1885 Clark County, WI State Census

This census was contributed by Cheryl Janowiak.

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Village of Colby, County of Clark, State of Wisconsin, on the 20th day of June, A. D. 1885.


Page 1:

Frank Salter 3m 3f,  Ed Ferry 3m 1f,  J D Wicker 3m 2f,  Fred Panke 3m 2f,  Theo Fromme 5m 4f,  G J Walbridge 2m 3f,  Wm McCarthy 1m 4f,  A J Preston 3m 4f,  E M Briggs 2m 1f,  W W Collins 1m 1f,  Chas Ph Bahl 1m 3f,  B Wilcox 4m 1f,  J V Stephenson 1m 1f,  Chas Cole 3m 3f,  Peter Pinter 3m 4f,  Tim McMonagle 3m 3f,  John Riplinger 2m 2f,  D S Bullock 1m 5f,  Wm Baumgart 4m 3f,  Alex Mohr 2m 2f,  Frank Brott 2m 5f,  C R Taylor 3m 2f,  Christ Sorenson 2m 1f,  Wm Brummer 4m 3f,  H C Bruns 2m 2f,  Fritz Sill 2m 1f,  E P Vosberg 2m 2f.


Page 2:

Shafer Joel J 1m 2f,  Griveller Jas 1m 3f,  Bartell WH 4m 1f,  Merritt H 2m 1f,  Bryant J H 2m 2f,  Penny W O 2m 4f,  Fred Roth 2m 1f,  Jacob Wadak 4m 1f,  Math Kaudy 4m 2f,  Albert Franz 1m 1f,  And. Hickok 1m 3f,  W S Bullard 2m 1f,  C M Kindall 1m 1f,  Christ Kuebel 3m 2f,  S B Baker 6m 2f,  A Becherer 3m 4f,  F Bredemeyer 1m 2f,  R B Salter 2m 5f,  H Siegrist 3m 1f,  Ignatz Steinwand 8m 5f,  H Brehm 9m 2f,  Frank Firnstahl 2m 4f,  Aug Dahlke 5m 2f,  C A Driese 4m 6f,  Levi Woodbury 2m 1f,  Adam Kuentz 1m 0f,  F Rleichroth (Bleichroth) 1m 1f,  Henry Schildhauer 2m 1f.


Total Population of Village: 275 (146 male, 129 female).


Town of Colby, County of Clark, State of Wisconsin, on the 20th day of June, A. D. 1885.

Page 1:
Ed English - 1m 3f, Syd Marsh - 2m 1f, John Gau - 3m 2f, Claus Peters - 3m 2f, C Bunnell - 2m 1f, Joe Altenberger - 1m 2f, Chas Meyer - 2m 1f, B A Wilms - 3m 2f.

Page 2:
Wm Lulloff 16m 2f, Fred Wigman 2m 3f, Henry Welsch 3m 3f, Mike Eder 3m 2f, Geo Eder 4m 2f, Jno McGrath 3m 2f, Gus Bohn 1m 2f, W W Jones 3m 2f, Sherm Tuttle 2m 2f, Geo Heimes 4m 4f, Geo Tuttle 1m 2f, Carl Schuelte 4m 5f, G Schuelte 1m 1f, H Klemm 2m 1f, Franz Ebert 3m 1f, Chas Kruger 3m 4f, Wm Johnson 5m 2f, Wm Koehler 2m 3f, John Augustine 1m 1f, Dan Jones 2m 2f, Gus Klessig 3m 3f, Gus Herman 3m 3f, Christ Christopherson 3m 3f, Paul H Eggar 6m 4f, Louis Arndt 2m 2f, A Lamont 7m 4f, Ed Marsh 5m 3f.

Page 3:
A Ellschlep 5m 3f, C(?) E Cummings 3m 3f, A Loeffel 2m 1f, Fred Grambort 2m 3f, J Augustin 1m 1f, Matt Miller 6m 2f, Fred Machlelt 1m 1f, H Thierbach 2m 1f, Otto Janke 1m 2f, H Wachsmuth 5m 1f, John Mueller 3m 3f, H Thierbach 2m 3f, Fred Neumann 3m 1f, H Weber 2m 4f, R Kademan 3m 2f, J Glenzer 4m 1f, Ferd Marquardt 5m 7f, H Laabs 7m 1f, Wm Somers 4m 4f, Fred Perone 4m 1f, Chas Buss 4m 3f, Aug Work 3m 2f, Jas Mueller 3m 1f, H Myers 3m 5f, Fred Plutte 2m 3f, Wm Zassenhaus 3m 6f, John Lulloff 2m 1f.

Page 4:
B Thomann 1m 3f, Edw Feind 3m 6f, O H Baird 3m 1f, W E Collins 2m 2f, John Stons 2m 2f, Geo Engeldinger 1m 1f, John Phillippi 5m 3f, Fred Mueller 3m 3f, Justin Gray 2m 3f, Pat McCarthy 2m 1f, Aud. Peterson 2m 1f, W M Livingston 2m 2f, A Baker 1m 2f, E Botke 1m 1f, Fritz Dornnerbery 2m 4f, Ole Hanson 2m 1f, Owen Hughes 1m 1f, John ONeill 1m 1f, Aug Schuler 4m 2f, Aug Lulloff 3m 2f, Jas Chapman 1m 1f, Chas Radtke 3m 1f, Aug Stock 3m 1f, Geo Sterzinger 4m 5f, Albert Gray 1m 4f, A Pribbenow 3m 1f.

Page 5:
A Steinwand 5m 4f, Aug Erdman 3m 3f, Wm Buchholz 4m 3f, John Orth 5m 4f, John Borchert 2m 1f, Carl Hertz 3m 2f, Wm Greseke 2m 3f, Wm Mueller 2m 2f, John Schuh 5m 4f, Matt Allar 5m 1f, Peter Engeldinger 4m 4f, Christ Spann 4m 3f, John Schollar 1m 5f, Fritz Schulz 3m 3f, Leo Habersetzer 6m 6f, Jacob Sieber 7m 4f, Ph Stauss(?) 3m 3f, Wm Tessmer 2m 2f, B Kramer 2m 3f, Peter Beyerl 3m 5f, Aug Schulz 4m 1f, Carl Kops 5m 2f, Amos Foster 2m 2f, A Collins 1m 0f, Geo F Daily 1m 5f, Peter Steinebach 2m 4f, E Lehrmann 2m 1f.

Page 6:
Fred Dins 2m 3f, Wm Will 5m 2f, Ole Matheson 5m 1f, Fred Kuster 2m 2f, Fred Papenfuss 3m 2f, Chas Theilig 7m 4f, H Schoenemann 2m 4f, Fred Stecker 1m 1f, Louis Johnson 4m 4f, E Foster 2m 0f, Wm Gottschalk 1m 3f, Christ Wilbert 1m 0f, Aug Lube 4m 1f, Henry Molle 5m 1f, Herman Mihlke 3m 4f, Julius Volkman 3m 2f, Julius Mueller 2m 2f, Aug Radke 2m 3f, Frank Jarvis 5m 3f, Joe Reil 2m 2f, Geo Reil 1m 1f, D J Thomas 9m 4f, E D Brewster 3m 2f, Dan Thomas 1m 2f, Maths Henkes(?) 2m 2f, G Hasleu 2m 1f, J M Dailey 1m 2f.

Total Population Town: 763 (422 male, 341 female).


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