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----Source: Contributed by Diane Kleinke

Surnames: Andersdotter, Bergstrom, Jenson, Johansson, Nilsdotter, Olsson, Pedersen, Purgett, Thometz




(1)     Johan Olsson  .was born March 24, 1821 in Vaarnum, Sweden. And married Stina Maja Andersdotter. Who was born Nov. 4, 1824 in Varnum.   According to Household Examination Roll Varnem AI:27, PAGE 435,  he was a tenant farmer . They had 3 children.  Anna Lovisa, Maria, and Olof Gustaf Johansson. They all lived on the Hedbotten farm with Olofs wife and four sons. In 1881 Olof left Varnum for USA. The year  after 1882, his wife and 4 children left Varnum for the USA.  On Nov. 25, 1882 Johan Olsson, wife and 2 daughters left the Hedbotten farm and moved to Kristinehamn.  Ref. Letter dated 02 Nov. 1985 from Lars Melchior , Landsarkivet, Goteborg, Sweden to Patricia Bergstrom Skubis.

Children listed not in order of birth.

(2)  Anna Lovisa  ( 1. Johan)   was born April 18, 1856 in Varnum, Sweden

(2) Maria (Johan)   was born Nov. 25, 1860 in Varnum, Sweden

(2) Olof Gustaf Johansson  (Johan) …was born Jan. 28, 1851 in Varnum, Sweden and married Stina Greta Nilsdotter on Nov. 7, 1874. She was born July 17, 1847 in Olme Parrish. They farmed at Hedbotton farm in Varnum Parish (* Varnum is an annexparish to Kristinehamn) until on May 20, 1881 Olof left for the USA. Stina  and the four boys left on Oct. 3, 1882 for the USA. The four sons were Johan Emanuel, Gustaf Adolf, Karl, and Edvard..

" Two important factors must be thought of for a better understanding of the problems and reasons for the mass migration of mainly Europeans to the U.S.. The history of the nation of Europe were at war and the reasons for war was the need for land and people to maintain the ruling class……………Cumpulsary military service …………American investors needed labor to produce their many product." *excerts from letter to Florence Purgett from Uncle Bert Bergstrom about fathers immigration..  As far as I know, my father Olof, stopped in Scranton, Pa and worked in the anthracite coalmines.  (living conditions)  Their rent, food and other meals were deducted from their wages. The same applied to their clothing , shoes, and anything else.. The assumption is that he would not have had his wife and children there  and had friends in Red Wing, Minn. Which is where he later moved."   . But it is while he worked in the coal mines that he changed his name from Olsson to Bergstrom. Similarity of last names caused confusion.  (* thoughts are that for passage he had to take his fathers last name instead of Johansson-figuring naming practices of Sweden) Olof was naturalized on Aug. 18, 1897. No date of death.  Christina (Stina) died in 1883.


(3.) Johan (John) Emanual Bergstrom , (1. Johan, 2. Olof)  was born Aug. 2, 1874  in Varnum, Sweden . Immigrated to USA in 1882. He was employed in the printing business for several companies. One producing Swedish language newspapers. Died June 16, 1927


(3) Gustaf  (Gustave) Adolf, Bergstrom, (1. Johan, 2. Olofwas born Dec. 24, 1876 in Varnum Sweden and immigrated to the USA in 1882.  He worked on a dairy farm a short distance from Minn., Minn. Spent some time working the coal mines in northern Minn. And  a few years on Dakota farms. Died Aug. 15, 1932.


(3.) Karl (Charles or Carl) Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2, Olof) was born Sept. 30, 1878 in Varnum, Sweden and immigrated to USA in 1882.  He spent most of his life working in Chicago, Il. with the exception when he and Gustave worked the iron mines in Minn.  Died Feb. 2, 1927.


(3.) Edvard (Edward) Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof)  was born Dec. 1, 1881 in Varnum, Sweden.and immigrated to the USA in 1882. (* maybe the reason Olofs wife waited to come to the U.S. was because she was waiting for the birth of this child)   Edward worked for a rug and carpet company in Minn. And later went to Superior, Wi. It was there he met and married Marie Christine Pedersen. on Jan. 10, 1902. Marie was born Sept. 6, 1882  the daughter of Anders and Petrina Jensen Pedersen.

Anders Pedersen ..b.  ?   d. Feb.24, 1894, Withee

m. Petrina Jensen April 7, 1870

Petrina  b. Sept. 6, 1840  d. Sept. 30, 1925, Withee


Johanna Petrina b. Oct. 25, 1872 d. Aug. 14, 1873

Peter Christian b. Aug. 14, 1874 d. 1905

Ane Katrine b. Oct. 25 1878 d. March. 5, 1883

Christine Cecilia b. Aug. 1, 1881 d. Oct. 1882

Marie Christine b. Sept. 6, 1882 d. May 10, 1958

Shortly after their marriage, Edward and Marie moved, with her  mother Petrine Pedersen and brother, Peter (Chris). Petrine sold the farm to her daughter Marie on 31 Dec. 1902.  The plat map for Hixon Twp. 1906 lists the farm as belonging to J. Bergstrom with location just north and east of Withee.   According to Clark Co. Court documents, Vol. 4 Pg. 62, lists  Petrine Pedersen , widow , of Superior, Douglas County, Wi.,purchasing  land north of Withee from John Owen of Eau Clair, Wi.  On 15th July 1895  with Niels Christiansen as broker.  Anders Pedersen died 24 Feb. 1894, and is probably buried in Superior, Wi.,  so Petrina lived on the farm with her daughter and son-in-law until her death in 1925.Her date of burial is Sept. 28, 1925. Buried in lot 38 grave 3.  Maries’ brother Peter (Chris) lived with them, also until his death,. His burial date is June 29, 1903 in Lot 38 grave 2.. They are buried in the Danish Lutheran Church Cemetery in Withee.  On 08 Jan. 1903 Petrine sold the farm to her daughter Marie (re: Deed Vol. 69 page 265 Clark Co. Courthouse).  Edward and Marie lived on the farm and had 4 children . Florence Hazel, Harvey William,  Frances Harriet (Toots)., and Edward Jr.. Edward  Sr. died on Aug. 30, 1923 in a car-train accident  in Withee. It was Bill Hansens car and he was killed instantly. Edward lived a day and a half but  Jens Beck survived. Edward was buried 02 Sept. 1923 in lot 38 grave 1 in Danish Lutheran Cemetery in Withee, WiMarie  did sewing and tailoring and worked for the Creamery as a bookkeeper.On 12 Jan. 1928, Marie sold the farm to her daughter Florence and son-in-law Charles Purgett. (re: deed  Clark Co. Courthouse)  She remarried in 1929 and moved to her new husbands farm.

(4.)    Florence Hazel Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof, 3. Edward) was born  Nov. 28, 1902 in Hixon Twp., Clark Co., Wi. . She graduated from Withee High School and went on to school for 2 years in Minn., Mn. And Appleton, Wi. . On Dec. 19, 1925, she married Charles Henry Purgett who was born Sept. 30, 1899 in Belmont Twp. Iroquois Co., Il. Son of Adrin Eugene and Maud Murphy Purgett of Hixon Twp. Clark Co., Wi.   In 1928 , Charles and Florence bought the Bergstrom farm but later sold it to Charles and Josephine Wysocki on 03 June,1930. (re: deed # 4347 Clark Co. Courthouse). This farm has later become known as the old Beck farm. Charles died on Jan. 4, 1967 and Florence died Feb. 20, 1989. They are buried at the Danish Lutheran Cemetery in Withee. They had 5 children. Eugene Edward m. Catherine Blume, Mahlon Lowell m. Marjorie Nelson, Ruby Ann m. Donald Zimmermann, Janet Elaine m. Otto Sauer, and Diane Marie m.1. Robert Neitzel 2. John Kleinke

(4.) Harvey William Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof, 3. Edward )  was born  March 28, 1905 in Hixon Twp., Clark Co., Wi.  On June 7, 1931, he married Ethel Madsen who was born April 7, 1909.  They had 2 children. Beverly Joan m. Lloyd Norton and Patricia Leatrice m. Richard Skubis.  Harvey died  Sept. 28, 1937.   Ethel remarried Ove Rasmussen  on June 13, 1947. He was born on Nov. 30, 1904 . He had several children from his first marriage.


(4.)    Francis Harriet (Toots) Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof, 3. Edward ) was born May 23, 1911  in Hixon Twp., Clark Co., Wi. . On April 11, 1927 she married Ellsworth Shock who was born April 1, 1909. They made their home in Neillsville, Wi.  Ellsworth (Al ) owned a barbor shop in town.  They are both buried at the Danish Lutheran Church Cem., Withee.They had 3 children. Ellsworth Jr. (Junior) m. Shirley Capes, Joyce Beverly m. Edward John Frei, and Nancy Lee m. Richard Allen Brooks   .

(4.)  Edward Bergstrom Jr.  (1. Johan, 2. Olof, 3. Edward ) was born Jan. 16, 1916 in Hixon Twp., Clark Co. Wi.   On  Aug. 28, 1939 he married Anita Marie Laabs who was born on  March 25, 1915,   Eddie and Anita made their home in Owen, Wi.  He was the owner of Bergstrom Auto located in Owen.  He, also, sold insurance and retired in Florida and Eale River.  They had 2 sons. Douglas James m. Margene  Pfalzgraf and Randell Lee m. Michele Buller.. Edward is buried at Danish Lutheran Cem, Withee.


On Sept. 6, 1929, Marie married Fred Miller in Withee, Wi.  He was born April  10, 1876 in Fredsville, Franklin Co., Iowa.  His parents were Jens and Bodite Hagdorn Miller.  They came from Schlessvig-Holsteen ,Denmark in 1871. He left his homeland because Germany had taken over the Country and he didn’t want to serve in the war.  Fred was the oldest child of 12 children. He came to Withee when he was 18.  In 1901(or Feb. 1902)  he married Letty Anderson, daughter of Soren and Caroline Nielson Anderson. Lettie died in 1923 and was buried 30 April, 1923  in lot 81 grave 3 at age 44. She was born in Racine, Wi. Both her parents were born and married in Denmark.   Fred  and Lettie had 6 children. They lived on the Miller farm and later moved to a small house in Withee. Fred died in 1957 and was buried 02 Oct. 1957 next to his first wife,and Marie died May 10, 1958 and was buried 13 May 1958 next to her first husband. Both are buried in Danish Lutheran Cemetery.  Freds children .

Harold Miller

Ann Miller m. Cherrer

Armond Miller

Alice Miller m. Landsville

Jens Miller

Caroline M. 1904-1999

Information fromSoren Anderson Bio, Nazareth Church records, and letter from 95 year old  daughter of Fred Miller, Anne Cherrer.


In 1883, Olof Bergstrom married Christine Hagerstrand in Red Wing Mn. . She was born  on Dec. 5, 1849. (I think in Sweden). And died Dec. 7, 1934 in Mn.  Christine was a housekeeper for a lighthouse or two located in  Houghton and Hancock.  They lived in Mn. And had 4 more children. Ella Amanda, Arthur, Katherine J.,  and Robert W..  Olof died April 2, 1932.


(3.)  Ella Amanda Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof ) was born July 14, 1884 and died Oct. 6, 1962. On June 28, 1905 she married John  W. Murker  b. unknown died June 20, 1950. Ella worked at the same printing company that John worked for running a folding machine and later worked at the Hampshire Arms. (a family hotel)   They had 2 children Kenneth m. Alma and Alden G. m. Elsie


(3.) Arthur Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof ) was born March 8, 1886 and died  Jan, 16, 1954. On Aug. 27, 1832 he married Eleanor Thometz. They had 1 son Arthur Jr.  Arthur F. Sr. worked for the Chicago, Mil., St. Paul Railroad in the yards in Minn., Mn. He repaired air brake units . He also worked as a pipe fitter  and a switchman for the Great Northern Railroad.


(3.) Katherine W. (Minnie) Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof ) was born  Nov. 11, 1889 . On  Oct. 12, 1912 she married George G. Lynch who was born  in 1898 and died April 15, 1944. They had one daughter Grace M. who married a Johnson..  Minnie worked for a motion picture company while her husband was in the army in WW1.


(3. )  Robert W. (Bert) Bergstrom  (1. Johan, 2. Olof ) was born March 29, 1893 . On Sept. 11, 1920 he married Lee Neil who was born Feb. 5, 1895 and died Dec. 20, 1964.  They had 2 children. Donald Neil and Dorothy.  Robert had only a few months in High school as suffering from poor health, he was told by the doctors to move where there was fresh air. He moved to Withee and lived with Edward and Marie. He later returned to Minn., Mn. In the Spring of 1910 to learn a trade in the machine industry.. He worked in a machine shop and for the Great Northern as a switchman.


* A lot of this info came from Pat Skubis plus decendancy chart from Florence Purgett  and the precious letter from Uncle Bert Bergstrom on the history of his fathers migration to the U.S.


Left, the Family of Edward Bergstrom.

Below, the Bergstrom Farm

The Bergstrom Service Station in Owen, WI



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