News: Neillsville, WI--1889 Local Items
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----Source: Culled from the 1889 issues of the "Republican Press" - a Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin newspaper.


January 3, 1889

Post Office Notice: The post office will be open at 7 a.m. and will be closed at 8 p.m. On Sunday it will open at 11:30 a.m. and close at 12:30 p.m. Letters remaining in the post office: J.H.Bagley; Mr. A.E. Bardau; Mr. Trum Brown; Mr. A.W.Ball; Rhoda A. Brown; Miss Esther Cullard; Miss Mary Davis; William C. Gates; Nels S. Gyland; John Hill; F.W. Hedger; Mr. Andros C. Haugstad; Clarence Hall; Mr. Anton L. Hale; Mr. Jack Huler; Miss Laroy Osgood; Mr. Frank Raychel. Persons calling for above letters will please say "advertised." I.T.Carr, P.M.

Local Matters:

--Miss Viola French returned to Chicago last evening to resume her studies at the Women’s Medical College.

--Hon. R. Dewhurst, wife and daughter, accompanied by Mr. Eli Dewhurst and wife, started for Florida, last week to spend the winter.

--Remember the Sociable at Rev. Hendren’s this afternoon.

Advertisers: C.C.Sniteman - druggist; Youman’s Drug Store; Grow,Scouster & McConnell, law, abstracts & real estate.

--J.W. Page, the Sheriff elect, is in the city attending to duty.

--Mrs. W.P.Miller is in the city visiting her parents and friends.

--Mrs. Dr. Esch is spending the holidays with her mother in Monroe County.

--R.B. Campbell has gone to Northfield, Minn., to take a course in veterinary surgery. He will be gone about six weeks.

--Fire destroyed the dwelling house of B.B. Crockett of Washburn, last Saturday. Loss $800, insured in the Lynn Mutual for $400.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ January 10, 1889

Post Office Notice of advertised letters remaining in the post office at Neillsville. Mr. Darrick G. Babbock; Gustav Bliesner; Mr. Charles Davis; Mr. Chas.R. Finnegan; Mr. Ernest Grabe; Miss Bertha Griffin; Mrs. Dell Geyse; Mr. Emile P. Johnson; Mr. Valentine Johnson; Mr. Johann Lentzkow; Mr. Elias Noyes; Mrs. Frank Newton; Mr. August Schroder; Mr. Joseph Schwellenbac; Mr. Patrick Slaney; Mr. Edward Shuthard; Mr. Frank Young; Mrs. Viola Young; Miss Weidekind.

Local Matters:

--Mrs. Darling and Mrs. W.S. Covill started yesterday for Durand on receipt of a dispatch announcing the serious illness of cousin who resides in that place.

--H. Schildhauer, Monday morning, said he hoped there would be a heavy fall of snow. He was out of a job, and thought he could get some sidewalks to clean off.

--John G. Schmidt and wife have been called upon this week to consign their babe to the cold embraces of the tomb. Our sympathies are extended to them in their hour of affliction.

--Marshal Tallant informs the Times that the street crossings will be kept clear of snow, and that the ordinance in reference to keeping sidewalks clear from snow will be strictly enforced. --Marshfield Times

--David Sires has secured the services of T. LaBudde, in his saloon for the winter, and is taking a vacation from work. He thinks of going out to Washington Territory on a prospecting trip.

--Alex Cross is certainly very unfortunate. Last Tuesday, while at Nevins, watering his horses, he slipped and wrenched the knee of his amputated leg in a painful way. It will probably lay him up for some time.

--Our worthy District Attorney, James O’Neill, has secured the services of Miss Brown, of Thorp, as a clerk in his office. Miss Brown is a short hand reporter as well as a type writer and is therefore a valuable auxiliary in the office of our friend O’Neill.

--William McGuire, of Buffalo, New York, is spending a month or two in this city visiting his cousin, Dr. Mulvey. The young people of the city to the number of about thirty gave him a pleasant surprise party last Saturday night.

--Dr. Smart will hereafter be found at the O’Neill House every Saturday, where patients of Neillsville and vicinity can consult with and treated by him.


January 17, 1889

Post Office Notice Ira Baldwin; Signel Clarkson; Mr. Mor Herman; Bert Halversan; George M. Liskum; Mr. A.E. Lawrence [2]; Mrs. Sarah Lindsay; Mr. John H. Lynch; Mr. Wm. A. Sayle, Jr.; Anders Olsen Vostad;

Local Matters:

--Dr. Falkner started yesterday for California.

--Frank Darling is in Buffalo, New York seeking relief from rheumatism.

--The Greenwood Headlight quietly expired a couple of weeks ago.

--Geo. Trogner has been employed by the Crystal Washboard company, to take charge of the Manufactory. George can do it in good shape.

--The bad weather caused Willis Brown, one of the well know loggers of Northern Wis. to commit suicide last Tuesday at Barron, Wis.

--C.A. Youmans has just returned from a trip to N.Y. State east of the Hudson River. He says there is no snow there nor no frost in the ground.

--Geo. Trogner has gone down to Green County to settle up his fathers estate. Will be back the last of the week. He took along with him an elegantly finished Crystal Washboard , with the Company’s compliments to be presented to Mrs. Gov. Hoard.

--Married: OWEN - YORKSTON- in Neillsville, Wis.,Jan 10,1889 by Rev.W.T., Hendren, Mr. Alvin L. Owen to Miss Jennie Yorkston, both of Lynn, Clark County, Wisconsin.


January 24, 1889

Post Office Notice:

Advertised letters remaining in the post office at Neillsville:

I.Anderson; Mrs. John C. Brown; Mr. S.F. Carlson; A.I. Gemke; Mrs. L.Gearing; Mrs. M.B. Hitsman; N. Kraskausen; Mr. Andrew Jackson; Wm. Lathrope; Mr. A. Lund; Mr. Oscar Pryor; Mr. George Schufer; Charlie Schwanze; Mr. Eli Squires; Miss Eliza Snyder; Mr. Whitney Warner.

Local Matters:

--H. W. Klopf is in Chicago.

--Mr. Robert Campbell returned from Northfield, Minn. Last Saturday night. He has been studying veterinary surgery and is prepared now to attend all calls to doctor horses.

--The Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church will give an oyster supper for the benefit of Rev. W.T.Hendren, at Relief Corps Hall, Friday evening, Jan. 25th. Supper from 5:30 to 10 o’clock. Price 25 cents.

--Sheriff Page informs us that when he took Charles Smith, the man who took carbolic acid, to Wapau, he found he was an old offender, and had served there two terms before for horse stealing.

--The committee appointed to investigate the crookedness of ex-Treasurer Blake, of Black River Falls reported to an extra session of the county board that he had embezzled $14.200 during his eleven years of public service. The cost of the investigation was $1900.


February 7, 1889

Post Office Notice - Advertised Letters remaining unclaimed:

Mr. James Blowers; Mr. L.F. Bemis; Pat Canary [2]; Mrs. Bertie Haagensea; O. Husmoen; Ida T. McIntyre; Frank O. Moses; Mr. Peter Miller; Mrs. Maggie Rand.

Local Matters:

--Frank Darling returned from Buffalo, New york, last week, where he had been receiving treatment, looking much improved.

--Thede LaBudde is having the ceiling of his sample room papered, and Sam Calway is doing the job in the highest style of the art.

-- Mr. Ed Clifford, the popular actor of Oshkosh, and a prominent Odd Fellow, is very sick at Hastings, Nebraska, and not liable to recover.

--R.W. Balch is refitting his store, plastering, papering, etc., and is going to have a large show window put in the south side near the corner.

--The ground hog, last Saturday, made his appearance but his shadow was so plain he crawled in to his hole and pulled it in after him.

--Rev. J. H. McManus will discuss the Freedmen’s Aid and Southern Education question next Sunday morning and evening at M.E. Church.

--Mrs. Ismond who has been visiting with her parents in this city - Mr. and Mrs. Chandler returned to her home at Wilmar, Minnesota last Tuesday.

--A move has been made toward the County Judgeship, Capt. J. W. Talford announces himself as a candidate in the Times, this week we publish the same.

--The W.C.T.U. will hold their next sociable at the residence of Mrs. Jennie Reitz, Friday evening, Feb. 8. A cordial invitation is extended to everybody.

--Frank Eyerly, who has been up on Eagle River keeping books for a logging firm since last fall came home Monday. He looks hearty and as though he had been well fed.


February 28, 1889

Post Office Notice: Letters to be picked up –

Clara Clark; Lewis Grignon [2]; Mrs. Almeda Lawrence; R. H. Meddaugh, Dennis Mahoney; W. Poppe; E. Laverside; Miss Edna E. Weston [2].

Local Matters:

--The call for Judge J. R. Sturdevant to become a candidate for re- election appears in another column. The call is signed irrespective of party and contains the names of many leading democrats as well as republicans.

--Robt. Zimmerman returned from Philadelphia last Monday. He has been attending the school of Pharmacy in that city the past six months. Robert looks as though the living in the Quaker City had agreed with his constitution.

--W.J.Marsh, of the firm of Marsh Brothers started for Chicago Tuesday evening to buy a new stock of Spring goods.

--Five men from Spaulding’s camp came into town last Sunday, got on a big load of benzine and commenced to organize Sheol. The Marshal landed them in the cooler and the result was the city treasurer was considerably richer through fines paid.

--Charles Bone, editor of the Rice Lake Times, is in the city, called hither to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Ferguson. There is only about 300 pounds avoirdupois of him, and every ounce of it is good democratic flesh and blood. Corporal Bone, here’s to you.

--The men in Tom Kern’s camp on East Fork, last Tuesday, killed four bears, the mother and three cubs. The old bear had lost one foot from too close connection with a bear trap. The leg was entirely healed however, showing that it was a long time ago when she gnawed her leg off.

--The Masquerade Ball by the Basswood Club last Friday night, was a brilliant affair, and reflects great credit on the management. The costumes were the finest and best we have seen here. The best character mask was that of C.F. Grow, who represented Mayor Hewett so naturally that it was hard to tell whether it was a representation or James himself. The hall was crowded with a merry throng who tripped the light fantastic far into the wee sma’ hours beyant the twal’ to the inspiring strains of Whitcomb’s orchestra.

--H.M.Root, county clerk posted election notice for April 2, 1889. The will be electing an associate Justice of the Supreme Court in place of Jno B. Cassoday whose term is due to expire 1 Jan A.D. 1890. Also a County Judge in the place of J.R.Sturdevant, whose term of office is due to expire 1 Jan. 1890.

--Common Council met Feb 16, 1889- present were Mayor Grow; Aldermen Eilert; Meyers; Dangers; Johnson; Pitcher and Klopf. They approved payment of $12.75 to Julius Sherbinski for labor; $28 Lowe Bros Provision Pauper acct and $94 to Pine Valley acct for repairs on Black River Bridge. Total $29.97 [Note from your transcriber –math today sure has changed!!]

--R.B. Salter submitted an announcement to the voters of Clark County that he would be a candidate for County Judge in the coming spring election.


March 7, 1889

Post Office Notice:

Letters remaining in post office for pickup –

Miss Frank Brye [2]; O.R. Geyser; Chas. T. Hannas; Loat Horton; Miss Goldie Hofer; Mrs. C.M. Horton; John Hemma; Mrs. Agnes Hisler; Mrs. John Kenedy; Lars Larson; Lars A. Linberg; Mary A. Monaghin; Ivar Olsen; Wm. Peters [2]; Nils O. Sorstad; Magnus T. Silby; Mrs. Libby Stumpf; Clark Wilson.

Local Matters:

--A bill has been introduced by Hon. M.C. Ring to divide the town of Mayville, making the west half the town of Hoard.

--Judge Newman opened court last Monday p.m. There is a large attendance of bald heads because rumor has it there will be several salacious cases tried.

--The "Y" will meet with Dimple French on Friday evening, March 8, at 7:30 o’clock. All the young people are invited to attend.

--Frank and Orin Eyerly started for Tacoma, Washington Territory, Tuesday morning to locate. Orin leaves his family here until he gets settled in his western home.

--Mrs. Leason and Mrs. Rob. Weeks will entertain the M.E. Aid Society at the residence of A.S. Leason on Wednesday afternoon, March 13. A general invitation is extended.

--Prof. Silaby, of the Janesville Commercial College, brother of Mr. Joseph Silaby of this city, died last Monday. The diseased for the past twelve years has also published the Janesville Sun.

--Work has finally commenced on the Grand Avenue Bridge. People on the west side of the river will soon be able to get to town without going around by Robin Hood’s barn.

--S.G. Sharpless has taken a chair in Jackson and Goodenough’s barber shop and his sonorious "Next" can be heard as he dexteriously finishes off a tonsorial job. He handles a razor with a light hand.

The following cases have been tried so far in the Circuit Court this week:

--C.W. Hyslip, administrator vs J.W. Tolford and Sol, F. Joseph; verdict for defendant. No cause of action. --C.W. Chubb vs Charles Maths, slander; verdict for plaintiff. $75 and costs. --Lavine vs Reber; verdict for plaintiff, $43.14. --On trial: Dimler vs Hall





News: Neillsville, WI--1889 Local Items
Contact: Marji


Thank you very much for this bit of info, and yes the Valentine Johnson listed that he had a letter at the post office is one of my Great Grandfathers brothers. It is nice to know that he was still there in 1889.

Thanks again, Marji



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