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Surnames: Artman, Beyer, Beyerl, Budd, Bugal, Kraus, Frane, Gittel, Klawinksi, Lachnitt, Niehoff, Schuh, Schramm, Strosser, Westmoreland



John Peter Beyerl



The story of John Peter Beyerl actually starts about four generations before John in Alsace, France and includes several of his siblings who also migrated to the Colby, Clark Co, Wisconsin area.
Jean De Beyerl "John of Bavaria" was born 1775. He died in 1815.  He served in the Brigade of Wissembourg and was appointed in 1803 to one of  four gendarme positions, one of the oldest establishments in Alsace Wissembourg.
Its' part in the strategic maneuvers during the time made this a garrison town and worked to establish unity of the area.  He had the following children:
M  i. Jean Pierre Louis De Beyerl was born 23 Aug 1733 in Nidetillon, Alsace, France. He died 6 Feb 1762.  He was the author of many now famous books, and served as Magistrate and agent to Niderviller and became a printer during the Revolution.  Among other locations, his writings can be found in the Masonic Museum in France, the library of Benjamin Franklin, Library of Congress - Paris, and Library of Congress - USA.
F ii Marie Jouis Claudine De Beyerl was born 1734 and died 9 Feb 1794.
* M iii  Peter Beyer was born 1810 in Alsace-Lorraine, France. He died 1866.  Peter married Anna Bugal in 1840. He also had a marriage to unknown and from this marriage he sired Theresa Beyerl who was born 1836. She died 1923.
From his marriage to Anna Bugal in 1840 he sired the following children:
*  M i  John Baptiste Beyerl born 21 May 1849 and died 15 Oct 1922.
F ii Anna Beyerl was born 1845 She died 1871

M iii  Robert Beyerl was born 1848. He died 1926
*  M  iv  Peter Beyerl was born 1849  He died 1922
*  F v Caroline Beyerl was born 1855 and She  died 1925
M  vi  Frank Beyerl was born 1857 He died 1915
John Baptiste Beyerl was born 21 May 1849 in Oberwingling, Neiderbeyern, Germany.  He died 15 Oct 1922 in Colby, Clark Co., Wisconsin. John married Anna Strosser on 27 Dec. 1878.
Anna Strosser was born about 1859. She married John Baptiste Beyerl on 27 Dec
1878 and they had the following children:
F i  Amelia Christina Beyerl was born 11 Feb. 1875 and died 23 Aug 1966
M ii  John Albrecht Beyerl was born 15 Dec. 1876 and died  13 April 1913.
* M  iii   Francis Albinus Beyerl was born 5 Sept. 1878 and died 16 Sept. 1958
*  F  iv  Rosalia Cecilia Beyerl was born 24 June 1880 and died 16 July 1950.
*   F   v   Sister Rosina Ida Xusana Beyerl was born 12 Jan. 1882. She died 25 Nov. 1962.
F vi  Anna Marie Beyerl was born 15 Apr. 1884  She died 8 May 1892.
F vii  Martha Katerina Beyerl was born 16 Nov. 1885. She died 8 Feb. 1886.
M viii  Louis Max Beyerl was born 12 Nov. 1886
M IX  Carl Adolph Beyerl was born 3 Jan 1889. He died 11 Jan 1889
M  x  Ambrose Robert Beyerl was born 12 May 1892 and died 2 Dec. 1930
F  xi  Caroline Helena Beyerl was born 8 June 1894.
F xii Veronica Juzia Beyerl was born 8  Mar. 1898 and died 16 Jan. 2004
M xiii Henry Joseph Beyerl
Francis Albinus  Beyerl was born 5 Sept 1878. He died 16 Sept 1958
He married Rosina Gittle on 3 June 1903.  Rosina Gittle was born 5 Aug 1879 in LeRoy, Dodge Co., Wisconsin. She died 7 July 1915 in Colby,Clark Co,Wisconsin.
They had the following children:
M i  Arnold Beyerl was born 8 Mar 1904 in Colby Clark Co., WI. He died 17 Feb 1918 in Colby, Clark Co., WI.
F ii  Martha Elanor Beyerl
F iii  Sophie Rosalia Beyerl
F iv  Laura Victoria Beyerl
Francis Albinius Beyerl married Marie Ann Kiefer who was born 16 July 1889 in Theresa, Wisconsin and died 7 June1925 in Colby, Clark Co, WI.  They had the following children:
***  M  i  John Peter Beyerl was born 23 Dec. 1916 in Colby, Clark Co, WI. He died 2 Aug 1929 in Colby Clark Co, WI.
F ii  Helen Frances Beyerl
M iii  Paul Nickalous Beyerl
F  iv  Ida Margaret Beyerl
F  v  Margaret Ann Beyerl
F vi  Gerttude Agnes Beyerl
M vii  Jacob Apphonse John Beyerl
F viii  Marie Emily Beyerl
Francis Albinius Beyerl married Elizabeth Klavinski who was born 6 Sept 1886 in Abbotsford, Clark Co., WI. She died 1982 in Colby, Clark Co., WI.  Francis and Elizabeth married on 24 Mar 1929 in Colby, Clark Co., WI.  They had the following child:
M  i  Francis Peter Beyerl "Sonny" was born 19 Jan 1930 in Colby, Clark Co, WI.  He died in Colby, Clark Co., WI from winter silage collapsing inside silo: discovered by Edward Beyerl.
Rosalia Cecellia Beyerl was born 24 June 1880. She died 16 July 1950 Colby, Clark Co., WI. She married John Schuh on 26 Oct. 1903.  Their  children were:
 i Arthur A Schuh b 29 Oct 1913 d. 10 July 1992  married Anita L (maiden name unknown) Schuh.  Anita b 27 March 1905  (she is still living).
 ii Anthony Balthazar Schuh b. Sept 19,1917 at family farm, educated in town of Colby and St Mary's School in Colby, WI Served in the US Army during WW I in the Pacific Theatre.  Married Geraldine Beatrice Shelley at St Mary's Catholic Church, Colby, WI on Nov 6,1940.  He was third generation to own and work family farm west of Colby, WI from 1948-1975 then he worked for Wick Building Systems in Spencer, WI till he retired in 1980.
At the time of his death in 1991 he was survived by his wife, Geraldine, four sons: Roger (Barbara) of Mondovi, WI, Richard  of Colby, WI, Larry (Patsy) of Colby, WI, and Thomas of Marshfield and four daughters: Mrs. Leroy (Judy) Underwood of Virginia Beach, VA, Mrs. Tom (Jean) Klimowski of Phillips, WI, Lois Wilke of Dorchester, WI and Mrs. Norman (Nancy) Searer of Curtiss, and three brothers, Francis of Fond du Lac, WI, Arthur of Colby, WI and Walter of Milwaukee, WI and also 25 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.  Preceding him in death were his parents John and Rosalia (Beyerl) Schuh, one infant son, and one brother Anthony Schuh died at the Marshfield Clinic, Colby WI and his funeral was from St. Mary's Catholic Church, Colby, WI officiated by Rev Bruce Hall and he was buried at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Colby, WI cause of death - heart disease (note) as of 2005 Geraldine Beatrice Shelley Schuh is still alive living at nursing home in Curtiss, WI and all children are living
As of 2006 Son, Larry Schuh and his wife, Patsy (Baumgart) Schuh still live on the family home farm.
iii Walter Schuh b 4 Mar. 1926  d 24 Oct. 2005  Served in WWII US Army
iv  Francis Schuh
v daughter
vi daughter
John Schuh lived on his family farm  west of Colby, with his son Anthony (Tony) and his wife Geraldine (Gerry) Schuh and their children until his death.
John and his wife, Rosalie are both buried at St Mary's Cemetery, Colby,Wi. as are many other Schuh family members.
Louis Max Beyerl was born 12 Nov. 1886. He married Caroline Helena Budde who was born 8 June 1894.
Ambrose Robert Beyerl, son of John Peter Beyerl, born 12 May 1892 in Colby, Clark Co., WI. He died 2 Dec 1930 in Colby Clark Co., WI. Ambrose married Effie J Frane on 4 June 1919 in Clark Co, Wisconsin.
Effie J Frane  "Eva" was born 21 Oct 1890 in Wisconsin. She died 7 Jan 1959 in Marshfield, Wood Co., Wisconsin.
Frane Eva F (Marriage - 4 June 1919)
Colby St Mary's Catholic Church, filled to capacity, was the scene of another pretty wedding Wednesday morning when Miss Eva F Frane, daughter of Joseph Frane of this city (Colby, WI) was united in marriage to Mr. Ambrose R Beyer, son of Mr. John Beyerl, residing two and one miles west of the city.  The church was beautifully decorated in blue and white streamers, being tastefully arranged by the Young Ladies Society, of which the bride is a member.
Promptly at 8:00 o'clock, the strains of the wedding march played by Miss Rose Mick, the bridal party entered the church, led by the little Misses Catherine Kraus and Margaret Frane, nieces of the bride, who carried little silver baskets trimmed with smilax and each containing a large white lily in the center of which were the wedding rings.  Following the flower girls came Miss Mary Artman of Cashton, who acted as bridesmaid, who in turn was followed by the bride, accompanied by her father, who presented her to the groom, who entered through the side entrance accompanied by Mr. Earl Butler, groomsman. Father Lachnit performed the wedding, the ceremony being the nuptial high Mass.
The bride was charmingly attired in a gown of white charmeuse satin and georgette crepe, wearing an embroidered veil and carried a large shower bouquet of white roses and lilies of the valley. Her attendant, Miss Artman, wore a gown of white crepe de chine with bead trimmings and carried a bouquet of white roses.
Immediately after the church ceremony the bridal party and invited guests left for
the Frane home, where dinner was served, after which the bridal party left for Marshfield, from where the bride and groom took No 2 for points in the Southern part of the state on a week to ten days wedding trip.
The bride is one of our choicest young ladies. From a little girl she has grown up in our midst, honored by old and young alike. She has ever been a bright star in the home circle and now she has gone to reign as queen in her own home.
The groom is from one of our best families, and by all who know his in this city (Colby, Wisconsin). He is considered one of the substantial and coming young men of the county, who will make his mark as a worthy son of honorable parents. He has recently had a completed a new modern home upon the farm where the newlyweds will make their future home after their return from the wedding trip. We wish them long life and bespeak for them much happiness. We rejoice that they remain among us to cast their leavening influence for good in our community. 
Source:  COLBY PHONOGRAPH (Colby WI) 04/05/1919
They had the following children:
M i  Joseph John Beyerl
M ii Leon Robert Beyerl
F iii Bernadine Margaret Beyerl
F iv  Dolores Marie Beyerl
M  v  Gerald Victor Beyerl
F  vi  Florence Mae Beyerl
Bernadine Margaret Beyerl married  #2 Grover Shirley Westmoreland b 19 Nov 1915  in Waterford, Mississippi. He died 8 Feb 1992 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Ca.  They had the following children:

M  i  Larry Westmoreland
F ii Janice Westmoreland
F iii Jeanne Westmoreland
M iv  Wayne Westmoreland
F  v Mary Jane Westmoreland
The following Beyerls are buried at St Marys' Catholic Cemetery, Colby, Clark Co., Wisconsin
Ambrose Beyer l b. 12 May 1892   d. 2 Dec. 1930  wife Eva "Effie" Frame married 3 June 1919.
Anna Beyerl   b. 25 Jan 1858  d. 4 Mar 1950 husband Peter P. Beyerl b. 1849
Anna Beyerl   b. 15 Apr 1884  d. 19 Mar. 1932
Anna Beyerl  b. 8 Nov. 1887  d. June 1968   husband Peter Beyerl  b 1881
Arnold Beyerl  b. 8 Mar 1904  d. 17 Feb 1912 Parents Frank and Rose (Gittel) Beyerl
Barbara Beyerl  b. 8 Apr 1854  d. 11 Jan 1924   husband John Beyerl  b. 1881
Carl Beyerl  b. 3 Jan 1889 d. 11 Jan 1889
David Charles Beyerl  b. 27 Feb. 1953  d. 22 Mar 1953
Eleanor Beyerl  b. 1896  d. 21 Dec. 1988 in MN.  Her husband was Louis M Beyerl married 5 June 1917  Parents Emma (Dries) and Henry Budde
Elizabeth Beyerl  b. 6 Sept 1885 d. 17 Dec. 1977.  Her husband was George  Parents - Joseph Jr. and Rosa (Steinad) Klawinksi
Eva F (Effie) Beyerl  b. 20 Oct. 1890 or 1892  d. 7 Jan. 1959  married Ambrose Beyerl on 4 June 1919  Parents Joseph & ? Frane
Evelyna Beyerl  b. 1930 living husband Peter J.
Beyerl  Father  No Dates  ( Lani note This could be  John Baptiste Beyerl  b. 21 May 1849 Oberwingling, Neiderbeyerm, Germany  d. 15 Oct 1922 Colby, Clark Co., WI)
Francis F Beyerl  b. 19 Jan. 1930, d. 12 Mar. 1988 Parents Frank  & Elizabeth (Stenzel) Beyerl
Francis Albanious Beyerl  b. 5 Sept. 1878   d. 16 Sept. 1958   wives  Rosina Gittel and Elizabeth Krueger Klawinski listed  also married to Marie Ann Kiefer Parents John Baptiste Beyerl and Anna (Strosser) Beyerl.
Jacob Beyerl  d. 23 Dec. 1882  d. 8 Mar. 1893
Jacob "Jim" Beyerl  b. 20 Nov. 1923, LIVING 
John Beyerl  b. 5 Jul 1841  d. 29 Jan. 1917 Parents Frank & Marie Beyerl
John A Beyerl   b. 15 Dec 1875  d. 13 April 1913
Joseph Beyerl  b. 4 June 1943  d 20 Oct. 1955   Served WI TM3  US Navy
Karl Beyerl  b. 3 June 1889 d. 11 June 1889
Lorraine R Beyerl  b. 1926   LIVING
Louis M Beyerl  b. 12 Nov 1886   d. Apr 1976, wife Eleanor Budde  b. 5 June 1917
Marie A Beyerl  b. 16 July 1889  d. Apr 1976   husband Peter Beyerl,  married 22 Feb 1916    Parents Keller
Martha Beyerl  b. 15 Nov 1885  d. 8 Feb 1886
Mary J Beyerl   b. 1919?   d. 31 Aug 1919   Parents Louis and Eleanor Beyerl
Mother   NO DATES   ( Lani note -  this could be Anna Strosser Beyerl, wife of John Baptiste Beyerl.
Peter Beyerl  b. 1881  d. 1958,  wife Anna
Peter J Beyerl  b. 19 May 1921  d 9 Nov. 1996 wife Evelyn A
Rosemary J  Beyerl  b. 23 Sept. 1923 LIVING
Rosina Beyerl  b. 5 Aug. 1880  d. 7 July 1915  husband Frank Beyerl   Maiden name Gittel (Lani note -  this is Rosina Gittle b. 5 Aug 1879 LeRoy, Dodge Co., WI  and her husband was Francis Albinius (Frank) Beyerl)
The following Colby Phonograph newspaper articles are about several more Beyerl Weddings: 
Beyerl, Veronica (Marriage - 1917)
Miss Veronica Beyerl, daughter of Mrs. John Beyerl of the town of Colby, Clark Co, Wisconsin and Mr. Alphonse M Bauer of Leroy, Wisconsin were married at St Mary's Catholic Church in this city, (Colby Wisconsin) at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning by Rev Henry Lachnit. The were attended by Miss Eva Frane and Mr. Ambrose Beyerl. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the Niehoff Hotel.
The bride is one of Colby's most agreeable young ladies and commands the respect of a host of friends. The groom is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Zavier Bauer of Leroy, and came here about three years ago and during that time has had success contracting cement work. The couple left for Leroy on the noon train the same day, where they will remain for the winter.  The Phonograph joins in congratulations.
Beyerl, Elsa (Marriage  24 Nov 1920)
On Wednesday morning Nov 24,1920 at St Mary's Church Evanston, Ill occurred the marriage of Miss Elsa Beyerl of Colby, Wisconsin and Mr. Robert Schramm of Hubbard Woods, Ill. The ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Fr. McNamara.
The bride was attended by Miss Schramm, sister of the groom, wore an elaborate traveling suit of blue Silverstone with hat to match. Her corsage bouquet consisted of white roses and lilies of the valley.  The groom was attended by his brother, Mr. Schraum.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Beyerl of this city. For the past four years she has been employed in Evanston, where she has won many friends who join her Colby friends in wishing them a long and happy wedded life.
Descendants of the Beyerl family continue to make news on the internet:
Rev. Paul Beyerl, born in Owen, WI  has published several books, teaches courses in herbal medicine at Cascadia Community College, Seattle Central Community College and and through Hermit's Grove, offers an extensive Master Herbalist certification program. With his partner he maintains  a 43,000 square foot botanical garden on Rose Hill in Kirkland, Washington.
A fourth generation farmer, John Beyerl of Colby, Wi  has been fighting an ongoing problem with Clark Electric with himself and his milking cows suffering "mysterious" burn like injuries from Beyels attributes to stray voltage.  The entire article can be seen at:
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