Sampson, Scott, Tripp



Isaiah Booth Family Research



Isaiah Booth was born in Livingston Rhode Island on 2 July 1801 to George and Artemessa (Gifford) Booth. George was born 23 Aug 1764 d 1837 Astubula, Ohio. Artemessa (Gifford) Booth was born 3 June 1763, Westport Town, TM, Rhode Island.   They married on 10 Aug 1788 Tiverton Rhode Island. George & Artemessa Booth had the following 10 children:


1. Hannah Booth, b 5 July 1792 married a person named Crandell.


2. Thomas Booth, b 18 Jan 1795 Massachusetts d 19 May 1835 married Sylvia Eggleston b 1804 Rutland County, Vermont

Child: Harvey Eggleston Booth b 9 April 1826 Macedon, Wayne County, NY.

Died 8 Nov 1885 Grand Island NY married Abigail Shepard 25 Dec 1846, Ashtabula, Ohio.


3. John Booth b 9 Dec 1796.


4. Jonathon Booth b 12 April 1799 Tiverton New Port City RI.

Died 22 Sept. 1853 Westport Bristol City Massachusetts. He married Rhoda Brownell on  24 Dec1820 in Westport, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.  She was b 21 June 1802   Westport Bristol City Massachusetts.




Mary Elizabeth Booth b 10 May 1833 Bristol City Massachusetts d. 28 Nov 1903 New Bedford, Bristol County Massachusetts.

married Benjamin F Sampson  b 8 Aug 1823 New Bedford Massachusetts.

d. 7 April 1891 New Bedford Bristol County Massachusetts.

They were married 9 Oct 1853 New Bedford, Bristol Co Massachusetts.


5. Caroline Amelia Ann Booth b 3 Sept 1821 Westport, Bristol City, Massachusetts.

d 14 Jan 1891 


6. Issac Crandell Booth:  b 24 Feb 1823 Westport, Bristol City Massachusetts.


7. Squire Sanford Booth b 12 Aug, 1825 Westport, Bristol City, Massachusetts and died 13 July 1894 Westport, Bristol City, Massachusetts. He was a sailor, carpenter, and a wheelwright. Found in the 1850 census in New Medford, Massachusetts and occupation listed as sailor. He married Fidelia W. Tripp, b about 1832 and died 30 May 1931 in Hancock, Waushara Co. WI.

Children: Edna Louise and Rosina J.



On Jan 1,1918 Squire Sanford Booth and Fidelia (Tripp) Booth celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.


The article from the (Hancock, WI.) paper read:


Celebrate Golden Wedding Jan. 1.


"On January 1,1918 the golden wedding anniversary of two of our worthy townspeople, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Booth, was observed in this village. A large number of relatives were present to help Mr. and Mrs. Booth celebrate this memorable occasion, thirty plates being late for dinner.


Sanford Booth was born in Wayne Co. New York Nov 16, 1845 and came to Wisconsin in 1853 when nine years of age. Mr. Booth is a mason by trade and is known as an expert in his line of work.


Caroline Scott was born in Erie Co, Pennsylvania and came to Wisconsin in 1867. On Jan 1, 1868 she was united in marriage to Sanford Booth at Windsor, Wisconsin. In 1891 they moved to Stevens Point where they lived for 24 years. From there they moved to Hancock where they have lived ever since.


Four children were born to them, two of whom are now living, Mrs. John Lant of Colburn, and Mrs. L. J. Hill of Fresno, California. Mrs. Hill was not able to be present for the celebration.


This golden wedding anniversary is the fifth of its kind to be observed in Mrs. Booth’s family: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Scott, and three sisters, Mrs. J. Bowen, Mrs. F. Pond, and Mrs. George Johnson have celebrated similar occasions.


Mrs. Booth’s sisters with the exception of Mrs. Pond who died in November 1916, were all present."


8. Zackariah Booth b about 1836 MA. 


9. William H Booth b about 1840 MA.


10, Ruth Booth no b or d dates married Stephen Hall 10 Aug 1837 Ashtabula Ohio.


 About 1823 Isaiah married Miss Hannah Wilcox in Lexington, Niagara County, New York.  Hannah was born 22 Nov 1808 in Cumberland, Providence County, Rhode Island. Her father Daniel Wilcox is listed on the 1790 Census as head of family. Her parents were Daniel Wilcox and   Mary Arnold. 


Daniel and Mary migrated to Wayne County, New York and appear on the 1830 Census.


From the History of the Town of Marion, Wayne County, New York by Vera Curtis, Part 2 Under Christian Church comes the following:

"The Christian Church of Marion was organized on 1 Nov 1820 as the Church of God and Isaiah Booth is listed as one of the charter members."


Descendant, Mary Moore did more research and says Daniel Wilcox and family are also listed as charter members and she says perhaps that is how Isaiah and Hannah met.


From this same article it states many of the first settlers to what is now the town of Marion were from Rhode Island. The stony farms of New England were too barren to support families as children grew up and the children left the original farms of their parents.


During the War of 1812 it was said there were more soldiers from Marion than there were families. Official records of awards given at the close of the war mention the name, Earl Wilcox.  Perhaps he was the father of Daniel?


A town meeting held at the town of Winchester on April 3,1826 was held at the home of Daniel Wilcox.

Researcher’s Note - Winchester was the first name of the town, which would later become Marion NY.


Listed on the 1850 NY Census are the following Booth family members:


Isaiah age 49 occupation mason born in RI

Hannah wife age 42 born in RI

George son age 20

MVB (Martin) son age 16 working at farming

Lovicia daughter age 14

Albert son age 12

Andrew son age 8

Squire son age 4


The following children were born there to Isaiah & Hannah:


1. Ezra A. Booth b 3 March 1823 Walworth, Wayne Co, NY married  #1 Sally M. Coleman B before 1825 NY d 6 April 1882 Wautoma, Waushara Co, WI

Ezra married #2 Hulda Coleman Allison on 3 Aug 1882 Leola, Adams Co, WI 

Hulda (Coleman) Allison Booth b 1833 Waushara Co, WI


 2. Mary E. Booth b 2 July 1825 Walworth Wayne Co, NY


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Daniel Webster Booth


3. Daniel Webster Booth b. 18 Sept 1827 in Walworth, Wayne County, NY, married Mary Elizabeth Coleman 16 June 1845, and he died 13 Nov. 1902. Mary Elizabeth (Coleman) Booth b 4 Feb. 1829 Mausauro, NY; d. 25 April 1908 Plainfield, Waushara Co, WI.



4. George W Booth b 23 March 1830 married Nancy Almira Tenney 27 March 1854 He died 29 April 1886 Monroe Co, WI Nancy Almira (Tenney) Booth b 5 March 1838.


 5. Martin V Booth b 5 Dec 1835 Walworth, Wayne Co. NY, married Candace Eliza Mason.  Candace Eliza (Mason) Booth b. 28 January 1836 Webster Monroe County NY.  Martin d.  25 Dec 1912.   Candace Eliza (Mason) Booth d 19 March 1898 Leola, Adams

County WI


 6. Lovicia Ann Booth/Louisa H b 28 May 1836 Walworth, Wayne County, NY.  Married on 15 Oct 1854 to Oliver Bush Tenney b about 1829.  Lovicia Ann/Louisa H (Booth) Tenney d 28 May 1863.


Researcher’s Note - I have listed both names as the first name of Louisa H was in Isaiah’s obituary and the other name of Lovicia Ann was given to me by Mary Moore, Great Granddaughter of Isaiah & Hannah Booth in Feb 2006.  I am quite sure the correct spelling is Lovicia Ann as Mary Moore said,  "I know from contacting some of her descendents that Lovicia is correct. I was befuddled by that for quite a while myself."


7. Albert J Booth b 25 Aug 1838 Walworth, Wayne County, NY  


8. Andrew Harrison (AH) Booth b 3 Nov 1840 Arcadia, NY married Lutina Rozella Graves 16 Dec 1867 Loyal, Clark County, WI Andrew d 28 Aug 1896 Colby, Clark County, WI   Lutina d 25 Feb 1933 Los Angeles Orange County, California at the home of her daughter DeEtte. Lutina was 83 years old.


9. Osker's Booth B 5 August 1843 Walworth, Wayne County, NY


10. Sanford Squire Booth  b 16 Nov 1845 Walworth, Wayne County New York. And d 16 Oct. 1920 in Waushara County, WI.,  married Caroline E Scott b 25 June 1845   Sanford Squire Booth d 16 Nov 1920 Hancock, Waushara Co,WI. Caroline E (Scott) Booth d 30 May 1931 in Hancock, Waushara, Co, WI. 


Children: Pearl, Della E., Edna, Finis


Squire Sanford also worked his mason trade in Colby, Clark Co, WI. and is listed thus in the Colby Businessmen of 1888


S. S. Booth is a practical mason, thoroughly understands all its branches and is open for contracts, the coming season, in brick or stone laying, plastering.



In 1853 Isaiah & Hannah immigrated   to Wisconsin. They lived in the town of Alto, Fond du Lac Co, WI   In both places they farmed and their son Andrew Harrison, (later known as A. H. Booth in Colby, Clark Co, WI) lived with them for seven years helping them farm. There is also a mention of a Miss Angeline Booth cited as the first school teacher in Alto, WI in the Davis house. Alto Township is 21 miles SW of Fond du Lac, WI and 6 miles from Waupun, WI


Listed on the 1860 Census for Alto, Fond Du Lac County, WI are the following:


Household #361

Isaiah age 58

Hannah age 52

Andrew son, listed as living home age 19


Household #359

O. B. Tenny

Lovicia (Booth) Tenny

Ellen Jane, daughter, age 3

Melipa age 2 months

Also living with them is

Squire Booth age 14


Household # 360

Martin Booth, age 26

Eliza, wife, age 24

Elvora, daughter age   2


So it looks like the families were just one home apart from each other in 1860.


Listed on the 1870 Census for Plainfield, Waushara County WI are the following:


Isaiah Booth age 69,born in RI property valued at $600.00

Hannah wife age 61


Living next door at #116

Sanford Booth   age 24

Carie, wife, age 21


Living at dwelling #117

Ezra Booth age 47

Sally, wife, age 47

Rosetta, daughter, age 19


Living at dwelling #118

Martin Booth, age 17

Emma, wife, age 1


Hannah Booth died 7 March 1880, Waushara Co, WI.



Listed on the 1880 Census for Village of Colby, Town of Hull, Marathon Co, WI:

are the following:

Isaiah age 79,widower living with

Andrew Booth age 41 occupation clerk in a grocery store

Lutina wife age 28

Lula daughter age 4

Claudia daughter age 1


Isaiah Booth it says in his obituary lived the last fourteen years of his life in

Waushara Co WI probably with one of his children who lived in Plainfield, WI in

that county.

Isaiah died Tuesday, 13 April 1886 at age 85. In July of 1885 his six living sons (Obit says he had ten children) had met with him at his son, Ezra’s house in Plainfield,

 WI, which was the last time they all saw each other.


Taken from Isaiah’s obit is the following information:

In 1880 Mr. Booth wrote a little sketch of his life, giving full directions for his funeral and inscriptions for his tombstone and for that of his wife, which sadly the newspaper, The Colby Phonograph chose not to print citing lack of room for the reproduction. I have searched for this document online with no success.


Isaiah & Hannah Booth are both buried at Hancock Cemetery, Waushara Co, WI. as are other members of the Booth family.





A. H. (Andrew Harrison) Booth was b 3 Nov 1840 in Arcadia Wayne Co, NY where he passed his early years on the family farm. In 1853 when they moved to Fond du Lac Co WI his family again located on a farm. By the age of twenty A. H. had learned the mason’s trade (probably from his father, Isaiah who also was a mason as was another brother, Squire Sanford), and with that profession, and by work on the farm, maintained his parents for seven years.


 In 1860 he opened a store in Loyal, Clark Co, WI under the name of Graves, Booth, & Gwin Co. In  1865 he married Miss L. R. Graves of Clark Co, WI  (I believed her first name was Lutina, named after her mother and Mary Moore verified I was correct in my belief.)

They had five children: Andrew Duane, deceased: Francis Ray, deceased: Lulu R;  Claudia C; and DeEtte.


In 1872 they came to Colby. Clark Co, WI. and with R. B. Salter operated a sawmill located about six miles northwest of Colby, WI. In an article of the newspaper, Colby Phonograph on the Businessmen of 1888 it states: " The firm which consists of R. B. Salter and A. H. Booth, owns no timber in the vicinity of the mill, but pays cash for all merchantable logs landed at the mill and does some custom sawing. They will have in a good stock. All business connected with this mill is transacted from this village (Colby, WI)"


Later in 1888 in the Businessmen of Colby he is listed as such:


J. E. Borden & Co.  This firm occupies the next building with a large and varied stock of general merchandise.  The senior member of the firm is a prominent farmer of the town of Hull and attends most strictly to his farm.  The store and business generally is under the personal supervision of A.H. Booth, a partner in the firm, ably seconded by Gust. Schultz,  head clerk.  About everything to be found in a general store may be found here.  The firm is  also extensively engaged in the lumber business, and in furnishing lumbermen and loggers, and are also jobber in produce and cheese.



Andrew Booth died 28 Aug 1896 and is buried at the Loyal City Cemetery, Clark Co. WI.  as also are his three sons, Andrew D;  Duane Andrew;  and Ray Booth.  Inscriptions are as follows:


Andrew Harrison Booth b. 3 Nov 1840   d 1896.


Andrew D Booth b 27 July 1869,  d 10 April 1871 (middle name is Duane).


Duane Booth  (no dates) 1 yr 8 mo.


Researcher’s Note - These two Andrew D. and Duane may be one and the same.


Ray Booth   b 5 June 1872 d 9 Oct 1873 .


The following Graves are also found in that cemetery:


John Graves b 27 Oct   1819 d 25 May 1888   wife Lutina Caldwell married 8 Sept 1842 (Clark Co death records list his middle initial as L).


Lutina Graves b 8 Oct 1822   husband John Graves (These are AH Booth’s wife, Lutina’s parents, John and Lutina (Caldwell) Graves).


The following marriage records from the newspaper Colby Phonograph Colby, WI, are as follows:


1. Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in Colby, WI on Jan 1st 1896 by Rev H. W.

Bushnell of Portage was Mr. G. N. Schultz: and Miss Lulu Booth, eldest daughter of M, & Mrs. A.H. Booth.

The groom had for a number of years prior to the marriage been the bookkeeper and manager of the store of A. H. Booth.


2. Married at the Cherokee picnic grounds on the banks of the Eau Pleine River at high Noon on Wednesday June 22nd 1898 by Rev S.A. Hoffman were Mr. Frank W Clark of Tomahawk and Miss Claudia A. Booth of Colby, Clark Co, WI

The bride was the second daughter of Mrs. L. R. Booth.


The groom had come from Tomahawk, WI several months before the wedding to attend Professor Sommer’s School of Pharmacy.


3. Married at the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs. L. R. Booth Wednesday evening at 8 pm on   Aug 17th 1898 by Rev S.A. Hoffman was Mr. Ernest O Miller of Stevens Point and Miss DeEtte E. Booth of Colby, Clark Co, WI.  Mr. Miller had been in Colby about a year and a half, having come to look after business matters for Mrs. Booth and had been her business manager ever since. He had lived in Stevens Point for over twenty years and was well respected.


Ernest Miller b. Nov 1871   Mother Luticia R. B. Percy was 79 in 1930 in CA.  DeEtte and Ernest Miller lived in Stevens Point Portage Co WI and later, were moved in 1901 to Long Beach, California and they are still there on the 1930 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co, California census.


From Claudia (Booth) Clark’s obituary comes the following information:


Mrs. Callie Krepsky received word that Mrs. Frank Clark (Claudia) died at her home in Long Beach, California  on Dec 7,1906. Claudia Booth Clark was born 27 Nov 1878 to Andrew and Lutiina (Graves) Booth. They had moved to California five years before her death (1901). She was 28 years and 10 days old.



My extreme gratitude to Mary Moore great granddaughter of Isaiah Webster Booth for her many years of research which she graciously shared with me, which gave me the following information:


1. Isaiah Booth’s parents names and birth, marriage and death data Confirmation as second source for Isaiah’s birth data and his and

 his wife, Hannah (Wilcox) Booth’s exact marriage month and day and  confirmations as second source for Isaiah’s death date and original

 death month and day for Hannah and names and birth, marriage and death information for all of Isaiah’s siblings and their children.


2.Exact birth dates for Isaiah & Hannah’s children and additional names of other children I did not have and their birth dates and the names of their husbands or wives and their birth, marriage ,and death data


3. Isaiah & Hannah Booths’ cemetery record for Hancock Cemetery,  in Waushara  Co, WI.


4.  Information on De Ette (Booth) Millers’ husband Ernest, his mother, and census



5. The wonderful pictures included in this biography.



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