Bio: Barber, James (1812 - 1887)



Surnames: Barber, Mason, Davis, Wickam, Fletcher, Gates, Graff, Olsen, Smith, Bowman, Loomis, Mason, Breed, Ceaser, Dittmar, Bera, Johnson, Morton, Fields, Hinds


----Source: Federal Census Reports, *Family Records, Cemetery, Newspapers,


James Barber was born 16 Mar 1812 in New York.  He married Eliza Dugan, the daughter of Archibald and Catherine (Owens) Dugan.  James passed away 12 Jul 1887 and was buried in the Loyal, Wisconsin City Cemetery.  Eliza died 27 Aug 1914 and was buried at his side.


Eliza (Dugan) Barber was born in Rome, N.Y. Nov. 28, 1823. She has resided at Loyal, Clark County, Wis. for 32 years. She was a woman with a beautiful mind and character and her death is mourned by the entire community. She was survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. C. Gwin of our village and Mrs. E. E. Stevens of Minneapolis.



1867 Advertisement, Black River Falls


"James Barber of Black River Falls takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Jackson and Clark Counties,

that he has just brought on a large stock of Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes of all kinds, Mittens and Gloves, Hats and Caps,

Ready made clothing of the best quality, and will sell them as cheap as goods can be purchased north of Milwaukee."



Jackson County Banner | Black River Falls, Wisconsin | Thursday, October 07, 1858 | Page 2

Annual School Meeting District No. 1


Meeting met pursuant to call, at the School House, on Monday, Sept. 27th at 6 O'clock, P. M.


On motion, Dr. J. W. Smith was chosen Chairman, James Barber, Esq., was chosen Clerk.


S. W. Bowman was appointed Teller.


Proceeded to ballot for a Clerk, Treasurer and Director.


On motion, a Committee of three was appointed to examine and report upon the books and papers of the Treasurer. Committee consisted of S. W. Bowman, J. L. Loomis and I. S. Mason.

Committee reported that the whole amount received by the Treasurer, $1,023,21

The Amount paid out, $826.29
Balance on hand, §1,096,96

Report accepted.

This amount, $1,096,92, is to be lessened
by the sum of $8OO, which is to be paid on
the new school house contract, leaving for
school purposes the sum of $296,92.
Voted, That the District raise a tax of
$400, for the purposes of schooling.
Voted, That the District raise a tax of $30
for the purpose of a Library.
Voted, That the District raise a tax of $20
for the purchase of a library case.

J. W. SMITH, Chairman,



JAMES BARBER (when he was in Black River Falls circa 1860’s)

The book was compiled by Lawrence Eaton Jones, Jean Hagen Anderson & JoAnn Van Gordon Dougherty
Knapp & Williamson Plat Block 9 Lot 8 E ½
Historical Society Map - Block 3-Lot 24
Page 36: Pre-1860, James Barber, Justice of the Peace and in same building was the post office with J. Lockhardt as postmaster
1860-the building burned on March 18, 1860
1861-a new building was erected by Barber on the lot owned by Wm. B. Porter & Park
Knapp & Williamson Plat Block 9 Lot 8 W ½
Historical Society Map - Block 3-Lot 25
Page 37: 1860-James Barber and Post office with J. Lockhardt, postmaster, building burned March 18, 1860 fire
D.J. Spaulding Plat Block 2 Lot 3
Historical Society Map-Block6 Lot 72
Circa 1868-James Barber-Milliner
D.J. Spaulding Plat Block 2 Lot 5
Historical Society Map-Block 6 Lot 73
Page 98-Circa 1863-James Barber-dry goods, groceries
Mrs. Barber-Millinery Shop
James Barber-Feed & Grains
The building and land was destroyed in the flood of 1911, Oct. 6


1860 Federal Census, Jackson, Wisconsin, ward: The Village Of Black River Falls, pg. 3, family #22


James Barber, male
age: 40 years (1820)
birthplace: New York


Eliza Barber, female
age: 40 years (1820)
birthplace: New York


Mary A. Barber, female

age: 17 yrs. (1843)

birthplace: New York


Charles Barber

age: 11 yrs. (1849)

birthplace: Wisconsin


Annetta Barber
Age: 9 yrs. (1851)

birthplace: Wisconsin


Belle Barber

Age: 6 yrs. (1854)

birthplace: Wisconsin


Capitola Barber

Age: 0 yrs. (1860)

birthplace: Wisconsin


*Capitola D. Barber married Eli Gibbons (b. 12 May 1846, Seneca Co., OH), 9 Mar 1877 in Tama Co., IA.  Their son, Harry V. Gibbons was born 1884 and their younger son, Earl Gibbons, was born 1888 in IA.  Charles Eugene Hinds, son of Joseph and Nancy (Knight) Hinds {John), born in Vandalia, 111., Feb. 2, 1851 ; married in Black River Falls, Wis., April 8, 1874, Belle Barber, who was born there, March 17, 1854. She was the daughter of James and Eliza (Dugan) Barber. He was educated at McKender College, Lebanon, Tenn., and at twenty-one went to Black River Falls, and in 1874, to Red Wing, Minn., where he was deputy county auditor. In 1879, he was made secretary of the Red Wing Mill Co. In 1884, he moved to Woonsocket, S. D., where he engaged in banking until 1895. He was twice made mayor of that place. In 1896, he moved to Racine, Wis., where he at present resides (1899), and is employed as manager of the collection department for the J. S. Cass Co. children of her own, but has reared a son and daughter of her sister Ada (deceased), from infancy. Her husband graduated from the Bellone Medical College. Four of her brothers served their country in the war of the Rebellion, one falling at Vicksburg, the rest being mustered out at the close of the war as commissioned officers ; one as captain and two as first lieutenants. Two have since held the office of United States marshal. Albert Henry Hinds. History and genealogy of the Hinds family.k (This information has been disputed by a family member.  see response below)

Children :

James Barber, b. in Red Wing, Aug. 18, 1875.

Charles Morton, b. in Red Wing, July 12, 1877, d. there, April 8, 1878.

Francis Somerfield, b. in Woonsocket, Nov. 28, 18S5.

Emily Elizabeth Hinds, daughter of Simeon and Jane Alvira. (Pond) Hinds (John), born in Fayette Co., Illinois, April 16, 1848; married in Fayette Co., April 11, 1872, Dr. Louis Philippe Griffin, who was born in Charlestown, R. I., Oct. 7, 1843, died in Providence, R. I., March 10, 1893, and is buried in Westerly, R. I. He was the son of Dr. Joseph Hazard and Abbie Chloe (Hoxsie) Griffin, of Westerly. She is a government clerk at Washington and has had children of her own, but has reared a son and daughter of her sister Ada (deceased), from infancy. Her husband graduated from the Bellone Medical College. Four of her brothers served their country in the war of the Rebellion, one falling at Vicksburg, the rest being mustered out at the close of the war as commissioned officers ; one as captain and two as first lieutenants. Two have since held the office of United States marshal.


History of Jackson Co., Wisconsin


"During 1856, many of the prominent business men who identified themselves with the material interests of the village and county began operations at the Falls. S. W. Bowman opened a grocery on Water Street, in connection with Oliver Crossett; John and H. D. Parsons abandoned farming in Trempealeau Valley, opened a stock of goods in the "Emporium Store buildings;" James Barber and family removed to the Falls and opened a dry goods store; Carle C. Pope came in May and passed a season in the law office of Jolinson & Price — afterward he hung out his shingle, and was subsequently elected District Attorney; the Shanghai House was this year "bonifaced" by Trudell & Austin; H. E. Prickett was proprietor of a drug and stationery store on Water Street; Deacon A. J. Smith came in between two nights this season, but was in later years obliged to leave the Falls between two days, to avoid personal inconvenience by reason of scandalous charges against his moral character. J. V. Wells, who located here the previous year, began business in 1856, as dealer in tin and hardware. P. A. Potter settled in the county in the Fall, and John Specht, Jolin H. Clapp with his family, Julius Schur, the first baker, and others, located in the village."


1870 Federal Census, 1 June; Albion, Jackson Co., Wisconsin, Dewelling 11, Family #11, by D. F. Mason

Clara Wickman,

James Barber, white, married, male

Occupation: Dry Goods Merchant

Real Estate Value: $1,000
Personal Estate: $5,000
home in 1870: Wisconsin, United States

Household Members
James Barber M 59y (1811 New York)
Eliza Barber F 48y (1822 New York)
Belle Barber F 16y (1854 Wisconsin)
Capitola Barber F 10y Wisconsin
Thomas Davis M 14y Laborer, Michigan
Clara Wickam F 32y New York, Dress Maker, Mich.


*Belle Barber was born 17 Mar 1854, the daughter of James and Eliza (Dugan) Barber.  She married Charles Eugene Hinds (b. 2 Feb 1851), 8 Apr 1874 in Black River Falls, Wis.  Their children were: James Barber Hinds (b. 18 Aug 1875); Charles Morton Hinds (b. 12 Jul 1877); Francis Somerfield Hinds (b. 28 Nov 1885).


1880 Federal Census, Albion, Jackson, Wisconsin, United States, pg. 291


Jas. Barber, married American, male
event: Census
event date: 1880
gender: Male
age: 69
marital status : Married
occupation : Bd. House Keeper
birthdate : 1811
spouse's name : Eliza Barber
spouse's birthplace : New York, United States
father's birthplace : Rhode Island, United States
mother's birthplace : Connecticut, United States

Household Members
self Jas. Barber M 69 New York, United States
wife Eliza Barber F 59 New York, United States
daughter Capitola Barber F 20 Wisconsin, United States
other William Olsen M 19 Wisconsin, United States
other Chas. Fletcher M 22 Texas, United States
other Henry Gates M 19 Minnesota, United States
other Jacob Graff M 18 Germany


1900 Federal Census, ED 25 Loyal township Loyal village, Clark, Wisconsin, United States, pg. 13, family 245


Eliza Barber, white, widowed, female
birth date: Nov 1823
birthplace: New York
relationship to head of household: Mother
father's birthplace: England
mother's birthplace: New York

Household Members
head ? E. Gwin F 49 (Feb 1851 Wisconsin), white, widowed female
daughter Kate? Gwin F 24 (Apr 1876 Wisconsin)
mother Eliza Barber F 77 (Nov 1823 New York)
boarder Thomas Johnson M 30 (Apr 1878 Wisconsin)
boarder H Steineren M 27 (Oct 1873 Minnesota)
boarder Oscar Bera M 48 (Jul 1852 Germany)
millner Annie Jacques F 28 (May 1872 Wisconsin)


*John C. Gwin died 25 Apr 1898.  He worked as a merchant.  He was born 25 Apr 1838 and his parents were Thomas and Jane Gwin.  He was married to Etta Barber.


1910 Federal Census, Loyal, Clark, Wisconsin, family 139, pg. 6


Etta A (Annetta Barber) Gwin, white, widowed, female
marital status: Widowed
father's birthplace: New York
mother's birthplace: New York

Household Members
self Etta A Gwin F 59y Wisconsin
*mother Elisa B Gwin F 86y (1924 New York)
Mary E Breed F 26y Wisconsin
Zelma Caesar F 22y Wisconsin
Florence L Dittmar F 25y Wisconsin


*Should be Eliza Barber


Wisconsin Death Records


John C Gwin
gender: Male
burial date: 1897
burial place: Loyal, Clark, Wi
death date: 23 Dec 1897
death place: Loyal, Clark, Wisconsin
age: 59
birth date: 25 Apr 1838
birthplace: Hamburg Erie Co., NY
occupation: Merchant
race: White
marital status: Married
spouse's name: Etta A Gwin
father's name: Thos. Gwin
mother's name: Jane Gwin


Wisconsin Marriage Records


Wm. A. Whitney
groom's birthplace: N. Brunswick
bride's name: Esther E. Gwin
bride's birthplace: Black River Falls
marriage date: 10 Feb 1892
marriage place: Loyal, Clark, Wisconsin
groom's father's name: Edward Whitney
groom's mother's name: Lydia Allison
bride's father's name: J. C. Gwin
bride's mother's name: Annetta Barber
groom's race: White
bride's race: White




This page indicates that Capitola Barber, daughter of James and Eliza Barber, married Eli Gibbons. Eli Gibbons' wife was indeed named Capitola D. Barber, but her parents were John Barber and Amelia Babcock and she was from Illinois. Most importantly, she married Eli in 1877 and appears in the 1880 census of Iowa with him while Wisconsin's Capitola Barber appears as a single woman with her parents in the 1880 census of Wisconsin.

Capitola G. Stevens, the daughter of James Barber and Eliza Dugan married Elias Elbert Stevens in 1881 and lived out her life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This also matches the biography you have for Eliza Dugan Barber which states, "She was survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. C. Gwin of our village and Mrs. E. E. Stevens of Minneapolis. Kathleen



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