1900 Town of Hixon Federal Census

The names on the 1900 town of Hixon federal census are listed below. You can download the complete transcript in Microsoft Excel format by clicking this link (hint:, when prompted, choose to save the file to your local computer).

Complete List of names in alphabetical order:

Anton Ackerman
Nellie Ackerman
Alvina Albert
Amelia Albert
Andrew Ammentorp
Anna Ammentorp
Arthur Ammentorp
Fred Ammentorp
Lizzi Ammentorp
Andrew Andersen
Anine Andersen
Carl Andersen
Gilbert Andersen
Gine Andersen
Gine Andersen
Hans Andersen
Henretta Andersen
Ida Andersen
Jens Andersen
Jens Andersen
Jinny Andersen
Marie Andersen
Minnie Andersen
Robert Andersen
William Andersen
William Andersen
Agnes Anderson
Albert Anderson
Angus Anderson
CharlesB. Anderson
Christine Anderson
Dagmar Anderson
Eva Anderson
Gruder Anderson
Louis Anderson
Martin Anderson
OleC. Anderson
Rasmus Anderson
Saven Anderson
Thorwald Anderson
Augusta Baerh
Charles Baerh
Clara Baerh
Emma Baerh
George Baerh
Harry Baerh
Mary Bailey
Henry Banley
John Banley
Margareth Banley
Mary Banley
Mattie Banley
Nicolas Banley
William Banley
Flora Barber
Joseph Barber
May Barber
Theodore Barber
Estel Barden
Harvey Barden
IdaA. Barden
William Barden
Albert Baxter
Effia Baxter
Ida Baxter
John Baxter
Martha Baxter
Robert Baxter
Walter Baxter
Charles Berger
Fred Bessinger
E. Best
Inez Best
Lillian Best
Louanna Best
Egunne Bestik
Ella Bestik
Hiram Bestik
John Bestik
Perry Bestik
Evey Bingham
Fred Bingham
Ida Bingham
MaryE. Bingham
Athur Bjornstad
Borgeld Bjornstad
Gina Bjornstad
Malvin Bjornstad
Saven Bjornstad
Lina Blockholm
Elizabeth Bolman
Frank Bolman
Franklin Bolman
Helga Bottrued
August Brandt
Augusta Brandt
Benjamin Brandt
Emma Brandt
Esther Brandt
Richard Brandt
William Brandt
Carrie Brant
Harry Brant
Hazel Brant
John Brant
John Brant
Martha Brant
Olivia Brideson
Christiana Brock
Jens Brock
Maren Brock
Ap--ce Brown
Charles Brown
Charles Brown
Earl Brown
Elsie Brown
Emmil Brown
Hazel Brown
Leola Brown
Martha Brown
Sarah Brown
William Brown
Albertina Bruchert
August Bruchert
August Bruchert
Elisa Bruchert
Fredrick Bruchert
Ida Bruchert
William Bruchert
Axel Buhl
Christan Buhl
George Buhl
Gertie Buhl
Hanah Buhl
Hans Buhl
Peter Buhl
Sisy Buhl
William Burlaugham
GinaC. Burseth
Mary Burseth
Ole Burseth
William Campbill
Celia Carey
John Carey
Mary Carey
Paul Carey
AliceM. Carter
Emert Carter
George Carter
John Carter
MaryE. Carter
MaryJ. Carter
Minnie Carter
Armstrong Chas
Jens Christansen
Alexandra Christensen
Ambrosious Christensen
AnderaP. Christensen
Anna Christensen
Fred Christensen
KarlG. Christensen
Kirsten Christensen
Nels Christensen
Viola Christensen
John Christenson
Carl Christiansen
Anna Clausen
Hans Clausen
Hans Clausen
Mary Clausen
Clarice Coleman
Fred Coleman
Henry Coleman
Madge Coleman
Rhoda Coleman
William Coleman
Herbert Collier
John Collier
Charles Conley
Anna Connell
Elmer Connell
Leon Connell
Leslie Connell
Hanon Crowley
Peter Damyer
Angus David
Archie David
Charles David
George David
Henry David
Liza David
Mary David
Patrick David
Peter David
Theodore David
Emma Davidson
John Davidson
Agnes Derby
John Derby
William Derby
Frank Douglas
JohnB. Douglas
Mary Douglas
Mary Douglas
Albert Douphrey
Felix Douphrey
George Douphrey
Mary Douphrey
Sarah Douphrey
Vernon Douphrey
David Douphuer
William Downing
Anna Drisel
Nels Dueholm
Edwin DuLapp
Louis Dupless
William Dupless
Caroline Engar
William Ferris
AliceM. Foss
Clarice Foss
EllaM. Foss
Emilie Foss
Leonard Foss
Marvin Foss
Edith Fox
Emma Fox
JohnA.Fox Fox
Mary Fox
walter Fox
William Fox
AdaE. Fraser
John Fraser
Hans Fridrikaus
Wenzel Frinsdnski
???yog Frost
Alfred Frost
Anna Frost
Arthur Frost
Helena Frost
Jens Frost
Mary Frost
Peter Frost
Thomas Frost
Anna Funk
CharlesW. Funk
Edmond Funk
George Funk
Gwina Funk
Herbert Funk
Ida Funk
Minnie Funk
Theresa Funk
Emil G???savitar
Annie Garrow
Edward Garrow
Emelie Garrow
Geli Garrow
Jo Glanzer
Alex Goneault
Catherin Goneault
Charles Goneault
Edgar Goneault
Harry Goneault
John Goneault
William Goneault
Archie Goodary
Clara Goodary
Elmer Goodary
Frank Goodary
George Goodary
John Goodary
Lee Goodary
Maude Goodary
Mensell Goodary
Rollo Goodary
William Goodary
Daniel Goodwin
David Goodwin
Mary Goodwin
Netty Goodwin
Pearl Goodwin
Ruby Goodwin
Ho??y Gr????wood
JamesW. Gramblit
Mary Graves
Mary Graves
Stacy Graves
Stanislaw Graves
William Graves
Alva Hack
CatherineH. Hall
CharlesM. Hall
MaryR. Hall
Emily Hallins
Gerald Hallins
Mildred Hallins
Peter Hallins
Alfred Hansen
Alma Hansen
Anna Hansen
Anna Hansen
Arthur Hansen
Augusta Hansen
Augustine Hansen
Carl Hansen
Chris Hansen
Christen Hansen
ChristianR. Hansen
Christine Hansen
Clara Hansen
Dagmar Hansen
Edmond Hansen
Elsie Hansen
Elsie Hansen
Elsie Hansen
Emil Hansen
Ester Hansen
Esther Hansen
Frederix Hansen
Hanah Hansen
Hannah Hansen
Hans Hansen
Hans Hansen
HansC. Hansen
Harold Hansen
Helena Hansen
Jeppe Hansen
Johanne Hansen
John Hansen
KarenS. Hansen
Kristine Hansen
Libby Hansen
Lullu Hansen
Marie Hansen
Nielsen.Soren Hansen
Nils Hansen
Olga Hansen
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen
Thora Hansen
Thorvald Hansen
Wallimar Hansen
William Hansen
Carl Hanson
Anna Harmison
Arthur Harmison
Netter Harmison
Bagley Harrin
Bruce Harrin
Earl Harrin
Ethel Harrin
Glenn Harrin
Hannah Harrin
Mae Harrin
Rae Harrin
George Hartig
Fred Hayes
Agnes Hays
Engeline Hays
Fred Hays
Joseph Hays
Mini Hays
Carl Hiller
Eddy Hiller
Ella Hiller
Emma Hiller
George Hiller
Henry Hiller
Henry Hiller
Mary Hiller
Charles Hitaley
Elisia Hitaley
JohnB. Hitaley
JohnB. Hitaley
John Holquist
Emmaretta Hughes
John Hughes
Herbert Huntington
Christen Jalling
John Jalling
Nelsene Jalling
Agnes Jensen
Anna Jensen
Anna Jensen
Anna Jensen
Anton Jensen
Arthur Jensen
Christen Jensen
Christian Jensen
Du---? Jensen
EinerH. Jensen
Geaty Jensen
Helga Jensen
James Jensen
Jush Jensen
Norman Jensen
Olena Jensen
Albert Johnson
Albert Johnson
Alfred Johnson
Alice Johnson
Andrew Johnson
Annie Johnson
Anton Johnson
Archie Johnson
CharlesF. Johnson
Cora Johnson
Edith Johnson
FloydR. Johnson
Fred Johnson
Gaston Johnson
GeorgeB. Johnson
Harry Johnson
Inga Johnson
John Johnson
JohnB. Johnson
Julius Johnson
June Johnson
Louis Johnson
Mable Johnson
Mable Johnson
Marten Johnson
Nora Johnson
Rasmus Johnson
RobertS. Johnson
Tillie Johnson
Tina Johnson
VioletA. Johnson
William Johnson
William Johnson
Lawrence Johson
George Jorgensen
Jorgen Jorgensen
Karen Jorgensen
Christian Juinu
Inga Juinu
Oscar Knight
knud Knudsen
Andrew Krarup
Andrew Krarup
Anna Krarup
Mary Krarup
Peter Krarup
Ella Kreiol
Joseph Kreiol
Stephen Kreiol
William Krister
Benjamin Krom
Dora Krom
John Krom
Joseph Krom
LouisC. Krom
Louise Krom
Charles Kuehl
Alex LaBerge
Bertha LaBerge
Christofer LaBerge
Eugene LaBerge
Hazel LaBerge
June LaBerge
Lottie LaBerge
Poirne LaBerge
Walter LaBerge
Clara LaNex
LaNore LaNex
Louis LaNex
Alford LaRoche
Archie LaRoche
Mathilda LaRoche
Morris LaRoche
Samuel LaRoche
Samuel LaRoche
Tilles LaRoche
Velieu LaRoche
Annie LaRosen
William LaRosen
JensP. Larsen
Johana Larsen
Kristina Larsen
Christan Lith
Darcy Lith
Karey Lith
Nickeuy Lith
PiderC. Lith
Dilen Luir??
Dillon Luir??
Ignile Luir??
Mariana Luir??
Martha Luir??
NiKoliup Luir??
Dillow Lund
Adolf Lyske
Louis Lyske
Christina Machletter
Fred Machletter
James Mcboriter
Lacovcure Mcboriter
Rodrick Mcboriter
Henry McLaughlin
Lillian McLaughlin
Nettie McLaughlin
Will McLaughlin
Stella Mead
?ilas Meek
Allan Meek
Elecha Meek
Mark Meek
Vern Merriman
Amia Miller
Andreas Miller
Arthur Miller
Bodi Miller
Catherine Miller
Christan Miller
Fred Miller
Jens Miller
Jes Miller
Johanes Miller
John Miller
Karen Miller
Margareth Miller
Marie Miller
Marten Miller
Mary Miller
Niels Miller
Nora Miller
Petrea Miller
Seriny Miller
Thomas Miller
Anthony Molanow
Benjamin Molanow
George Molanow
Rose Molanow
Clara Moody
EarlW. Moody
Kaicinda Moody
Alfred Mortenson
Josephine Mortenson
Marinus Mortenson
Mathilda Mortenson
Mirra Mortenson
Peter Mortenson
Elizabeth Murphy
HarryE. Murphy
Isabell Murphy
Isabell Murphy
John Murphy
John Murphy
Minerva Murphy
Gnet Mussleman
August Neimag
Edward Neimag
Minnie Neimag
Otto Neimag
Wilhelmine Neimag
NelsC. Nelsen
??thaney Nielsen
AndersC. Nielsen
Andrew Nielsen
Andrew Nielsen
AndrewC. Nielsen
Anna Nielsen
Anna Nielsen
Anna Nielsen
Anna Nielsen
Bertel Nielsen
Christian Nielsen
Christiana Nielsen
Christopher Nielsen
Edmond Nielsen
Edward Nielsen
Elmer Nielsen
Emily Nielsen
Emma Nielsen
Frederick Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen
Hans Nielsen
Helena Nielsen
Jenny Nielsen
Johane Nielsen
John Nielsen
Jorgen Nielsen
Louisa Nielsen
Ludwig Nielsen
Marcia Nielsen
Marie Nielsen
Marten Nielsen
Marten Nielsen
May Nielsen
Neels Nielsen
Ole Nielsen
Richard Nielsen
Rudolshuy Nielsen
Sajus Nielsen
Saven Nielsen
Sine Nielsen
ThyraA. Nielsen
Agnes Nilson
Christina Nilson
Peter Olsen
Clara Olson
Clark O'Niel
Peter Osterholt
Peter Ostlund
AloneyR. Owen
Burnice Owen
FloenceB. Owen
JohnS. Owen
Ralph Owen
Richard Owen
Sarah Owen
Thornton Owen
Frances Packhowski
John Packhowski
Joseph Packhowski
Martin Packhowski
Alma Paulsen
Anna Paulsen
Hans Paulsen
Paul Paulsen
Dagne Pedersen
Dine Pedersen
Helga Pedersen
Jerry Pedersen
Peter Pedizsen
Lottie Perkins
Mabel Perkins
William Perkins
Bertha Perry
Roy Perry
Thomas Perry
Agnes Petersen
Agnes Petersen
Andrew Petersen
Anna Petersen
Anna Petersen
Bennett Petersen
Caroline Petersen
Charles Petersen
Clara Petersen
Eivald Petersen
Gina Petersen
Harold Petersen
Kirsten Petersen
Kirstered Petersen
Louie Petersen
Louisa Petersen
Lousia Petersen
Marcia Petersen
Margarett Petersen
Peter Petersen
Peter Petersen
SidselK. Petersen
Sine Petersen
Albin Peterson
Anna Peterson
John Peterson
Oscar Peterson
Archie Pinkerton
Edna Pinkerton
Margareth Pinkerton
Arche Price
Harry Probst
Irine Probst
Joseph Probst
Leona Probst
Louisa Probst
Grace Randall
Harry Randall
Augusta Rapski
Charles Rapski
Friedan Rapski
Richard Rapski
Richard Rapski
JohanesJ. Ravn
Jorgen Ravn
Lawrence Ravn
Marie Ravn
Bertha Raymond
Harry Raymond
Lottie Raymond
Paul Raymond
Andrew Raynholt
Christian Raynholt
Karen Raynholt
Malo Reinhart
Sophia Reinhart
George Richards
Louis Rin
IdaJ. Royer
MaryE. Royer
William Royer
Deuis Ryan
Elizabeth Ryan
Esther Ryan
Frances Ryan
Josephine Ryan
Lucy Ryan
Mary Ryan
Ruby Ryan
Anna Sanstrum
Charles Semi
Louisa Semi
Frank Shroeder
Lou Skeels
James Sloan
Alice Smith
Andrew Smith
Anna Smith
Annie Smith
Clara Smith
Edward Smith
Edward Smith
NoraA. Smith
Perry Smith
Walter Smith
Walter Smith
Ellen Sorensen
Hans Sorensen
Hilda Sorensen
Kaom Sorensen
Margo Sorensen
Thomas Sorensen
Arthur Sorenson
Carl Sorenson
Caroline Sorenson
Edna Sorenson
Elmer Sorenson
Inga Sorenson
Lulu Sorenson
Nels Sorenson
Oscar Sorenson
William Sorenson
SamuelD. St.John
Hans Stejin
Louis Steuzel
Anna Stockholm
Cathrina Stockholm
Cecelia Stockholm
MitiE. Stockholm
Niels Stockholm
PeterC. Stockholm
Alvaretta Stokes
Eva Stokes
Iwa Stokes
Layton Stokes
Ray Stokes
Richard Stokes
Vern Stokes
Cleveland Stuergeon
Cora Stuergeon
Frank Stuergeon
Golden Stuergeon
Lillian Stuergeon
Rose Stuergeon
Sonnie Stuergeon
Frank Sturgeon
Gilbert Sturgeon
Margareth Sturgeon
Pearl Sturgeon
Ridlie Sturgeon
Thes Sturgeon
William Sutter
Archie Thibbert
Edna Thibbert
Lucy Thibbert
Luella Thibbert
Alexander Thibberts
JamesL. Thibberts
Louis Thibberts
CharlesM. Thomas
Gertrude Thomas
IdaM. Thomas
Louis Thomas
Margareth Thomas
Francellin Thompsen
Homer Thompsen
Anne Thompson
Charles Thompson
Frank Thompson
Walter Thompson
Aken Thorndahl
Henry Thorndahl
Judith Thorndahl
Amanda Thorson
Fred Thume
Ghas Townsend
Nicolas Traviski
DanielJ. Tufts
Harriet Tufts
Ruth Tufts
ViolaG. Tufts
WilliamB. Tufts
WilliamC. Tufts
Juice Tunan
Myra Tuttle
Simon Vaizules
Arthur Vater
Augusta Vetterkind
Charles Vetterkind
Ella Vetterkind
Gomesh Vetterkind
Frank Villem????
Phoebe Villem????
Agnes Westergoard
Ella Westergoard
Frede Westergoard
Jinny Westergoard
Marion Westergoard
Peter Westergoard
Archie Whitt
Ella Whitt
George Whitt
Lullu Whitt
Mabel Whitt
Sylvia Whitt
WilliamW. Whitt
Christian Worgrard
Ellen Worgrard
Nora Worgrard
Rigmov Worgrard
Frank Wyuechowsky
Teojela Wyuechowsky
Wtadyst??? Wyuechowsky
Arthur Zuirllon
Clarence Zuirllon
Fred Zuirllon
Mary Zuirllon





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