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----Source: Greenwood Pubic Library, "Clippings" from the Greenwood Gleaner Women's Club Notes.

Women's Club of Greenwood, Wisconsin

Back row, L to R: Mrs. Clifton (Grace) Fonstad, Rev. J. C. Klingeberger, Mary Denk, unknown, Mrs. Alf Larson, Beulah Cox, Luella Hohl, Velma Stewart, Irene O'Connell, Alice Perkins, Inez Ramin, Nina Drew, unknown.
Front row: Tress Blaasch, Agnes Behrens, Olga Amundson, Estelle Mead, Mrs. Viola Meyer, Lucille McConnell.

Alice Braun contacted 3 different women, including Mrs. Blaasch, who gave these identifications. The photo was provided by the Greenwood Public Library and prepared by Janet Schwarze.

The following was presented on the 25th Anniversary of the Greenwood Woman's Club, which was held in the home of Lawrence COX. The presentation was written and read by Mrs. W. E. HOGUE on Thursday, February, 17, 1955. This "History of Greenwood Woman's Club" was also published in whole or part in the Greenwood Gleaner as a series.
Transcribed by Kathie Goad 18 Sep. 2000 from the original notes of the presentation. Many thanks to her!

Madam President, Members of the Women's Club and visitors of the Loyal Study Club

We meet here tonight to observe the 25th anniversary of the organization of the Greenwood Woman's Club on Feb. 12, 1930.

Through the combined efforts of Mable BISHOP, Mrs. J.R. THOMAS, Mrs. J. S. ANDREWS Mrs. George HEILMAN and others, woman interested in Club work were notified that a meeting would be held in Volk's Hall, better known now as Jerry's Dairy Bar, (The building was owned by Jacob Volk who operated a tailor shop on the ground floor, the upper part was used for public meetings) for the purpose of organizing a Federated Woman's Club.

Mrs. G. H. LOWE of Neillsville, Clark Co. Organizer was present, and gave many helpful suggestions and presided over the meeting.

After some discussion Mrs. G. H. HEILMAN was elected Pres. Pro Tem. and a Woman's Club was organized with a Civic and Study Department. Officers elected were, President, Mrs. Geo. HEILMAN, Vice Pres. Mrs J.'s ANDREWS, Sec., Mrs. E. G. PFEIFFER, Treasurer Mrs. Louie ARBS.

One Associate and fourteen active members were secured at this meeting. The roll call for the first three months was twenty eight members.

The charter members being Mrs. Geo HEILMAN, Mrs. J. S. ANDREWS, Mrs. Louie ARBS, Mrs. E. G PFEIFFER, Mrs. A.J ALLARD, Mrs. J. W. ARENDS, Mrs. E. T BURCH, Mrs. H. L. FLATZ, Mrs. P. W. GULLORD, Mrs. W. E. HOGUE, Mrs. John MENG, Mrs. W. F. NEUENFELDT, Miss Mable BISHOP, Miss Irene O'CONNELL, Mrs. E. T. OPDYCKE, Mrs. P. E. PETERSON, Ruth WILTSEY, Mrs. W. KENYON, Miss Bethel LENZ, Mrs. J.R. THOMAS, Evangeline SHEETS, Mrs. Otto HILES, Miss Sigrid STARK, Mrs. W. C. STEIGER, and Miss HARROP. Of the above twenty-eight charter members only Miss Irene O'CONNELL and Mrs. W. E. HOGUE had had a continuous membership in the club for the past twenty-five years.

Mrs. M. E. KENYON and Miss Evangeline SHEETS were charter members, but discontinued their membership. In 1943 Evangeline SHEETS joined our club again and is an active member. In 1951 Mrs. KENYON joined our club.

During the first few years the Civic Department meetings were held in the Public Library and the Study Department meetings were held in the homes and no lunches were served.

In the early part of our club year the "Helen Mears" contest was brought to the attention of the local school.

Our club affiliated with the District in Mar. 1930, joined the County Federation in May 1931 And the State and General Federation in 1931. Our first year book contained the Pledge to the Flag" and 'Creed for Club Women."

Mabel BISHOP, County Chairman for two years attended the District Convention at LaValle and gave an interesting report to the club.

The first activity of the 1932-32 Club year was an informal tea given at the Mrs. E. T. BURCH home in honor of our lady teachers.

In later years we have entertained the wives of our teachers and the lady teachers with a picnic dinner at the tourist park.

On Feb. 8 the Club members had a sleigh ride party out to the farm home of Mrs. John HORN where a delicious chicken dinner was served for fifty cents, all we could eat. The evening was spent visiting and singing.

The following meeting was at the ARMSTRONG home, the members were met at the door by Mrs. E. G. PFEIFFER who was dressed as Betsy Ross. After the business meeting, George and Martha Washington gave and interesting playlet as a pleasant surprise for the club. Mrs. ARMSTRONG was dressed to represent George Washington and Mrs. P. W. GULLORD as Martha Washington.

The Club accepted the invitation of Betsy Ross, George and Martha Washington to attend a Colonial Tea on Feb. 22, 1932 at the parsonage of the Reformed Church. E. G PFEIFFER was Pastor of the Reformed Church at that time.

Music week program for the public was sponsored by the club.

On Oct. 7, 1932 the Club held an antique exhibit at the Public Library, which was open to the public both afternoon and evening. Many interesting antiques were displayed, also a demonstration of carding wool and spinning yarn was given by Mrs. Louisa HORN and Mrs. W. E. HOGUE.

A Christmas party was enjoyed by the Club on Dec. 2, at the KENYON home. Five dollars was expended for articles for the home of five needy families and toys were given to the children.

On January 6, 1933 at the regular meeting the History of Pottery was read by Mrs. John MENG and samples of Van Briggle Pottery were on display, sent to the Club by the company in Colorado Springs.

Mrs. E. G. PFEIFFER, chairman of the Clark Co. Conservation committee gave a report on conservation urging the cooperation of the club and the community beautifying the school grounds, parks and public places and roadsides. Two dollars and fifty cents was expended to plant on acre in a National Conservation project in northeastern Wisconsin.

Two dollars was sent to the Indian School in Hayward.

At the last regular meeting of the club year, the playlet, "He likes Them Modern" was given. The bandstand was painted in the spring of 1933 by Albert SHANKS at a cost of twenty-six dollars, which was paid by the Women's Club. The book, "Building the World Society', by Laura Mc Mullen was donated to the library and seventy dollars was given, during the club's ten years, the money being used for buying books.

The Christmas party was held at the home of Mrs. A. H. NOETZEL, clothing and gifts donated by various members of the club were wrapped and distributed to several families where it was needed to give a little Christmas cheer.

Mrs. J. S. ANDREWS, chairman of the committee on "Our local century of Progress", had charge of the program "A century of Progress" held at her home Feb 2, 1934, where many articles were on display. The local history was read by the compilers of "History of Greenwood", which was later published in book form and about one hundred and fifty copies sold.

On Dec. 7 a short play, "Living Pictures of Historic People" was portrayed by Mrs. A. H. MUENCHOW as Cleopatra Mrs. H. FLATZ as Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Russell MEAD as Eve Mrs. H KEINER as Pocahontas Mrs. Fred BEHRENS as the modern housewife. Mrs. E. G. PFEIFFER was the reader.

The 1934 Christmas party was held a the home of Mrs. Harvey FLATZ, homemade cookies were donated by the members and were sent to shut-ins and children, Christmas cards were also sent. Little Christmas trees were trimmed and sent to Mrs. Willie SMITH and Otto SCHMITZ, who were both very ill.

The club sponsored a prize safety contest in poster and essay form from each grade of the Public and Parochial schools in Greenwood, twenty five cents per grade was given as the award. Sixteen prizes were awarded.

Oct. 18, 1935 the club made a motion which was unanimously carried that the Greenwood Woman's Club make "Grandma", Mrs. Karen MATHISON an honorary member of the club, in honor of her 100th birthday anniversary, which was observed by many relatives and friends on Oct 13, 1935. She was the mother of Miss Annie MATHESON and Albert MATHESON who reside here in Greenwood. Grandma Matheson passed on July 6, 1936.

A flower show was sponsored by the club in Sept. 1936 in connection with the Clark County Convention which met here.

A class in Red Cross Home Nursing was sponsored by the club.

On Oct. 16, 1936, Mrs. K. KRAHN, who had made a six weeks tour of several European countries during the summer of 1936 gave an informal talk on Switzerland, showing us many souvenirs and pictures.

Five dollars was donated to the Red Cross for the flood sufferers, and two dollars for tooth brushes to the County nurse to be distributed to children.

In the spring of 1938 an Easter basket was presented to Mrs. J. W. ARENDS, who was ill. Mrs. ARENDS passed away May 14, 1939.

A special program was given by the Greenwood High School debating team at the Feb 3, 1939 meeting, by Norbert JOLIVETTE and Margaret THORSON, negative Elaine BUKER and Stanton GAYLORD, affirmative. The question debated: Resolved that the United States should establish an alliance with Great Britain.

Two dollars was donated to the Wisconsin Farm School at Hartland, Wisconsin.

The 1939-40 hears books contain the collect which is read at every meeting, also other changes in this new year books were made.

The Club sponsored the home, porch, yard and window decorating contest for Christmas.

An infant welfare clinic and the Helen Mears Art contest were also sponsored.

The Greenwood Woman's Club tenth anniversary party was held on Fen 16, 1940 in the Home Economic Room at the local High school. Mrs. ZELL, Home Economics teacher and the girls of the Home Economics Department served the banquet to eighteen members of the Club. Those present were Estelle MEAD, Esyaleth ANDREWS, Ingeborg HOGUE, Mabel JOHNSON, Ruth WILSTEY, Lillie M. HEILMAN, Florence GORSEGNER, Alice BEHRENS, Dorothy NORSON, Tina M LADA, Helen BEHRENS, Ella May GISWOLD, Ruth MICHELS, Elizabeth PFEIFFER, and the Misses Clara HUNTZICHER, Rue CUMMINGS, Irene O'CONNELL and Marie ORTH. After the banquet a program was enjoyed

The Club year closed with the annual picnic in June.

On October 20, 1944, the members of the Greenwood Woman's Club were guests of the Girl Scout Court of Honor. The mothers of the Girl Scouts and Brownies were also present. Mrs. NORSIN, Scout Leader, conducting the meeting. The Girl Scout activities were under the direction of Mrs. Wm. OLSON, the Brownies under Mrs. MEND'S supervision.

Awards to the Girl Scouts were made by Mrs. Ed MICHELS and Mrs. Harold STABNOW who were members of the Troop committee. Mrs. MEAD presented Brownie pins and cards to the group. Refreshments consisting of cookies and coffee were served following the program.

At our Nov 19 meeting nineteen members were present and seventeen members of the Loyal Study Club. After a brief business meeting, the Loyal Study Club presented the program, Singing and music by Mrs. PENGELLY and a one act play by six of their members.

The 1944 Christmas party was held at the home of Mrs. A. J. AMUNDSON at which the teachers and wives of the men teachers were guest of honor. The entertainment was in charge of Miss Evangeline SHEETS, Mrs. Lawrence COX, and Miss Clara HUNTZICKER. Mabel BISHOP played for the music portion of the program.

Thru (sic) the efforts of Mrs. Wm. OLSON, our Jan 9, 1945 hostess, members and guests were fortunate to see the pictures of parts of Columbia, S.A. South America , taken by Albert PERKO of Willard, who was a South American Geology worker at that time.

On Apr 16, 1945 the Club enjoyed a declamation "The Raft" by Lenore MEILMAN and Dun BARTON Oaks by Audrey MICHELS, followed by questions and a general discussion.

At the following meeting, and "Oration by John OLSON and Declamations by Ann HUNTZICKER and Edith BEHRENS were enjoyed by the club.

The 1945 annual picnic was held in the Legion Hall with the mothers of Girl Scouts and Brownies as guests.

Mr. Mrs. Calvin MILLS of the Clark Co. Hospital at Owen were guest at the Oct 2, 1948 meeting. Mr. MILLS spoke on Metal Health and the Hospital in general. Following Mr. MILLS talk, Mrs. MILLS displayed many articles of fancy work made by the woman inmates and wood and soap carvings by the men, which were for sale.

The Woman's Club has sponsored the selling of Christmas Seals for several years.

Five dollars was given to the American Legion for the Christmas gift project.

A letter from the State Medical Society of Wisconsin regarding socialized medicine was read and discussed by the members. A motion made and approved by the club that the blank sheet sent with the letter be filled in and sent to the State Medical Society showing the Clubs disapproval of the health insurance bill. A short time later the State Medical Society of Wisconsin sent us a 'Thank You" letter for giving our disapproval of the bill.

On Feb 16, 1950 the Greenwood Woman's Club held their 20th Anniversary party in the Home Economics room at the High School. The girls of the Home Economics department prepared and served a 6:30 dinner. The tables were beautifully decorated in the colors red and white, with two bouquets of red and white carnations. The place cards were red and white, made to resemble small books. There were only two of the charter members, Miss Irene O'CONNELL and Mrs. H. E. HOGUE still on the membership roll. The President presented each with a lovely corsage of white carnations. After the lovely dinner, Mr. SCHWARZE came and took pictures of the group. Our guests were Rev. and Mrs. KLINGERBERGER, Paul KLINGERBERGER gave an interesting talk on Abraham Lincoln, also showing pictures of Lincoln's birth place and other highlights of his life. Mrs. MEAD gave a history of the Club from the tenth anniversary observed in 1940 to 1950. The girls of the Greenwood High School Glee Club presented two vocal selections. The party ended with the group singing 'Auld Lane Syne."

On Apr 19, 1951 Mrs. M. W. ERICKSON, 9th District President, and her sec. Mrs. W. TRINDAL, who is also our County Art Chairman were guest at the meeting held at the home of Mrs. Albert NEUENFELDT. Mrs. ERICKSON gave us many helpful suggestions and reminded us of our various duties at the District Convention to be held at Loyal May 8. Mrs. TRINDAL in her talk, stressed "Art" and the writing and acting of One act plays, she hoped to interest the clubs in writing one act plays and presenting them before an audience.

The Past Presidents of the Club are Mrs. George HEILMAN, Ruth WILTSEY, Russell MEAD, Loren GISWOLD, Fred BEHRENS. Irene O'CONNELL, Irving SHERMAN, W. M. OLSON, Fred HOHL, W. A. STEWARD, O. J. AMUNDSON and Robert RAMIN our present president.

Books placed in the Public Library in memory of our departed members are:

"So Well Remembered" - Clara HUNTZICKER

"The Bishop's Mantel" - Ruth WILTSEY

"We Lived with Peter" - Mrs. Irving SHERMAN

"Father Flanigan's Boys" - Mrs. J. ARMENDS

"On the Bears Domain" - Agnes BEHRENS

The Club feels very grateful to Mrs. Geo. Einfeldt for the pictures that she has shown to us in the past four years of our own country, also of several foreign countries, they have been very interesting and educational.

The Clubs twenty-fifth Anniversary was observed at the home of Mrs. Lawrence COX. A group of the Loyal Study Club and Mrs. J. J. HARYCKI, of Thorp President of Clark Co. Federation of Women's Clubs were guest. Letters from Mrs. Geo. HEILMAN, Milwaukee, Wis., a charter member and first President of the Club, and Mrs. E. T. BURCH, St. Paul, Minn. were read to the Club, expressing best wishes and congratulations to the Club. Miss Irene O'CONNEL and Mrs. W. E. HOGUE who have had a continuous membership in the club for the past twenty five years, were each presented with a lovely corsage. The program of the evening was singing by Mrs. W. A. STEWART, Evangeline SHEETS, Mrs. Bob RAMIN, Mrs. Lawrence COX and Mrs. Arleigh SYTH, Mrs. Wm. OLSON at the organ. A one-act play was given by a group of club members. Reading of the Clubs History by Mrs. W. E. HOGUE and the "Creed for Club Women" by Mrs. R. MEAD. Refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Lawrence COX and her committee.

Transcribers Notes:

The General Federation of Woman's Clubs is still in existence today, you can visit their web-site

I was also able to find the Van Briggle Company on-line.( . In their response to my query they wrote: "Our website shows some older designs that were made back in the 1930, the Lorelei, Anemone vase, butterfly bowl and Noveau lamp." take a look and join the meeting.



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