Bio: Murkowski, John aka "Jan" (1854 - ?)

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Surnames: Murkowski, Orlikowski, Gesicki, Wisnewski, Senski, Napieralla, Lawrence


----Sources: Federal Census Records, Rietbrock Centennial (1880 - 1980), Family Records, Wisconsin State Records.


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Murkowski Farm

Finding heavy, wooded area, without sign of civilization, such as a road, school, church and the absence of all conveniences which seemed an absolute necessity for some cultured people from Pennsylvania such as had the means to leave left returning in disgust. But John Murkowski, a young unmarried man decided to settle on a tract of land Section 17 - Township 29 - N Range 4-E in 1878. He cleared enough land to build a log house and barn. Later as he married Lekodia Hart they both cleared enough land so that they could start into farming slowly. The hardships were great at the beginning with the raising of a large family. But with the help of their children, they were able to spend all of their life on this tract of land now owned by a grandson Clement Murkowski.

Blacksmith Shop

Records show that in 1846 a tract of land Section 15, Township 29 - N Range 4-E was given by the United States Government to David Keith for serving in the War of 1812.

A settler Jacob Murkowski settling in about 1876 or earlier started a blacksmith shop shoeing oxen, making hoes and other oddities. The only road from the village of Poniatowski to this farm was a path they used as a road. The settlers helped each other as best they could.

As more land was cleared, records show that Jacob and Eva had the land in 1890 to 1895, then Jacob and Josefa had the land until 1898. It was then purchased by Anton Wisnewski from 1907-1918; later in that year it was handed down to Frank Wisnewski until 1930, when it was sold to John Gesicki Sr. In later years it was purchased by Thomas Witucki and is now owned by their son James.


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1875-80. Wedding Picture. Adam Senski, 1845-1131, Maryanna (KOSS) Senski, 1856- 1922. Parents of Ignatz, Veronica (Mrs. John Michalski), Stan St., Mary (Mrs. Mike Janowski), Julia (Mrs. Joe Gesicki), John also Katherine (Mrs. Andrew Novitzke). Grandparents of Stan Jr., Edward, Lawrence, Leo, Regina (Mrs. Clements Napierala) and others. Copies from a drawing on October 7, 1972. Adam and Mary Senski came to Marathon County, Town of Rietbrock, in 1879. They emigrated from Poland and lived in Milwaukee for a short time. They moved on 40 acres, just one-fourth mile west of the present Lawrence Senski farm, which is now owned by George Urmanski and the house is owned by Gary Lewis. Ignatz Senski occupied this house until 1947.

There were seven children in this family. Ignatz, the oldest, was born in Milwaukee. Stan and John were the other two boys, and the girls were - Julia (Gesicki), Mary (Janowski), Veronica (Michalski), and Kathryn (Nowicki).

In 1899, they purchased another 40 acres, which is now part of the Lawrence Senski farm. Stan was married to Caroline (Wisnewski) in 1909, when he became owner of this land. In 1911, Stan built the house which is now occupied by Lawrence Senski. Adam and Mary continued to live in the older home at the same location.

Stan Sr., and his wife Caroline were parents of the following- Stan, Jr., Leo, Lawrence, Edward and Regina (Napieralla).

Lawrence Senski is the present (1980) owner of this land and he purchased the farm in 1953.

1880 Federal Census, Rietbrock, Marathon, Wisconsin, United States, pg. 389

John Murkowski, married, American, male farmer

father's birthplace : Poland
mother's birthplace : Poland

Household Members
self John Murkowski M 26 Poland
wife Leocadia Murkowski

1910 Federal Census, Rietbrock, Marathon, Wisconsin, pg. 7, family 121


John Murkowski, white, married, male
father's birthplace: Germany
mother's birthplace: Germany

Household Members
self Jacob Orlikowski M 38y Germany
wife Pranszisko Orlikowski F 35y Germany
Maria Orlikowski F 18y Germany
Helena Orlikowski F 9y Germany
son Andrew Orlikowski M 7y Germany
daughter Francis Orlikowski F 4y Germany
daughter Martha Orlikowski F 1y Wisconsin
son Josef Orlikowski M y 2m Wisconsin
self John Murkowski M 57y (1854) Germany
wife Leocadia Murkowski F 47y Germany
son Peter Murkowski M 24y Wisconsin
son Leo Murkowski M 22y Wisconsin
daughter Mary Murkowski F 19y Wisconsin
son Johny Murkowski M 17y Wisconsin
son Josef Murkowski M 16y Wisconsin
daughter Helen Murkowski F 14y Wisconsin
daughter Ida Murkowski F 13y Wisconsin
daughter Agnes Murkowski F 9y Wisconsin
son Harry Murkowski M 8y Wisconsin
son Ignatz Murkowski M 7y Wisconsin
daughter Julia Murkowski F 5y Wisconsin


Wisconsin Birth Records


Frank Murkowski
gender: Male
birth date: 10 Sep 1889
birthplace: Rietbrock, Marathon, Wisconsin
race: White
father's name: John Murkowski
father's birthplace: Polen
mother's name: Leokadya Hart
mother's birthplace: Polen


John Murkowski
gender: Male
birth date: 31 Dec 1892
birthplace: Rietbrock, Marathon, Wisconsin
race: White
father's name: John Murkowski
father's birthplace: Germania
mother's name: Leokodia Hart
mother's birthplace: Germania


Henry Murkowski
gender: Male
birth date: 23 Jan 1902
birthplace: Rietbrock
race: White
father's name: John Murkowski
father's birthplace: Poland
mother's name: Ella Hart
mother's birthplace: Poland


Notes - From the Murkowski Family

Stanislaw Marcellinus Morkowski was born in Kcynia on 30 Oct 1781 to Chrisostum Murkowski and Marianna Pezalinski.

Stanislaw Marcillenus Murkowski married his first wife Franciszka Dogorski in Kcynia about 1804. He married his second wife, Marianna Nalepinski in Kcynia in 1840.

Frank Murkowski born in 1807 married Michalina Pawlicka on 5 Oct 1840 in Kcynia.

There children were:

  1. Julianna Murkowska born 14 May 1843. She married Michal Banaszynski on 13 Sept 1863 in Kcynia Poland.

  2. Jakub Murkowski born 21 July 1844 in Kcynia and married Ewa Zianek, daughter of Anna Waskowiak  in Blugowo, Poznan. They immigrated to the US and settled in Wisconsin before traveling to Enumclaw Washington. His second wife was Josephine Manowska, daughter of Konstanty Retke and Michalina Komer, born about 1845. They were married on 7 Sep 1891 in St. Stanislaw church in Milwaukee.

  3. Antonina Murkowski born 10 May 1845 in Kcynia.

  4. Franciszek Murkowski born 8 Sep 1856.

  5. Katarzyna Murkowski born 5 Nov 1857 She married Frank Miszewski in Milwaukee, WI

  6. Hieronim Murkowski born 15 Apr 1859

  7. Jan Murkowski born 1854. He married Leokadia Hart in June 1879 in Marathon County WI

  8. Adalbert Murkowski married Marianna Czerwinski in Milwaukee WI 

Jacobus Markowski (23) (mother: Michalina Pawlicka Murkowska) married Eva Zianek (19) in Blugowo in 1865:

  1. Marianna Murkowska born 17 Feb 1866 in Bługowo.

  2. Balbina Murkowska born 13 Jul  1867 in Podrozna, Bługowo parish.

  3. Jan Murkowski born 11 Jul 1869  in Podrozna, Bługowo parish.

  4. Lucas (Louis) Murkowski born 1873 in Rietbrock, Marathon County, Wisconsin

  5. Joseph Murkowski, born 1879 in Rietbrock, Marathon County, Wisconsin.

  6. Michael Murkowski, born Sep 1882  in Rietbrock, Marathon County, Wisconsin

Jakob Murkowsy [sic] Ewa Murkowsky came to America on 13 May 1872 on the ship Henry from Bremen to New York. Jakob was listed as 31 year old smith coming from Germany to Wisconsin.

  1. Balbina Murkowsky, 4.

  2. Johann Murkowsky, 18, also a smith. (probably Jakob's brother)

Jacob Murkowski 39 and Eva Murkowski 37 appeared in the 1880 US census in Rietbrock, Marathon County, Wisconsin. Their children:

  1. Balbina Murkowski 11. She married Peter Frisk and died on 25 July 1940 in Enumclaw Washington.

  2. Lukas [Louis] Murkowski 7. Married Margaret Ann Keely, daughter of Thomas Keely and Sarah Greene. Margaret Ann

  3. Murkowski died 8 May 1957 in Enumclaw Washington.

  4. Joseph Murkowski 2. He died as Joseph John Murkowski on 15 Nov 1957 in Seattle Washington.

Louis Murkowski, born 1873 registered for the WWI draft in Enumclaw Washington. He listed his occupation as a self employed blacksmith.

Louis Murkoski 38 and Margaret Murkoski 23 appear in the 1910 U.S. Census in Enumclaw Washington.

  1. John Murkoski 7

  2. Frank Murkoski 6

  3. Harry Murkoski 5

Louis Murkowski 48 and Margaret Murkowski 34 were listed on the 1920 U.S. census in Enumclaw Washington:

  1. John J Murkowski 17

  2. Frank M Murkowski 16. Married Helen Hughes, parents of Governor Murkowski.

  3. Harry C Murkowski 15

  4. Vivian H Murkowski 8

Louis Joseph Murkowski born 1873, died 9 Jul 1956 in Enumclaw Washington at the age of 83. His parents were listed as Jacob Murkowski and Ewa Waszkowiak [sic].

Frank Murkowski

Former Senator from and Governor of Alaska

Francis Hughes Murkowski (born March 28, 1933) is an American politician and a member of the Republican Party. He was a United States Senator from Alaska from 1981 until 2002 and Governor of Alaska from 2002 until 2006. Murkowski was born in Seattle, Washington to Frank Michael Murkowski and Helen Hughes. His father was of Polish descent.

His daughter, Lisa Murkowski: born 22 May 1957 in Ketchikan, AK, and is the current Senator from AK (R)