Bio: Neibacher, Kurt (US Army Training - 1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

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Surnames: Neibacher

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (07 December 1983)

Pvt. Kurt A. Neibacher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Neibacher, Route 2, Dorchester, has completed a supply course at the U.S. Army Training Center, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

During the course, students received instruction in the Maintenance of stock records and procedures needed to receive, store, issue and ship supplies. Neibacher is a 1983 graduate of Medford Senior High School.


News: Neillsville - Tufts Museum (1983)

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Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Tufts, Lindau, Jenkins, Thompson, Tibbets, Trogner, Rodman, Lowe, Listeman, Struensee, Hommel

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (07 December 1983)

NEILLSVILLE - In a nostalgic look at Christmas past, the Tufts' Museum in Neillsville presents "Christmas Memories." Although the city has owned the home of the late William and Jennie Tufts for just more than a year, this is the first Christmas that it is being used as part of the city's seasonal observance.

In fact, a large tree in the front yard is decorated with colored lights and was the scene of the official lighting for the yuletide season in the city. Miss Neillsville, Ronda Lindau, lit the tree the evening of November 25, at which time all the Christmas lighting in the city was turned on for the season.

And now, there is more at the Tufts Museum.

On display will be a Victorian-decorated tree, dollhouses and toys of long ago, a Pennsylvania Dutch snow tree, and Christmas cards of yesteryears.

Another first for the city this year is the "Homes for the Holidays" tour.Four homes, including the Tufts Museum, will be open to the public. The others are the homes of Doctor and Trink Jenkins, 108 Grand Ave., Dick and Shirley Thompson, 222 Grand Avenue, and Dick and Joan Tibbetts, 830 East Second St.

Each of the homes scheduled for the tour will be decorated for the holiday season.

The Jenkins home, originally built by George Trogner, an area lumberman and builder, in 1903 has been restored.

The availability of selected lumber during that period is apparent in the black walnut wainscoating and woodwork in the living room, red birch in the dining room, and oak in the kitchen and bedrooms, none of which have knots.

At one point, the house was divided into two apartments, but it was divided into two apartments, but it was returned to a single family residence when the present owner, only the fourth, purchased in 1968.

The furnishings are predominately antiques from the rural areas of Illinois. While there are many family heirlooms, the bulk of the furniture is an effort of more that 35 years of collecting and refinishing.

A family room, to the west was added in 1976.

In checking the background of the Thompson house, it is found that the original land patent from the United States of America was to Henry Rodman. In 1892, Jesse Lowe deeded the lot to Thomas Lowe and the home was constructed.

The Lowe brothers were neighbors, and built and shared a common barn in the rear of both properties. However, it is told that trouble developed and they divided the barn, each brother taking half.

The home was in the Thomas Lowe family until purchased by Ida Hommel who owned it until it was purchased by Marguarite Listeman. For many years it was the home of Kurt Listemans.

The Colonial style home of the Tibbets was the first to be built in this subdivision. The land was purchased from the Neillsville school district in 1968. The school acquired it from Ed Struensee in 1962.

The street was developed by Richard Tibbett, who also constructed the home and did the finishing.

Highlights of the home include the curved stairway and the view to the north and south. It is located at the number two fairway of the Neillsville Country club. Most of the antiques and furnishings of this home have been acquired locally, and some are family heirlooms.


News: Clark County (Divorces - 1983)

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Surnames: Pyka, Halushka, McCredden

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (07 December 1983)

NEILLSVILLE - Three divorces were granted recently in Clark County Circuit Court.

A divorce was granted to Carl E. Pyka, 45, Route 2, Neillsville, and Susan M. Pyka, 41, Neillsville. They were married July 12, 1958 in Chicago.

Gisela H. Halushka, 43, Neillsville, received a divorce from Bohdan L. Halushka, 61, Route 1, Neillsville. Their marriage took place November 4, 1867 in Chicago.

Also receiving a divorce were Timothy J. McCredden 27, Thorp, and Pattie J. McCredden, 25, Thorp. They were married April 7, 1977, at Thorp.


Bio: Lindner, Pam (DAR Representative 1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

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Surnames: Lindner

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (07 December 1983)

Pam Lindner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Lindner of Route 2, Loyal, has been named the Daughter of the American Revolution representative at Greenwood Community High School. Pam has been active in all aspects of high school life, and outside of school she has served as a Volunteen at St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield, and is responsible at home for helping to feed and milk a herd of 60 cows both morning and evening. After graduation, she plans to attend Viterbo College, LaCrosse, to earn a B.S. degree in nursing.


Bio: Bobbe, Tyler (Adoption 1983)

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Surnames: Bobbe, Hutt

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (07 December 1983)

Bobbe, Tyler William Kim (20 July 1983)

Mr. and Mrs. William Bobbe of 406 S. Richards St., Orfordville. announce the arrival of their son, Tyler William Kim, who was born July 20 1983 and arrived from Seoul, Korea, November 29. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Maurice N. Hutt, Route 1, Chili and Mrs. Darrel N. Bobbe, Abbotsford. Tyler has two sisters, Nicole, 8, and Andrea, 5.


News: Clark County (Historical Society Officers (1983)

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Surnames: Ackerman, Crothers, Vorland, Sherren, Gabriel, Johnson, Carlson, Dix, Hantke, Scherf, Anderegg, Hoesly, Mechelke

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (07 December 1983)

LOYAL - The Clark County Historical Society recently elected Arthur Ackerman, Neillsville, as president.

Others elected, all without opposition were Marcia Crothers, Granton, first vice-president; Pearl Vorland, Colby, second vice-president; Viola Sherren, Greenwood, secretary; Bernadette Gabriel, Colby, general treasurer, and Kay Johnson, Neillsville, special treasurer.

Elected for three-year terms as directors were Arvid Carlson, Abbotsford; the Rev. Kenneth Dix, Colby, and Genevieve Hantke and Donald Johnson, both of Neillsville.

The Nominating Committee consisted of Natalie Scherf, Withee; Violet Anderedd, Greenwood, and Hariette Hoesly, Neillsville.

Christmas readings were given by Violet Mechelke, Hoesly and Crothers. Carols were sung, led by Gabriel at the piano, Mechelke, harmonica and Crothers, violin.


Bio: Warns, William (Opinion 1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Warns

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (08 December 1983)

Editor, News-Herald:

We do have an opportunity to a solution of communist aggression and threat of nuclear war, without war, that has always been available to us. No grain, no technology, no parts, no credits. In other words, we quit helping them. Let us close the Soviet embassies and consulates and send their KGB diplomats home. Without our continuing support, their terrorist enterprise would fall apart. Then the good Christians of the U.S>S.R. would overcome the criminal gangsters claiming to be their government. The U.S.S.R. would then become a friendly government that can be trusted.

I hear the cliche. We cannot stop supplying them grain because it will hurt the American farmer and damage our economy far more than it will hurt theirs. If that is true, then why do the Soviets want to buy grain from us? Certainly they are not dedicated to helping American farmers and strengthening our economy.

Another argument I hear is: If they don't get it from us, they will get it from someone else. If that is true, why aren't they getting it from someplace else? I suggest the reason is because the people of other countries do not allow their government to send cash along with the order for the grain. The taxpayers of all countries will not tolerate such fraudulent schemes, that is unless they can get Uncle Sam to pass the credit on to the Soviets. That is the case with Poland, where we feed the cow and Russia Milks the cow. Russia then send the milk to Cuba to help Castro feed the terrorists butchers in our backyard, How incredibly absurd. You can bet the international, billionaire bankers get their pounds of flesh on every transaction.

William Warns



Bio: Lepori, Eileen (Opinion 1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Lepori

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (08 December 1983)

Editor, New-Herald:

Several times I have had the occasion to visit the St. Vincent DePaul Community Center in Marshfield. From what I see there, I can't help but admire those unselfish, dedicated people who maintain the center. They donate their time and talents for anyone in the entire community who may want to take advantage of the opportunity to visit there.

The store is clean, the merchandise is sorted, sized and displayed for easy locating. Everyone is friendly and polite. It would be nice if just one half of people everywhere could see fit to be so concerned about their neighbors, the elderly and the helpless, those weaker than themselves. If they could respect the property of others and lend a helping hand, even if it took some of their time, then this world would be on its way to peace.

I think our hats should be off to those wonderful people at St. Vincent;s. It's people like them who give life purpose when we see so much evil around us.

Eileen Lepori

Route 1, Granton


Bio: Morrow, Nancy (Opinion 1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Morrow

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (08 December 1983)

Editor, News-Herald:

I have a comment to make to your city government officers.

The other day, while I was shopping at Northway Mall, I came out and found a $10 parking ticker on my car. I couldn't understand what it was for. As it turned out, I parked in a handicapped parking space.

To explain how this happened: When I came into the parking lot, one car was parked on the end. Next to it was an empty space, then a third car. The third car was blocking the handicap sign, which was not visible when I parked.

I would never have parked in a handicapped space, at it's a lot easier for me to walk than it is for a person with a handicap. So, if I made someone walk further than he should have, I apologize.

I then went to the police station to pay my fine and I asked where this money was to go.. My thought is that it should go to help the handicapped people or to a non-profit organization for aiding the handicapped who could put this money to good use.

Please give this some thought as there are many organizations that could use funds such as this.

Nancy Morrow



Obit: Loferski, John (1891-1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Loferski, Filopowicz, Wise

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (08 December 1983)

Loferski (7 February 1897 - 7 December 1983)

THORP - John Loferski, 86, Town of Withee, Route 1, Thorp, died Wednesday at Victory Memorial Hospital, Stanley.

Services will be Saturday at St. Hedwig's Chapel, Thorp. The Rev. John Puerner will officiate. Burial will be in the church cemetery.

Visitation will be at the Thorp Funeral Home.

He was born February 7, 1897 in Michigan to the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Loferski. He married Stella Filopowicz in 1920 in Thorp. She died in 1956.

He lived in Chicago until 1945 when he moved to the Town of Withee and purchased the Circle Inn Bar, which he was operating at the time of his death.

Survivors include a son, Roman of Thorp; two brothers, Frank and Martin, both of Chicago; and one sister, Emily Wise of Chicago.


Bio: Schmidt, Terry (UW-Madison honors - 1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Schmidt

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (08 December 1983)

Among the University of Wisconsin-Madison seniors invited to this spring's honors convocation based on class standing or honors enrollment is Terry Richard Schmidt of Route 1, Dorchester, majoring in electrical engineering.


BioM: Twomey, Renee (1983)

Contact: Kathleen E. Englebretson

Email: kathy@wiclarkcountyhistory.org

Surnames: Schoonover, Twomey, Prusak, Dahlby, Zettler, Anderegg, Hutchinson, Kollmansberger

----Source: Marshfield News-Herald (08 December 1983)

Twomey, Renee E. (12 November 1983)

Church of the Good Shepherd in Golden Valley, Minnesota was the setting for the November 12 wedding of Miss Renee E. Twomey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David W. Twomey, Golden Valley, and Terrance A. Schoonover, Burnsville, Minnesota, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schoonover, Loyal.

Providing music for the ceremony were Mary Lou Prusak, organist and Sharon Schoonover, Jodi Dahlby, Judy Zettler, Diane Anderegg, Kathy Hutchinson and Peggy, Colleen and Janet Twomey.

The bride was given in marriage by her father.

Bridal aides were Miss Colleen Twomey of St. Cloud, Minnesota, maid of honor, and Miss Peggy Twomey of Minneapolis, Miss Tami Schoonover of Fort Worth, Texas, and Mrs. Vanessa Twomey, St. Paul, Minnesota. bridesmaids.

Allen Schoonover of Loyal was best man. Groomsmen were Todd Schoonover of Wisconsin Rapids, Tony Schoonover of Loyal, and David B. Twomey, St. Paul, and ushering were Daniel Twomey and Lew Kollmansberger.

Wedding-day events were a reception, dinner and dance at Kristal Knights of Columbus.

The bride is a graduate of Armstrong High School and the University of Minnesota and is a certified public accountant, Her husband graduated from Loyal High School and Phoenix College, is an electrician with Control Date Corp. They will live at 1513 E. Burnsville Parkway, Burnsville, Minnesota.




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