1900 Town of Longwood Federal Census

The names on the 1900 town of Longwood federal census are listed below. You can download the complete transcript in Microsoft Excel format by clicking this link (hint:, when prompted, choose to save the file to your local computer).

Complete List of names in alphabetical order:

Ewald Ammentorp
George Ammentorp
Just Ammentorp
Magna Ammentorp
Maren Ammentorp
Marten Ammentorp
Mathilda Ammentorp
Nana Ammentorp
Olaf Ammentorp
Thorwald Ammentorp
William Ammentorp
Arthur Andersen
Carlot Andersen
Gida Andersen
Gunda Andersen
Oscar Andersen
Nellie Anderson
Clella Andrews
GeorgeB. Andrews
Sarah Andrews
Elwin Awe
Fred Awe
Gerty Awe
Henry Awe
Johanna Awe
John Awe
Borgheld B??deson
Hoaldes B??deson
Julius B??deson
Onetta B??deson
Tho B??deson
Thomas B??deson
Tilda B??deson
Alvy Barr
Anthony Barr
Charlette Barr
Carl Benson
Gena Benson
LeonardB. Benson
Mathilda Benson
Anton Bordesen
Dagni Bordesen
Edwin Bordesen
Elsie Bordesen
Emma Bordesen
Hilda Bordesen
Leo Bordesen
Selma Bordesen
William Bordesen
Ed Bowen
Edna Bowen
Edward Bowen
George Bowen
John Bowen
Libby Bowen
Sophia Bowen
Edward Braun
Emily Braun
Eva Braun
Gottlib Braun
LauraA. Braun
Minnie Braun
Olga Braun
Selma Braun
Setony Braun
Wilhelm Braun
William Braun
Henry Burmiester
Liza Burmiester
William Burmiester
William Burmiester
Emma Calbaum
Ernest Calbaum
Henry Calbaum
Louisa Calbaum
SophieW. Calbaum
Wilhelmina Calbaum
Eva Carlon
Michal Carlon
Walter Carlon
Mary Chrill
Patrick Chrill
Annie Erickmon
Charles Erickmon
Alto Farwell
Edward Farwell
Emma Farwell
Jinevive Farwell
Gustov Fillneu
Christina First
Elsie First
Hans First
Henry First
Peter First
Steffin First
Selaslean Foclbek
Tracy Foclbek
Laura Fox
William Fox
Harry Gede
Joseph Gibson
Mathilda Gibson
Caroline Gryde
Gunder Gryde
Helga Gryde
Imgbreth Gryde
Anna Hansen
Annie Hansen
Christen Hansen
Emma Hansen
Hans Hansen
Hans Hansen
HansP. Hansen
Vego Hansen
William Hansen
Helena Hendrikson
Niels Hendrikson
Aron Hodnett
Arthur Hodnett
Bercher Hodnett
Earl Hodnett
Henry Hodnett
Lynn Hodnett
Maude Hodnett
Webster Hodnett
Arthur Horn
Christine Horn
Dora Horn
Gustaf Horn
Henry Horn
Laura Horn
Mathilda Horn
Oscar Horn
Robert Horn
Laura Husted
William Husted
Andrew Irish
Mary Irish
Anna Jakobsen
Cicelia Jakobsen
June Jakobsen
PeterW. Jakobsen
Carl Jensen
Caroline Jensen
CharlesL. Jensen
Edward Jensen
Ida Jensen
Lisie Jensen
Ludwig Jensen
Anna Johnsen
AnnieM. Johnsen
Thomas Johnsen
Alma Johnson
Anna Johnson
Arthur Johnson
Clara Johnson
Dora Johnson
Elmar Johnson
George Johnson
Harry Johnson
Ole Johnson
Oscar Johnson
Walter Johnson
Alvin Johnston
Cora Johnston
Julia Johnston
June Johnston
Mabel Johnston
Peter Johnston
Lars Jorgensen
Mathilda Jorgensen
Ole Jorgenson
Ole Jorgenson
Adolph Jorstad
Carrie Jorstad
Clara Jorstad
Hans Jorstad
Hartwill Jorstad
Herman Jorstad
JohnM. Jorstad
Caroline Kreuger
Ennes Kreuger
Frank Kreuger
Leslie Kreuger
Louis Kreuger
Louis Kreuger
Robert Kreuger
Anna Larsen
Arthur Larsen
Emma Larsen
George Larsen
Ida Larsen
Jens Larsen
John Larsen
Meta Larsen
Niels Larsen
NielsP. Larsen
Stina Larsen
Knud Larson
LarsP. Larson
Line Larson
Paul Larson
Sidsel Larson
Sine Larson
Adolph Lebick
Alice Lebick
Alvin Lebick
Fred Lebick
Manie Lebick
Martin Lebick
Alexander Legault
Arthur Legault
Della Legault
Emery Legault
Flora Legault
Henry Legault
Hormidas Legault
Leo Legault
Marchie Legault
Mary Legault
May Legault
Phebe Legault
Jens Leth
Karen Leth
Bradley Luntz
Maggie Luntz
Mary Luntz
MaryJ. Luntz
Maude Luntz
Peter Luntz
Aubry Mabie
Cersisa Mabie
John Mabie
Jennie mallo??
Victor mallo??
Andrew Matsen
Anna Matsen
Christian Matsen
Fred Matsen
Hans Matsen
Lawrence Matsen
Lora Matsen
Marcus Matsen
Mary Matsen
Almon McCarthy
DoraE. McCarthy
Janett McCarthy
Jessie McCarthy
John McCarthy
Violet McCarthy
AlgW. Mead
AugusL. Mead
Byron Mead
Dudley Mead
Gertrude Mead
Harvey Mead
Hixon Mead
Iva Mead
Julia Mead
Mary Mead
Maude Mead
Phil Mead
Rachel Mead
Vida Mead
William Mead
William Mead
WilliamH. Mead
Catharin Menton
John Menton
Nathan Menton
Theodore Menton
Henry Meyer
Ernest Miller
George Miller
Henry Miller
Louis Miller
Margareth Miller
Orin Miller
Edward Moody
Ellen Moody
HerrHenry Moody
James Moody
Robert Moody
Christen Mortensen
Fred Mortensen
ClaridenO. Nyborg
Petrini Nyborg
Hans Olsen
Kristi Olsen
August Pautz
August Pautz
Christoffer Pautz
Herman Pautz
Jette Pautz
Mary Pautz
James Peterson
Annie Pinget
Martha Pinget
Mary Pinget
Minnie Pinget
Tina Pinget
William Pinget
William Pinget
Les Pluskas
Agnes Poppe
Albert Poppe
ArminiaE. Poppe
Augusta Poppe
Charles Poppe
Chester Poppe
Clara Poppe
Clarence Poppe
Daniel Poppe
Delia Poppe
Edna Poppe
Edward Poppe
Elizabeth Poppe
Ernest Poppe
Ernest Poppe
Etta Poppe
George Poppe
Gustavus Poppe
Henry Poppe
Josephine Poppe
Josephine Poppe
Laura Poppe
Louisa Poppe
Mathilda Poppe
Maude Poppe
NeffAlfordC. Poppe
August Sales
John Sanders
Martha Sanders
Adolph Schroeder
Charles Schroeder
Clara Schroeder
Ernest Schroeder
Frank Schroeder
Fred Schroeder
Lottie Schroeder
Lottie Schroeder
Martin Schroeder
Mary Schroeder
Minnie Schroeder
Frank Sheldon
Frederick Sheldon
Nancy Sheldon
Hugh Sillers
Josie Sillers
NeffSamuel Sillers
Amanda Smith
Edward Smith
MildredM. Smith
Anna Snortum
Anna Snortum
Julius Snortum
Ole Snortum
Andrine Sorensen
Bertha Sorensen
Carl Sorensen
Celia Sorensen
Edward Sorensen
Emil Sorensen
Emy Sorensen
Hanah Sorensen
Hendrik Sorensen
Henry Sorensen
Hilda Sorensen
John Sorensen
Julia Sorensen
Julius Sorensen
June Sorensen
Lee Sorensen
Mabalene Sorensen
Mabel Sorensen
Maria Sorensen
Martin Sorensen
Nora Sorensen
Olaf Sorensen
Ole Sorensen
Olivia Sorensen
Soral Sorensen
Ernest Steinert
Anna Stienut
Arthur Stienut
Henrietta Stienut
Julius Stienut
Ida Stinert
Marten Stinert
Walter Surley
Albina Thilbert
Ernest Thilbert
Julius Thilbert
Leland Thilbert
Rose A. Thilbert
Victoria Thilbert
Victoria Thilbert
Alma Thormahlen
Carsten Thormahlen
Catherine Thormahlen
Frank Thormahlen
lauran Thormahlen
Magda Thormahlen
Margareth Thormahlen
Mary Thormahlen
Aggie Toctsch
Anton Toctsch
Anna Volter
August Volter
Bertha Volter
Edward Volter
Esther Volter
Huggo Volter
Lillian Volter
Margareth Volter
Minnie Volter
Olga Volter
Emilia Wendt
William Wendt





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