The Bacon Family History

Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

Orson Bacon was b 8 July 1810 in Jericho, Chittenden County, Vermont. He was raised on the family farm where he and his father worked as carpenters and joiners and worked the family farm. They moved to St Lawrence County, N Y in 1826 and from there they went to Ohio and finally to Fayette Township, Hillsdale Co, MI, where Orson’s father died.

Lani note/March 2006 I believe Orson’s father’s name was William as both show up On an 1840 census for the same place in Fayette Township, Hillsdale County, MI.

An 1840 census for Fayette Township, Hillsdale Co, MI. there is Wm Bacon listed with a wife and three sons and three daughters. There is also Orson Bacon listed living at the next house listed with a wife. On the 1850 census for the same place there is no Wm. listed, but there is a William Baken and Amelia Bacon listed on the 1880 Census in Allegan, Michigan (see the Census Record below). There is a Noah, age 60, Farmer, b Mass. With wife Nancy age 57 b NY and two daughters Emeline E 25 b NY and Almeda N 23 b NY and two sons Warren N 20 b NY and Milo D 15 b NY.

Farther down the same census there is an Orson 43 B VT farmer asset $1500 with wife, Uretta 32 b NY and children Everet 13, Charles 9, Charlotte 6 all b NY and Mary 3 b MI.

After Orson’s father’s death he came to Neillsville, Clark Co, WI in 1855 where he would farm for the rest of his life.

In 1835 he married Urella R. Hastings of NY. Orson & Urella would have nine Children: Everett H; Charles G; Charlotte, Mary, later Mrs. C.O. Sturgeon; Willard; Abbie L. and twins, Ella Vista and Allie Vesta.

Orson Bacon held the offices of County Supervisor and Treasurer. I have also found a record of him serving jury duty in Feb 1866 so this was definitely a man who knew his civic duties.

A son, Charles G. Bacon would serve during the Civil War in Co I of the 14th WI. Inf. He would be wounded at the Battle of Shiloh, and later die of those wounds at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO. A GAR Post #48 in Neillsville, Clark Co, WI, was named for him on Nov. 14, 1882. He is buried at Neillsville City Cemetery, Neillsville, Clark Co, WI. Block F Lot 30.

Allie Vesta Bacon would also die at a young age b Feb4, 1859 and died Apr 11, 1861.

Another daughter Charlotte also died young. I believe she may be the daughter listed Only as Bacon, Daughter d June 8, 1865 parents O. and U. R. Bacon. Both these daughters are also buried at Neillsville City Cemetery.

Census Records

1880 Federal Census--Allegan, Allegan, Michigan
 Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Nativity Occupation Father's Nativity Mother's Nativity
 William Cheeney  Self  M  Male  W  47  MI  Farmer  ---  ---
 Sarah Cheeney  Wife  M  Female  W  40  VT  Keeping House  VT  VT
 Charles Cheeney  Son  S  Male  W  19  MI  Grocery Store Clerk  ---  VT
 Luella Howe  Niece  S  Female  W  19  MI  At Home  VT  NY
 Adda Jones  Other  S  Female  W  19  MI    OH  OH
 Louis Cheokister  Other  S  Male  W  24  PA  Farm Laborer  PA  PA
 Thadeous Cook (1)  Other  M  Male  W  29  MI  Cares For Insane  ENG  ENG
 Fanny Cook  Other  M  Female  W  24  ENG  Cares For Insane  ENG  ENG
 Laura Nelson (2)  Other  M  Female  W  40  MI  Matron  ---  ---
 Gertrude Nelson  Other  S  Female  W  9  MI    ---  MI
 Lucindie Emery  Other  M  Female  W  40  MI    ---  ---
 Elizabeth Affaltir  Other  M  Female  W  31  GER    ---  ---
 Ether Renolds  Other  W  Female  W  72  MA    ---  ---
 Serepta Wilson  Other  W  Female  W  60  NY    ---  ---
 Margarett Kerns  Other  M  Female  W  51  IRE    ---  ---
 Lena Thomasmas  Other  M  Female  W  26  GER    ---  ---
 Laura Kenyan  Other  W  Female  W  34  OH    ---  ---
 Alta Alderink  Other  D  Female  W  22  GER    ---  ---
 Jason Hamond  Other  S  Male  W  28  ---    ---  ---
 Patrick Ronan  Other  S  Male  W  28  IRE    ---  ---
 Christopher Helmer  Other  S  Male  W  38  GER    ---  ---
 Caroline Braden  Other  S  Female  W  39  ENG    ---  ---
 Eva Pinkle  Other  M  Female  W  39  GER    ---  ---
 Loren Barber  Other  S  Male  W  55  NH    ---  ---
 William Baken (Bacon)*  Other  W  Male  W  70  VT    ---  ---
 Sallie Armstrong  Other  W  Female  W  63  NY    ---  ---
 Henry Briggs  Other  S  Male  W  29  MI    ---  ---
 Martin Peak  Other  S  Male  MU  30  MI    ---  ---
 Della Ball  Other  S  Female  W  18  MA    ---  ---
 Merancie Cornelius  Other  S  Female  W  65  ME    ---  ---
 Ida Alexander  Other  S  Female  W  14  OH    ---  ---
 Carrie Alexander  Other  S  Female  W  8  MI    ---  ---
 George Alexander  Other  S  Male  W  10  MI    ---  ---
 Tamer B. Curtis  Other  S  Female  W  12  MI    ---  ---
 Della Watson  Other  S  Female  W  5  MI    ---  ---
 Harvy A. Haten  Other  S  Male  W  2  MI    ---  ---
 Joab Pulcipher  Other  S  Male  W  1  MI    ---  ---
 Thomas Raplee  Other  S  Male  W  1  MI    ---  ---
 William Collins  Other  S  Male  W  8  MI    ---  ---
 James Peak  Other  S  Male  MU  60  OH    ---  ---
 Maggie Lett  Other  S  Female  MU  20  MI    ---  ---
 Matildy Dee  Other  M  Female  W  24  CAN    ---  ---
 Alexander Mason  Other  S  Male  W  43  OH    NY  NY
 William Hayward  Other  S  Male  W  69  MA    MA  MA
 Jacob Eseltine  Other  S  Male  W  39  OH    ---  ---
 Sylas Yhomas  Other  W  Male  W  75  CAN    CAN  CAN
 Michael Meloy  Other  W  Male  W  72  IRE    IRE  IRE
 Ezra Porter  Other  S  Male  W  30  NY    NY  NY
 Frederick Weed  Other  S  Male  W  26  MI    ---  ---
 Joseph Wells  Other  M  Male  W  70  NY    NY  NY
 Ann Plummers  Other  S  Female  W  21  HOLL    HOLL  HOLL
 Martha Thompson  Other  W  Female  W  32  IN    ---  IN
 Mary Harrington  Other  M  Female  W  24  MI    ---  ---
 Sophronia Harrington  Other  S  Female  W  39  MI    ---  ---
 Amelia Bacon  Other  S  Female  W  46  OH    ---  ---
 Martha Raplee  Other  S  Female  W  44  NY    ---  ---
 Catharine McDonald  Other  M  Female  W  60  ENG    SCOT  SCOT
 Alice VanPatten  Other  S  Female  W  22  MI    NY  NY
 Janette Pulcipher  Other  M  Female  W  35  OH    ---  ---

(1) Insane Asylum, but evidently not labeled.
(2) Clerk recorded the information for the insane asylum inmates.


1880 Federal Census--Neillsville, Clark Co., WI
 Name Relation Marital Status Sex Race Age Nativity Occupation Father's Nativity Mother's Nativity
 Orson Bacon  Self  M  Male  W  69  VT  Farmer  VT  VT
 Uretta R. Bacon  Wife  M  Female  W  62  NY  Keeping House  MA  NH
 Ella V. Bacon  Dau  S  Female  W  21  WI  School Teacher  VT  NY
 Nettie Bacon  Dau  S  Female  W  16  WI  Teaching School  VT  NY
 Layfette Sturdevant  Other  S  Male  W  23  PA  Lawyer  PA  PA
 Irvene Mason  Other  S  Male  W  30  WI  Lawyer  SCOT  CT
 Henry Carleton  Other  S  Male  W  35  WI  Lawyer  ME  ME


Research Notes

I found the other three Bacon girls marriage records and they are listed below.

----Sources: CLARK COUNTY PRESS (Clark County, Wis.) 05/17/1875

Bacon, Abbie (Marriage 05/10/1875)

Married, on the 10th of May, 1875, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Bert E. Wheeler, Mr. George A. Kees to Miss Abbie Bacon, both of Neillsville, Clark County

Lani note/March 2006 Evidently Mr. Kees died as I found this marriage record for Abby too. R. A. Wilson was married to Abby Bacon Kiss Aug. 17, 1885.


(Neillsville, Wis.) 06/04/1885

Bacon, Ella Vesta (Marriage - 1 JUN 1885)

Married, at the residence of L. M. Sturdevant, Monday evening, June 1st, 1885, by Rev. J.D. Brothers, Mr. Dorrance Elton Bailey, of Greenwood, to Miss Ella Vesta Bacon, of Neillsville, Clark County

I found this while I was searching for more information on Dorance Elton Bailey. Perhaps several of the Bacon children and their spouses went west.


Word has been received here of the death of Burton Bailey at Portland, Ore. on May 25, 1918. His death took place shortly after an operation upon his stomach. Up until the time of the operation he had been well and in the best of spirits.

Mr. Bailey was born at Black River Falls, Wis., Feb. 19, 1868. He attended school, grew to manhood and maturity, and lived in Greenwood, Clark County until about seventeen years ago.

His death has been a great shock to his aged mother, his children and his many friends. The sympathy of Greenwood friends is felt particularly for his mother, who has lost her chief protector and main stay. Besides his mother and his sisters, Mrs. Kountz and Mrs. Williams, Mr. Bailey leaves three children, Frances Faye, Lorence Dudley, and Van Everera. His brother Dorrance was killed several years ago by lightning.

----Sources: GREENWOOD GLEANER 6/6/1918

----Sources: NEILLSVILLE PRESS (Neillsville, Clark County, Wis.) 04/17/1924

Bailey, Julia (3 APR 1833 - 8 APR 1924) Mrs. Julia Bailey, one of the oldest resident of Clark County, Wis., died at the home of R. F. Kountz, Tuesday afternoon, April 8, 1924, aged 91 years and 5 days. Julia Tyler Clough was born at Orange, New Hampshire, April 3, 1833. She grew to womanhood in New Hampshire and was there married to A. W. Bailey. In 1866 they came west and lived for one year in Kansas. They then moved to Black River Falls, and in 1871 moved to Greenwood, Clark County, Wis. After her husband's death in 1903 she went to Portland, Oregon to live with her son Burton. This son died in 1918 and she came to Neillsville to live with her daughter, Mrs. R. F. Kountz, who is since deceased. She remained in the home, however, and in her declining health has been well cared for by Mr. Kountz and his daughter, Miss Kittie Kountz. Another son, Dorrance, died at Greenwood. She leaves one step-daughter at Everett, Wash. She leaves also 7 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Mrs. Baily was of Puritan ancestry and was related to a number of the noted literary people of New England. She was mentally superior, kindly and cordial to all about her.

The funeral was held Friday, Rev. G. W. Longenecker officiating. Burial took place in the family lot in the Greenwood Cemetery. Orson Bacon, just before his 72nd birthday suffered a fatal fall and died June 15, 1882.

Uretta Bacon was living in CA. at the time of her death in April of 1891. She had been living there for four years prior to her death. Daughters, Mrs. Nettie (L. M.) Sturdevant and Mrs Ella Vesta (D.E.) Bailey received the news of her death. Funeral services were conducted by Rev T.G. Owen at the Unitarian Church and her obituary said, "Although the notice of the time of funeral services was very short a large number of the older residents of the city (Neillsville) and vicinity were in attendance to pay their last respects to an honorable woman and a kind neighbor." She died of heart failure and was 74 yrs old.

Orson and Urella are both buried at Neillsville City Cemetery.

Son, Everett Bacon b 1837 died Aug 31, 1889 in Portland, OR. He and his wife and four children had moved to Portland several years before his death. He was a carpenter by trade and was working at his bench when he suddenly collapsed. Several men went to his aid and carried him into his house and although a Dr Caples was summoned Everett had suffered a stroke and at 1 pm that day he died. He was 52 years old. Funeral services were held at the Washington Lodge A.F.A.M.

Lani note/ Mar 2006 I am assuming Everett is buried in Portland, WA; as there is no record of him at Neillsville City cemetery.

----Sources: CLARK COUNTY PRESS (Clark County, Wis.) 03/18/1876

Bacon, Mary H. (Marriage 03/16/1875)

Married, in this village (Neillsville, Clark County), at the residence of O. Bacon, March 16th, 1876, by the Rev. W.T. Hendren, Mr. Cyrus Sturgeon, of Truckee, Cal., to Miss Mary H. Bacon, of Neillsville, Wis.

Miss Bacon had hosts of friends in this village, and she will be missed from the wide circle of young people, but the best wishes of all will follow her to her new home on the Pacific coast.

Daughter, Mary who is listed as the wife of Cyrus O. Sturgeon I find when Google searching the name CO Sturgeon the following information:

Under a Sierra Co. CA directory for 1885 in the town of Loyalton is a listing for EW Bacon, agent, estate for CO Sturgeon, 400 acres

Lani note/Mar 2006 - Who this EW Bacon was I have no idea, could it have been Everett?? Was this Mary’s husband’s land?? Was this where Urella was living at the time of her death in CA?? I believe it might have been.


Post office towns, situated in the northern end of the Sierra Valley, near the Plumas County line. It is fourteen miles distant from the town of Sierra Valley, with which town it is connected by a good wagon road-a stage line running regularly between the two points. It possesses two hotels, two general stores and other minor business establishments. It is one of the three principal points in the valley, and derives its support entirely from the fine farming country with which it is surrounded. Population, eight-five.

Alby, Otis - blacksmith, wagonmaker

Anderson, Wm. - laborer

Bacon, E. W. - agent estate of C. O. Sturgeon, 400 acres

----Sources: CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN PRESS (Neillsville, Wis.) 07/05/1883

Bacon, Nettie (Marriage - 3 JUL 1883)

Married, At the residence of the bride's mother in this city (Neillsville, Clark County), on Tuesday, July 3rd, 1883, by Rev. J.F. Thompson, Mr. Lafayette M. Sturdevant to Miss Nettie Bacon, both of this city.

The daughter Nettie who married LM Sturdevant married into a family who also had ties to Co I 14th WI. Inf from the Civil war as her husband’s father, John R Sturdevant who is buried at Neillsville City Cemetery was in the same unit. Both John R and LM Sturdevant were in the legal profession.

From an 1893 plat map L.M. Sturdevant is listed as one of several land holders in Levis Township in 1893.

Another mention from the Republican Press dated Oct 26, 1889 says Judge and L.M. Sturdevant was last heard from at Centralia, Washington. They had visited Denver, Salt Lake, San Francisco, and other noted points. It is said they were favorably impressed with the "beauties" of Salt Lake. Evidently L.M.Sturdevant’had an uncle, J.R. who was a judge

Later I find J.R. and L.M. Sturdevant listed as follows B. F. French was the first district attorney of Clark County, his first official court service in that capacity being at the first term of court in this county, Sept. 6, 1858. With a short interim, when B. F. Chase served. Mr. French served until Jan. 1, 1869, when G. W. King took office. Ira B. Pope served a term beginning Jan. 1, 1871. J. R. Sturdevant took office Jan. 1, 1873, and was succeeded Jan. 1, 1882, by C. A. Youmans. Since then the attorneys have taken office as follows: Jan. 1, 1885, L. M. Sturdevant; Jan. 1, 1887, J. C. Campbell; Sept. 1, 1888, James O'Neill; Jan. 1, 1891, L. M. Sturdevant; Jan. 1, 1893, George B. Parkhill; Jan. 1, 1895 George L. Jacques; Jan. 1, 1897, George B. Parkhill; Jan. 1, 1899; Spencer M. Marsh; Jan. 1, 1903, Fred M. Jackson; Jan. 1, 1905, Richard B. Salter; Jan. 1, 1907, Emery W. Crosby; Jan. 1, 1911, W. J. Rush At the November election in the year 1898 L. M. Sturdevant was elected member of assembly

Wisconsin State Attorneys General, 1848-2003 (May be incomplete!)

James S. Brown 1848-50, S. Park Coon 1850-52, Experience Estabrook 1852-54, George B. Smith 1854-56, William R. Smith 1856-58, Gabriel Bouck 1858-60, James H. Howe 1860-62, Winfield Smith 1862-66, Charles R. Gill 1866-70, Stephen S. Barlow 1870-74, A. Scott Sloan 1874-78, Alexander Wilson 1878-82, Leander F. Frisbie 1882-87, Charles E. Estabrook 1887-91, James L. O'Connor 1891-95, William H. Mylrea 1895-99, Emmett R. Hicks 1899-1903, LM Sturdevant Jan 1903 - Jan 1907 Last I found this

L. M. Sturdevant 1903-07 Sturdevant, Lafayette Monroe 1856 - 1923

Definition: lawyer, politician, b. Chandler's Valley, Pa. He moved with his family to Wisconsin in 1865, settling on a farm in the town of Pine Valley, Clark County. From 1872 to 1878 he taught in the local schools while studying law, was admitted to the bar in 1878, and for the next twenty years practiced law in Neillsville, part of the time in partnership with his uncle, John R. Sturdevant. A Republican, he held local political offices, including that of district attorney of Clark County, and eventually allied himself with the Progressive wing of the party. He was state assemblyman (1899-1902), and in 1902 was elected state attorney general and served two terms (Jan. 1903-Jan. 1907). For a time he then acted as special counsel to Governor James O. Davidson (q.v.), and in 1909 established a private law practice in Eau Claire where he spent most of the remaining years of his life. Wis.


Blue Book (1905); Proc. State Bar Assoc. Wis., 15 (1924); E. B. Usher, Wis. (8 Vols., Chicago, 1914); Milwaukee journal, Aug. 25, 1923.

1903 Wisconsin State Government

Capital: Madison

As shown in the Iowa Official Register, 1903

Office: Attorney General

Name: L. M. Sturdevant

Term: 2 years

Term Ends: 6 Jan. 1905

Salary: $3,000.



201 records found ... 5, 1900; PV Lawson, et al., eds., Hist. of Winnebago CO.(2 vols., Chicago, 1908); Hist. ... Sturdevant, Lafayette Monroe 1856 - 1923

C.O. Sturgeon information, Loyalton, Sierra Co, CA. 1885

Census Records Michigan




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